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true faith bring you our first ever podcast documentary. Two months to write and record the end product is a discussion on atmosphere at St James’ Park.

We’ve spoken to seven Mags whose match day experience cover the period 1946 to present day.

We wanted to find out what exactly ‘bringing back the noise’ entailed. How much of the raucous St James’ Park of years gone by is myth and how do we bring back what reality existed.

Our guests are life long Mags who describe through their memories and stories their experiences of St James’ Park over the decades. Roughly each guest covers a decade whilst giving their thoughts on what is right or wrong with the atmosphere at St James’ Park in the 21st century.

However it’s not all about noise and football fans. This documentary gives you a post-war history of Newcastle United from a supporter perspective. Our guests talk great games from United beating Spurs 7-2 in 1951, the cup final successes of the same decade, Fairs Cup success, Super Mac’s debut, the League Cup Semi final of 74 against Spurs (again) and finally the greatest night in the modern history of Newcastle United when one of the great Barcelona sides were put to the sword at St James’ Park in 1997.

As well as noise, great games and support our guests touch on match day fashion in the 70s, relatives hitchhiking to Wembley (three times) in the 50’s and stories about the time a club actually came close to taking The Leazes (but didn’t).


We owe this show to our guests who gave up their spare time on match days to speak to us for this documentary.


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5 Responses to true faith: ATMOSPHERE – A PODCAST DOCUMENTARY

  1. Andy H says:

    Brilliant. Truly brilliant.

  2. Martin Jewitt says:

    I’ve loved your podcasts this season but you’ve totally excelled yourselves with this one. I started going in 1982 and I’ really enjoyed reminiscing on the stuff the lads were talking about that I can remember. The stuff before I went was a fascinating back story to previous times. This is a podcast for the ages. Award winning stuff!

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Martin – that feedback means a lot as it was a big job that we put a lot of time into

  3. Andy bee says:

    Podcast is top rank well done. On another note the joint surfer flag with the mackems must be one of the most ill conceived ideas in history. No doubts muppets from both clubs will gleefully deface the badge of the other as it’s passed over their heads – perhaps sad…….but fact! I would never stoop that low but certainly don’t feel enamoured by the idea of a giant Sunderland crest smothering the gallowgate end. We have our own strong identity and don’t need to go into cahoots with our lowly struggling neighbours……what next ? The north east San Siri?!? Bin the idea Ashley and enjoy your London lunches with Ellis.

  4. Andy bee says:

    And whilst luncheon with Ellis 1/4 or otherwise please raise the subject of empty pink seats ……it reflects badly on the small town of Sunderland