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Friday 29th January – Thursday 4th February
Distance to Date – 134.08 miles
The miles are starting to add up now as I got through another 30+ week with another long one on Sunday, for 15 and a half and the terror I felt at being able to run 26 miles in a few weeks is subsiding – I actually feel like I can do it now probably for the first time.  I started the week with a canny little four and half mile run from the Angel through the Fell and back on Friday after work as the sun went down, plenty of canny hills to get stuck into on the Fell though but.  My long run on Saturday took me from Cleadon down to Tyne Dock, along through Shields and down the coast to Seaburn and back up the hill from there.

There’s a recurring theme in all these blogs that I’m stuck in some sort of timewarp – I’m awnly 38 but I enjoy running 100MilesRunnerdown by the river whenever I can – it’s the same over in North Shields aswell, it gets me thinking what the docks would have been like at their peak and you notice little things when you’re out running that you wouldn’t in a car – the pubs long closed down and converted into carpet shops, the old boarded up maritime offices.  We’ve got such a rich history in the North East and there are reminders everywhere, it’s fascinating.  You even start to notice little things like anchors in the gardens of a couple of houses in Shields, no doubt belonging to maritime families.  I don’t listen to any music when I run and aside from wholly random thoughts (I ran 8 miles on Tuesday thinking the whole time about how I would vote in the EU referendum and debating the issue with myself.  Aye, I knaa) I find myself more interested by the region I live in and how we’ve arrived at this point.
The upshot of this is that the 15 and a half miles actually passed relatively easily in 2:22 – I even felt like a ‘proper’ runner by having one of those little gel pouches about ten mile in – fucking hell, look at me eh, pedestrians – I even timed it as I saw another runner approaching in the distance – got a knowing nod out of him aswell, one of the roughly 60% of other runners that are sound and acknowledge you – another 25% just look absolutely broken and can’t move their eyes off the pavement in front of them and the other 15% are miserable wankers – pretty representative of the country in general.  If you’re an optimist.
Reet, well I’m waffling.  I’m going to have a crack at 17 miles next week and finally see an end in sight to my seemingly never ending sobriety over Valentines weekend.  Thanks for your messages and sponsorship, honestly it gives me a proper boost and cheers for reading this shite – I waver between thinking it’s self indulgent twaddle and the random musings of a busy mind.  At which point, I should give you my sponsorship page which is and it’s all for Mind and I promise that all the carb gels are coming out of my own pocket!
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