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true faith’s very own design genius Glenn Ashcroft is currently working hard in his Dadpicdraughty bohemian garret to bring us the true faith SUMMER SPECIAL (TF112) which also happens to be the very first issue which will be 100% DIGITAL.

God knows how many pages it will eventually come in at (at least double the size of our largest ever print version) but it is by some distance the biggest and best issue of true faith we have ever done. We are delighted with it.

It will be ready for you all on the 9th of June, which as you know coincides with the anniversary of the Blaydon Races. Less than a week later is Father’s Day (Sunday 15/Jun/14) and surely a subscription to true faith is the perfect affordable, value for money present for Pop.

No matter where you are in the world, the true faith DIGITAL subscription will be exactly the same content, you will get it at exactly the same time as everyone else (i.e. immediately it is ready) and it is exactly the same price no matter where you are.

true faith is bigger, better, faster and cheaper in the DIGITAL age.

To get your old man a Father’s Day annual subscription to true faith, it will cost you a mere £17.99. A quarterly subscription is only £5.99.

Click here for all subscription details.


Obviously, if you want a subscription for yourself, just click here as well.


This is the future of fanzines and as ever we Geordies are ahead of the game.


That is all.  TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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2 Responses to true faith : DIGITAL – Perfect Father’s Day Present

  1. matt says:

    If I take a sub out now will the first issue I pay for be the current edition or the summer special

  2. Hi Matt, if you take out a subscription today you will get automatic access to the current issue (TF111) and the previous 29 as well as everyone we publish for the next 12 months.