TIME 4 CHANGE: Support Press Freedom, Oppose Mike Ashley!

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“In the aftermath of NCJ Media’s coverage of the recent Time 4 Change protest march andChron the subsequently unjust press ban that the club imposed upon the Newcastle Chronicle, The Journal and the Sunday Sun, it has come to our attention that a substantial number of fans have suggested bringing copies of The Chronicle into Saturday’s game against Chelsea.  This would be accompanied by waving the papers towards the Directors’ Box before kick off as a sign of support for the freedom of the press in our city.

This move also has the backing of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust who, along with Time 4 Change, feel that that there is a need to counter the reprehensible and dictatorial tactics of Mike Ashley.

The club’s move against the local press is yet more evidence of how far out of touch Mr Ashley is with the club’s stakeholders and it has further fuelled the feelings of alienation felt by many fans”.


Note: this action is supported by true faith, Newcastle United Fanzine. 

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14 Responses to TIME 4 CHANGE: Support Press Freedom, Oppose Mike Ashley!

  1. Drew Murty says:

    Can I bring a copy of the journal?

  2. Of course you can bonny lad.

  3. Mick Dixon says:

    What is the point if lads and lasses are in their Wonga shirts after eating/drinking at the Ashley bars?
    He has your £££, and wont give a flying fk.
    Ok if you want to make an impression hit his pocket/profits.
    Thats the only thing this guy understands MONEY!
    Boycott all the bars/food/drink and shops. Dont buy anything. Leave em with the food/programs and paying the staff to stand around.
    Just for one game.
    Im sure everyone can do without a pie and a watered down beer for once?
    Now that would cause a stir………but hey ho it will never happen.


    • Gary says:

      He gets no profit from catering in the ground, it’s franchised out,but ok with the rest of it . Program with joe kinnear in it nooooooo

    • siobhan says:

      These things take time knocking someone for wearing a “W**A shirt doesnt help…. fans are used to buying new shirt every season….I personally dont agree with W**A …..but some fans who have the shirt have done loads to help get rid of FCB …..lots of the money from pies and drinks etc sold in the ground dont go to FCB he rents the space out to sub contractors so hes already got his money there. But if people didnt buy from these places they wouldnt rent the spaces so eventually it would work. I agree not a big price to pay doing without a pie &pint at half time……but it would have to be sustained for a whole season ….we need action fast ….

    • Keith says:

      Truth is not many are buying NUFC merchandise these days in protest at the regime. A lass in the club shop recently told me they hardly sell anything these days, people are just not buying. I asked her why and she just looked at me and said “why do you think/” and shrugged her shoulders. She followed this up by saying staff in the shop were worried about losing their jobs.

  4. Jummyfish says:

    The bars and kiosks aren’t owned by Ashley, they’re owned and run by Sodexo

  5. Maurice Hall says:

    Time for another walk. Like the idea of food and drink ban. Pretty much anything short of not going to match.

  6. KenBrown says:

    NUST reporting that they have been banned from the fans forum at SJP.

  7. Zoo says:

    A boycott of food and drink is pointless. It is contracted out and the club have already been paid. By boycotting it you are witholding money from the food company, not MA.

  8. WallsendStu says:

    Programmes and club merchandise should not be bought. Something has to be tried. you cannot expect fans who have probably scrimped and saved for their season ticket money not to attend matches (money that the fat one already has). Boycotting food and drink and everything else sold at the ground would cause a lot of problems albeit not a direct hit on his pocket. It is time for NUFC supporters to unite instead of rolling over and letting the dictator steam roller over us.

  9. jaktar says:

    Came across this link on another site; read the last paragraph and see that anything critical of Ashley and his cohorts means a ban or no more invites.


  10. mikey says:

    Good idea for a start…. but we must get more miltant in this campaign i reckon.

    and for a start can people please for fuck’s sake stop buying and wearing wonga shirts.

    they’re shit, you look stupid, Wonga is a loanshark that preys on poor people and shouting ashley out while wearing one is like alice in fucking wonderland politics!

  11. Ian Summers says:

    Actions of Ashley make absolutely no sense? Does Kinnear get a salary from the club, if so then for what? The controversy Ashley causes is free publicity for him and his businesses. Our club has become a free advertising vehicle for his companies. Suggestions not to carry protests into any game are valid except that we effectively no longer have a club to support. He milks the club like recent owners before him. There is only one way to hit him and that is financially. I have supported the club since 1972, having a season ticket for most of those years and have never missed a game where possible but next February I will opt out of the 10 year direct debit season ticket scam. We are all well practiced in following an unsuccessful team but I see no point supporting a club with the stated ambition of not winning anything! Any anger should be directed at Ashley and Kinnear not the team, Pardew or any of his staff.