true faith : #BOYCOTTSPURS – Video-Blog #2

by • April 16, 2015 • NewsComments (10)991

Thanks to Matt Flynn’s excellent skills with the camera we are able to bring you a second Video-Blog this week.

The Video-Blog stars rank and file Newcastle United supporters like you and me who are explaining their reasons for supporting #BoycottSpurs.

Thanks to Matt and all of our guests for giving up their time.






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10 Responses to true faith : #BOYCOTTSPURS – Video-Blog #2

  1. Dave Wilcox says:

    Brilliant effort from everyone pulling together to do something for the good of the club and the City. I was back in Newcastle from Sydney last year and as much as I wanted to take my wife along to St James for the first time, in the end I couldn’t stomach giving money to Ashley to continue to take the piss. That’s a pretty sad indictment of how things are at the moment #backtheboycott

  2. Pat Hughes says:


  3. Peter Willis says:

    Love these videos like!

  4. Joolio Geordio says:

    Great stuff and well said.

  5. mikey says:


    Keep the message positive. We have a backlash now, the Chronicle’s editor has let us down, probably understandably for a bloke who has only lived in this region a year, we’ve got Ashley’s cockney mafia lining up against us, paid shills of the club, and seemingly some of Ashley’s minions on the comment boards all over social media trying to whip up division.

    They are taking this seriously and so should we. Rise above it, keep it positive.

    Everybody Out!

  6. MALLY says:

    The words said by King Kev years ago are now getting remembered… And they are spot on, he is 1 man, we are a whole Geordie nation, we can, and WILL take bk what is rightfully OURS… We the fans WILL be heard, we the fans WILL not go away, we the fans WILL STAND UNITED….

  7. Ibizatoon says:

    Keep it up everyone. We are united! We can make a difference! This is OUR club.

    No one can tell us differently. It’s time we stand together.

  8. sandra small says:

    I applaud you mick/true faith for taking a stand against every thing that is wrong about Newcastle united under the current regime

  9. Colin McCabe (Dublin) says:

    Great work Boys, i’m getting really optimistic that the seas of change are really rising this time.

  10. mikey says:

    Hey, i’ve just watched this second one for the second time, its fucking fantastic.

    get it out as far and wide as you can, i think this will sway people.