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So, Newcastle United has decided to appoint John Carver as temporary trainer between Carver2now and the rest of the season.

The spin coming out of St James’ Park is that Lee Charnley will make a measured, long term decision on the future of the trainer position at the end of the season when it is considered the field of interested candidates will have greater quality.

Do you believe it?

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2 Responses to true faith : CONFIDENCE ISSUES

  1. Colin McCabe says:

    Whilst I have absolutely no faith in Carver to lead in the long term if this does mean we get one of DeBoer, Tuchel, McLaren or Garde in the Summer then I think it will be worth the wait (unless of course we get relegated before then). In fairness each of those names, the best in my view, have been widely reported to be unavailable until the summer so that does back up Charnleys claim.

    The problem is that it could well be just another hopeful punt by the club and if Carver does get top ten he’ll be given the job

    As usual nowt is straightforward with NUFC

  2. Ian Summers says:

    In my opinion John Carver deserves our support. It seems too easy to attack individuals and by taking on the responsibility JC could be presumed to be fair game. Whoever is in charge of the team is a complete irrelevancy when you consider the big picture of Mike Ashley ownership and Charnley directorial control. It is too easy to focus our frustrations on John Carver or any of the players. We attend matches to support the team and those preparing the team. The ridiculous attempts by Charnley to communicate last week say all there needs to be said about our club and it’s intentions for the immediate and long term future.