Time 4 Change : A Word From the Organisers

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official_t4C_posterDon’t worry. I’m not asking you to give blood.

I’ll come clean…I’ve been involved in the #Time4Change March organisation ever since a colleague of mine asked me for my help in getting something off the ground. Because he was a friend and I respected him, I listened to him and the simple sense he spoke managed to cut through my natural cynicism. I shared a mutual anger and sense of frustration at the decline of NUFC since Mike Ashley clearly became bored with the idea of striving for any kind of footballing success, but it wasn’t a very radical idea to me: a Protest March?!

The amount of debate it has generated in cyberspace has quite frankly, astounded me. Passions have nearly boiled over on several occasions but the tiny minority who deliberately spread hurtful lies and vicious accusations are not worthy of supporting our club. The vast majority, however, seemed to have at first been perplexed and curious and like I was initially, skeptical. In the last 4 weeks, that has changed to a more positive outlook on the march as the #Time4Change committee have explained what it is and isn’t about. The good grace (and space) shown by fanzines, the Trust and even the local press should not be underestimated in achieving this.

Purely and simply, it is an opportunity for fans to come together peacefully and with dignity to show they have had enough of being taken for granted while the club drifts into mediocrity. The 10th largest supported club in Europe should be brimming with ambition and expanding, not retracting. To quote Steve Harper, “the club is bleeding.”

What the march (and the inground white hankie protest) needs is the rank and file Newcastle supporter to do his bit to send the message out that we need new direction at the club.

Two dozen people from differing group admins have provided the platform for the fans: all you have to do, is do what you do best. Turn up and support what’s in the best interests of NUFC.

See you next to City Hall for the gathering at 1030 on Saturday. I’ll be there with my wife.

Graeme Cansdale

P.S. Don’t forget your white hankie (or bogroll) 😉 

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7 Responses to Time 4 Change : A Word From the Organisers

  1. OldLeazesGuy says:

    Everyone who has the club at heart should be on this march tomorrow. Miss it for any reason and it could be too late. Hope to see some very probing questions asked on banners etc., eg. “52000 fans each game, £60mill. in TV fees and no signings – explain”, “Why can’t we even compete with clubs like Fulham, Swansea and Southampton?”, “What does Kinnear do for this club and why is he here?”, “Why do you hate us Mike?”, “If we don’t buy players where does all the club income go?” etc.
    I’m sure there will be many better suggestions.
    Best of luck to all those who care passionately about Newcastle United and everything it stands (or used to stand) for.

  2. Scott says:

    I do understand your frustration, but seeing what had happened to clubs that have been taken over in the last few years (Cardiff is a good example recently) only a very few have actually been a success, many have been taken over by idiots worse than MA and more than a few have gone bankrupt 🙁 . What many people need to take a look at is why do people not want MA?? After we were demoted I really thought fans would realise we were never going to be a Chelsea or city, but after a few years fans seem to think we should winning everything and buying everyone. The club is financially stable, we have more internationals I’m the squad than we have ever had and have had a fairly good start to the season (apart from hull). FFS give the team a chance and get on the side of the team! A good win against Liverpool will get us in a great mind to move forward, yet a angry mob at the gates screaming at the gates will put off the players and make the club an even bigger laughing stock!

  3. Richie says:

    First of all Good Luck with it.
    I won’t be going however as I think it’s futile to do something which has no chance of changing anything. It won’t make the owner change his policy, or strategy, for what is his club. Yes, we have the emotional attachment to NUFC but in the end it’s his toy.
    It feels to me like a spoilt child stamping its feet and screaming because its parent won’t buy it the latest toy just because “everyone else has it”.
    The negative atmosphere which will be generated within the ground by the white hankie protest could (probably will) have an effect on the players. After last seasons hiding, against what I consider to have been a weaker LFC team than the one we will face on Saturday, any disadvantage will be exploited.
    I’ve already had “words” and minor fallings out with mates who support the march and the hankie protest and, although I know it’s not what is intended, it’s another thing which is dividing fans.
    How organisers will manage it all and keep it dignified and civil is something else I have concerns about.
    As I mentioned at the start, Good Luck but let’s not fall out over it.

  4. OldLeazesGuy says:

    Richie – yes it may divide fans but wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, fans got together and did something about the situation? Not going because it has no chance of changing anything is quite frankly, pathetic. Nothing ever changes if you can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Calling it futile is just being defeatist and just what the owner wants. Fans who are too cowed and can’t be bothered. Game over as far as he’s concerned.

  5. Peter Shearer says:

    This is about us and what we are -not Ashley! Please show some pride and support the march. I am embarrassed by the apathy of some. We used to be “passionate” fans-so show some passion and act!.Affect the players? What worse than 6-0 last year.Or let Mr Ashley continue to regard us as his toy-if no-one objects that is what we deserve!

    Peter s

  6. Tony Higgins says:

    Good luck with it I agree with Peter, it couldn’t be worse than last year even if it does affect the players. Ashley triumphs if good men do nothing ……, think someone else said that???

  7. Kevin Reay says:

    Those of us who are boycotting are doing the real hard work. Marching to the ground in your WANKA shirts before handing your entrance money over to Ashley will not get rid of him. Unless he dies laughing at the pathetic response to his behaviour. The ONE thing that he does understand is money, and depriving him of that will get his attention. Kid yourselves that you are doing something in marching if that makes you happy. It’s selfish people who aren’t prepared to give anything up for the club who get my goat. For my own part I wouldn’t march alongside anyone wearing a WANKA shirt. They are as much a part of the problem as Ashley.