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For all of you out there who prefer your reading material in digital format, we can arrange TF104coverfor each issue of true faith and a bit of our archive to be downloaded onto your i-pads, tablets, lap-tops and Desk Tops quick-snap.

The Digital subscriptions have become very popular with our readers overseas as they substantially reduce the time it takes to travel from Blighty but also reduces the costs as well.

We know before the new glossy, paper copies of true faith have left our printers true faith is already being read digitally in the fuevellas of Rio, the barrios of Buenos Aires and South African townships (no kidding). It’s efficient and its cheaper than the paper-copy with exactly the same content.

Our partner with the Digital download lark is EXACT EDITIONS, the leading company in the field and who provide an excellent service to us and existing Digital Subscribers.

Don’t get anyone wrong, we love the paper format, it’s got soul man but for exiles looking after the pennies but wanting the right word from the Tyneside Mothership, this can’t be beat.

For details about how to get a Digital subscription click DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and off you trot.

You won’t regret it.  TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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2 Responses to true faith – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

  1. David says:

    Been getting the digital copies since December and i can’t fault them. I don’t live in any of them exotic places you mentioned above (Hebburn) but i just can’t be arsed to go to the paper shop!!!

    Keep up the good work lads, loving the new site.
    “Paully for prime minister”

    Dave Mc

  2. Thanks Dave. I think Paully would make a splendid Prime Minister. He’d be an improvement on the dorks we’ve had lately.