true faith : DISCUSSION DAY #3

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So, that was the January transfer window and wasn’t it … well, to be fair, it lived up/down ashley2to expectations, dependent upon your expectations or lack of them.

What did you think of Mbwia’s move to Roma being made permanent?

Were you as narked by Santon’s move to Inter Milan as his girlfriend?

Can you work out how playing at a virtually semi-professional level for Rangers helps five of our shadow players, several of whom have already played at a much higher standard. Should we be bothered?

All comments in the comments boxes as below ladies and gentlemen.

That is all.

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9 Responses to true faith : DISCUSSION DAY #3

  1. Chris Moore says:

    5 fit senior defenders for the rest of the PL season. ‘Senior’ being a stretch for a couple of them.

    Getting tonked by Norwich with a back four made up of 3 full-backs and a winger still gives me shudders. Worse could be yet to come…

  2. Tom Pitt says:

    Just another day in the life of Sports Direct FC.

  3. Joolio Geordio says:

    The transfer window Hmmm typically underwhelming and entirely predictable. I would just love Charnley to justify in detail what the benefits of any of this is to Newcastle a blind man can see that there are none.
    The time to worry will be if established first teamers start to drift over the border for undisclosed fees once Rangers are back in the top flight. I can see us being a feeder club.

  4. Simon says:

    How low can you go? At this stage it seems impossible to underestimate the “ambition” of the people in charge of NUFC. There is no point in raking over the “transfer window”, it was all too predictable and nothing unexpected transpired apart from the nakedly cynical loaning of NUFC players to Rangers in order to advance the interest of the SD empire.
    The sole and dubious credit the club hierarchy emerges with is that they don’t even bother to hide the fact that supporters can expect absolutely sod all to look forward to for the foreseeable future. It is starkly clear that Mike Ashley will suit his own agenda with no concessions regardless of how the fans feel about it. I despair.

  5. Hoglan says:

    Santon hasn’t played competitively for us (bar the barely competitive fa cup debacle) for almost a full year. Whilst he always looked comfortable going forward his defending was very poor at times, I’m not sure I’m going miss him that much. That said he always gave 100%, genuinely seemed to enjoy and respect playing for the club and deserved be treat better than he has been.

    Mbiwa never seemed to get going for us, I thought this was the season for him to cement his place as a regular first teamer at centre half. Funny how S. Taylor and Williamson are never asked to play out of position yet Mbiwa played pretty much in every position across the back four.

    Not sure what beef the author has with the Scottish Championship, labelling them as semi professional is unnecessarily disrespectful.

    In fairness, we’ve came out of the window stronger than I thought we would in that Sissoko, Tiote, Cisse and Perez are still here. I expected at least one of those to depart.

    Speaks volumes when we come out a window relieved instead of buzzing about new recruits….The life of a modern Newcastle fan.

    • Ian Summers says:

      According to Santon’s girlfriend he had been fit for months but the club chose not to play him. A bit like Guttierez they seem intent on controlling the wage bill. The obvious intention of the club is to control costs wherever possible, we must have one of the lowest wage bills in the Premier League? We certainly have the weakest squad? Well I’ve controlled my own costs and cancelled 2 direct debits for me and my son. You can only bang your head against a wall for so long?

  6. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    Nowt left to say is there? Long term plan? The Squad is no better (maybe worse) than it was 4 years ago and another season is pretty much over. In the summer they’ll sell whoever they can get the most money for and recycle some but not all of it into the club. Repeat.

  7. David says:

    Like cup competitions and ambition, transfer windows are for other teams to get excited about. Its not for NUFC.

  8. Matt Flynn says:

    Be interesting to know who is paying the five loan players wages, cash strapped Rangers or NUFC.