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Our man, Young Mr Harrison cracks on about the debacle at Man City, selling Cabaye and buying no-one as well as looking ahead to West Ham this Saturday coming at St James’ Park with a 3 pm KO (it’ll never catch on).

Gareth has perhaps been in sunnier moods.

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6 Responses to true faith, Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison – Video Blog

  1. Ed Ward says:

    I think a narrow loss as predicted is the worst possible result. If we can’t win, then the most productive result will be a spanking to nil – then the enormous steaming pile of shit in our augean stables will HAVE to be cleaned out – whilst there is still something left to play for this season.

    • Milo2013 says:

      I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a reference to Greek mythology in the comments section of a football site!

      I hate to agree with you but you’re spot on…if we are to lose, then let’s lose by a margin that compels somebody at the club to take action. Personally, I’m expecting a defeat. Big Sam relishes putting one over on Ashley and he seems to have bolstered his West Ham side quite nicely in the close season. The ex-NUFC contingent won’t make it easy for us. After that game comes Fulham, who have made a good start on what I suspect is going to be a totally decent season for them. Then we’re on the road again to Villa. And when you consider how badly we fared on our travels last year, one has little confidence in any of our visitations this year. In short, we need at least a point from West Ham.

  2. martin jewitt says:

    spot on observations Gareth. wish i hadnt watched this whilst eating my tea, killed my appetite, our plight makes me sick to my stomach. unless the bastards at the top sort it out this is gonna, be one long painful season

  3. the pole says:

    joe kinnear says we will have two new strikers before saturday he was at hacney marshes on sunday watching div3 of london over forties and quoted to say these two playerd will make nufc great and are better than messi and ronaldo roll on 2017 for a real derby playing gateshead in the conference well done mife arsehole ashley

  4. Keith says:

    What kind of action are you lads really expecting? You want us to get smashed so Ashley will do what? Sell up? Sack Pardew and not replace him with Kinnear? Give a shit about NUFC? Howay man.

  5. WhoArYa says:

    Gareth is ranting here but sadly he has got a point