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As we mentioned yesterday, we have a new issue of true faith out now for your reading pleasure and by way of promoting its contents to you the Geordie congnoscenti, we thought we’d point you in the direction of a few articles you might like.


First up we have two articles from Liverpool and Chelsea fans who might be said to have opposing views on the value of tf125_ipad_rafalutionRafa.

Mark Willetts is our Chelsea fan mate and he’s had a good rant about Rafa. You can get at Mark’s piece by just clicking here

As might be expected Andrew Harrison whose Trimm-Trabbs have set foot on The Kop a few times has something of a different opinion. You can get at Andrew’s Ralution piece by just clicking here

Obviously, its the opinion of Newcastle United supporters we are interested in on these pages and we have a good piece Dare To Dream about what Rafa could potentially mean to us – just click here to get at that piece.

Ryan Bell’s La Transcion piece about Benitez and his potential to raise the club from the morass it has got itself into is also  in the new issue. Just click here to get to Ryan’s excellently written article.


Tony Higgins is our man out in Spain and as such he is in a position to analyse Rafa’s career and tell us something about what the impact he’s had at previous clubs in his adopted country as well as how our current manager is viewed over there. Just click here. 


But we also have a superb piece detailing Rafa’s entire career to date in this Timeline article and I’d suggest that is an excellent read for anyone that wants to know a bit more than is usually provided. Just click here to get at all of that.

We really hope you take the time to read these articles and you can let us know your thoughts on them by giving us feedback in the comments boxes below. All the best.


Of course you might just want straightforward access to true faith and you can do that by clicking on the image below from whence you will be transported to Newcastle United’s most popular and longest running fanzine. Its also for nowt.




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