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Wotcha Mike!

I thought I should get in touch with you after receiving Fabricio’s heartfelt letter.  I must NSV1say, I was touched by our skipper’s eloquent correspondence.  For a man who would count English as his second language, his prose was quite beautiful, it was almost like someone had written the letter on his behalf.

Anyway Mike, let me cut to the chase.  I’m writing to offer a sincere apology on behalf of the folks of North Shields who despite our great leader’s plea, ignored his request to cheer on the Magpies at St James’ Park and instead travelled to Wembley to witness the North Shields Robins play in the FA Vase Final at Wembley.

You may have heard of Wembley Mikey, it’s a town in your neck of the woods in the deep south, you’ve likely got a palace located somewhere close by what with your riches.

Wembley is where England play their home games and it’s also where football teams play in cup finals.  Cups are big trophies, competed for by teams across the country in a knockout format.  Trophies are big pieces of silverware, usually with handles and sometimes with a lid.  Typically teams are presented with the trophy then some daft idiot dances around with the lid on his head.  Hilarious eh?

Long before your days at NUFC Mikey (the dark old days before you implemented NSV3austerity) Newcastle had the audacity to try and win trophies AND compete in the league.  I visited Wembley on a couple of occasions but was always very concerned that all this attention we were paying to silverware could jeopardise a top 10 finish.  Even walking up Wembley Way with my friends and my black and white brethren, I could not help but think about the money we could miss out on by slipping to 11th place in the Premier League.

Anyway, back to the Robins.  Last Saturday North Shields of the Northern League played Glossop North End in the FA Vase.  And you know what Mike, THEY ONLY BLOODY WON IT!   North Shields brought the cup back to Gardner Park for the first time since 1969.  It’s a little bit ironic Mike, but that’s around the same time Newcastle last won a trophy.  The more pessimistic Shields fans may try to throw that statistic in your face Mike, but they haven’t got £35m in the bank have they Mikey?  UP YOURS ROBINS!

The game itself was a bit of a belter to be honest.  Many of the 5000 fans who travelled from the north east had a close eye on the score up at St James’ as none of us want to see our beloved Newcastle relegated.  However, you have to appreciate that whilst the club that you have imposed your crippling regime upon struggles to get a draw against a pretty average West Brom team, we were dancing in the aisles of Wembley, openly hugging each other and in some cases shedding a tear, witnessing a team we love lift a trophy.

We are football fans you see.  Passionate football fans.  Dedicated football fans who don’t demand success, we just want to compete for it.  We will always support Newcastle, but a number of us refuse to part with our cash to watch Newcastle whilst you are in charge, ultimately we can’t work out where our money goes.  All the while, the Sports Direct tills sing a happy tune, much like the happy tunes we used to sing on the terraces before the bitterness against our illustrious owner set in.

I wish you could have been at Wembley to see just what last Saturday meant to us.  I wouldn’t let you sit next to my seven year old however, he’d likely kick you in the shins.  He still hasn’t got over you selling his favourite player Cabaye.

Remember Mike, the French lad you sold.

Not Debuchy.

No, not Hatem.

Does £19 million ring a bell?

That’s him.


I hope that in my lifetime, all Newcastle fans get to witness a piece of silverware being thrust into the air by a player dressed in black and white stripes, but that’s not going to happen whilst you’re in charge is it Mike?  Until then, at least I have my memories of last Saturday.  The day the Robins brought silverware back to Tyneside.

Apologies, from NE29.

A Shields fan.


P.S. if they get to the final again next year, you may want to stock up on some Robins merchandise in your Silverlink store.  I reckon the fans would go crazy for a Donnay Shields scarf, a Slazenger Robins flag or an oversized red and white mug.  Just a thought Mike, just a thought.

DAVID McAVELIA – Follow David on @davidmcavelia

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  1. billmolyneux says:

    Great post,well done North Shields Ashley should hang his head in shame the way he has tret the NUFC fans.

    • scotswood suedehead says:

      It’s all about finance Billy, he’s not interested in us as a football club. As long as we stay up and generate MONEY he’s happy. MAOC!!

      Best from the North East,

  2. Ed Bell says:

    Spot on..

    I’ve made two trips to London in the last week, two changes at Oxford Circus, heading off in different directions. What I witnessed when I reached the two destinations were polar opposites…

    Not going to mention yesterday… But the previous Saturday, the sight of a team from an NE postcode, with a trophy, at Wembley, it brought tears to me eyes; and the thought of it being Newcastle, and the trophy having black and white ribbons, didn’t help….

  3. Dave B says:

    Brilliant piece David.

    I was at Wembley to witness probably the greatest sporting event of my life! The Robins winning the Vase! Being a North Shields lad myself, I was bursting with pride (I went to a couple of the Whitley finals but it wasn’t the same!)

    I’ve been to a few games this season and it’s like I’ve found my love for football again.
    If the situation continues much longer, kids today are gonna start supporting Shields, Spartans, Whitley etc. Anyone apart from that shower up the road who think the bottom line is more important than sporting competition and endeavor!

  4. JR says:

    >>I hope that in my lifetime, all Newcastle fans get to witness a piece of silverware being thrust into the air by a player dressed in black and white stripes<<

    Well, there's still hope. Juve might *just* sneak past Barca in the Champions' League final!

  5. John Milton says:

    Great bit, man, nice one.

  6. Allan Rogers says:

    Well done Nth Shields. as a toon supporter I hate to say this but I do hope the toon go down. I think Carver has a nerve asking us to go to the match on Sunday. Can he give us a reason other than him saying if they win he kept us up and getting the fcb prem and tv money.