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The statement below is supported by true faith, The Mag and the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. 

For our own part at true faith we believe the walk-out is a symbolic gesture to illustrate Fans1the disaffection there is with how Newcastle United us run at almost every level of the club’s operations. On the park, we are currently inept, the legacy of a cramping lack of investment, talent and ambition. Off the park the football club is isolated, lacking in class, direction, is boorish and by the day looks more like a bolt-on to Mike Ashley’s primary business concerns. Newcastle United looks ever more disconnected from its primary stakeholders, namely its supporters and the people of the North East.

That is why we support this statement and this 69th minute walk-out action.


‘As fans we have deep concerns at the direction Newcastle United are heading in, both on and off the pitch.

The vast majority of supporters are angry and frustrated but are divided as to what, if anything, can be done to positively influence Mike Ashley and those who run the football club on his behalf.

Some fans are prepared to hand in their season tickets, indeed many already have, and not return until they believe Newcastle United is once again heading in the right direction.

On the other hand, many supporters can’t see any circumstances under which they would/could stop supporting the team at St.James’ Park.

The most important thing at this time is that the fanbase stays United, all supporters have to respect each other and their own personal choice as to whether to attend matches.

However, this Saturday presents the perfect opportunity to send a clear message to Mike Ashley that fans, whether they are going to renew their season tickets or not, are United in their concerns for the direction the owner is taking the club in.

Sweeping changes need to be made or else Newcastle United is in grave danger of relegation in the near future, and what should be a great club, brought to its knees.

It is 1969 when Newcastle United last won trophy and we are asking all fans to consider joining us, by walking out of St.James’ Park when the clock hits 69 minutes on Saturday, and miss the last 21 minutes of our final home match of the season against Cardiff City.

Of course Mike Ashley can’t be held to account for 38 years of those 45 years of failure but how demoralising is it when the people who he employs at Newcastle United make plain the club’s priorities to do little more than try and survive in the Premier League and have no ambition to compete in Cup competitions. Under Ashley, the club has no strategy or plan to win anything and as such supporters have no dreams, however remote, to seeing our club win silverware or even come anywhere near to realising its vast potential.

We all love our club and a clear message needs to be sent out to Mike Ashley that changes are needed throughout the club, or else both he and all Newcastle United fans will be the losers.

Initial planning for this initiative was began last week and we know that since the Arsenal defeat there has been discussion of a possible walkout after 60 minutes, particularly on social media, but we feel that the 69 minutes is a powerful unifying message, harking back to that glorious Fairs Cup success.

The spirit of everybody within Newcastle United who embraced that European adventure and dared to dream, which led to the last silverware ever to arrive at St.James’ Park, no starker contrast could there be than the situation that all of us who love Newcastle United find ourselves in today.’ TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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41 Responses to true faith : 69 MINUTE WALK OUT

  1. Matthew says:

    This is really poor form.

    First off, I agree with you that a number of significance should have been chosen to enable the campaign to be pushed with a clearer message.

    However what’s done is done but I’m reading this 30 hours before kick off. Our support is notoriously difficult to rabble rouse and I’ve been surprised by the amount of people who know about what’s happening that aren’t your typical net savvy type. The 60 campaign has had national press coverage.

    For TF, The Mag and NUST to piggy back the motion at such a late stage but try and change the fundamentals is frankly outrageous and sums up our fractured support that we can’t even decide on a symbolic arbitrary number. If you’d wanted to do this (and as I said, I’d have preferred a more symbolic number myself), it should have been done at the start of the week and in discussion with those who have been pushing 60. NUST doesn’t have a monopoly on wanting change. This only muddys the waters.

    I think it’s great that you’re on board but not in this manner. I would seriously ask you all to give thought to publicising 60 given that the match is tomorrow. If United We Stand is going to be the angle we’re pushing yet we’re squabbling over the number, we’re doomed before we begin.


  2. David Cresswell says:

    Whilst I understand the sentiment, making another option above/beyond the 60 minute walkout is only going to confuse what is already likely to be a divided audience?

  3. STEPHEN says:

    did we not win owt in 1901 ?

  4. Peter Shearer says:

    Proud to see some fightback at last. Praying that enough people have the courage to do it.Move over Mr Ashley-the real owners are making a stand!

  5. Richie says:

    For the last week people have been texting,emailing, and old fashioned talking to me, about a walkout on 60 minutes. Now it’s 69 minutes?
    It seems as if NUST have jumped onto this and put their own twist on it.
    Now don’t get me wrong I think NUST do good work in keeping low level pressure on the club. But why suddenly try to change it and in the process water down what would have been a gesture which the media might have cast a glance at? Now some will leave on 60 and some on 69 and it’ll just look half arsed.

  6. big mikey says:

    I agree Richie. Whatever symbolic reasoning behind the 69th minute walkout, why change from the agreed time of 60 minutes which has already been mooted on several different social media websites and which the national press are already aware of? We are in danger of looking disorganised which will only pander to the “london press shites” and Ashley and his cronies. Let us hope that come 60 or 69 minutes there are enough fans left in the ground for anyone to notice a walkout!

  7. Jay says:

    I agree with the walkout but think linking it to when we last won something is a (another) terrible NUST idea.
    Already heard enough variations on the “I’ll never leave early because I’m a true supporter” theme to know it’ll be a shambles.
    Look forward to seeing half of those who don’t walk out leaving on 88 minutes to beat the rush.

  8. Tom says:

    Agree with the action and I can understand the significance of the 69th minute, however the 60 minute walk out has/is already publicised and is being done for the same reasons. As they were there first True Faith and NUST should be throwing their support behind it. Their announcement if a 69 minute walkout will just cause confusion and muddy the water and may put some people off altogether.

  9. lee says:

    I agree with the above comment. Why change the time it just causes confusion it is already
    well advertised to be at 60 minutes.Another example of nufc fans total lack of organisation.

  10. Drew Murty says:

    I agree

  11. Tom Wheaton says:

    Stay away! Ashley will only take notice if away supporters outnumber the home crowd.

  12. STEPHEN says:

    Richie, some will be leaving before 60 / 69. Some won’t leave. Me, i think 69 has more meaning about it than 60. Bless that man on ‘social media’ or at Arsenal who thought of 60 but its just random and rounded. ‘We’ as a support are a ramshackled bunch and 60 smacks of this. 69 has a bit of substance about it and is a bit symbolic. Nothing at Newcastle United has any style about it these days, ‘WE’ can try though.

    60 / 69 or bloody whenever, hopefully a visual point will be made.

  13. graeme robson says:

    Absolutely flabbergasted that you”ve done this, was it jealously or something because a young lad on Newcastle Online came up with idea by himself (Heza 09) and has managed to start something that could be reported worldwide (if successful) ??.

    Well done, in a single sweep you have made us look like a disorganised rabble, which the national press will pounce on.

    • Hi Graeme. I was personally unaware of where the thing had come from and that was shared. In my opinion it was a bit vague and existed only within social media in large part. The media love a story and since they picked up on the 69 theme it has moved into the mainstream media today. It wasn’t there yesterday. The theme being promoted is 69 was the last time we won a trophy and now we have a club with no apparent or plan to win another. Quite the contrary. No-one has put their name to this has any wish to hijack it or anything else. The ego accusations are laughable given how far we run when asked to appear on TV or anything similar. We thought it was a good idea but it lacked a bit of focus. Finally, I think the important thing is the walk-out. If it starts on 60 and gathers momentum on 69, then all the better. If people stay, then that is their choice and I respect that.

  14. Dave Smith says:

    As long as the stands clear, the minute is irrelevant. If it goes sour tomorrow, I won’t be there by half time. People will jump on that. ‘ real fans’ who watch every minute. I watch every minute when we have a team. Right now we don’t. Fair enough to stick it to Ashley, get it. But Pardew and the players deserve huge grief this last 4 months. Fucking outrageously bad. Spineless. He has to go. Now.

  15. Sam says:

    Im pretty gutted that first off we’re having to resort to doing things like this in the first place, due to the current situation.

    But also the fact I’m a fan from Scotland, don’t get to very many games and have worked hard/saved my money to come down and watch my team. The prospect of walking out after 69mins is pretty gutting for me since I don’t get to come down often, but at the same time I want to do my part.

    Hard times being a newcastle fan

  16. WhoArYa says:

    It’s bad news as a few early leavers will trash the name of Newcastle United world wide ruin our reputation, damage recruitment prospects and cost us millions.

    Perhaps they should pull themselves together and one long plank?

    Anyhow at Arsenal on Monday slightly late drunken twats started singing we want P45dew out as soon as they walked in?? Then continued with this tosh spoiling our best weapon that of our wonderful fans, shouting Fuck off P45dew amongst other demonstrations of their IQ throughout the game, regardless of kids and woman around.That trashes the good name of Newcastle United and I don’t want to encourage that to go world wide but no doubt a few bully boys will want me to change my mind and follow them but guess what? Not on my watch I’m a fan and I know what that means.

    It’s staggering to think we’ve won f all for years and Cardiff are close to screwed, kit changed from blue to red and about to be relegated and a few “fans” planning to shoot ourselves in the foot and give them a life line? You couldn’t make it up its pathetic.

    Please just let them stamp their feet and hold their breath, but please do the foot stamping in tune with singing.

    In the name of our lord shearer amen.

    • David Rutherford says:

      So Whoarya, how on earth is a few thousand people leaving early going to ‘trash’ our reputation any more than Ashley and Pardew already have? Who knows what effect the walk out will have but it sure as shit won’t do any harm. You have every right to stay but please don’t bang on about how damaging the rest of us walking out will be.
      Though why I’m debating with someone who uses phrases like ‘recruitment prospects’ in a discussion about NUFC is beyond me. I can only conclude you’re either taking the piss or you’re the lovechild of Bob Moncur and Wendy Taylor.

  17. Gordon Young says:

    I agree that we must protest.
    If things go pear shaped in the first half – say 0 3, I predict anger from the stands because for once the Newcastle fans seem to be energized and not ready to slumber through the game.

    However I do ask that the Toon Army maintains standards and I truly hope that a great servant to the club is recognised, Shola Ameobi.
    He has played through injuries that would have kept most of our players out for months.
    Come on! Give him a big hand. It will be his last ever home game for us.

    Gordon Young

    • STEPHEN says:

      That is why we are in the fucking mess we are in, ‘great servant Shola Ameobi’ . Are you kidding me ? I ask you, what other team in the premiership would that lump get into ? We deserve everything we get with the acceptance of such piss poor players. What has he done in his 14 years at this club ? oh sorry he’s ‘slayed’ the Mackems ! a few penalties and one if i remember rightly went in off his shoulder then hit his foot. Mackem fucking slayer my arse !

  18. Gordon Young says:

    Forgot to mention. I presume whoarya is taking the mikey!

    Otherwise, well,well,well.

    Gordon Young

  19. its not rocket science says:

    on day i’m going to save enough money and go and visit this wonderful NUFC world that whoareya inhabits.

  20. its not rocket science says:

    Forgot to mention, whoareya, first it was the arsenal blueprint, then vile, then we couldn’t compete with southampton ( how right par dupe was, eh) now we’ve got to be thankful we’re not Cardiff. how low your ambition must be – mine, I prefer to look up.

  21. Paul says:

    Agree with Sam May. I’m leaving home at 6.30am tomorrow to travel from Scotland for the game. Costing a lot in travel so the prospect of leaving at 60/69 ,minutes isn’t good. Doesn’t mean I’m happy with Ashley/Pardew and don’t support fans’ objectives. Fully respect the right of the fans who, unlike me, are there every week to take this action but hope they will respect people like me

  22. Chris Wann says:

    Well done to TRUE faith, NUST and the mag for killing the protest with their obsession with being the central point and “leaders” of the geordie nation.

    Their ego has defeated any chance of the greater good being achieved. Their refusal to support an idea they couldn’t take credit for has split a divided support further

    • STEPHEN says:

      Chris, well tf, The Mag etc certainly fucked that up didn’t they. What an embarrassment, it had fuck all to do with tf, the mag or NUST or the twatter blogger or fucking whatever you wanna call him who said 60 minutes. We ARE A FUCKING JOKE, whatever time 60 / 69 / 5 /85 our support (which i called ramshackled previously but now i would call fucking totally embarrassing) missed an opportunity to make a bit of a visual statement, I’m as gulliable as the next man because i’ll be back next season because this club is my life, its who i am and i love Newcastle United and Newcastle upon Tyne but i saw a little opportunity today to make a little point. Fuck knows what it would achieve but it was a start. When we get relegated next season don’t fucking bleat on, there was an opportunity today to maybe start something without really effecting your commitment to NUFC. We now look utterly twatful and not because of some online bickering over stealing the show. Just a point,from what i saw hardly anybody left on your ’60’, so much for the social media frenzy. The lads who do tf, The Mag etc have never ever claimed to be ‘leaders’, you obviously have not listened to them previously. Well done to you and your 10 mates who fucked off on 60 minutes, you showed us all how it should be done.

  23. John Waters says:

    So now the whingers among us are crying because somebody said 69 minutes instead of 60 minutes. Boo bloody hooo. The point is, walk out, make a point to Ashley and his cronies, DO SOMETHING, and stop whinging and crying about it. I think if people start leaving on 60 minutes and others continue on 69 minutes the point will be made. Nothing more to say. Speaking as someone who was there when Joe Harvey’s boys won the Fairs cup, I really hope that after 80 minutes or so the place is empty. I live in California now, but if I had enough money I would fly over just for the day, just to enjoy walking out on 60-69 minutes, just to make a point, because I am every bit as frustrated as everyone else is. But I’m not going to whinge about it, you buggers just make sure you make the point.

    John Waters.

  24. kenthemag says:

    Can I just mention NUFC.COM hasn’t advocated any time for a walk out. They basically said it was our choice if we did / didn’t & the time was also up to us. I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet – but I realise something needs to be done. Keep the faith & long live Newcastle United.

  25. Mikey says:

    Whether it is 60, or 69 ,hopefully the ground empties and is unified against these parasites , our football club is there to represent our aspirations, our dreams, yeah it is a long gone romantic iilusion , but the way we are going kills any passion to support those in charge. Enough is enough, a manager bereft of ideas, a inmoral company sponsoring us , an inmoral company owning us …in thought and finance …please today , show those in charge, that the greatest power at any club is its support …howay the lads

  26. Stephen Thorne says:

    No matter how many fans leave and at what time they do it the whole movement will still be twisted on Match of the Day, Sky Sports and the national papers to try and shame us. Are people outside of the city aware of the actual reasons for the walkout or does the 69 minute suggestion imply that we simply want to win a trophy?

    But revolutions are never organized anyway. They happen with or without formal approval. In 1917 Lenin was in Switzerland when it all kicked off.

    • David Rutherford says:

      I’m not sure, I think the BBC, Sky and most national football writers are pretty clued up about the reasons why we’ve had enough, there’s enough of them discussed the lack of ambition, lies and appalling football lately to suggest they get it. Sure, there’ll be a few stick the boot in but most of the time that’s directed towards the club rather than the fans.

  27. david hetherington says:

    really,everyone should raise the roof off st.james 5 minutes before they walk out,show them what a bear pit it could be,then empty the ground,the silence will be more deafening

  28. WhoArYa says:

    As it turns out the protesters are going to meet in a phone box next.

    However that said P45due isn’t going to stay(surely) our coaching staff are inept and Ashley mus invest enough to move us forward or he will waste money which isn’t going to happen is it?

    There is no doubt that we are disorganised and badly coached but is this Ashley’s fault? Please think about it he gets promised the earth from individuals and they don’t deliver. He than weeds them out at a cost. All that cost stops it being invested in players. So gits like Allllardyce and Keegan have cost us at least two Cabayes? But who are the “fans” angry at? The answer to why is that the instigators in all this hype are web based “chaps” who generate income from site traffic. That is why all the hype resulted in a few early leavers.

    Ashley has my respect (Kinnear aside but there must have been a logical reason) as he has invested his hard earned in Newcastle and is trying to make it work so I have faith he will succeed as he is a winner.

    P45due and some of our coaching staff need deep sixing as they are culpable but will I ever agree to protests that damage the moral of our team? Not a chance. If you want change write to Ashley explaining viable alternatives, that’s the way to help us and be wary of the hype of web based chaps with attention seeking vested interests.

    • Tom Pitt says:

      Aside from all the other utter bollox you spout Whoareya,Ashley spending his hard earned!
      Is that the hard earned which comes off the back of Asian sweatshops and thousands of shop workers on zero hour contracts?
      It must exhaust the f*cker.

  29. David Rutherford says:

    I assume it’s these web-based chaps who chose not to buy any players in the last two transfer windows?
    Or refused to strengthen after finishing fifth and qualifying for Europe?
    Or sold our best player when we were sixth in the league and made no attempt to buy a replacement?
    Or have been proven to be liars in a court of law?
    Or who have persevered with a useless manager who any other club would have sacked over a year ago?
    Or who actively encouraged said useless manager to field a weakened team in the FA Cup?
    I could go on.
    I sincerely hope you’re a wind-up merchant Whoareya, but if you genuinely believe Ashley is ‘trying to make it work’ then I apologise for resorting to insults but you’re a fucking idiot.

  30. David Rutherford says:

    Oh and by the way, I’m pretty sure neither this site or any other NUFC fanzine make any ‘income’ from site traffic, though it’s hardly surprising that a self-confessed Ashley apologist assumes everyone else is on the take too.

  31. Mikey says:

    WHOARYA, Everyone has a opinion, but your Ashley love in drips Ashely apologist, please lay it on the line what Allarydyce and KK cost us, one not a Ashley signing, the other yes, and look what Ashley and his mob did to KK, ….regardless if traffic went up or down to this or other sites, they are all on the same song sheet…questioning the despair and the heart being ripped out of our club…I suggest you ask yourself why you give Ashley respect…because he`s not earning our`s…and Pardew is a one trick pony…

  32. Chris Porter says:

    Such a shame to see so few people walk out against Cardiff on Saturday, talk was of thousands instead it was a few hundred. Disappointing to say the least, now I admit I didn’t walk out at 60 minutes, I didn’t even go the game, instead I’ve hit Ashley where it hurts the most… his pocket. I’ve not been to a home or away game since march 2014 and I’ve also cancelled my season ticket for next season. I don’t see the point in talking big when nowt happens, less talk more action I say cuz we’ll never rid this club of the virus that is M.Ashley

  33. David Rutherford says:

    I reckon there was way more than a few hundred.

  34. Chris Porter says:

    Maybe so David but still less than a thousand. To be fair im sick of people talking about what we should do, stop talking and do something about it. It really is a simple solution, this is Ashleys baby in the sense of making money and not spending owt, so don’t turn up. That way ticket sales go down, match day programmes and all food and drinks get hit hard. Also don’t buy these vile shirts from Wonga and PUMA. I may only be 1 person but i’ll save a few grand a season by not taking Ashley and Pardews excuses anymore.
    The time for talking has ended its either put up or shut up. Rant over haha sorry about that