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I’ll be honest the description of tomorrow’s match with West Ham as a “massive game” Fans2irritates the life out of me. It isn’t a massive game, it’s better described as a “desperate situation”. It’s one that hasn’t happened by accident, it isn’t a weather phenomenon that has brought us to our knees and its one which has been widely predicted to happen by myself and writers of this fanzine and elsewhere for sometime. Basically anyone who understands what is needed in any kind of squad in the Premier League.

The continued lack of investment and direction wrapped up in a contemptuous absence of communication from the club has brought our current situation to pass.

None of Ashley, Carver, Charnley and the majority of the players deserve our support. They have done nothing to earn what we bring to St James’ Park. They have robbed their wages this last four month. Some aren’t good enough and others have shown shameless cowardice on so many occasions. John Carver is painfully short of what is required at this level.

Yet we should go to St James’ Park determined to do everything we can to get Newcastle United over the line and retain the club’s Premier League status. Not for Ashley or any of the rest of them but for Newcastle United and what it means to us, our forebears and the city-region. Claims relegation will be good for the club are based on nothing other when wild conjecture. Being outside the Premier League for any length of time will ruin us.

But whatever happens tomorrow and after a full game of 100% support from the stands, I urge you all to join the #OccupySJP protest as led by the  Ashley Out  campaign group. Supporting what masquerades as a team for 90 minutes will help fulfil our short term needs. Joining the #OccupySJP protest will support the campaign for a longer term improvement of Newcastle United.


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9 Responses to true faith : BLACK & WHITE #OCCUPY SJP

  1. Neil Walls says:

    Anyone but Pardew people shouted, now look at us.
    The fans have brought this on, shout about Ashley as much as you like but we were safe until we forced Pardew out.
    The website too, a few years ago they lauded Ashley, now he is. The devil. We have created this mess with our demands. These demands are based solely on a few good years in the 90s and early 2000s. Ridiculous and I for one can see the real problem here…

    • David Rutherford says:

      Utter horseshit. Pardew wasn’t forced out, he chose to leave and when people said ‘anyone but Pardew’ they meant ‘any MANAGER’, not the idiot who collects the cones.
      I’m not even gonna bother listing all the things Ashley has done wrong in his time here but anyone who thinks the problem is the fans is a fucking cretin.

  2. Gary Ĺockey says:

    What utter nonsense in my opinion. I assume the conjecture is that stay up and he won’t sell, go down and he might. Reasonable assumption but as he has not uttered a word in 8 years then we have no clue as to what he might do. As for the assertion that relegation will ruin us then the flip side is that we are not ruined now. I beg to differ. We are.

  3. Peter Shearer says:

    Neil, I think you are missing the bigger picture somewhat.If you really think that the supporters are responsible for what is happening at the club, I do wonder if you are actually one of us! We may all have different views about what to do, but if you do not see Ashley as the main culprit,you are in a very small minority. Pardew’s main crime was to just go along with the vision outlined by Ashley- I could forgive him for his other limitations.And it was Ashley who took a gamble that Carver would be good enough to keep us up-not the fans.
    Thanks for the bait though!
    Thanks for the bait though!
    Thanks for the bait though!

  4. Neil Walls says:

    We stayed up. The fans did their bit today but let’s not forget how much of the problem the over demanding fans are.

    • john rush says:

      Another falling for the pardew is really a great manager crap. Only two more wins than carver in the same period last season. He will get found out again and palace will struggle next year. Not sour grapes just bazed on his past record

  5. Stephen says:

    Neil, i’m 49 and have being going since i was 8. I have never ever ‘demanded’ anything from Newcastle United. I would though love to see us win the FA Cup, just once thats all.

    Play decent football, have a go and maybe win a cup thats not too demanding is it ?

    I think you’ll find you’ll get a few responses a bit like this.

  6. Neil Walls says:

    Ashley is going nowhere. Buy in or shut up. I of course understand that this fanzine swings wildly so will expect to see Ashley backed soon as in 2012.

  7. Peter Shearer says:

    “Buy in or shut up”. Neil must be Mike Ashley! I think if you are a regular on this website,you are showing a remarkable ignorance of its views.Again good bait though! Hope no-one takes you seriously!