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As any reader of this site can see, there is an opportunity for comment under just about dustbineverything that is posted on this site. We encourage feedback and debate. You don’t have to agree with us – in fact it would be a pretty rum state of affairs if you did. Sometimes we’ll accept we got it wrong and on others we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Criticism can help us develop this fanzine and the editorial team here has an almost obsessional yearning to look for other directions to take the fanzine in, to be new, original and look for fresh stuff to cover.

We’re interested in hearing counter points to our views on Newcastle United. For example, we’ve published two articles in the new issue of the fanzine which are considerably more favourable to Mike Ashley’s running of Newcastle United than has traditionally been published by true faith. The writers make their argument in cogent, constructive styles and have added to the discussion around the club’s position and we thank them for raising the standard of the debate.

However, everything we publish has to be honest and genuine. We are not going to provide a platform for anyone who has an extended history of abusing this fanzine, its editorial team or contributors for no other reason than personal spite or pursuance of a bitter, wholly pointless but ultimately self-destructive vendetta.

We are not going to give a platform to anyone who we know has falsely accused others of some of the vilest deeds imaginable and attempted disgusting character assassination of others. We are not going to publish the views of anyone we are certain is constructing an argument based upon a deliberately mendacious interpretation of the facts and whose motives are transparently vexatious and false.

We are not going to publish the views of anyone we know has dedicated themselves to attempting to damage or destroy this fanzine for no other reason than our refusal to accommodate their stupidity and spend disproportionate amounts of time managing the fall out for their crass and offensive behaviour.

We are not going to give a platform to a person who has been a bollock hair away from having legal action taken against them on grounds of libel. And not just by us.

We are not going to give a platform to a person who has made online bullying, harassment and trolling their dubious USP.

In the time we’ve moved to the new format of the website, we’ve had cause to trash four or five comments. Two of them are from the same person and one of them is an associate of the same, who to be fair, I could probably be persuaded to give the benefit of the doubt to but for the company they keep.

I have no doubt whatsoever this person (or those around them) will attempt to make capital of the fact comments have been trashed before publication, to grand-stand as the injured party (sighs) about gagging, freedom of speech and other off-the-shelf nonsense to fit a dishonest narrative borne of a desire to feed a destructive sense of mischief and laughable sense of superiority. We’ll just have to live with that.

 (For the avoidance of doubt, the above does NOT refer to Steve Wraith).

Michael Martin, Editor. TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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12 Responses to true faith: NO COMMENT

  1. Brian Standen says:

    What a great article, clearly someone is attempting more than mischief either by using the TF platform or against TF, and judging by the words in your “no comment” article it could be interpreted that it may have been threatening.

    Well done to all at TF for standing firm.

  2. Zoo says:

    Very well put. I am also a fan who is pro-Ashley and have, on many occasions debated this point with fellow fans ovr a few beers. It is good that you provide an open forum for all views to be expressed.

  3. Sean Whelan says:

    Fuck off ya cunt!

  4. Dan says:

    Who is it then?

  5. Stevie Mac says:

    I take it the humble pie currently being consumed in huge doses by those bods who’ve spent the last 3 years telling all and sundry that Ashley is hell bent on destroying the club has a particular bitter taste that is playing havoc with ones sensitive palettes?

  6. Phil Carmichael says:

    Sorry to hear you have had trouble with trolls, lads. I don’t agree with all your guff but the truth is, in True Faith, and the Mag, we have the best fanzines in the country. Anyone who abuses your hospitality isn’t worth spitting on.
    Well done for all your hard work.
    Happy Christmas and Howay the Lads!

  7. niall fleming says:

    All of you at TF do a fantastic job, reporting, investigative journalism, encouraging contributions from all quarters and sponsoring debate.

    At the moment football, and winning, is to the fore and good that it is.

    The longer term ideal, a club owned in trust for fans and the whole city, doesn’t go away and won’t go away. TF can help to keep that flame burning.

    Enough said.

    Have a great Xmas and a merry New Year.

  8. @ Stevie. Humble pie ? My opinion on Ashley doesn’t blow with the wind, it’s not altered by a home humping off the mackems or winning away at Man Utd. It’s been created by the brief history since he’s been at the club. I’m confident of one thing….by the time he leaves it’s those who have ignored his contempt for NUFC that will be forced to dine on humble pie.

  9. FD says:

    Ashley has destroyed the club simple as. There are people who will not see it. I stopped going 4 years ago and will not go back until he is gone. Stevie Mac is clearly not someone who has been to many games. If he had he would know that Shepherd was a better owner than him and I hated him. At least he spent money.