true faith : 2014 – Hopes and Fears

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Hope we start singing the correct words to the Blaydon Races this year. And maybe at a WATMFlagpace a few notches down from the 100 mph Hard House version which has been favoured for the last decade or so.


I like the way the club isn’t pushed around by agents these days. I like the way Graham Carr properly scouts players before we buy them. I like the way we are no longer a final pay-day for passed-it players with no hunger left.  I just wish we had three or four more players in the squad who can transform our set up to one we could believe the club wants to progress, win trophies and be the best we possibly can (win trophies? I know, listen to me).

A Big Year

Shane Ferguson. Sammy Ameobi. Adam Campbell. Haris Vuckic. James Tavernier.

The Truth Is Out There

One day someone in the mainstream media will have the balls and the brains to pick up on the financial analysis of Newcastle United provided by this fanzine and others.

Safe Standing

There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be introduced. At SJP it could be in the lower tiers of the Gallowgate and Leazes Ends. It could extend our capacity to near 60,000. Groups of teenagers going to the games together, developing their own craic, having a laugh and creating an atmosphere! Who doesn’t want this?

Not Right

Let’s stop calling people who happen to support a different football club to us, “the scum” eh? Scum is a word for paedophiles, rapists, racists, murderers and members of the Coalition Government.


If Colo is going to leave at the end of the season, I hope we can give one of the best central defenders we’ve seen in 40+ years at United a fitting send off and wish him well.


Let’s get to the end of the season and just let him go eh?

Divided We Fall

So-called supporters can’t call for unity amongst fans in public then when doing their own thing, lie and dissemble against the people they claim they want solidarity with. That’s not going to work.

Our Cup Runneth Over

For fuck’s sake, give the FA Cup a good go this year, man. Pardew’s record is abysmal.


Shola Ameobi.


Mr Ashley should just realise this idea of charging newspapers to interview Newcastle United players is just never going to happen.

Twenty’s Plenty

Aye is it.

Business Studies

Let’s be completely honest, we know Newcastle United isn’t a well-run club. Commercially, the club’s income has tanked over the last seven years and our rivals have stolen a march on us. The club should appoint a top team of proven experts to get out in the world and get the kind of sponsorship deals that will increase our income and allow us to compete with those above us in the food chain. That might mean Ashley has to re-think his advertising strategy.


Am I the only one that cringes with embarrassment when Newcastle United supporters, people from the North East of England, sing shite about signing on and Liverpool slums whenever we play a team from Merseyside. Shameful. Stop it.


The prospect of Colo v Shola (Argentina v Nigeria) in the World Cup, in Brazil!


This could turn into a very amusing season.

Fat Lads

Keep your shirts on eh? It was funny for five minutes twenty years ago.

Our Club

The people who run football clubs will never give supporters a say in how they are run. It will require Government intervention. The Coalition Government has deceived us it was going to do something about it but has decided it won’t. We need an incoming Government to commit to giving us a real say in how football is run.

Vive La Toon

Half the Newcastle United first team in the France starting eleven in Brazil.


Jonas Guitteraz and Sylvain Marveaux

Pick & Mix

To give the Fans Forum any chance of success United should immediately restore the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, develop, agree and sign up to a protocol to follow and then move on. If they don’t know-one should take part in it though the naïve and the desperately opportunistic will.

Quick Wins

If the Fans Forum wants to prove it can do something of benefit to the club it could (a) have the East Stand renamed the Joe Harvey Stand and install a plaque commemorating one of our greatest ever servants (b) commemorate the club’s Great Edwardian era in some way now we are just leaving the hundred years anniversary of the club’s greatest ever era and (c) at the last home game of a calendar year hold a minute’s applause (following pipes on the pitch?) to commemorate the memory of every player, manager, coach, director, club servant and supporter to have left us in the last year and in previous years. Other commemorations due for Stan Seymour (Senior), the FA Cup winning teams of the 1950s and the Fairs Cup win of 1969. Whilst we’re at it, something for Kevin Keegan too.

Appreciation Society

Immaculate off-the park , more committed on it than ever before, Shola Ameobi has found his place at Newcastle United. At last!


Newcastle United’s whole online merchandise operation is owned 100% by Sports Direct. Where does the money that supporters spend on Newcastle United merchandise actually go? Into Newcastle United FC or onto Sports Direct’s bottom line?

Blowing Bubbles

If as rumoured the Mackems visit to SJP this season has been decreed as a “bubble-trip” (where match tickets are only handed out on pre-arranged buses) every Newcastle United supporter should join the campaign of opposition. If derby matches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London can be policed without recourse to this measure then it should also be possible to do the same in the North East of England. Get ready to remind Northumbria Police Commissioner, Vera Baird that she is answerable to us and not the Chief Constable.


Gabriel Obertan.

Grow Up

Steven Taylor isn’t a bairn any more. He should stop acting like a knacka. Drop all of the fist-pumps, badge-kissing and playing the Geordie card in the papers. He should stop making the rash challenges to con the gullible that he cares. He should stop the self-indulgent crap with the Mackems. He should think very seriously about having Willie McKay as his agent. He has every attribute to be an accomplished PL central defender. He could still achieve the status of excellent club servant. He just needs to concentrate on being a footballer before it’s too late and he’s playing for someone like QPR.

Don’t Put Your Finger On The Button

Mike Ashley – things are going well, too well?

January Sales

Somebody buy Alan Pardew the target man he craves. It’s better than watching Cisse and now Remy potentially being ruined in a role they are manifestly unsuited to deliver.



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3 Responses to true faith : 2014 – Hopes and Fears

  1. STEPHEN says:

    Cisse has had the goals ‘coached’ out of him but give me him anyday over Shola who hasn’t scored a league goal for over 12 months but is flavour of the month with many. His last goal was against Morcambe, for whom he should be playing.
    I can excuse him for swinging for a ball eight yards out and totally missing it (that can happen to the best) but what i cannot excuse is a centre forward who time and time again recieves the ball only yards outside the box, lays it out wide and STOPS. Get in the middle man and get on the end of it !!

  2. Bob says:

    More of the same from Iron Mike next year please.

  3. Phil Jobson says:

    its about time we all got to our seats five mins earlier and joined in the with The Blaydon Races before the teams come out. if we all did that, you wouldn’t wondering about the right words – we’d all know them….