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Well, Badger towers was rocking last week with a weekend of special brew and bawdy singing after the whole Drunk1fucking shebang came in, including the Uruguayan chipmunk to score two or more against those hapless fools down the road.
Thankfully someone must have fed him before the match as he didn’t bite anyone, but perhaps the smell might have put him off his usual Sunday dinner of arm a’ la naturel.
Leicester, Wolves and Oxford Utd were my three selections, the usual 2 quid Trixie, (treble and three doubles, total stake 8), and with the remaining two quid, Charlie Chipmunk was 13/2 to score two or more goals. We got 35.38 for the Trixie and 15 for the hungry critter’s deuce.
As a result, the pot stands at a mind blowing and staggering £95.68, minus the 30 quid stakes, so a profit of £65.68 is awaiting its inevitable fate.Anyway, Mrs Badger was slamming doors and stuff in the kitchen on Monday, obviously in the huff, so I did the adult thing and just ignored it and snuffled about the place and finished off the last of the special brew last night, watching that lad with the Picasso coupon open the scoring for Bayern.

Now I have exhausted my supply of vintage fine brew, I need another few shekels this weekend to continue my debauchery and general wankiness.This week I think Fulham are in trouble, (as I did last week), and Martin Jol’s favourite, Princess Berbatov, can come to the rescue and score amidst emotional scenes of hugging no doubt.
11/2 are the odds for Mitko to score first and a pound each way gives you an interest even if he doesn’t score first in his forthcoming traumatic ordeal, or cry his lamps out at the unjustness of life and the beauty of the lush green pitch, a battleground of art. (etc.)

Right, Trixie time, get out that fuckin’ banjo, close the doors and let’s go.
Kidderminster, Dunfermline and Mansfield.
Just because.Kidderminster even sounds good, never been there, but it might be a quaint little town, or it might be shit; but one thing I do know is their team is not as shit as Chester, because they are second from bottom of the conference and they play them on Saturday. Even money, people.

(I mean the odds are evens.)Dunfermline are sitting behind ‘new company with new accounts written in pencil’ Rangers in the first division in Scotland and they play Forfar, who get ten out of ten ratings, as that is their league position, 10/11 for the Pars.

Mansfield play the ever consistent and reliable Hartlepool, who are really endearing themselves to me after last week’s ‘performance’ and as Mansfield sit in third after beating league leaders Chesterfield last week, I think it would be difficult to have any confidence in them changing their losing run.

Meanwhile all sorts of stuff is happening across the world as civil wars, insurgencies and disasters are rife on the headlines, and I for one couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of that; just as long as Bellamy doesn’t score against us on Saturday, me and my banjo will be making a fearful racket.

Mrs Badger asked me on Monday, ‘is this going to happen every weekend?’
I said, ‘aye.’
So she is going to stay at her sisters, which is fine by me, ‘cos I’ve invited a little vixen from down the embankment over.
I hope she likes hillbilly badger punk on a banjo.
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3 Responses to true faith : THE BADGER (Betting For Bobby)

  1. Addicted says:

    Dear Badger

    Thanks for your amazing tips. I am really looking forward to donating the profits to Sir Robert.

    However I think that I’m developing a gambling problem , which is a problem because I haven’t got half the skills you’ve been showing this past few weeks.

    As a result I’ve been losing the profits on losers in a vain attempt to increase Bobby’s return.

    Have you got any tips on avoiding addiction in the fallow periods between your tips??

    How about a few mid-week glitters too!

    Addicted from London

  2. badger says:

    Sir, from big ben town, my advice is drink what you can get, take whatever is offered and if you wake up, it is a bonus.
    Just getting the place ready for that little fox for tomorrow, so can’t say much, but if you e mail the ED, he will give you a link to my site where daily tips are available for you desperados and we’ll say nowt.

    I wasn’t here.


    YES LOVE, COMING….things you have to fuc….

  3. Micky Miller says:

    Hows about this one badge? Hoyed £40 on Man City 4/6 Newcastle 11/5 Man Utd 4/7 and Real Madrid 1/3, after the 1st two came in I was confident of the other two so it was off to Ocean Road for a family Ruby Murray, Was chuffed as fuck to check my phone over the Madras to see the Reds had seen off the tramps and as we headed home I was mentally spending the £400 as Madrid were ‘certainties..Putting Sky Sports on as soon as we got home Levante were just going 2-1 up with 3 minutes to play so I quickly turned the fucking thing off swearing my head off and nearly vomiting my curry on the stairs, ‘whats up with you? said our lass blissfully unaware… ‘Them useless Spanish cunts have cost me £400 I said (would have told her I’d won £200 if it had come up) A quick piss and a change I came down to put the telly back on and stood there gobsmacked as the pundits were describing a Madrid victory….Just then our lass popped her head around the door and sais Ooohh £400 how WE going to spend that? Haha mixed emotions this gambling game..