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It now appears inevitable that Steve McLaren will be appointed as Head Coach at McLaren1Newcastle United, probably when he gets back from his holidays early next week.

The unfolding development is that McLaren will move into the space previously occupied by Pardew and he will find the same set-up around him both in terms of the coaching team he will inherit as well as the same transfer team and strategy too.

McLaren has previously rejected the United job on two previous occasions but this has not burnt his bridges with Graeme Carr who it seems has as much power at United as Lee Charnley.

The club have at least wisely decided to pass up any option they had of turning John Carver’s time as manager into a more long term arrangement. Le’s be grateful for small mercies.

Charnley and Carr have also decided against an appointment of either Michael Laudrup or Patrick Viera, both men who captured the imagination of the support. Looking in from the outside it very much seems the case that Charnley-Carr wanted someone who would do what Pardew did for them but know his place in the pecking order when it comes to players coming in and going out.

For all that, in his carefully stage-managed TV interview for SKY when he was
interviewed by one of PR guru Keith Bishop’s clients, Mike Ashley did unequivocally commit to a summer of investment and team strengthening. Although some, including me regards McLaren as a disappointing choice of manager and one who says more about what Charnley-Carr want to work with rather than what the club desperately needs, the loosing of the purse strings and a total reshaping of the squad may hint at better times.

What would better times be? Not becoming embroiled in yet another battle against relegation? How high has the bar been set for the new man by the club and what is the strategy to help him achieve goals we can buy into?

In the comments boxes below, we would like you to express your views on what you make of the imminent appointment of McLaren. Are you optimistic at a new era being brought in or do you regard it as more of the same? Is McLaren, Pardew Mk2?

Is the appointment of McLaren a return to more traditional British purchasing of players? Will the transfer strategy of buying cheap abroad and attempting to pitch the club as a stepping stone end? Is this now something different?

What do you think the players will make of the McLaren appointment?

Will he sell season tickets? Will he prevent you from chucking it all in after such an extended period of piss poor management at every level of the club?

Should we just give McLaren a chance? Leave him to get on with it over the summer and make our judgements on how the side goes into the new season?

Please let us have your opinions in the comments below.

That is all.


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83 Responses to true faith : DISCUSSION DAY – McLaren

  1. Matt H says:

    In my opinion he did well at Boro, though the premier league was a different animal back then. His results in Holland were great (first time around), shit for England and bad in Germany.

    I would say his stock is higher than Pardew ‘s when he rocked up. In terms of silverware he’s not bad at all. I’ve heard from a coaching perspective he’s pretty good though may not be the best manager.

    It’s sad but I think this represents progress. He’ll have my support and wish him all the best. If ashley spends over £40m this summer then I may consider ending my self-imposed exile from SJP next year.

    Time will tell!

    • Peter says:

      It is nice to see somebody being so positive, but £40 million spending would be peanuts compared to the spending of the clubs we should be competing with and the money they will be spending.

      £40 million buys one, possibly two top-class players today.

      We need about eight…..

    • David Turner says:

      Whilst I should be charitable and give McClaren a chance I fear for the worst;with Charnley and Carr appearing to have the sole say on which players come and go the manager is starting from a position where at least one of his hands is tied behind his back;what self-respecting manager/coach would accept this?A formula for failure I’m afraid.

  2. Stephen says:

    A bit of a joke manager within the game comes to manage a joke of a Football Club.
    Well appointed Elmer Fudd, a perfect fit.

  3. Drew Murty says:

    I’ve binned my season ticket and won’t be going back until there’s evidence of ambition. This Wally is bit evidence of ambition.

  4. Ewan Stephenson says:

    It’s not a case of giving McClaren a chance, the bloke doesn’t stand a chance of enjoying his time at NE1 unless he is “successful” from the word go. He will have little or no time to adjust, he will be vilified from his first mistake and I very much doubt he will take any credit for to good stuff!!

    I want our next manager to be successful, I want something to cheer about, something to be proud of again. I want him to freshen things up (players, coaches and backroom staff). I want him to give the whole place a lift because frankly supporting this team at the moment is just hard work.

  5. Anthony McIvor says:

    I am disappointed with the appointment as I feel a Viera or Laudrup appointment would’ve given the club and fans a new impetus and lift which is so badly needed at present. Having said that, your last paragraph is bang on the money. And at the very least……Ashely’s “we’ll be making our own luck from now on” could indicate a shift in attitude. Here’s hoping

    • Rob says:

      Laudrup left Swansea in a right state.

    • Ande Walsh says:

      Looking for positives in Ashley’s stirring heavily Bishop influenced PR exercise is naivety of cosmic proportions. Hanging on to “make our own luck” positives utterly ignores the fact that Charnley has been given the job of finding someone who can unite this shite joke of a club. The gravy train was being derailed at the end of last season by Bishop knew it Ashley knew it & we should continue to apply pressure. McLaren is clear evidence of status quo firmly bedded in and not a repeat of this :-


      I will not set foot in the SJP until Ashley has gone as I am utterly convinced our fate will NOT change until he does.

  6. Alex Hurst says:

    McLaren wouldn’t have been my choice. He’s the bloke in 2013 who couldn’t get a job in football anywhere so had to take up a positions as a coach for Harry Redknapp.

    He needs to set himself out as a man of integrity and a man we can trust.

    After having to listen to Carver and Pardew BS their way through their time in charge – if McLaren starts off by saying ‘top 6 is the target’ then we know what his ambitions are.

    He can therefore publically say he’s undermined when two of his best defenders are sold to Italy in January. He’ll have respect.

    What we don’t need is the likes of Pardew again, saying the squad could finish top 4 in August…then doing an interview at Palace a week before the season ended saying her over achieved with the squad he had.

    It’s not easy to win us over – even if he’s lucky to be in the job.

    Don’t bull shit us to help your bosses lie.

    Realistically we’ve done proper business in TWO transfer window since 2010. Only summer 14 and Jan 12 saw more than one player bought in the windows each year.

    That means the club should be able to spend £100m – ish on players.

    If McLaren comes out and demands that Money and then says he expects to win a cup and push the top half of the league, I’ll be happy.

  7. vin1892 says:

    The appointment of McClaren makes it all the easier not to return to the SDA. By the time his reign is over I will probably be long past caring, just like many others.

  8. John Mackay says:

    I’d say tagging him Pardew Mk2 is a bit unfair, particularly when comparing CVs. Fair enough McLaren’s had mixed results but he’s been first team coach at Man Utd, won a pot for Boro, been given the England job and worked abroad. To me that’s a massive improvement on the admittedly low bar set by Pardew and Carver.

    Give the bloke a chance I say. May as well as looks like we’ve little other option!

  9. Ultimo says:

    Having Carr on the selection panel is obviously going to create a conflict of interests, his own job is on the line dependant on if the new man wants him or not. It’s totally understandable why he would want somebody who he knows will protect him, a friend i.e. McLaren.
    Basically Carr should have nothing to do with the selection process.

  10. Chris C says:

    Ground hog day. Nothing changes, proves Ashley’s staged managed interview was nothing more than PR. Won’t be going to any games next season even if McLaren miraculously delivers anything more than mediocrity (which I think is the absolute best we can hope for from this appointment).

  11. Dave Ted Edwards says:

    Another uninspiring event at NUFC for me. Nothing will change and I expect next season to pretty much mirror this. All of the people in charge of our club are yes men and lickspittles to Mike Ashley an McClaren will just be another one.
    Next season, there will be two of us with season tickets where there were 10 previously – this regime have even taken the enjoyment of going with your mates away!!!

  12. Pat Hughes says:

    If I was thrilled at the prospect of McLaren, I still have a few days to rush out and renew my season ticket. Having read a few articles re McLaren, I’m not thrilled and will remain an ex. Defoe wants him down the road and a Chelsea starlet – Bamford – is an alleged target for nufc but having worked with McLaren elsewhere he didn’t enjoy being played out of position. All sounds depressingly similar and futile. Nowt is changing and as I’ve said before, the whole back room staff need kicking out but it’s not going to happen. So, as we were but perhaps we’ll avoid the end of season nail-biting.

  13. Kiran says:

    I’ll be interested in how McLaren fairs. Think there were better interested candidates but due to the clubs unwillingness to get rid of the coaching staff and for a new manager to bring his own men in we are left with few options.
    The overriding factor of any improvement on last season will be players we bring in. Talk of shipping out players who aren’t up to scratch is fine as long as they are replaced and then some more on top of that. Squad depth has been out problem for over a decade or so now.

  14. Nufc page says:

    McClaren if (as expected ) appointed will bring a mixed bag of perceptions. His England stint was summed up by the pouring rain and THAT brolly. Before this however he took a Middlesbrough team to Wembley and won and then on to a European final. He worked along side Sir Alex and has been described by the ‘class of 92’ as the best coach they have worked with. Successes in Holand and Germany followed. So why such negativity from Twitter and the forums? Well it’s about expectations and the promise of ‘sexy football’ from the excitingyounger or foreign coach. I too am not over the moon about Shhhteve but am ready to give him a chance to succeed : he now needs the support from above and a loosened purse to really punch above our weight in a crucial summer transfer window

  15. Andrew McTernan says:

    Football is a results business. Always has been, always will be. Results get you promoted, win trophies, qualify for Europe and hire & fire managers. If results don’t go well for a team, then 9 times out of 10 it is the manager who is sacked.

    At Newcastle United we have a system where managers have little or no so say in which players are bought and sold. Graham Carr hand picks the players we attempt to buy and Lee Charnley negotiates the deals.

    Any manager worth his salt (eg: Kevin Keegan) would not be happy working under such a controlling system. Why would you put yourself in the firing line with players you may not have wanted?

    If results go bad and players aren’t performing then it isn’t Graham Carr who it is in the firing line, it is the manager.

    Patrick Vieira obviously wasn’t happy with the level of control he was been guaranteed so he looked elsewhere. Who can blame him.

    The fact that we are about to hire Steve McLaren is purely down to a system Charnley & Carr have put in place which limits the number of candidates seriously available.

    While McLaren doesn’t excite me much as a manager, his appointment shouldn’t deflect from the real problem at Newcastle, which is Mike Ashley and the people he has employed at the club.


  16. MooMoo says:

    More of the same, another grateful sap who’s just happy to be employed. An appointment that will do nothing to excite and motivate fans or players alike. Let’s be honest, Viera and Laudrup would never have worked with this bunch of scheisters – nobody credible would be seen dead in an NUFC club tie.

  17. Mark Wallace says:

    He’s better than Pardew and Carver, but is a very safe appointment. It doesn’t capture the imagination at all and represents a missed opportunity for an exciting young manager to come in. Although I would have liked that, the constraints that the owner puts on them always made that an unlikely scenario. I’d imagine we will perform better under him, finish mid table and play a stronger team in the cups to try and placate the fans. I’ve spoken to some Derby fans who said they played good passing football under him. They felt his head was turned by us and this was when form began to drop. For this reason, they weren’t sad to see him go, but are now concerned that their new man is a huge gamble and would have taken McClaren over him. The money invested in players will show the size of the owners ambition. 5/6 1st team players are needed, a sensible outlay of 50/60 million is necessary to progress. Overall a bland and predictable choice.

  18. Guy HW says:

    Andrew T’s note nails it. The wrong people in charge and not working with the manager but above him completely undermines him. Together with the fact that McClaren is stock average…..I mean why is a PL club with a 50k gate getting a Manager who couldn’t get Derby into the Play Offs of the Championship. Because there is no ambition at NUFC and its all about the internal politics of the club. It’s just all bollocks. And I’ll believe the money will be spent when I see it.

  19. Steve says:

    I don’t know why Vieira and Laudrup were even mentioned. It was clear that both would want a decent level of control over transfers and both would have enough of a voice to say what they thought. Maclaren was always the number one option so instead of getting people’s hopes up, why not just announce him immediately? To pretend there was a genuine competition then announce the least inspiring option to fans who were starved of hope is sadistic at best and stupid and self-defeating at worst. At the start of this process nobody and any hope and then they did and now they are let down again. Typical from the FCB and co. Absolutely clueless. As for Maclaren, others have said it; a man with a track record of failure in the Championship with a recent record of failure that rivals even Carver,

    Ashley said he would “continue” to invest in the playing squad and I think that’s the crucial word. He thinks, or would have us believe that he’s already doing it. I would imagine a few of the better ones out and mediocre replacements at best. Another depressing season ahead. I’m not a season ticket holder and this does not inspire me to be putting my hard earned cash in Ashley’s pockets. How people can believe he is going to change is mystifying.

  20. Andy says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad appointment. He has won trophies in England and Holland with unfancied teams which we certainly are these days. As a coach he had a big help in Man Utd winning the treble in 1999.

    Ok England didn’t go well but when does it ever? Wolfsburg didn’t go to plan but I read an article in the Guardian a few weeks ago saying he had a bit of bad luck over there. At least he gave it a try. No doubt he will be better for the experience. He should have got promoted with Derby in the play off final 2 years ago but the players messed up the final v QPR and last season by all accounts he had a few injuries to key players. That’s football.

    If he has a good relationship with Carr then I think that is a positive as we will recruit more effectively. I’m worried he won’t get a chance due to past failures. The summer is crucial with regards recruitment but let’s give the guy a chance.

    • jack says:

      We all support nufc here no matter who the manager is i wish them well and hope that they win as many games as possible. Let’s give the guy a chance jumping on his back after 2 or 3 games won’t help support him and keep up the pressure on the real problem fat mike. His track record is ten times better than pardew. Assistant under the most successful manager of the last 40 years, won a trophy and got an unfashionable club into Europe. Won a first league title for twente in a division dominated for decades by PSV and Ajax and got the England job. Yes I know that last one didn’t work out but he still got the job on his merits. He will have limited resources let’s just give him a chance he will be a safe pair of hands at the very least and compared with previous manages is actually a likeable bloke.

  21. Dane says:

    I can fully understand and respect the concerns people have about SM but the alternatives that people put forward are flimsy as fuck, and to me suggest that a fair few of the noisier fans live in some kind of reality-free bubble.

    Viera was an exciting and intriguing proposition, but I can’t get too angry that the club don’t want to hand him full control, why would we, he is totally unproven and Mini Mike also knows that if he turns out to be even a moderate success he will be off, sharpish. So, disappointed, yes, angry and ready to quit, no way.

    Laudrup, a name that very few were putting forward till KK pipes up, nowt more fucking cringe, I love KK to bits but the way some fans hang on his every word, ffs, we eat sleep live breathe this club 24/7 365, can we not make our own minds up. From not even being mentioned to chronicle polls and tweets/comments galore within hours of broadcast. The bloke seems an even bigger flash cunt than Pard’s and Ruud, I’ve had enough of managers who want to be the star of the show, giving it big licks, always an eye on the Barca/Real job they think is their destiny. Not for me.

    McClaren, seems dull as fuck granted, and aye, he’s had the sack a few times but who hasn’t in this game. He was shit with England, but so was KK. He had an umbrella when it was raining, so what we saying, we would be happier if he was out there in a tee shirt like Carver, packet of tabs tucked under the sleeve, grrr, fucking well hard me like.

    He seems to be a decent, bullshit free coach, who’s got a decent amount of experience, made enough mistakes elsewhere, to maybe just have the balls to run this almighty club of hours. If we get some decent players in that’s what will get us off our seats, not what fucking trainers our manager is wearing, players, you know the people we actually pay to watch.

    Let’s give the bloke a chance man eh?

    • Tom says:

      Bullshit free? Really?? You werent around when he was at Boro then!
      He was so good at the excuses and seeing the game totally differently from any fan it was incredible!
      Have a look back and see his interviews.
      He will be the mouthpiece for the regime in the same way Pardew was so there will be plenty of bullshit coming from wor Sccchhheves cakehole.

  22. Rob says:

    He’s not necessarily the best candidate for the job. When you look at the managers that West Ham are reported to be casting their eyes at (Bielsa in particular, and Benitez before Real came knocking), it just shows how vast the gap is between our level of ambition and that of a team of similar status in the last few years.

    That said, I hope we don’t kick off the season with fan-sustained negativity again. Of course I’d rather have someone else. But when we kick off that first game, most likely with McClaren in charge, the decision has been made. So lets at least give him some time eh?

    • Paul smith says:

      No I’m afraid not. This regime and I mean by that Charnely Carr McClaren and Carver will not be getting my backing of support. They haven’t earned it and they certainly don’t deserve it and I think this blind fervour is the root of all of our problems. That Ashley interview was an absolute disgrace and I have the utmost respect for the writer who on behalf of the Ashley Out campaign wrote the reply. I heard people grumbling that it was unfair when in my view it could and should have been a whole lot more malevolent

      • Rob says:

        That’s fine, that’s your decision. I’d argue that Ashley, rather than any fan, is the root of the club’s problems however.
        But whilst being firmly opposed to the way that Newcastle United is run by the hierarchy, people can still hope that McClaren does the job as well as possible. That too, is a perfectly legitimate way of supporting Newcastle United. I have a lot of time for Chris Hughton, for example. He is not tainted purely by having worked for the club hierarchy.

  23. Ashy says:

    The sytem is broken, it does not work, only if you are Ashley would you be happy with the performance of it max profit – minimum outlay. This is replacing one cog of a broken engine with an another and expecting it to miraculously perform differently. This is a chance missed to reinvigour a clinically depressed club. I cant look at McLaren without thinking he is a Rob Brydon character….look carefully.

  24. Peter Shearer says:

    So many of the above are off down the “lets give them time debate” again.Ashley must just laugh at us.We forced him to do something by the pressure we exerted, but now people are willing to give a proven liar yet another go.As for the “fan sustained negativity” it is the only thing that has kept me believing that the club is not dead.It is the “fan sustained negativity” that forced the fat controller to change (or at least pretend to).I truly despair of how gullible our fans are, and how they see their loyalty as continuing to allow Ashley to just use our club.

    If Ashley has changed (big if!) it is because of the protests, and just like when he claimed that he had put the club up for sale, he is simply trying to calm the unrest.I will continue my boycott until there is concrete proof that anything is different and I would urge others to do the same. The only way this man will change (or leave) is if we force him to.


    • Steve says:

      We’ve given a succession of useless “managers” time again and again under FCB’s reign of terror. Nothing ever changes. As for Maclaren winning trophies with unfancied sides, when was the last one? Years ago. The only real success he has achieved was with Twente and the Dutch league is scarcely the most competitive league around is it? Add to that the fact that he won’t be given any decent tools to work with at NUFC and the writing is already on the wall. Unless Ashley gets out of our club then it will always be the same. I’ve given too many others a chance to expect much different from Maclaren.

    • Stephen B says:

      Well said Peter

  25. elmag says:

    same old story.
    top 10 is the aim and reading between the lines of fcb’s speech says to me ” i am gong nowhere till we win something , which we arent going to do in reality , so I will keep trousering the millions every year whilst investing nothing in the club.

    Even mclaren should be able to achieve a top ten finish , although having carver and stone still in place is simply staggering to me.

  26. Clocktoys says:

    He would not be my choice because like many others I feel some approximation of excitement is long overdue. However, there are some good reasons to be cautiously optimistic: he’s no Pardew (Derby fans speak of how he transformed their team and there are plenty who did not want him sacked); he’s a proper coach and will do a far better job of bringing on our young players; his closeness to Carr promises the possibility of a more seemless and coherent approach to player acquisition/team building than we have had at any stage under Ashley; he understands the North and chooses to make his home in the region; finally, while loads of us (myself included) hanker after the likes of Laudrup or frankly anyone with a bit of stardust about them, no candidate would be more motivated to make a success of such a difficult job.

  27. Jenky says:

    McClaren is exactly what the club were looking for-an improvement on Carver (it’s not hard..), who won’t try anything particularly revolutionary and rock the Ashley/Charnley/Carr boat. Out of employment having been sacked by a championship club so he’s willing to take what they offer and do as they say.

    At the end of the day, I’m sure we’ll all get behind him because we have little choice, we all want our football club to succeed deep down. However, the fact he’s simply just another face surrounded by the same old same old (Carver, Stone, Woodman etc) leads me to believe we’ll see no major change and will probably be in a similar position within the next 18-24 months. Keep in mind this is a man who has been at 5 clubs in the last 5 years if you include ours.

    It’s a case of sitting and waiting to see if Ashley comes good on anyone of that (probable) drivel he spoke in his sky interview, but the appointment made leads you to believe we will continue in the same manner as we have done previously and he’s not going to do anything that will particularly shock us in the window. Bar giving Charver a pay rise, of course.

    In short, I’ll get behind him, but it’s an uninspiring appointment and toon fans who think it’s a case of same old shite, cannot be criticised for thinking so. Even if he’d been allowed to bring in his own coaching staff I think we’d have been far more positive, but no. Wait and see I suppose.

    PS-I say wait and see, if Cabaye signs for Palace, I probably won’t be around to see it.

  28. Paul smith says:

    If something looks and smells like a turd it’s usually a turd. Neither Sunderland or West Ham are showing the remotest interest in Steve McClaren and why would they? His record is really quite unremarkable. He won the league in Holland with the biggest budget ( oh yes ) and won a cup at Middlesborough in the days when Steve Gibson ( top bloke and chairman ) was spending proper money but look at his failures. Wolfsburg with massive budgets had a dreadful time under McClaren and his England and Derby ventures were unmitigated disasters. With what Derby spent on players and wages last season to finish 8 th must rank somewhere alongside what Newcastle achieved under John Carver. I have genuinely never heard a fan of any of the clubs he managed say anything good about Steve McClaren. What he is is an Alan Pardew style manager. He won’t rock the boat, he may well get united to 10th in what is let’s be honest the poorest premier league in history but he won’t excite and he won’t lift the gloom and he certainly won’t have the backbone to stand up to Ashley and insist on playing his best players in the cups as is demonstrated by his willingness to take this job on the terms being reported. As I’ve said to the editor of this fanzine more than once Mike Ashley is the worst thing to happen to this club in my lifetime (51 years) and there is nothing we can do to shift him. In my view we should concentrate on holding to task the people he describes as his football board namely Charnley and Carr. Two people massively over promoted in my view and who ought to take a huge amount of blame for the mess this club is in. As fans these are the people we should be looking at very closely and furthermore I think a blanket boycott of the Evening Chronicle until they grow some balls and start asking real questions of this basket case of a football board.

  29. JR says:

    I’m on the record as saying at the time that Fat Sam needed more time, so I’m not one to jump on a new manager BUT McClaren is another Kinnear/Pardew-esque appointment. While I think he’s a good coach, I don’t rate him as a manager, either tactically or as a motivator. His best run at Boro came with Southgate leading from the dressing room, which is why he got the job after McClaren got the boot.

    The England job was a mess because he was unsuited for it, despite being groomed as Sven’s successor. Problem was, he was also tainted by Sven, going along with the absurd decision to take a 17-year old Theo Walcott to the World Cup and then not play him – only to later say he didn’t agree with Sven *but went along with it*.

    Fast forward and we have another dinosaur, out of touch with the modern game, out of work, out of luck and desperate to rehabilitate his reputation. Sound familiar? Another Yes Man, so grateful to grasp the poisoned chalice that he won’t make a fuss. I hope I’m wrong but when it comes to Ashley… (Like many, I predicted Carver as manager following Pardew and no incoming players in January.)

  30. David Chapman says:

    Seriously its like think of the worst thing that could happen and at Newcastle United it usually does! Fair enough the worst thing would have been Carver getting the job but Steve McClaren is a very close second!!

    Jesus Christ Steve McClaren… how utterly predictable.


  31. Bob says:

    It is clear that Ashley doesn’t really care that much. You would have thought that after the last three seasons and particularly the one just finished he would have changed something in the running of the club. He has accepted near misses too easily. No one has really accepted responsibility, although Ashley did say it was at his door but why does he rely so much on Charnley and Carr? If indeed he does, maybe they just do exactly as they are told but that would involve a more hands on approach and I suspect he has better things to do, a thriving business to run for one. Amazing really and I don’t understand it at all, probably like most of us. We keep hearing about mistakes having been made. What are they as they don’t appear to be the same ones we think they are – too numerous to mention. McLaren is uninspiring but, like said in the article, is miles better than Carver BUT HE IS STILL HERE. Wtf. There are going to be a number of things to test the patience of supporters, signings, press conferences, 1st team sheet, style, result of 1st game etc.leading up to the team sheet in cup games and so many more

  32. Mark says:

    I’ve just chucked my season ticket in so I won’t be watching it in person but I do think he might not be a bad appointment. What’s gone before isn’t McLaren’s fault. He is out of work so cheap and known personally to at least one of the ‘football board’. Sound familiar…?

    However, though he’s not the big name many hoped for and he won’t get anyone excited, I think he’s better than he’s generally given credit for. Streets ahead of Pardew, not even on the same planet as Carver.

    I worry that our overall strategy hasn’t changed though (his very appointment is part of that), and wonder how much he can change on his own when everything else remains the same.

  33. Chris Steel says:

    McLaren Out!

    • Rob says:

      I hope that people don’t make the first home game of next season the kind of circus that the national media will be hoping for. How they would love anyone to bring a banner saying “McClaren Out” to his first home game.

      • nick says:

        Aye…anything like that and we’ll look a right bunch of bellends

        Mind, if he does poorly then we’ll get the blame anyway. The “hounded out” stories will be written and the facts bent to fit them.

  34. Robbo says:

    Surprise, surprise! This is inevitable when Penfold is given responsibility to appoint the next “head coach”. Hopelessly out of his depth and desperate not to be upstaged, the MD has taken the easy decision yet again. Vieira must have been laughing his tits off at him. McClaren actually fits the bill perfectly – a decent run til Christmas then a spectacular collapse after New Year…sound familiar?

  35. I am very dissapointed with this potential appointment. he was just fired by derby county FFS . He is very underwhelming in every way. I cant see him selling tickets and i do not believe that he will win many games with his tactical awareness and strategy that made him such a success with ingurlund and his other teams. Will he be bringing his famous umbrella and phoney dutch accent with him ? . He has only been good once from what i can see and that got him the job with the FA and you only need to string a couple of wins together to get that particular accolade. He failed to get into the premier ship with derby. I envisage him going back there with NUFC this year and he has already demonstrated that he cant get out of that league. A poor but compliant choice but not an unexpected decision.

    i have lost interest and im out of love with everything about the team and its ethos. Given the size of the club i would have envisaged a number of credible managers applying for the position. that there were none indicates to me that nobody wants to work under the enormous shadow of the fat controller and his minions. I was intrigued by the concept of viera i have to say. That stimulated my interest with the possibility of a new and untainted broom and i think he would have been a magnet for the young and skillful players we need to attract to replace last seasons dross.

    I thought it would end up something like this so i didn’t get my hopes up.

    thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a little vent

    best wishes


  36. Ste Mc says:

    I’ve skimmed most of the comments above, all valid.. Here’s my two pennethworth..
    McLaren’s appointment assuming it happens, is of course underwhelming. But did we expect anything else. I’ve seen it written in other media about the comparison of West Ham’s list of potentials (Bilic, De Boer, Moyes, Bielsa, Emery (Seville coach if you ain’t heard of him) with ours. I know it’s all speculation, but that’s West Ham against us. For pity’s sake – McClaren. The Vieira and Laudrup rumours were just that. Why would they risk changing the model.
    But the fact is everything about the last 8 years has been underwhelming. PArdew was underwhelming, our average spend each year – underwhelming, our Cup record – f**king underwhelming. How on earth has Ashley made his money as I doubt his business skills have been underwhelming (although perhaps a bit more cut throat..)
    As for the patter about spending in the summer we all know 2 things – we will not pay more than 30-40k a week (I know a kings ransom for me and you but it won’t get us a lot unfortunately, certainly not British players) for a player and we won’t be paying excessive transfer fees. I reckon including wages (which they will include in the net spend) we’ll be lucky to spend 40 million – which might get us 2-3 decent players + 2-3 potentials. That still leaves our squad weak as piss.
    I don’t particularly have anything against McClaren. One big plus for me isn’t just his relative success in Holland (no mean feat) but at least that he’s coached overseas, which is more than the usual also rans have done. But you just feel like he’s another Pardew as Mick Martin suggests. We obviously have to give him a chance, but if he turns out to be another yes man and not show integrity when he’s having his best player sold then he’s going to quickly lose favour.
    Will this be enough to keep people at SJP – hmm possibly. Jury’s still out for me until we see the signings. We need two top class centre halves for me. I’d like other positions strengthened, but with that basis we can at least prove harder to beat and ship less goals. Surely that has to be our focus.
    Just hope come his first interview, his accent hasn’t suddenly gone all yee knaa and all that like he did when he was at FC Twente (google the vid it’s still piss funny)..

  37. JACKSON YATES says:

    They’ve gone for stodgy but reliable instead of new and exciting. I imagine a large part of this is not having to pay off Carver, Stone and Beardsley. They’ll all still be hanging around, year after year, same as ever.

  38. Alex says:

    Seems that most people including me wanted a fresh approach. McLaren is not a glamorous appointment but he has a better record than a lot of our previous managers.

    I say give him a warm welcome and see what happens. There still needs to be change at the top but Ashley said there would be changes and there might (don’t laugh). If not then when the transfer window closes go back to the protests. Don’t renew season tickets anyway as there is no need. If you want to go you’ll be able to buy a ticket anyway.

  39. Dave says:

    I’m also very underwhelmed by this predicable appointment & as said previously, Vierra, Laudrup et al, was a smokescreen & no one ever really thought it was going to happen. If McClaren wants to get all Geordies instantly onside, the first thing he must do is insist on his own backroom staff & sweep the rest of the useless twats out with a massive broom (I’d keep Carver on though, we’ll need someone to set the cones out). I’m all for giving him a chance at our basket case of a club because who else would work under these restraints, but he has to grow a pair & not become a Pardew clone by lying in interviews & playing weakened teams in the cups. Maybe he’ll do enough to steady the ship but after Ashley’s talk of not selling till we win something or get into the Champions League I can’t see Schteve McClaren being the bloke to achieve those goals. Why was I born a Geordie & have to suffer like this?

  40. Micky miller says:

    Unless he smashes the ground running and wins games sharpish he will be mauled at SJP..I’ll wager the useless ginger fucker doesn’t see Christmas..

    • Rob says:

      Well what constitutes hitting the ground running? We’re a mid-table team (at best). If people are saying that he needs to have us in the top 6 by Christmas or they’re out of here then they’re every bit as deluded as people like Stan Collymore like to say that we are sadly.

  41. Ryan Bell says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I thought we could and should have gone in a different direction with this appointment but I do genuinely think McClaren is a good manager. The fact he and Carr have a good relationship is important. It means that they have a mutual understanding of the sort of player who the manager requires and will fit into his system, which for me was the main reason why Pardew’s time here unravelled so quickly. Pardew was lumped with players like Anita, Marveaux and Yanga-Mbiwa who he didn’t like/rate yet that was ultimately a problem of his own doing given that over 5 years there was no clear indication of the style he’d like us to go forward with. McClarens career results wise has been mixed I accept that, but he has certainly improved the majority of sides he’s coached (Wolfsburg was a tough gig, reigning champions and a side about to be torn apart) and since Twente has encouraged attractive, possession based football. Something which I think most fans have wanted for years now, if we can get behind the guy hopefully we can build some momentum.

  42. John says:

    I remember a few years ago when he was linked with the job. Nobody wanted him then and not many want him now. This will give him a lot less leeway with the support if things don’t go well.

    Unfortunately, he will get less time because of what happened with Viera. Viera wanted it to be run like a proper football club, so they told him to sling his hook. By contrast, McClaren looks like a ‘yes man’ just by taking the job. Being viewed as just another stooge for the powers that be will give him even less time with supporters.

    I want him to succeed but he’s not the level of manager an ambitious club would want. We’ll have to wait and see what the summer brings! Can’t see McClaren doing any better than Pardew with that squad.

  43. mike says:

    A loser……….yet soon 50k will turn up many with the new tat Wonga shirts sup rubbish beer and watch tripe. Then come on radio/tv/web and complain.
    Now tell me again what is the problem at NUFC?

  44. Rob says:

    At the very top end of what we were likely to attract given the circumstances, he will be managing with one hand tied behind his back so it will be difficult for him to emulate what he did at Boro where he had the full backing Steve Gibson.

  45. Chris B says:

    He’s better than Carver but that is hardly a ringing endorsement. It’s the same old, same old, again. How many times will people fall for the spiel coming from these liars before the self-evidence truth becomes self-evident?

  46. Adam_B says:

    My view is that even the best manager / head coach in the world, if in a straightjacket is going to be pretty limited and maybe of little added value as a manager / head coach. That counts double if he is compelled to work with the, let’s face it, pretty hopeless shower of coaches that have been behind our truly atrocious tactical structure these past years. In a footballing sense, retaining our clearly failed coaching set up is nonsensical, but NUFC’s decision-making has not been based on footballing decisions for the last 8 years.

    Under Newcastle’s current owner we know that unless things change fundamentally regarding player investment, hiring good quality staff and treating the fans respectfully, then what the manager / head coach could achieve will be decidedly diluted. Would the end result be much different if the person behind the head coach desk was a genius or a simpleton? I suppose yes, to a certain extent, but what does that mean? A GREAT manager could get us to 5th, an ordinary one 12th and a poor one relegated? Is that how it works? Or, if we get more of the same from the owner, i.e. minimal investment and idiotic decision-making (from a footballing perspective…), would a thin, dis-incentivised (not trying in cups and no hope of winning anything) and vulnerable squad fair better or worse under a McLaren compared to A N Other?

    The only real solution to our dreadful status is to GET ASHLEY out of our club. Assuming that that does not happen in the coming 2015-16 season, and that Steve McLaren is the manager, and assuming the West Ham game PR stunt was just more lies from a discredited and untrustworthy reprobate, then we are going to struggle badly with a playing staff of insufficient quality and quantity and a coaching staff that is, well, not fit for purpose.

    So, whether we hire Steve McLaren, Steve Coogan or Malcolm McLaren (RIP), I don’t see us surviving in the PL next season under Mike Ashley. He just does not have the aptitude or inclination to bring even very modest success (i.e. not a relegation struggle) to NUFC.

  47. archie stanton says:

    mclaren is by far and away the best choice.

    the last thing we need is a totally unproven manager like viera using us as a stepping stone, there are enough of them on our books as players, and laudrup always strikes me as a gullit waiting to happen, or hoddle.

    people being swayed against mclaren, must be the same silly sods who were so easily swayed by the media at the last election, wally and the brolly and all that. give over

  48. Graeme says:

    An appointment made by the same under qualified proven failures at the behest of a proven liar and leech. If progresss is staying up a little more comfortably, having a go at at a cup game (which is a given at any other club) then those who choose to; enjoy it! I’m out. Our club continues to bleed and die slowly and Peter Shearer is correct: the only hope is with those fans who have refused to accept the unacceptable and have forced Ashley out in front of the cameras. The pressure needs to be kept up because we are already entering the ninth year of this interminable owner and it is tiresome that some continue to be fooled into the same old trap.

  49. Vin1892 says:

    Ashley will not change his `model’ for anybody so McClaren will have as much clout as Pardew and Carver before him. If he’s taken the job on those terms he can fuck right off. There will be no settling in period as far as I’m concerned because he will be one of `them’ and not one of `us’.

  50. joe hawkins says:

    Will someone punch that little buck toothed snake David Craig straight in the face when they see him please !
    Ever since Augustus Gloop rocked up in Newcastle that little two faced twat always seems to be there with bad news for Newcastle fans and revels in it.
    Bought off with a bacon sandwich by Llambias during the January window of the Championship year he’s always there with his doom and gloom for fans but with high praise for the clubs “Lowrarchy” !

  51. Scott says:

    I must admit that I got carried away with the Vieira rumours and had fell in love with the idea that this young and untested head coach was potentially going to come in with his fresh ideas and revolutionise the club from top to bottom. So, as you can imagine, hearing we had fucked him off and went back in for McClaren for an alleged third time was a little bit of a let down.

    Now I have calmed down a bit and had a bit of time to think, I don’t really have any beef with McClaren. I can see where people are coming from when they are labelling him as Pardew mk2 but I think that’s a little unfair. He comes across as quite likeable (albeit pretty dull) which is an improvement on Pardew who is a delusional, self obsessed, smarmy prick. He’s won trophies (proper ones, not that paint trophy pish Pardew won with southampton) during his career and gets on with our all powerful chief scout, unlike Pardew.

    To be honest, I am desperate for him to come in and do well, because the atmosphere around the club has been toxic for years now and it’s shite to be around. I’d much rather be talking about positive things on the pitch, rather than how much of an utter twat Ashley is.

    If there is one thing we have learned from the Pardew saga it’s that, like it or not, we are probably stuck with the next Head Coach unless it goes catastrophically wrong or Ashley fucks off and we get a buyer who actually wants to build a football club rather than just an advert for a scumming sportswear chain.

  52. Simon Sharp says:

    It probably is a sign of how low my expectations have fallen with the club that I’m actually not that upset about this appointment. The fact that he’s not John Carver is at least something, and from what I’ve read that seems to be what other Mags think as well. Did well at Boro, brought through talented youngsters into the first team (although it remains to be seen what fantastic reserves of untapped talent lies beneath the first team squad beyond Adam Armstrong). I think he had a raw deal with England – the national team’s subsequent results against big sides and performances at major tournaments suggest that England have been on a downer for at least 10 years. Not successful in Germany and left Forest under a cloud, claiming later that the owners had differing visions to him of how the club could progress (you can easily see a similar scenario emerging at Newcastle, particularly if the “warchest” Lie Ryder has been talking about isn’t as generous as stated). I beg to differ with the Editor of this fine fanzine that his cv is no more extensive than Pardew’s; surely it’s quite a bit better, encompassing managing in Europe and actually winning a trophy?

    That said, I agree with much of what is said above. Shteve was one of the Championship’s lowest paid managers and the fact that he couldn’t get his side up 2 years in succession when sides like Leicester, Burnley and Bournemouth could is worrying. So is the fact that he was Graeme Carr’s preferred choice – after a good start, the majority of our acquisitions in the last 3 yrs have been total failures. Other than the man charged with putting out the first team, what is really changing? Will supporter liaison improve? Will the club better capitalise on commercial potential? Will the quality of coaching improve allowing us the opportunity to threaten at set pieces and conversely look capable of defending them? Will the deficiencies in the squad finally be addressed? Unlikely, I think.

  53. Tom says:

    Even if you like or loathe him it appears to me the majority of us can’t be bothered anymore.

    There’s no excitement or disgust, no passion or jubilation at this expected appointment. Just a sigh of an utterly predictable turn of events. It seems like a 50:50 divide with the fans, but in a desperate soul searching way on both sides of the fence (he won a cup at Boro/rubbish at Wolfsburg etc etc)

    Just recall the days when we could attract Dalglish or Robson…differing levels of success but still giants in the world of football. Shows how far we have tumbled in expectations…

    My main concern in all of this though is the type players we will recruit going forward. It appears Carr holds the full deck of playing cards at the club, but serious questions must start getting asked about him in who he is recommending as players. The last few seasons have been utterly atrocious and his spunking of 5-7m on a striker who couldn’t cut the mustard in a slow rotten french league (rivierie) could have easily contributed to us getting relegated last season.

    Keeping all of the coaches too disgusts me….jesus christ…if we have another set piece where the ball is lumped towards Williamson i think i will try and get on the pitch and head it in myself! They are utterly inept and that’s my main problem with this appointment. Even though we staggeringly received some compensation for Pardew, the regime is unwilling to use it to clear out the dead wood like carver, stone, woodman, (pains me to say it) Beardsley. On the last name….it scares me how when the defensive crisis hit us at the arse-end of the season there were no players in the youth/reserve set up ready to be thrown in. They might as well lock the door behind them at that academy if this is truly the case and to me the blame fully lies at the ‘cheap and cheerful coaches’ we recruit. A friend of mine was coaching at the youngest levels in NUFC (proud of working at the club etc) but left because he would get paid more coaching at the local council….says it all really.

    My choice on coach/Manager would have been Moyes, proved at Everton that with a mixture of championship players (given the opportunity in the PL), youth development and organisation, a team can become stable and improve year on year.

    If we could buy a few more British players and get rid of the cowards, (wishful thinking) christ we might even win a derby!

  54. GARETH'S DAD says:

    Malcolm McLaren v Steve McLaren One a great innovator, brought new ideas and excitement to thousands of people, changed the system and had great success taking risks and kicking the establishment – the other, still and lifeless – spot the difference!!!
    With all due respect to MM, his family and fans – and I would hope to be so wrong and have to apologise to SM

  55. ed bell says:

    six months to pull a mangy and uninspiring cat out of a stinking s****s d****t bag…

    he fulfils the criteria most important to the club, compensation to be paid and desperate enough to do what he’s told…

    did anyone really expect anything different…?

  56. Lee Convery says:

    Utterly dejected, disappointed and despondent but not surprised. I’ve cancelled my season ticket now as I couldn’t face another season of watching that dross.

    After Ashley’s PR stunt before the West Ham game nothing has changed, another pack of lies and the ambition is still to make a profit and not be a successful club with a desire to win football matches and ultimately trophies.

    I bet in the programme notes for the first home game Charnley sets out the target for the team is a top ten finish, exactly the same as the last few seasons.

    Also £30-40m is being mentioned as a war chest. Not even close. That team needs taken apart and completely rebuilt with a minimum of £100m spent on it and that is just the first 11. Another £20m needs spent to build a squad that can cope with rotation and injuries.

  57. Ian Summers says:

    An excellent appointment, I’m off down the club shop to get a new Wonga top and then upstairs to renew my season ticket. Thanks Mr. Ashley, I’ve never been so excited since we bought Keegan in 1982!

  58. Phil says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing his Geordie accent that he’ll pick up in his first week here, be as plastic as his Dutch one! Find it on YouTube if you haven’t heard it.

  59. Chris Nappin says:

    Surely the Pardew compensation could have been used to get rid of Carver and the others. Or maybe the £34m in the bank. Or the TV money we’ll get at the end of June. Maybe they don’t want to pay to get rid of them as well as having to sign up new staff. I doubt our HR dept could really cope with that volume of activity in fairness.

    McLaren’s very first interview will end in resentment after they ask him what he thinks about not having his own team in. There’s no way he can dress it up but he’ll have to try, from which point the Pardew comparisons will be inevitable, justifiably so.

    Looking at the players and positions I struggle to see us recruiting more than 3 players, we have cover in all areas really, however inadequate they may be. Our squad is awful, but they won’t get any significant money for most of them so they won’t see the value in selling. Who really believes that Ashley will change after that interview? He’s not exactly a man of outstanding integrity is he?

    I’m not bothered about McLaren to be honest, I already felt sorry for Viera and Laudrup for what would have awaited them so I’m actually glad that I will feel less embarrassed now.

    Struggling to keep the faith, just can’t really be arsed to find anything better to be interested in

    • Pat Hughes says:

      I think you’re forgetting the thrill of the ‘window’ and all the talented players coming our way. The wish/dream list is currently being drawn up, along with nearly plausible, inventive reasons for non-arrival of proper players. The fabled ‘line’ will feature, other clubs offering unrealistic (fair) wages, it was too hot to negotiate etc etc. I would love to drop my cynicism and eat my words.

  60. Alistair Moir says:

    I’m feeling pretty neutral about it all – best coaches in the world would struggle to do anything with Mike Ashley’s Newcastle. You can see it panning out – unpopular account accepts the job with his hands tied behind his back, mediocre start, crowd turns quickly…. There are worse coaches out there than McLaren, but whether there are or not, it doesn’t really matter while Ashley’s in the chair. I won’t set foot in SJP while he’s here

  61. MajorlyUnsurprised says:

    Neutral too about McClaren. I’m quite prepared to give him a chance. It’s the lumbering him with the deadwood that’s the major immediate issue (obviously Fat Mike is the root cause of current overall problem). The backroom boys are clearly out of their depth. And unfortunately for them Fat Mike has done everything he can to expose their limitations and basic unemployability to the entire planet. And because of that he owes them a decent pay-off. And yes it sticks in the throat to apparently reward incompetence but none of them are likely rich enough to fall on their swords and wave tata to five years comp – let’s look it as just payment for being put up to be pilloried as total fools for the last 6 months. Go on Fat Mike – pay them off and bung Newcastle council to set up a community scheme they can be employed with …

  62. Tom Pitt says:

    I think its about the best appointment Ashleys NUFC could manage.
    McLaren is an average coach at this level. Much better than Carver…..maybe even better than Pardew and almost certainly good enough to coach a team to top 12-14 in the PL.
    Therefore the perfect man for the job….if you’re Mike Ashley!
    He will need 5-6 players bringing in though!
    Not that I give a toss anymore really.
    The club I supported is dead.