true faith: DISCUSSION DAY #3

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To no-one’s great surprise and despite (cough) 80 applications for the job of Newcastle Carver2United trainer, Lee Charnley has been unable to appoint a successor to Alan Pardew. This has left him with little alternative than to turn to John Carver who will pick the team for the remaining 16 matches of the season.

So, what do you make of it all?

Is this just yet another example of the club’s failure to get anything right? Another chapter in the gross mismanagement of Newcastle United since Ashley took over in 2007?

Do we swallow the spin being put about by its media partners that “JC” deserves a crack at the job and that Pardew has made it difficult for United? Like, United is the only club ever to have the need to appoint a new manager during the mid-season?

Or do you think United’s Head Coach restriction has meant they have been unable to attract any kind of dupe to take the job on under the terms it is being offered?

Or perhaps the club has gone down the cheap-skate road again and is refusing to pay compensation for anyone? Is it all tied up with contracts at United? Do the powers-that-be want to avoid the need to pay up Carver, Woodman and Stone for the mad contracts they were put on?

Or is Charnley doing the right thing? Waiting until the end of the season when he’ll be able to appoint someone prepared to take the United job on the terms they are pitching it?

Let us know what you think – all comments in the boxes below please.


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47 Responses to true faith: DISCUSSION DAY #3

  1. p smith says:

    It stinks from top to bottom. I’m finished with the cunts

  2. Wallace Wilson says:

    The statement implies that Carver will not get the job as he was immediately available but not appointed permanently. Or am I clutching at straws?

  3. billmolyneux says:

    Carver will muddle us through to the 40 pts. needed to keep the fat lad happy.Sadly this is another season wasted and the fans must be as sick as a Puff with piles because its a case of our season is starting to end before Feb.So now its a case of turning up to see us “over the line”with not much to look forward to.

  4. Scott says:

    I think they have taken a look at the current situation and have decided that we probably need (just?) 13 points to secure Premiership status, so they’ll take what they see as a small risk with Carver and get their “preferred” target (Whoever that is? McLaren?) in the summer, for nothing. As a fan, I am fucking furious that they have effectively wrote off yet another season but they are just looking at the numbers. Just another business decision.

    Notice how Charnley stated the goal is a magical ‘top 10’ finish in that statement today? When does that target become a ‘top 8’ finish or a ‘top 6’ finish?

    Got no problem with implementing a ‘Head coach’ model, buying players cheap and selling on at a profit if it is with the end goal of improving us as a club, but it’s not. All this talk of youth development is so that Fat Mike has even cheaper stock with higher profit margins and he can treat OUR club like one of his horrendous shops.

  5. Malcolm says:

    Completely expected and predictable. Ashley has calculated that Carver can keep us up so no great hurry to get a manager or spend unnecessary funds. If Carver does what’s asked of him expected a permanent role for him as he’ll have ‘proved himself’.

    Pardon my French but the statements that come out of the tea boys mouth make my piss boil.

  6. SteveP says:

    I would like to think the club are going to make the right/ ambitious appointment in the summer, but I fear that the price of either will determine that we get neither

  7. Mick says:

    Seeing us play under Carver it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that we fail to win enough games to stay up. We have seen a couple of canny 30 mins displays in the games v Chelsea and Burnley but will that be enough to win games. We will need some huge slices of luck to win any games. Will the players returning make a difference? Abeid and de Jong look like they will be injured more or less for the rest of the season. Cisse went to Africa injured pretty sure he’ll come back the same. Santon flatters to deceive and has created one decent cross in two seasons. All in all we could well struggle and with a coach with very little footballing nous at the helm our position is looking very precarious. Sell Sissouko and I think that will be the final nail.

  8. Ian Summers says:

    The situation is the same as it has been for several seasons, our squad is simply too small. We lack quality and experience particularly in crucial positions resulting in a team with no spine hence the frequent capitulations. Whoever the coach is now or in the summer will be limited by the players available. Interesting to see who & how many Pardew buys this January?

  9. Steven Mitchell says:

    Absolutely never ever in doubt that carver was going to be given this job. Genuinely think it’s a massive risk though. Not certain we are safe yet. No doubt if we stay up with relative comfort the job will be given to carver full time. That will be the end of my season ticket personally. Can’t do this anymore. So utterly depressed.

  10. Chris B says:

    Another dupe, available uber cheap, appointed way beyond his station. It’s the Ashley way.

  11. John Bains says:

    By continuing to support NUFC are we guilty of Albert Einstein’s theory:-

    ” doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Should we stop turning up week after week?

  12. John Bains says:

    Sorry – missed a bit – That was Einstein’s theory of Madness!!

  13. Simon says:

    When trying to guess what the politburo on Barrack Rd will do in any situation that requires a decision, ask yourself “What is the absolute cheapest, bargain bucket, stopgap option?”.
    You won’t go far wrong.

    Essentially, they have taken a month to do.. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Now we are told the search is deferred until the summer. Why they can’t continue to look now is unclear unless they dimply intend to appoint Carver permanently. Carvet is not now nor ever will be management material. Which league we’ll be in by next June is equally unclear, though I suspect far fewer people care than did last September. The degradation continues….

  14. john rush says:

    Typical of this regime. Make do and mend as long as it is on the cheap, just liek we have never replaced Demba Ba etc. They have short memories though. In the last relegation season they tried to do the same with Chris Hughton after JFKs heat attack who despite his later success was a disaster as caretaker in the Premier League and they ended up appointing Shearer after the damage was done. They just might get heir fingers burnt again.

  15. big mikey says:

    Is appointing Carver till the end of the season such a bad thing? If anyone thinks we are safe and getting the 13points to Premiership survival will be a doddle then they must be totally and utterly deluded. In this crazy world of NUFC would relegation surely not prompt the FCB to desert and seek the golden coin at Rangers? We will never ever be a challenging,committed enterprising club as long as he is here. If there is one person who we can virtually guarantee to take us down its Carver and the backroom muppets.
    FCB doesn’t give a shit about the club but if it means relegation and the financial implications then even he will think twice about hanging around here. I really, really hope he does fuck off even if it comes at the horrendous ogre of relegation.
    I can’t believe how totally pissed off I have become following this great club of ours!

    • Mark says:

      I’ve always struggled to see how a relegated Newcastle becomes a more attractive option for prospective buyers of the club tbh.

  16. Gordon Young says:

    I wish Carver well. A local lad living out his dream but I hope he has the balls to tell FCB – for it is he who has the key to the safe that he needs a centre half and a striker to guarantee survival.

    • STEPHEN says:

      He’s already put his marker down as to where he stands in his relationship with Ashley ! i give you LEICESTER, January 3rd.

      Signings !! don’t make me fucking laugh.

    • David Chapman says:

      Are you living on another planet Gordon? Carver has already showed himself to be nought more than another fucking Ashley yes man, Charney has already said we wont be making any signings, wake the fuck up man.

    • David Rutherford says:

      Considering the complete lack of balls he dislplayed when picking the team for our annual FA Cup game I very much fucking doubt it.

    • Steven Mitchell says:

      You must be a Mackem/absolutely off ya face to post this. I genuinely can’t fathom you are a genuine fan who genuinely believes this. If you are, a pint of what you’re on please barkeep!

  17. big mikey says:

    Yes well said Stephen. All that fucking shite spewing from Carvers mouth about how much he knows what the cup means to us Geordies and then plays 5 players who shoulldnt be anywhere near a first team place at the Heed let alone us.
    He is a fucking JOKE !!!!!

    • Stephen says:

      Agreed Mikey, absolute fucking joke. He plays on the Geordie hardman image and the ”i worked under Bobby Robson”. I was brought up on our tradition and history with the FA Cup Carver trampled all over Newcastle United’s history, trampled over what Milburn, Harvey, Cowell etc achieved in one game to please Ashley and Charnley. Don’t give me that ‘fan’ bullshit John Carver, utter shite. You know what i was aware of him in the 80’s when he was on the playing books, watched him for the reserves and travelled the London underground with him (although we did not know each other) to the likes of West Ham etc for first team games, even Southampton etc. Had total respect for him back then, knowing who he was and yet he still travelled with the ‘lads’.Now, no respect whatsoever, heaven help us !

  18. Alan says:

    The modern day Newcastle supporter currently has the club they so richly deserve.

    • Otterburn says:

      And if I may add, the owner they so richly deserve!!

      Fifty thousand every other week, many dressed in Wonga tops, bars etc packed & then they have the affront to shout “get out of my/our club. It’s his club & he repeatedly shoves evidence of that fact down the throats & up the anus of the gutless/spineless creeps & seven years later they still don’t get it.

      • Pat Hughes says:

        This (non- wonga wearing) creep has got the message and won’t be renewing – difficult decision for me after so many years but the realisation hit at last that the industry of football doesn’t really want me sitting obediently in a stand anymore. It’s not just about the soul- destroying reign of Ashley but the whole ethos of football – ticket prices, kick-off times and days, the focus on everyone but me, the lowly fan. I used to love popping into the club shop for something club-related but I haven’t done that since Ashley arrived. I miss it. I arrived at the last home game without hope, no buzz and longing for the 90 minutes to be up – I’ve never felt that before. 5 of us in my row won’t be meeting up in August and that hurts. Thanks Ashley and all the other greedy bastards.

        • Steven Mitchell says:

          I agree. Carvers appointment will be the end for me. It’s awful, makes me feel sick and makes me feel I am letting my club down…. But enough is enough

  19. Stephen says:

    Carver cannot see that if Charnley and Ashley had wanted him in place they’d have done it straight away. We like what you’ve done working with Alan, John. Its the natural progression promote from within, carry on the good work blah blah blah. Show confidence in him, be decisive, you are in charge full stop. But no they stumble along for 4 weeks till they’ve no other option but to turn back to him.

    Its taken them 4 weeks to conclude that the man they want (don’t make me laugh) is not available now. Surely they do the ‘sounding out’ – like i’ve no doubt Pardew was ‘sounded out’ before the Palace approach – 4 weeks to get to nowhere, clueless.

  20. Mark says:

    If this was a well-run club whose board had established with a good track record and reputation with the support, then I’d say it is a sensible choice; if your top targets won’t take the job til the summer, then waiting for the right man would be the right thing to do; after all, a well-run club’s structure and coaching staff would be able to run things as they were without needing to change anything between now and the summer, pick up a few points, perhaps blood some youngsters once enough points were secured.

    The problem is, of course, that we all know Newcastle United is not well run, and there is zero good will or faith in those who own & run our club. The coaching staff we employ have shown nothing to give us confidence; whilst Pardew gave his name to a new verb (‘Pardewed’) to express how we were able to turn promising players into duffers, some of that blame has to be attributed to his staff as well; staff in whose oppointments, apparently, he had little say. Even the national press appear to have cottoned on to this just being a cheap option, with journos from the papers and even Gary Lineker commenting on the absolute cynicism that lies behind this appointment.

    We can only hope, though hope with very little confidence, that they have a candidate or two potentially lined up for the summer who fit the bill. Personally I doubt it, and feel that the should just start charging ST holders for 11 games per year, but it’s the best we can hope for.

  21. Jayne Brown says:

    Same Shit, different day

  22. Davey says:

    I sat through the Southampton game wondering what I was doing there. Virtually all the guys around me are now strangers, and to the new chap behind me, they won’t throw you any fish, despite your clapping at every shoddy pass. I really have had enough now, and looking to do something else on…. I was going to say a Staturday but the crazy kick off times and random days makes me wonder. The club is now rotten from top to bottom. I cancelled my season ticket yesterday, there’s only so much urine you can extract Mr Ashley.

  23. Peter Shearer says:

    I cannot believe that some fans are still willing to believe anything these people say. Charnley says the “manager” will be an integral part of the club’s strategy,yet his interview with the Chronicle details exactly how little power the person wold have.So what sort of person will apply for that job, knowing that they will have little authority in running the team.

    As always, it is a smokescreen, devised simply to head-off any real protest.And so many keep playing along with him. Revolt! And quick!

    • David Rutherford says:

      Perhaps if more people joined the NUST and made their voice heard and demanded a meeting on the subject of protests and then all those people actually turned up to this meeting in their hundreds to discuss it we could have half a chance of organising some kind of action. As it stands, Michael Martin’s dead right in his other column about keyboard warriors and armchair protesters.

  24. Dave says:

    Maybe we’re all misjudging the Fat Man & he really does have good intentions and wants nothing but the best for NUFC to progress?
    Maybe Lee Charmless is not a barefaced liar with his head rammed so far up Ashley’s arse he should have a rope tied round his shoes?
    Maybe Graham Carr can unearth a gem or two for our new head coach/trainer/manager/lackey in the summer and these players can actually hit the ground running?
    Maybe John (look at me I’m hard & Sir Bobby’s watching over me) Carver will turn out to be a tactical genius in the remaining games and we won’t be sweating with a couple of games to go again?
    Maybe the senior players can take a long hard look in the mirror and have a word with themselves cos they’ve got us in this shit as well.
    Maybe I should stop drinking at dinner times and more importantly mixing the beer with my depression medication.

  25. Paul Clayton says:

    Reforming Newcastle Blue Star would be ideal if possible?
    A board of directors and a manager voted for by the fans and a club to rise through the leagues(hopefully!) owned by the supporters.
    That would be worth watching

  26. Peter Shearer says:

    According to the NUST minutes there are 789 of us! So there is a long way to go if we are going to shift him.I agree that this is the way forward though and hope these other “keyboard warriors” will come and join us. I also agree it is up to the NUST members to try and help stimulate some concerted effort.Doing something/anything is better than seeing Ashley remain so comfortable.

    As to those who keep saying protests will not work-they do! I feel so much better knowing that I am doing what I can to hasten his departure.That provides some comfort! It is obvious that continuing to do nothing will lead to no change-so action has to be the alternative.

  27. Matt Flynn says:


    At the end of the 80s supporters were given a chance to buy shares in NUFC. Although many jumped at the opportunity not enough were prepared to stump up the £100 minimum purchase to make the Magpie Group’s share issue a reality. Perhaps there was more to the lack of enthusiasm amongst the support than I was aware of the time, but it does raise a question about whether NUFC supporters are prepared to do anything other than turn up on match days. Whether we are the loyalist football supporters or just creatures of habit?

    I don’t know the answer but I do know our club has been dying since the first SD sign went up at SJP. Depressing as fuck it is.

  28. Stephen B says:

    i think your probably right in that they have failed to attract anyone of high calibre so have fallen back on the lowest common denominator! Carver and his sidekicks (stone and woodman)

  29. David Chapman says:

    Oh my god, if I hear John fucking Carver mention Bobby Robson one more time I am literally going to run barefoot into the fucking woods screaming and clutching a dead pigeon, why has he even been given the job?! because he’s from Newcastle?! Cheryl Cole is from Newcastle Jimmy fucking Nail is from Newcastle give them the fucking job, I’m from Newcastle and I got Leyton Orient to the FA Cup final on Football manager give me the job, anybody but this fucking radge, seriously his behaviour is going to have all those southern journalists laughing at us all over again.
    The NUST is a complete waste of time, they’ve done fuck all, I’m sick of hearing how they are going to save us, they have literally done nothing, they don’t ask questions, nothing.. They support the regime financially by going to the game for fucks sake, I am so fucking done with Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United, I think I need a lie down before I give myself a fucking nose bleed.

    • David Rutherford says:

      Why not join the NUST and badger them to organise something? I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s hamstrung by the fact it has very few members and the members it does have don’t bother going to meetings. If even a third of season ticket holders joined the NUST it would have more money and a louder voice and would be in a much stronger position to co-ordinate a protest. As it stands, as a collective group of fans we’ve become every bit as zombified and soulless as the club.

  30. Peter Shearer says:

    I am not writing the NUST off yet. We all need to play our part in fashioning what they do,and up until now there has not been enough support for concerted action.I do think we have reached a critical time now though, and if NUST cannot be part of the concerted effort,which there now seems to be a demand for, then I guess I will conclude the same as David.Hopefully,the NUST will pick up the gauntlet and play their part in helping to organise those of us who are willing to act.

  31. David Chapman says:

    I gave up my season ticket a few years back and I thought members had to be ticket holders? Am I wrong?

    • David Rutherford says:

      I don’t see why that would be the case – it’s got nothing to do with the club. As far as I’m aware anyone can join.

    • JR says:

      I’ve been a member since NUST started and I’m not a season ticket holder so you’re good to join if you so choose.

  32. rob h says:

    when ashley leaves for scotland at the end of season it will time to Welcome back Mr Shepard. Hope he learned how to pick a good manager.