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As those on the United e-mail circulation list will already know, our effervescent and charming Managing Director, Lee Charnley has e-mailed us all to apologise for the team being rank bad so far this season. For those who have missed it or need another read, we’ve copied it for you below.

What we’d like you to do is to give us your reaction in the comment boxes below. Off you go.

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We made a pledge to communicate more effectively with you and when we did so, we were aware this must be the CharnleyAshleycase through thick and thin, in the bad times as well as the good.  That is why it is important I write to you now, when things are tough and many of you will be feeling frustrated with recent results.

You deserve to know what we are thinking and what we are doing to address our current situation, to arrest this poor run of form and turn things around for our club.

There is no hiding from the fact that this has been a very disappointing start to our Premier League campaign, and a painful early exit from a cup competition that we were determined to give everything in this year. We apologiseto you for this.  

After six league games the truth is we have not achieved the points that any of us had hoped and expected we would do.  

None of us can, or will, shirk the responsibility for this situation.  Now is the time for collective action, and for us to find solutions to the problems rather than allow ourselves to be consumed by them.  

It is important to state that we bear collective responsibility for our position in the table.  Identifying the problems in order to find the solutions is crucial, but we are not in the business of apportioning blame.  We are a team, from the boardroom to the boot room, and we will respond like one.

So we have sat down as a collective – myself with Steve and his coaching team, and Steve with his players – to discuss the concerns and to look for the solutions together.     

Whilst we are all unhappy, we must not panic or make rash decisions. We should not forget we are still relatively early Get 15% off at Northern Threads with promo code TRUE15into the season with lots of games to go and points to play for.  Whilst you may be tired of hearing this, I believe, as we have said from the start, all of this rebuilding and reshaping isn’t something that can happen overnight; it will take time to see the benefit of the changes we made during the summer.  

I will repeat what I have said on a number of occasions before – I have complete faith that what Steve and his team are implementing will give us the best possible chance of success as a club.

We firmly believe there is the quality we need within this group of players, however we all know that what has to improve are the results, which will then breed belief and confidence.  As you would expect, Steve and his staff are working very hard both collectively and individually to reproduce and improve on all the qualities we saw in the performances against Southampton, Manchester United and Arsenal.

We recognise that you will be frustrated and of course, as people who invest heavily – financially and emotionally – in this club, you have the right to express your dissatisfaction at the results, as you have done on recent matchdays. We deserved that criticism and reaction.  But you can also play a huge part in helping the players to fight their way out of our current predicament. 

We regularly talk about the importance of confidence and the momentum that a single victory can bear in turning around the fortunes of a team.  To turn things around our players need to be brave – brave on the ball, demand the ball, and attack with courage and conviction, without fear.  I hope those of you attending on Saturday, and at future games, home or away, will really get behind the team and help give them the confidence to play and express themselves the way we know they can.   

We don’t have the time nor the inclination to feel sorry for ourselves. That would not serve us well.  We are all in this together and we will get out of it together as a team.  We view you, our supporters, as an important part of that team.  Now is the time to show determination, resilience and fight and together, over the coming weeks, change the course of this season for the better.

Thank you for your support.

Lee Charnley

Managing Director

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31 Responses to true faith : CHARNLEY’S CRACK – DISCUSSION DAY

  1. Peter Shearer says:

    They have had 8 years to sort things out-and are as far away now as they have ever been. The fans have been with them nearly all of that time-and it has had no effect on things. Please Mr Charnley do the one thing that will help us-persuade Mr Ashley to sell up and move on!

  2. Chris Betts says:

    Not sure there’s much he can say at the minute that’d be constructive so he’s put out a call for the fans not to turn against the team……

    We can pick the bones out of that

    On one hand, fans don’t like being bottom the league, so we’re frustrated and confused in some cases as to how a brand new boot room and an injection of expensive new players in defence, midfield, out wide and up front has seen a continuation of last seasons substandard performances and results….. We need to see improvements quickly

    On the other hand, and I’ll use Wednesday as an example, the crowd are making it close to impossible for the new, the young and the short of confident players to feel comfortable. They’re going wild at any misplaced pass, booing when a shot doesn’t go in. I hear people saying “well iv paid my money so I’ll boo if I want”…… Hmmmm…. That’s pantomime. That’s “I want entertained” attitude….. They might have backed the wrong horse there then

    There no doubt about it – the players are playing poorly, the coaches haven’t improved much, the conditioning hasn’t improved, the leadership is missing, communication on the park is limited at best, the board have invested on advice of Carr….. That’s the blueprint but it might need ripped up soon

    We do have to stick together for now though otherwise it’ll only get worse, and we can’t afford that IMO

    • David Rutherford says:

      The fans don’t need to be told to get behind the team – throughout Ashley’s tenure the team have had nothing but support. I’d rather they didn’t and everyone stayed away to be honest but that’s irrelevent: he’s got a fucking nerve imploring the supporters to do their bit when he and his boss are the reason people like me have decided to stay away in the first place. How about you do your bit and sign some players over 25, you spineless cunt? And if you really want to communicate why not explain why you didn’t buy a striker. Or a centre back. Or two full-backs. Or a manager with an ounce of flare.
      All this pathetic email is about is convincing anyone in two minds about tomorrow to turn up. That’s it. Everything this club do is about money. And the sad thing is thousands will have fell for it, like they fell for Ashley’s lies on the last day of the season.
      Again: contemptible. But you’ve got to hand it to them – it’ll work like a fucking charm.

      • Dave says:

        Absolutely spot on David, your post is almost word for word what I was thinking. Been following this shower of shite since the early 1960’s & must admit, it’s the most depressed & demoralised I’ve been. We are the laughing stock of the country, no, make that the world (once again) & until the cancer that is Ashley packs up and leaves, we’ll have lots of dark days ahead. Everything about the way he runs the club is open to question, but above all, IMO, this pathetic flawed “buy cheap young unproven foreign players & sell on for profit” transfer policy is a recipe for disaster & destined to fail & the blame has to go to Charnley & our has been OAP Graham Carr. Saw this excellent article from the Northern Echo pointing the finger at recruitment which is well worth a read. Championship here we come.

  3. Stuart79 says:

    The fans making it difficult for the players argument is probably the lamest excuse I have every heard. Against Watford the supporters booed at half time and full time. During the game, for the majority of it the supporters were behind the players. They still couldn’t string two passes together or an attempt on goal! Players play away from home every week in hostile environments but still manage to put in decent away performances.

    The fact is it’s a variety of things; Players not wanting to be here, players not being good enough, new coaching, new players and poor squad management. But the fans are certainly not a reason.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Can only assume you weren’t at the Sheffield Wednesday match, we had a few hair so on and even the slightest misplaced pass brought jeers and boos, absolutely pathetic. Our job is to “support”

      However as I mentioned there is also a responsibility on the players, bootroom, board, fitness , conditioning and medical support staff but no one is turning in a decent performance in any of those areas at the moment

      • Jarra mick says:

        Fuckin hell Chris you sound like one of those Ashley apologists who blame the fans for all our ills. Most of us would crawl owa broken glass to pull on the shirts but them cunts can’t even be arsed to put in a performance against a reserve team. You forget they are meant to be professionals. If they are so fragile they can’t take criticism then they want to fuck off and get a job where there isn’t the pressure oh aye and the fifty grand a week. Stop sticking up for the shitbags. Rant over.

        • Chris Betts says:

          Are you for real? You can see quite clearly that iv mentioned the players, coaches, back room staff and the board.

          The observation that the atmosphere wasn’t particularly conducive vs sheff wed is mentioned because ,Charnleys message is nothing more than a plead to stick with it

          • David Rutherford says:

            Bollocks. It’s a plea for people to turn up and spend money and make sure the stadium looks full and lively for the all important Sky/BT cameras. It’s pre-emptively blaming the fans just in case the boos lead to bedsheets and boycotts. Nothing this club say or do has ANYTHING to do with football.

      • Allan says:

        Chris, the fans are, and will always be the heart and soul of this club. If they’ve booed en masse, then it’s been deserved. Ashley is a cancer on our club, concentrate your anger on him!

        • Chris Betts says:

          I’m not angry, I’m not aiming anger at anyone individually, iv blamed every aspect of the club for the current position in the league table and the cup exit.

          Anyone who’s had the dubious pleasure to witness the games will know that as well.

          The fans are frustrated, sometimes you have to keep your cool for a few extra games.

          • Davey says:

            Flip side of the coin, then. How times, home and away, have this club of ours had a big support who have backed the players to the absolute hilt and the team still performed shite and were well beaten? Was our support too intense then? Maybe the support actually has little to do with anything when you have poor players or a badly thought out plan which doesn’t have the right blend of players in our team?

          • Ande Walsh says:

            Chris, blind support like you suggest keeps the Ashley gravy train rolling. This is no chicken and egg scenario. First came the policy of money spinning at the expense of all progress and ambition. Then came the institutional under achievement and the inevitable boos. I know you & I know you’re no Ashley apologist & I realise your point. However the booing is the de facto result of the boards actions. The disenfranchised fans are making loud the only voice they think they have. Charnley appealing for the status quo is an affront to most thinking fans. Mind you most thinking fans have seen the regime for what they are and are not there to boo anymore.

  4. Stephen says:

    Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Ashley employs incapable directors who have blind faith in the incapable Carr and who recruit incapable managers. Yet we expect results to improve. This is despite 8 years of evidence suggesting otherwise

  5. Pat Hughes says:

    Words from anyone at the club are meaningless to me – heard it all so many times before and it justifies my decision to give up my ST. Mind I am still dipping in, went to the Arsenal game and I’m going tomorrow but the long-standing Chelsea mates I’m meeting up with tomorrow are as worried as I am. Perhaps they should be given the way we played against Arsenal – positive, high-energy 90 minute stuff. Someone, either here or on Twitter, summed it up for me in that we have a collection of individually talented players but as a team we’re useless. Difficult to sort out player’s heads, if they can be arsed for one game but not the next, how do you sort it? We can’t sack the lot, no point in a new manager because who on earth would come here and there’s no point in starting again. The season is here and we’re stuck in a horrible, deep rut and there’s nowt we can do. There isn’t even any point in booing because the players don’t care, they must know they’re useless and indifferent. It’s all made even more difficult with the media trying to analyse every move we make, stirring things up with fans and generally preparing themselves for a good gloat. We’re shit and we know we are so just go elsewhere media folk.

  6. Gary says:

    Needed a left back for 4 seasons, Santon with his right foot was better than what we’ve got now, out of the cup well it’s one less window for Ashley to advertise ShitDirect, TOON ARMY HWTL

  7. Adam_B says:

    Charnley may be the MD, but given the years of silence and misplaced support for the utter mismanagement of our club, he simply is not a credible voice. He can say anything, but so what? Who will listen or ascribe any relevance to what he says? I still don’t think that he or Ashley have properly acknowledged and apologised for the utter shambles that has been their custodianship of NUFC, and like Tony Blair saying don’t vote for Corbyn, Charnley saying its for the fans to get behind the team is hardly likely to have us all agreeing, he and Ashley have done too much too bad too justify either our faith in them or even to give them a fair hearing. In theory, SM is not tainted the same way so what he says probably counts for more, but that grace period is disappearing quickly now that the team is playing so badly and accruing so few (any!) victories….

  8. Andrew Thompson says:

    Can’t believe there’s people out there seriously trying to blame the crowd at St James’ Park for all the turmoil. I’m sorry like but that doesn’t explain the gutless performances away from home as well.

  9. Andy bee says:

    One famous old regime dreamt of 11 Geordies on the pitch , I now dream of 11 men from wherever willing to show pride in our club …..more so in themselves . Tim Krul, who actually has been the proverbial sack of tetties so far , summed it up when he demanded personal pride from all the team. Ok starting from you tim after Chelsea look in the mirror hard and ask if you did all you could……
    We do this week in week out with our players and week in week out you fail us collectively , and have done for seasons. For Mr.charnley to issue a call to arms is insulting , we can’t change a f8cking thing otherwise our trophy cabinet would have bulged for years – don’t insult us lee and Mike put your collective efforts into something you understand……..not nufc?!

  10. chris b says:

    The one thing that is absolutely not to blame for how shite we are is the fans.

    • David Rutherford says:

      True. Though we should all share some of the blame for doing fuck all and allowing this to go on for 8 years.

  11. Chris Betts says:

    Dear me, I give up. I didn’t blame the fans for our position.

    I only mentioned them in relation to Wednesday cos of the tone of LC’s email.

    In years gone by, we might have clicked Mbabu, Toney and Lascelles and cut a bit of slack but on Wednesday it was wild hysteria. If anyone thinks it wasn’t like that then you either weren’t there or possibly lack a bit of awareness however, for the clarity of doubt, IM NOT BLAMING THE FANS FOR OUR START TO THE SEASON.

    • I was at the match on Wednesday Chris – I didn’t think the fans were unduly on the backs of players. In fact on several occasions I felt the support was pushing the team on – including after Wednesday scored. I was surprised at how many people left before the final whistle but I think that’s more resignation than hysteria. The team and manager got a bad but deserved reaction on the final whistle. I was near the Gallowgate Corner, it may have been different where you were.

      On Lascelles I felt as though he did get a good bit of encouragement though Toney was barely on the ball and looks like he has a long way to go and maybe should be out on loan, getting games.

      • Chris Betts says:

        Milburn paddock next to Wednesday dug out, all out hysteria. People (adults) booing every time pass went astray or we didn’t score. I can only assume that it may be something like that which has set the tone of Charnley’s email.

        What happens at the end, is fair game as far as I’m concerned,

        • David Rutherford says:

          I think the tone of Charnley’s email was set purely by the fear that people might not turn up on Saturday and the ones who do may give the team – and more importantly the owner – some fully deserved stick in front of the holy grail that is the Sky audience. If he’s bothered about negativity in the stands perhaps the next time the transfer window opens (or the next time we need a new manager) he should do his fucking job properly.

  12. Ian Summers says:

    I have supported this club for longer than Charnley has been alive. This is my first season without a season ticket. I think the Internet can far too easily become a cauldron of hate filled negativity (what happened to the no anonymous posts rule by the way?) so choose not to spout on here about anyone responsible for the shambolic basket case our club has begun. However I would love the opportunity to politely discuss matters raised by Charnley here in person with the man himself.

    • My apologies Ian – took my eye off the ball there. We should not have comments from anonymous posters. Supporters should put their name to their opinions as you have. Thanks.

  13. Stuart79 says:

    Maybe, and this is only a hunch, the squad just isn’t good enough?

    We bring in players with an eye on future profit rather than what the squad needs, we sell the club as a stepping stone and in my opinion the years of neglect cannot be rectified in one transfer window. We spent some good money this summer, but that was only because of the riches next season and for the same reasons the likes of West Ham, Palace, Swansea and Stoke did the same. So it’s fair to ask if we’re actually improving or going backwards? Maybe standing still at best?

    There’s so much wrong that we need someone who is experienced in football administration and who can actually build a club rather than a advertising business for SD. This can’t happen and won’t happen because Ashley doesn’t want to run the club like a football club.

    It can’t improve until he’s gone I’m afraid.

  14. Nicholas Turnbull says:

    Performance v Arsenal hailed as positive… Ok but we got nothing out of the game, man…

  15. Ollie Burtons Grandad says:

    Typical Shite from the number 1 Ashley sycophant; odd tho that when the wheels come off all Ashley wants is to keep the Mugs turning up and handing over there dosh.
    “Roll up Roll up for the McClown Circus XI latest performance, giz your dosh and shut the fuck up; no whinging or ya all oot”That its summed up.
    Totally predictable that the attempt to blame the fans is chucked in as well, just a shame that some people who should know better agree with that piece of Charnley shite. Totally predictable that thousands of Mugs will turn up as directed and watch another debacle of umpteen mercenaries fucking about like headless chickens.
    Thing is nothing will change as long as the Mugs continue to turn up like lemmings and feed the Fatman there dosh.