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This is just a gentle reminder to the cabal of pasty-faced scribblers out there putting Sands of Timetogether material for the next issue of true faith (TF 109) that the deadline days are fast approaching for you to get your material into the TF Bunker, so we can start pimping it with art-work ahead of it going to the printers.

If any of you are having problems getting material ready as we’ve agreed, just send your pathetic excuses into us on and of course we’ll be really sympathetic to you useless bastards.

Obviously, if you are reading this and would quite fancy putting something together for a future issue of true faith, just drop us a line on and we’ll see what we can do.

We are particularly interested in attracting writers who are currently under-represented within our writing team i.e. who aren’t white, Geordie blokes (though  we always want more of them as well) so we’d be delighted to hear from women, people with disabilities, supporters from the Black and Ethnic Minorities communities who are interested in using true faith as the platform for your views on Newcastle United and football in general.

As ever, just drop us a line on to get all the gen



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