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Okay, unfortunately, I’ve had to ban someone from the Facebook pages from the Time 4 tf106_cov_widgetChange group. I think in all of the time this thing has been running, I’ve banned about three people for being keyboard warriors and others who would like to use this for reasons other than what it was set up to achieve. Likewise I’ve had to trash a comment on the main site following a comment from another associated with Time 4 Change.

The reason? I won’t have our writers abused and insulted simply for holding a different opinion or even getting something slightly inaccurate or not being as full-on enthusiastic about a march as some of those committed to the protest march before the Liverpool game at St James’ Park on 19/Oct/13.

I took some persuading to set the TF Facebook pages up because my experience of message-boards was they generated a tone of debate I couldn’t be arsed with but 99% of the time the Facebook pages are good fun and decent craic – a million miles from the anonymous cyber-bullshitting I’ve read elsewhere. Long may that continue.

For the record, I’ve met Graeme Cansdale one of the key organisers of the Time 4 Change group,  to discuss this march and agreed to do a Q & A with him about the merits of the march and attempt to put to him some of the points and questions I hear from Mags every day about marches and protests.

Graeme has had those questions since Sunday but I understand there’s a good reason he’s not replied yet. Hopefully, I’ll get the answers soon.

I want to give Time 4 Change a fair crack of the whip and a space will be found at true-faith.co.uk to allow Graeme to say everything he wants to say and for Time 4 Change to persuade supporters the march is worth supporting. Personally, I’m undecided but every time someone from Time 4 Change goes off on one, I have to confess my misgivings increase.

For my own part, I’d like to learn from Graeme what the plan is as so far, all we’ve had are slogans and wishful thinking.

When I get Graeme’s answers, they will be published here and there will be an opportunity for those who support and oppose the march to make their opinions heard in the comments boxes below. If the march does go ahead, I’ll also invite Time 4 Change to write a piece which I’ll publish in the next issue of true faith (TF107). Though if true faith scribblers are insulted or Time 4 Change people behave incorrectly, that will be off the table.

Here’s a tip though, I’ve never known anyone change their mind or be persuaded after being insulted. People are funny like that.

Keep On, Keepin’ on …


Michael Martin, Editor. TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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3 Responses to TIME 4 CHANGE – NOTE!

  1. May I just say Michael there is nithing about the #Time4Change march that should be worrying to anyone- it’s going to be a peaceful march – not cost anyone anything – it is purely to voice our opinion about the regime at NUFC – or rather the fact that all profit from NUFC goes direct into the coffers of sportsdirect who’s gross profit last financial year was £1.76billion – nor do sportsdirect pay anything for their advertising at sjp – now, forgive me if I’m wrong but this appears to be Robbing Hood stealing from the poor/hard workers to give to the rich – the only reason a person would negatively campaign against the march is that they actively support Ashley/spirtsdirect surely?

  2. Thanks for that Kath. I think a bit of that is assumption. Opposition to how Ashley runs NUFC does not automatically translate into support for a march, which as yet has not been adequately explained to supporters in terms of aims and objectives, future strategy and methods. People want more than slogans and wishful thinking these days. Personally, I need to be convinced a march is a good idea and you won’t meet anyone as implacanbly opposed to how Ashley is currently running NUFC than I am.

  3. I think a march is pointless though I wish those who think otherwise the best of luck. I can fully remember pitch invasions and sit ins but those days aren’t coming back anytime soon so I’ve no idea what to suggest for those frustrated and weary at the prospect of further years of Ashley owning the club. Besides, some people’s opinion appears to blow with the wind. Or rather, a couple of positive or negative results either way. Even the local paper would rather (at best) sit on the fence though people are enttitled to speculate what the local journalist has to gain from constant positive stories regarding Ashley and the puppet manager while never resisting to lay the boot in to hired scapegoat JK.