THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – No Words Necessary – 2/Feb/14

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12 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – No Words Necessary – 2/Feb/14

  1. Dave hetheringtonl says:

    That about sums it up Michael

  2. I thought there was something the matter with my phone again 🙁

  3. Neu'75 says:

    Well said. Though can I try to fill in some of the gaps?
    1. The club operates on the principle of retaining Premier League status.
    2. The club and manager have both stated in the past that a top ten finish is the sole target for this season.
    3. The club operates a policy whereby it will sell players if it is financially sensible to do so.
    4. The owner is a money machine with no love for the club, it’s fans or it’s history. He is solely interested in whether it can work for him as a business and a vehicle to help finance or promote other businesses within his portfolio. I doubt whether he gives a toss about the loss to Sunderland, or cup runs, as long as there is overall stability across a season.
    5. I have it on good authority, based on conversations overheard at a game where Mike Ashley was a guest, that he actively “hates” Newcastle. Apparently people nearby were embarrassed at the level of vitriol. But he won’t sell unless it is financially beneficial to do so.
    6. At the Sunderland game we were without four of our six best players. Cabaye (sold, he wanted to go and a good price was secured), Remy (for a foolish confrontation), Gouffran (injury) and Colocinni (injury). Those on the team sheet varied from being excellent players (Krul) to average (Ameobi 1 +2) and none of them could be described as inspirational leaders. We lacked character, determination, style and leadership. Sunderland displayed all the qualities we lacked and we deservedly lost. Though Pardew’s long ball “direct” approach was a complete non-starter, the players on the pitch have to take the blame for their insipid performance.
    7. If, like the owners, we have to look at the long game, not the short term ups and downs, then we would brush our shoulders off and try to do better next time.
    8. Unfortunately, fans don’t think like managing directors. Therefore, the defeat to Sunderland was fucking grim, thoroughly depressing and I want to thrown a brick at Ashley’s helicopter.

    • Pete says:

      Before we all get accused of having ‘unrealistic expectations’;
      It’s not that we sold our best player – that’s happened before (Supermac, Beardo, Gascoigne etc).
      It’s not that we’ll win nowt this season – that’s definitely happened before
      It’s not that we lost to a poor mackem team
      It’s not that we turn up to watch total crap served up as football.

      None of the above is new.

      However – with past regimes and management we always at least believed (maybe naively) that there were people in the club who at least dreamt the same dreams as us.
      That we could at least have a crack at a cup, at getting a top 5 place, once in a while.

      Now we know for sure that this is not true any more.
      What’s the point of a club in any sport that does not want to win?

      So, what do we do now?
      The only way we can get at Ashley is through Pardew. Singing about fat cockneys etc doesn’t work.
      A sustained campaign against the manager would work though – he has no support amongst the fans, and even the players must see him as a puppet.
      Calls for Pardew to go were muted until now, because of the spectre of Kinnear replacing him.
      Maybe we have to go through that particular hell, and see the long game, just like Ashley.
      Kinnear won’t last forever, the sooner he starts, the sooner it’ll be over.

      It might just be that we need to take a few steps back, before we even dream of going forward.
      After the last few years though, and last week especially, when everything is laid out in front of us – wouldn’t it be better to play in a division or two lower, with our soul intact, and our dignity, than be prostituted in this way?

    • John says:

      I’ve posted this already elsewhere online about NUFC, but it’s the only way forward. People are angry, fans of many years are turning their back, often painfully giving up their connection with the club they love. The best way to change things is to organise – please join NUST ( Ultimately, fans need a stake in our club; you may think it’s impossible, but look what Swansea have achieved. Let’s channel our anger towards the Fat Controller, or nowt will change….

  4. tom bates says:

    Good assessment of the match and ben arfa,s contribution

  5. STEPHEN says:

    Spot on Pete, i’ve been saying for a while now PARDEW OUT. After that i’ll take my chance, Kinnear will then come and go. So let’s get it moving.

    Pardew is spineless and clueless. Plenty of clubs have shit owners but their managers can still send out a team that will have a go. Excuses excuses excuses from Pardew.

  6. Keiron Young says:

    Very sad news today, our ex midfielder Nigel Walker has died aged just 54. He was latterly a maths teacher and I met him in that context. We used to play teachers against sixth form five a side and let me tell you the bloke was an incredibly talented player. But he was also a nice fella, with a dry sense of humour and a good teacher. I am as angry as anyone with yesterday’s abject display and the state of the club in general but something like this helps to set things in perspective.

    • KenBrown says:

      I was privileged (and that is the right word) to see Nigel Walker playing for Newcastle and he was one of the best and most technically gifted players I have seen in a B&W shirt. At that time football in England generally was played at a very poor standard and consequently Nigel stood out from the vast majority of players, and not just at Newcastle. However there was some reason that I cannot fathom as to why he did not become a star player. I somehow got the feeling that he just enjoyed playing football rather than the kick and rush, get stuck in, win at any cost sort of game played in those days by players who couldn’t tie his bootlaces and tactics devised by managers who didn’t have a clue.

  7. Dave Smith says:

    Abysmal was the word I used all day at the match. BenArfa, Santon etc- these lot have got ability but no fight- and that’s the managers fault. I actually thought the manager had done ok this season – but- we could all see how wrong it was after 15 minutes- make the changes… You get paid to. I can’t forgive him this result even if in the big picture he’s the patsy.

    Why did Taylor play? Why does he ever.

    I was numb after 20 mins and feel that now. Well done Mike. You fucking win.

  8. IanB says:

    The Read All About it Link isn’t working… Sort it out fellas! :0)

  9. Tom Bates says:

    Some mackems have been calling us fickle idiots for having a go at the club cos we got beat, saying there was none of thes complaints earlier in the season. they obviously missed the whole time fro change protest march then, theres been complaints against ashley for years not just on saturday.
    sad news about Nigel Walker