true faith – End of Season Survey 2013/14

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As we come to the end of the 2013/season (thank God I hear you all cry) it is time to get Questionmarkyour views on where NUFC stands currently and where you see it going in the short term as we launch the true faith End of Season Survey.

I know that reliving this debacle of a season is probably on par with chewing glass – but your input would be very much appreciated.

We want to give you the chance to make your voice heard – even if it is only amongst ourselves. There is growing pressure on the club to make changes from fans and the local press – completing this can do no harm!

Tell your friends, share on Facebook, tweet it to your followers on the Twittersphere – the more views we have, the more foundation in the results.

Move all sharp objects away from you, and click here to fill it in. It’s a wee bit longer than previous ones, but stick with it!

Thanks in advance





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4 Responses to true faith – End of Season Survey 2013/14

  1. Tom Pitt says:

    Michael, that link doesnt seem to be working.

  2. Tom Pitt says:

    Done it now Michael,thanks.
    The hardest question on there was:Do you intend to stop going to games.
    I am really struggling with it,my head says to cancel my DD tomorrow but my heart doesnt want me to! I truly detest Mike Ashley!

    • B F Geordie says:

      After the constructive dismissal of Keegan by fat Mike I decided to no longer spend money on anything that Ashley could get his grubby little paws on, so I stopped buying any club merchandise, food or drink at St James & even stopped putting my bets on in the ground. However, the one thing I couldn’t give up was my season ticket but this year at renewal time I was an arse hair’s width away from cancelling my direct debit as I’ve pretty much reached breaking point with the Ashley regime sucking the joy, hope and the very soul out of our club. The only thing that made me to renew for next season was the thought that giving up the seat I’ve had for 20 years is like letting Mike Ashley beat me and there’s no way I want to let that fat goon take away going to St James Park from me. The sad thing is I don’t know if even that will be enough come renewal time in January 2015 so I had to say “don’t know” to the do you intend to stop going to games question.