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Like most of you reading this old toffee I expected us to get wiped out at Liverpool. I just Ashley3couldn’t see our back-line managing to stand strong against Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard et al. I’m not really a fan of the three at the back trick but it wasn’t really a three at the back formation at all because our “wing-backs” were hardly bombing on were they? No, it was more or less a five at the back with our midfielders sitting deep as well. I thought it was a very disciplined performance and was working. You need a bit of luck in football and we got it when Skirtel joyously put through his own goal in front of The Kop. Had Gouffran had something about him one on one with Mignolet, the outcome of this game would have been very different I’m sure. Then again, if my auntie had a penis, she’d be my uncle.

I didn’t think we defended those crosses in to the box from Gerrard particularly well and where you look to apportion responsibility is a moot point but surely they were in the area for Krul to be punching away or for a defender to be heading out?

I also experienced a strange sensation after the game and that was agreement with Alan Pardew. I did think the referee had a massive bearing on the game. The first free kick was given incorrectly, there was no contact at all for the kick but the sendings off were an absolute joke. If we are going to see players being sent off in this manner then I’ll look forward to Wayne Rooney, John Terry et al. spending what remains of their careers taking counselling for Tourettes. I am absolutely 100% confident that Steven Gerrard would never be sent off for whatever Shola did or didn’t say to the fat, little self-important prick – sarcasm, for the second yellow I hear? Jesus Christ, man. And then the second red, a foul yes, but no malice and simply clumsy!  Again, the kinds of decisions you wouldn’t get against the teams playing the big games that the refs want to be involved with.

And so we finish tenth, mission accomplished, bonuses pocketed. We finished behind Stoke and Southampton. We did nowt in the Cups. I can’t say this was a season of downright failure for United – it was simply the kind of mediocrity that will be dressed up as “stability” by Ashley’s apologists.

Speaking of apologists we heard from Michael Owen last week that a lot of clubs in the PL would regard Newcastle United’s position with envy. He didn’t say which ones of course but I can’t imagine many of the nine clubs ahead of us in the PL casting envious glances up Barrack Road and nor can I see quite a few a wee bit lower in the PL than us being green with envy at the state of our balance sheet. According to Michael Owen, Newcastle United has no debt and is financially secure. Whoever edits (irony klaxon) this nonsense really needs to have a word with themselves because Newcastle United is one of the most indebted football clubs in the PL to the tune of £118m. The money may not be owed to a bank, rather it is to Mike Ashley but debt it is and it is currently acting to prevent the club from changing hands because Ashley thinks a buyer should purchase debt as well as Newcastle United in any transaction. I can see a flaw in that logic.

Not that Owen is alone. I listened to John Anderson get worked up about texts BBC Radio Newcastle accusing, in not too many words, of him and others being easy on United’s loathed regime. Anderson’s response was to invite those texting in with their criticism of his position on the club, to call in but he can’t complain about negative text messages as they are part of the show that he hosts. But Anderson did trot out the shibboleth about financial stability which for any of us with even a modicum of understanding of United’s financial position has us banging our heads off the wall in frustration. Newcastle. United. Is. £118m. In. Debt. Our commercial income has tanked under Ashley while every other club in the PL has improved their own enormously. Our gate money is down substantially under Ashley. That is not financial stability, it is a catastrophe that has only been disguised by the massive increases in TV revenue that our club had absolutely nothing to do with in agreeing. My offer to Michael Owen, John Anderson etc. is to put on a session where the accountants who have offered their expertise to true faith over this last season, can talk them through the facts of our financial status. Then they will avoid talking absolute bobbins about “financial stability”. That offer is on the table to John Anderson and Mick Lowes should they decide to pick it up.

As it happens, I don’t think Anderson is particularly supportive of the Ashley regime at United, I just think his position is stuck in neutral, though that is hardly surprising given BBC Radio Newcastle are media partners of the club, so it is to be expected there won’t be a hard-hitting critique of how the club operates when they are business partners of a sort.

I also read Bob Moncur railing against withering assessments of his character as a club “Yes-Man” and him respond with a claim that he is simply a positive person. That’s all well and good. Personally, I regard it as bizarre that Moncur, so far as I am aware, a club employee, should be paid for his opinion by The Chronicle, a newspaper his employers has banned from covering the club. That is something of a conundrum to me. I don’t expect Moncur to offer a scathing treatise of the shambles on Barrack Road given his status as one of Ashley’s employees. I just find it baffling that he should be asked for it.

Another dark family secret we have at United is Peter Beardsley. He is along with Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan, the best player I have seen in a Newcastle United shirt. He has given us immense pleasure in the two spells he had with us as a player. This one probably hurts the most. Peter always had the air of the lad next door and having seen him in action with kids at community events I can say he is superb – canny lad personified. However, if half the stuff I’ve heard about his aggressive defence of Mike Ashley are is at various talk-ins then it is another instance why I’m not sure why a club employee is even being asked for his opinion. He is on the Ashley shilling and thus in his debt.


But that is the season over and the atmosphere around Newcastle United absolutely toxic. There will be many of you reading this who have had enough and are ready to chuck your season tickets now. No-one could possibly criticise anyone that did. No-one can make a case to buy one … Newcastle United won’t even bother trying but they will try and sell you club tat every day.

Should Pardew be sacked? It doesn’t really matter what any of us think to be honest. It is Ashley who has a decision to make but it will be a difficult one. Ashley will be paying his manager, his staff etc. a bonus for just about meeting the targets set for him by scraping tenth. Obviously, we all know the Cups aren’t a priority for United, so in the cold, joyless corporate manner United operates, that won’t have caused any angst in the corridors of power at SJP. In Pardew, Ashley has his own human shield, a manager who will accept any amount of shite from him, be it a mental appointment of Joe Kinnear as Director of Football, selling his best players and not replacing them, so the value of retaining Pardew, who even Ashley must know he has shafted for the last 18 months is obvious. Weigh in possible compensation for a crazy contract Pardew holds (so, we’re told, I believe nowt coming out of United) and Pardew has a lot to recommend him in continuing at United. I guess what Ashley now has to consider is whether the demands from the majority of United’s support for Pardew to go are so overwhelming, that are so deeply entrenched, his manager is unable to do his job. Ashley will also have to consider the frightening collapse in form this year and the consequences of it continuing into next season. One thing I’d say for certain and that is had the two halves of the season been reversed, Pardew would have been out at Christmas. Only Ashley knows how that is going to pan out.

If Pardew is to be dismissed then it needs to happen quickly and I mean this week. A replacement should be ready to step in now and start building for next season – know which players to go, stay and be signed. This cannot be allowed to drift.

I’ll be honest and say I don’t really approve of the hate campaign that has centered upon Alan Pardew and if this gobshite fanzine has played any part in that, I regret it. I do think on balance he has reached the end of his road at United but I don’t hate the man. I’ve met him a few times, once over an extended period at the training ground when United were having an uncharacteristic period of Glasnost and found him engaging, enthusiastic, committed and enjoying his job. That doesn’t mean I know him well or much at all. I do know he is a man of flesh and blood with a family and I do believe he will be going through some personal agonies at the possibilities of being sacked from the best management post he will likely ever hold in the game. I think its fine for supporters to voice their opinions because that is the game Pardew is in but I draw a line at abuse and vendettas. Mind, the vendettas thing isn’t the sole preserve of our support and a certain newspaper could do well to have a look at its own behaviour in honesty.

I do know Pardew probably doesn’t want to do a bad job. I’ll say he does want to win football matches for Newcastle United and I think he’d definitely liked to have kept his best players and bought new ones. I’d imagine when we finished fifth, he’d have liked to have seen investment in players and I don’t imagine he was delighted with Kinnear being brought in last summer. But unfortunately, under Ashley, he or any other manager the owner appoints will have no leverage with him. Ashley has United in exactly the position he wants them in now. Mike Ashley will never appoint anyone as head-strong as KK ever again. This is the perfect Newcastle United season for Ashley. Pardew has simply delivered on that prospectus.

Mind, I don’t see any problem with anyone taking protest flags to Anfield and wonder what Liverpool FC is playing at preventing supporters from taking them into the ground. I also find it very hard to believe that Newcastle United played no part in this. We’ll never know the truth but I don’t believe a word coming out of Newcastle United.


Last week I had a good chat with Peter Hooton, front-man with The Farm and one of the founders of the seminal fanzine, The End. Peter is also a mover and shaker in the Liverpool FC fans Union, the Spirit of Shankly. The interview formed the Fanzine Craic on the site. I’d say Peter and I share a similar world view regarding politics and how football should be run. Peter was very interested in how the anti-Ashley protests and other action was developing up here and to be honest I felt a little uncomfortable discussing it because I’d shared a view previously that our action was pretty puny to what had happened with the Spirit of Shankly and Hicks/Gillett. I put the phone down feeling a bit better because all of the talk I’ve heard from friends and people writing in here found an echo with what Peter had experienced on Merseyside. They have had the same as us – perceived apathy, petty squabbling and feelings of hopelessness at ever being to do anything about it. A minority of Liverpool fans supported the action and whether the proportions are greater or lesser than what we have had to date, its immaterial, it started with a minority and it grew. Now, I don’t think even the most committed Spirit of Shankly soldier would ignore the role of the Royal Bank of Scotland in exiting Hicks/Gillett from Anfield but those of us seeking to effect change for the better at United and in football in general should take heart from the experience at Liverpool. There isn’t anything particularly shitty-arsed or pissy about our support, it’s the same everywhere. Those of us who want to make a stand and challenge Ashley will have to continue to argue our case with our fellow Mags, use the facts and just keep at it. Those expecting a sudden revolution are going to be disappointed and while we all might hanker for a one-off grand show of dissent that willchase Ashely from the club, it in truth isn’t going to happen like that. I think we need to dig in for a long war – if that’s the right expression.


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But I suppose I should thank all of you lot for sticking your head in here all season as well as buying the fanzine. It’s immensely flattering that you do and overall, the encouragement you give us keeps us going.

Likewise, I’d like to thank all of our many writers who give up their time to produce some of the best football writing from fans anywhere in the country.

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28 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Waiting For The Great Leap Forward – 11/May/14

  1. David says:

    We must be the only team in the land who’s manager can make us worse at half time, Partridge be a man and fuck off, your contract obviously means you wont be sacked, I hear West Ham are looking for a manager, pleeease go there, i’ll drive you there myself.

    Ashley, you’ve done the impossible, you’ve made me despise NUFC and all we stand for, I even hate people who go all the way to Liverpool just to wear our latest strip and shout about how fat a bastard you are.

    Gigs up for me now, I’ve had it, you’ve won, I love our history, I love our strip, but my hate for you is bigger.


  2. Mikey says:

    No I don`t despise Pardew as a human Being,I despise what he says, does and represents for Newcastle United, Ashley I truly despise, as he represents everything immoral in Society…and I believe in Karma..

  3. Ian Summers says:

    Having achieved our glorious target of 10th place in such an exciting finish to the season all we need now is to wait for the declaration that we have signed De Jongh and all is rosy, moving forward!
    Thanks Mr. Ashley, job done!

  4. STEPHEN says:

    ” Shola doesn’t swear” says Pardew. i say, if he was any good at football he’d be the perfect man !

  5. joe hawkins says:

    He will still be here next season there is no doubt about that!
    Where will Fat Ashley find a more willing dupe than “Sandie Shaw”?
    The only upside if you can call it that is he will fail massively next season and the rot is in there now?
    The man has lost it altogether and there is no way back for him, The problem is Ashley knows nothing about football and will be the last one to see the bigger picture.
    I fully expect this deluded individual to preside over another iffy pre-season and ridiculous transfer window and be in terrible shape for the start of next season.

    If Ashley does not get rid of him which i know he will not, It is the equivalent of footballing suicide and we will be lucky to stay up.
    He will be given more than enough rope to hang himself and that will be the case.
    If he had any sense at all he would walk away because that might be only way to save his career if he hasn’t already critically damaged it!
    I doubt whether any club in the Premier League would employ this charlatan after the way he has conducted himself.

    Yes personal vendettas are unacceptable but this character has to be assassinated in a professional sense and driven out of the club.
    In fact i think it is only right that this individual is thrown out of football for good because he will not be missed frankly!

    Fans need to keep up the protests against him and not let him off the hook because he will be thinking he has walked away from that now and start his rhetoric again after he has sunned himself all summer!
    Carry on with the protests to rid ourselves of him even if Ashley brings in another stooge it is just another to chalk off until he has no others left.
    That time is fast approaching because he is a pariah in the game and most people in football will have nothing to do with him.
    Remember when he wanted support from other Premier League Clubs over something to do with the media?
    No one came forward to support him and that is why no one of any note will come to the club because of him.
    He can only call on so many drinking buddies, Sycophants, Yes men, Casino Cronies until the well is dry.
    No decent football people will touch him with a barge pole so his time in football is running out!

    In the mean time, Keep up the pressure and continue the protests against Pardew and the regime!

    Pardew Out!

    Charnley Out!

    Wendy Out!

    Ashley Out!

  6. Tom Bates says:

    Has Pardew payed off his gambling debts yet, if not then (allegedly) he will still be here.

  7. Bob says:

    I realise he divides opinion but I think it is only fair that we pay a bit of a tribute to Shola. For 19 years and 400+ games he has served the club, and given us some great memories (Leverkusen and assorted games against the unwashed spring to mind) I am in the pro Shola camp, although I agree he has never achieved his potential and at times his performances have been lethargic at best.

    But the fact remains that he has served the club well, he has stuck with us when we down and, in later seasons, I understand he has become an important senior figure in the dressing room. We’ve had so much dross and mercenaries down the years at this club and I think it is only fair that we wish shola all the best and hope he gets picked for the world cup.

    • joe hawkins says:

      Bob, Has he served the club or served himself ? , That’s what you have to ask yourself.
      At the end of the day he has been well paid to sit on his backside for a lot of his career at this club.
      In my book a proper professional footballer lives the life of a Romany Gypsy and travels to where he can get a game.
      Shola Amoebi is the only player i ever saw who went to Stoke City on loan and get subbed as a substitute.
      Tony Pulis looked across to his no 2 and said, “Get Him Off”!
      His attitude was atrocious and not becoming of a professional footballer imo.

      It seems he has used the club to fund his lifestyle and for most of his time has been paid for training.
      He has never shown any gumption in going to find himself another club and that speaks volumes for me.
      At least his brother had it about him to go to the Boro on loan to further himself as a player.

      Lets wait and see what happens with him now if they do not give him an extension, My money is on retirement because he will not get away with what he has at another club.
      Personally i am just waiting for Sandie Shaw(Puppet On A String) Pardew to inform us he is like a new signing, “Trust Me”!

      I mean this the bloke who phoned the Police to inform them of a break in only to realise he couldn’t find his property because he hadn’t cleaned his house properly!

  8. joe hawkins says:

    Alan why don’t you say what you really think lol
    I understand your pain because that’s what he gets you like does Alan!
    I have opposed this odious individuals appointment from day one and have never supported him.
    I remember seeing his post match interviews at West Ham and would be indignant with rage the way he made excuses and blamed everyone around him.
    Me and a pal of mine would often comment on our sympathy for the club who had him as manager.
    So you can imagine my dismay when i turned on Sky Sports one day to see a taxi driver being interviewed by David Craig and the taxi driver saying he had it on good authority the next manager would be Alan Pardew.
    My jaw nearly hit the floor when the words were uttered, I then had to remind myself it was just more hearsay.
    How wrong i was and there he was in all his unglory as the new manager of Newcastle United.
    It was one of the saddest days i have ever had as a fan when he rocked up here and i knew from that moment on this club was on the slide!

    • Joe says:

      “How wrong i was and there he was in all his unglory as the new manager of Newcastle United.
      It was one of the saddest days i have ever had as a fan when he rocked up here and i knew from that moment on this club was on the slide.”

      Apart from that fifth-place finish in his first full season, of course?
      Look, it’s how he’s being asked to manage. If we’re all honest with ourselves, last December, most would have at least accepted the preposition that Alan Pardew was the best manager we’d had since SBR. Mainly due to the reletive ineptitude of Robson’s immediate predesessors and sucessors, but given the time he’d had up to that point, it was a pretty decent job.
      MA has consistently put more and more obsticles in the way of the manager, each one more insurmountable than the last.
      I’m not saying that Pardew doesn’t deserve some of the stick has gotten this year, goodness knows he can’t get anything out of the players at all it seems any more, and that alone is reason to replace him. However, It would’ve been interesting to have seen how an unrestricted management role would have panned out.

      • David Rutherford says:

        I disagree that it’s only the events of 2014 that have turned people against Pardew. I thought he was a decent, promising manager when we finished fifth but as the following season progressed it became clear that he was all but useless in times of crisis, terrified of dropping under-performing players, and crucially, appeared to be allowing the owner’s joyless policy of disregarding the cups and selling our prized assets dictate our style of play and formations (see the decision to play Cisse out of position to give Ba plenty of time in the shop window). He became terrified of playing the way that had reaped rewards the season before and in doing so set several players back a couple of years. And as for his fuck-witted substitutions…I lost all faith in him at the Reading game in january 2014 when he systematically took off our three best players, had the team sit back and consequently lost us the game. It would get worse against Benfica at home (and much worse against Sunderland and Liverpool) and I personally think he’s been a busted flush ever since. But people are right about Ashley being the real cancer – it’s thanks to him Pardew’s still here as any other club would have sacked him this time last year, if not earlier. But as we all know, we aren’t like any other club and unless something changes by July the fat crook and his oily sycophants won’t be getting any more money out of me.

  9. Ian Orrick says:

    Save your energy and stop feeling sorry for Pardew Mick. He’s an absolute twat of the highest order and the pelters he’s getting are fully deserved. We’ve all seen the sorry stats – lost seven out of the last eight, only two other teams from the top four English leagues have lost more games than us in the last two seasons, we’ve single handedly kept the Makems in the premier league in the last two seasons, blah blah fucking blah. I’m sick of him and his pathetic post match slavver. The thing is, he’s getting it from both sides as well. Fearful stick off the fans and a total lack of financial backing from the owner. No self respecting football man would put up with the shafting he’s had off Fatty over the last few seasons. I can only presume that the rumours of Ashley having a hold on him because of gambling debts are true. Why else would he put up with what he’s had to deal with? If you were referring to the Chronicle having a vendetta against him all I would say is that before the Chronicle covered the protest march earlier this season most of us were complaining that they were giving the club an easy ride and it was only after the club decided to stop answering questions from Chronicle journalists that the paper took a firmer stance against Pardew/Ashley.
    Apart from that – another great article as per usual & good luck with the launch of the digital magazine.

    • I don’t feel sorry for him – I just don’t think it does us credit to start a hate campaign against the man. Call for him to be sacked by all means but mindless abuse just isn’t what I want to be associated with.

  10. Gordon Young says:

    I´m a Shola man and have been since his debut when he stood up, as a 19 year old to the worst man in football D. Wise.
    In those days he was a centre forward who could dribble, still can.
    It wasn´t his fault that he had Shearer and Owen or Kluivert, Viduka etc. in front of him – most strikers wouldn´t have got a game. Part of the problem was that he cost nowt and most managers always play their big name signings.
    I remember when we finished 7th under Roeder it was mainly Shola´s goals that got us into Europe. When he was played regularly and was given confidence he scored.
    He played through a terrible hip injury that would have kept Owen out till the next England game for sure.
    Did you not see the skill in those two passes to Goufran at Liverpool?
    Did you not see his goal for Nigeria in London?
    Maybe he should have moved to Europe like Kanoute who was immense in Seville.
    I don´t think it is surprising that he is our second top scorer in Europe with 15 goals, 3 in the Champion´s League. He is better suited to the European game. He is big but not a bully.
    I believe he should have moved but not everybody is motivated by glory and money. Possibly being near your family is important.

    I hope he leaves because I am fed up with him being used as a scapegoat.

    I also hope he goes to Brazil and scores to shut up a few mouths.

    Gordon Young

    • STEPHEN says:

      It was his fault though that he trained everyday alongside Shearer, Owen , Kluivert – all world class strikers in their time – and learned NOTHING from them. Never goal hungry, built like the proverbial ‘big shithouse’ but soft as shite and never helped the team by defending from the front. I remember Sunderland’s ‘worst team in premiership history’ a few years back giving us the runaround for long spells because of his ‘lazy’ efforts up front.
      European goals !! Barcelona and Leverkusen and most of the others were against ‘Intertoto’ style third rate opposition, championship opposition at best. Those goals are a poor yardstick i’m sorry.
      I stand to be corrected but that ‘playing through the hip injury’ was because he didn’t want to have the operation.
      14 years and he has given very little.
      Pardew has been bigging up his dressing room influence lately but i’m sorry that’s more bullshit from the feeble man because he’s really stepped up over the last few months hasn’t he ! whilst Pardew has floundered. Ask Steve Bruce about real dressing room influences, like his Curtis Davies. Like Harper, Shola has been happy to trundle along and our acceptance of that sort of mediocrity of the years has contributed to where we are now.
      Thank you for that spine tingling one you smashed in against Sunderland in the 5-1 Shola but that’s about it i’m afraid.

      • Joe says:

        Boy is my finger not on the pulse. Time was, any local lad who managed to actually play for the club they grew up with and supported – not just pull on a on a shirt but keep that shirt for 14 years – and stay there for their entire career, would be considered the spine of the ‘John Hall dreamTM’. Now he’s “self-serving”, apparently..

        Shola must have one helluva dodgy portfolio on Messrs Robson, Souness, Roeder, Allardyce, Keegan, Hughton & Pardew to manage to hoodwink them all into a place in the Newcastle United squad year after year.

        You’d wipe out some cracking memories without Shola’s contribution, so go easy on the lad, eh?

        • STEPHEN says:

          list them crackin memories, i must have mised something ! one shot actually smashed into the Leazes End goal against Sunderland and errmm ! errrm !

        • STEPHEN says:

          Keegan had him sussed out and if’d he’d remained manager a little longer Shola would have been gone.

          I would look good in training up against some of the excuses for centre halves we’ve had during Shola’s time.

    • David Chapman says:


      Haway mate, Ameobi has never came close to fulfilling what little potential he ever had, for one reason alone, he has no motivation to better himself whatsoever, of course he’s been around for years because its a managers dream to have a third or fourth choice striker who will sit on the bench and say nowt and get by todays standards pretty mediocre wages, plus of course nobody else wanted him.

      Your statement that he would succeed in Spanish football is laughable, he’ll end up at Hartlepool or Carlisle play very little and be forgotten about. If I am wrong I’ll apologise.

      I’m not having a go at Ameobi as a person or anything like that, if anything I feel he was probably too nice a bloke to make a success as a professional footballer.
      As for this “terrible hip injury”, as somebody who would have played with a broken neck, back and arm to pull on the Black and White NUFC jersey I think he was just doing his job.

      I wish him well for the future, I just hope its as far away from United as possible.

      David Chapman

      • Gordon Young says:

        David, if you reread what I said I spoke in the past – He should have moved to Europe like Kanoute.

        Obviously now he isn´t going to play in Spain.

        The hip injury was real and at that time he was our only “fit” striker. He carried on playing because there was nobody else until the fans got on his back for not playing like Pele rather than recognising his putting his health on the line.

        Give the lad a break. People are idolised for scoring one goal against the mackems.
        He scored seven.


  11. Alan says:

    Mr Martin.

    I’ve just re-read this editorial, in particular the two or three paragraphs prior to the one about Peter Hooton and Liverpool and I’m honestly staggered by your apparent sympathy for Pardew. Do you honestly believe we should all be now be racked with guilt that Pardew has been called some nasty names at a time when the poor little soul has been worried his fat friend might sack him? Jesus Christ man, it’s like suggesting Ian Macgregor was a canny lad who would’ve done his best to keep the miners in work if it wasn’t for Thatcher. Pardew was never, ever, ever going to be sacked at the end of this season and he knew that.. He is compliant with everything Ashley has done and will do, such is the nature of a sycophant.
    Pardew was appointed two days after Chris Hughton was sacked. Two days after that he was denying having discussions with the club prior to Hughton leaving. The lies started then and they’ve been tripping out his mouth everytime he’s opened it ever since.
    You don’t need to apologise or feel any regret for the abuse that Pardew has been recieving of late, infact it’s bordering on insulting that you should feel the need to do so. We’re capable of thinking for ourselves. Didn’t we all feel equally aggrieved when Pardew suggested the Chronicle was responsible for fan unrest against him? I despair for the day when Lee Ryder has any impact on the way I think or behave and so should any reasonably intelligent person. That said, if it is indeed the Chronicle your refering to as the ‘certain newspaper’ few can really blame them for their ‘vendetta’, (or belatedly getting round to reporting to just how strongly people are opposed to Pardew and his cohorts as I like to call it) Pardew was quite happy to go public on his support for his bosses decision to ban NCJ media for what amounted to practically sweet fuck all. You make your bed Alan, you lie in it.
    Nothing and I mean nothing would ever surprise me as to how low this pitiful, embarrassing excuse for a man could stoop. If Ashley told him to chuck a game against Sunderland to piss us off he would and quite probably has. He has the moral integrity of a dead slug.
    We’re all entitled to our opinions Mick and that’s the way it should always be, however if you’re suddeny embarking on some kind of guilt trip then you shouldn’t be expecting too many to join you on it. Pardew simply isn’t worthy of it.

    • David says:

      Well said that man!

    • Joe says:

      And how did you feel about Alan Pardew in May 2012? How much did you grumble (you may well have, as we all did, raise eyebrows at the time) over the 8-year golden handcuffs contract he was awarded for recognition as the first and only English manager to win the two individual awards in a single Premier League season, and therefore raise enough speculation that he could even have attracted the attention of The FA, who had been seeking a new England manager?
      Is it really Alan Pardew’s fault that this dream of a job – which he seemed to be handling very well until very, very recently as far as results and performances went – comes with the biggest drawback in football management – namely Mike Ashley? Can you really imagine that the first thing AP said to MA after we qualified for the Europa Leageu two years ago was “That’ll do for now Mike, no need to improve the squad anymore. I’m sure that this team, even with the extra burden of the top four-blocker that is the Europa League squeezed into our schedule, can go for that extra place next season. Okay, maybe get that kid from Coventry City for cover..”
      Alan Pardew has the worst job n the Premier League. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of his ‘tactical’ nouse, which have baffled us all recently. Suffice to say that he has behaved and made decisions like a man under extreme pressure, knowing the only way out would be to resign at time when his stock has never been lower, and walk away from financial security. And all because of (mainly) someone else’s mismanagement above him. As a result, we have crazy excuses from him that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to hear from any other manager, largely because they would’ve walked/been shown the door long before they’ve had to think of their sixth straight excuse.

      That isn’t to say that I couldn’t think of at least half a dozen currently unemployed football managers that could do a better job even if all things were equal, and it may even come across as staunch defence of the hapless manager at Barrack Road, but really it is intended to remind us not be distracted from the real cancer at St James’ Park. We are playing ito Ashley’s hands.

      • David R says:

        Joe – I think your posts are a welcome breath of fresh air amidst all the “I’ve hated Pardew since I was 3” rhetoric and I agree that he’s got an almost impossible hand to play because of the FCB (by which I don’t mean FC Barcelona) BUT wouldn’t you agree that the bits that he can control to an extent – the tactics, motivation and coaching – have been dire for the last couple of years (apart from those nine matches in November and December last year)? Plainly the players just don’t listen to him any more – can I refer you to two 3-0 home defeats by you-know-who, a 6-0 disgrace against Liverpool, 4-0 by Spurs, 3-0 by Everton… Gutless, shameful hammerings, all at “Fortress St. James'” which would have cost most managers their jobs by now.

        As for the coaching – is there one player at SJP who’s improved since Pardew arrived? Players like Cisse and Sissoko, who started off like world-beaters, just look like donkeys now. God knows what defensive system we play, but it doesn’t work. Even the basics – set piece routines, both attacking and defending – are shambolic. These are things that he should have got the coaches to sort out and, if they’re not capable, then he needs to get shot of them and bring in someone who can do the job. That’s his responsibility and he’s dodged it.

        I agree with the implication of your posts, which is that we need to be careful of what we wish for. If Pardew gets the bullet, I somehow doubt that Mourinho, van Gaal and Ancelotti will be forming an impatient queue on Barrack Road. Even Moyes, who in other ways would be ideal, wouldn’t touch the job. We’ll get some other no-good, down on his luck ex-manager who’s been unemployed for 18 months, is desperate for a job and will do exactly what the FCB demands. What’s Graeme Souness doing these days…?

  12. Stephen Brownlow says:

    This Paragraph would have done Michael for this weeks TBAWE:

    If Pardew is to be dismissed then it needs to happen quickly and I mean this week. A replacement should be ready to step in now and start building for next season – know which players to go, stay and be signed. This cannot be allowed to drift.

  13. Ant says:

    Well said Gordon about Shola! He has been used and abused by successive managers and has played through injuries and has scored some key goals. Why don’t we ask Shearer A good footballer and a good professional. BTW: It is comforting that an oaf like Tony Pulis didn’t fancy him.

    Lack of ambition? What do you expect with this kind of Premiership money floating around? A lot of young British players would profit enormously if they joined a foreign league for 1-3 years, but the rewards differential is immense. I wish Fair Financial Play rules had teeth and offered the right incentives for young players to acquire a bit of all round experience. It can’t be right that end up with 20-year-olds un-learning football at Wigan and Stoke in preference to, say, a decent mid-table team in Italy, Spain or France.

  14. STEPHEN says:

    Man City have the ‘Charming Man’ , we have the ‘Feeble man’.

  15. Tom Bates says:

    I would say Chris Hughton did a better job but he never had the chance to see it through. Roeders run of results to take us up to 7th from the lower ends of the league but one good run of results doesnt make a good manager. The season we finished 15th was the worst I have seen in terms of performances in the PL including when we went down.
    As has been said before we have lost more games in the league in the last two years than all but two other sides in the football league.