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So it has come to pass that Newcastle United has signed its first player direct from ColbackSunderland AFC since Paul Bracewell moved to St James’ Park twenty two years ago.

Colback has professed undying love for Newcastle United and Sunderland AFC has thrown all of its toys out the pram in what was a very amusing strop on Monday night.

The Mackems can’t decide to behave like jilted teenage girls or just claim they aren’t bothered and he’s shit anyway.

But what do we think?

We pose the question:

Do you welcome the signing of Jack Colback at Newcastle United? 


Simply click on the link enclosed here and tell us what you think.


That is all.


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9 Responses to true faith : COLBACK SURVEY

  1. Davey says:

    If he scores the winner in the derby I may be amused. He has it all to do and probably knows it which might benefit us as he HAS to give his all. Can’t, or rather can, believe the official SAFC reaction. You think three straight victories might’ve smoothed the chip on their shoulders a little bit?

  2. Boomtown says:

    Lionel Perez in 98 anyone?

  3. David Rutherford says:

    Some of the online ranting about his ‘unforgivable’ behaviour during the derby has been frankly embarrassing. I have to laugh (albeit bitterly) at the fans accusing the mackems of throwing their toys out of the pram then in the next breath crying like little girls because he had the temerity to celebrate his team winning an important game.
    Personally I couldn’t give a shit about it – we all know who the real villain(s) were that day and if you’re gonna boo someone every time he touches the ball it’s a bit childish to take the huff when he makes a harmless ‘sshh’ gesture.
    It’s when a player couldn’t give a shit either way – an accusation that could easily be levelled at some of our lot last season – that you should worry.
    As for the signing itself, I’m less concerned about petty give-it-but-can’t-take-it schoolboy histrionics than I am about the fact that the club still only seem interested in recruiting players who cost nowt.

  4. David Chapman says:

    Apparently he changed his mind about coming at the last minute but the board wouldn’t go back on the deal, the board then offered him to West Ham for 5m, you couldn’t make it up!

    As for the transfer itself, take away the fact he’s from round here, its still an average player signing for nought, I’m not jumping up and down with excitement, put it that way.

  5. John Milton says:

    I was hoping to have a 3rd option of, ‘meh’. I couldn’t care less either way. The positive is that he’s a senior player ready to join the 1st team. The negative is that he’s not going to set the league alight.

  6. WhoArYa says:

    Agree with John Milton above. A third option of do you give a 4X may gather some votes.

    He is a 1st team squad member, he is a local lad and hopefully he does OK but it would be lovely to sign a Shearer, Ginola, Ferdinand or a Cole.

  7. Matt Flynn says:

    Most clubs’s decide what kind of player they need to improve their first team and draw up a list of affordable targets. NUFC on the other hand just draw up a list of free transfers and other ‘bargains’, hence the pointless arrival of the next Billy Askew. Boring.

  8. David Rutherford says:

    Spot on, Matt, that’s the main issue here and it’s far more worrying than whether he’s a ‘true geordie’ or not.

  9. Allan Rogers says:

    The answer to this club problem is so easy stop going to the matches while its in the hands on this owner club goes bust start again with new owner