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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – The Beautiful Game – 27/Mar/16

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I think the general consensus following the derby game was that a point was better than it could have been and at last we have got a monkey off our back with these desperate results against Sunderland for the last few years. Unless I’m hanging around with a group of Mags who aren’t representative of the main throng of our support and the people who correspond on these pages, write for true faith and interact with us via social media then the overall mood is to support Rafa Benitez 100% in the desperate hope we can preserve our Premier League status.

It’s a real shame no-one told Mike Ashley that because in what couldn’t have been a worse timed media interview as a PR Ashley3exercise for his tanking business, the man who supposedly “owns” Newcastle United threw something of a very soggy blanket over the fragile peace Benitez’s arrival has brought to the club since his arrival. For those who missed Ashley’s words of wisdom, here they are:


“Do I regret getting into football? The answer is yes.

“I have had tonnes of fun in it but I haven’t been able to make the difference I wanted to in football like I have at Sports Direct.

“I wanted to help Newcastle, I wanted to make it better, that’s what I wanted to do. I haven’t seemed to have had that affect.

“Let’s hope Rafa can do the business and keep us up there.”


“I have no choice. They’ve got me, and I’ve got them. That is the way it is.”


“It’s disappointing because I personally want to win every game for Newcastle United. It doesn’t matter who they are playing. But it is not a disaster.”


“All I say is, there is a bank account, when you have emptied it, it’s empty, don’t come crying to me for more money…..”

“Virtually, nothing now. They have emptied it.”


“I have virtually nil affect on Newcastle United, in reality, because I only pick the board.”

“Create a board, get the board to appoint the manager, put the manager on the board as well and then not interfere.

“I don’t know what players they sign, I don’t know what team they are going to pick on a Saturday.

“I don’t really want to have any influence in football to be honest. Looking after Sports Direct is more than a full time job.”

“I think we have the right man for the job. If there is any hope of Newcastle staying up, let’s hope Rafa can do it.

“Eventually, we will have some good times again.”


“To get a football club to be the best it can be, you have to get the sun, the moons and the stars to align perfectly.

“But there is negativity around me as an individual when it comes to Newcastle, so the best thing was to make sure it was on solid ground and then step back and get them to self-manage Newcastle”.


I don’t think many would argue that Mike Ashley has been disastrous for Newcastle United Football Club. Since he boughtashley2 the club (without a gun to his head) United is in a worst state than it was by every conceivable measure. The debt has increased, income streams for all but TV income has dropped enormously, performance in the league and cup competitions has been consistently poor. Ashley’s business management of the club has been terrible – he purchased a club (if he is to be believed) without due diligence and thus paid a price out of all proportion to its value and compounded that with a series of appalling decisions which resulted in relegation and the loss of millions.

Newcastle United may have a large debt of just under £100m but that is largely down to his own incompetence. I’m sure Ashley does regret buying United and his adventure in Glasgow but that is shared by the supporters at SJP and Ibrox Stadium.

Let’s not forget every penny Newcastle United has spent on players comes from its own revenue – TV, the gate, corporate and merchandise. None of it comes from Mike Ashley. Not a penny. Unfortunately, the money that has been spent on fees for players, managers, coaches and their wages has been entrusted to the people Mike Ashley has appointed and they have been similarly as disastrous as him.

In what other realm of business would a man as chronically inexperienced and unqualified as Lee Charnley have the business of Newcastle united bequeathed to him to run? Where would you find a man with as limited a success as a talent spotter as Graeme Carr be allowed to sign a succession of players for huge fees who have crashed and burned as he has done. Players like Thauvin and Cabella haven’t lasted half a season before being pedalled back to France at a huge loss. Players like Doumbia and Saviet have arrived in the January transfer window to bolster a relegation-threatened team and failed to even start a single game.

Last season we had Facunda Ferreya on the books for a whole season who did not make a single appearance but who cost United an estimated £2m in wages.

United has squandered £80m on players within the last twelve months but still has no goal-scorer worthy of the description on the club’s books and the same applies to a left-back and the squad is painfully weak in central defence.

The Academy produces virtually nothing and its results have been shocking. Young players don’t progress i.e. Bigigrama, Vuckic, Ferguson, Tavernier are nowhere near the Premier League and the least that can be said about the mysterious Curtis Goode the better.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised given how United has struggled to meet the kind of standards for coaching young players that are meat and drink to clubs of far more modest means than ours.

As ever, United loses so many players to injury and anyone who has even the vaguest information about how the medical team at Benton is resourced and operates will despair at what they hear from those around it.


Fucking right, Ashley, all ours!


We are now reading the reporting from the Employment Tribunal involving Jonas Guitteraz and his claim for discrimination in what I assume is under the Equality Act. I’ve no idea how this will go but at the very least Jonas appears to have been treated disgracefully. The absence of compassion, care and humanity from those running United is truly astonishing and a stain on the reputation of our club. But it is all immensely believable. Who read the words of Alan Pardew and team-selection and didn’t burst out laughing? Newcastle United treating people like shit? It’s a pretty standard way of working as I understand it.


There was some big news involving a former winger from down the road who has now copped for a 6-year sentence as a Johnsonresult of some appalling crimes involving a child. Johnson has been exposed as an appalling human being for the offences themselves but his actions in continuing to deny his crimes up until the trial began has caused his victim considerable harm show an even more vile nature.

Not that he’s the only one. Sunderland’s Chief Executive Maggie Byrne has resigned in the wake of the scandal but it’s inconceivable she was the only one at Sunderland AFC who was aware of the details of Johnson’s offending. There remain so many unanswered questions regarding this episode and I can’t be the only one wondering why Ellis Short has made absolutely no comment on the matter and what Advocaat and Allardyce knew exactly when they both selected Johnson for vital games as they fought relegation last season and this.

I must also thank those who have got in touch with this fanzine subsequent to Johnson’s conviction and apologise for their criticism of us after the derby down there when we questioned whether Adam Johnson’s actions after his penalty goal was meant to taunt United supporters in connection with the deaths of two of our most loyal followers in the MH17 tragedy.

Given his actions on the day (running to the opposite end of the ground and mimicking the actions of an aeroplane) and what we now know of the man’s character, who will now say it was outrageous for us to even believe Johnson could be capable of such a vile act?

For what it’s worth, I always felt that was in his mind. We’ll never know for absolute certain but I’m sure many of you now agree it’s more believable in light of what we all understand of this man’s sick mind.

I must confess I was shocked to discover the harassment the child has faced since charges were brought against Johnson. It has been utterly disgraceful and I’m sure the hearts of everyone reading this go out to the child and her family. I can only imagine how this child has been traumatised but I believe she and her family have been heroic over the last year and personally I’m full of admiration for them.

Obviously, as a Newcastle United supporter, writing about a scandal that has enveloped our main rival club, Sunderland AFC, it’s easy to accuse me or anyone else with Black & White allegiances of mischief-making in regard to all of this. That’s an easy defence for those who want to sweep the whole thing under the carpet and move on. But Sunderland, Newcastle United and no one more than the PFA, FA, FL and PL needs to be all over this scandal and they need to learn from it and more than that act.

Like many of you reading this I have many friends who support Sunderland. I value their friendships greatly and they are the salt of the earth. No-one amongst their support is predisposed to offering succour to a convicted paedophile or even one who had been charged but some of those who would describe themselves as SAFC fans did and for those that this applies to a period of reflection and remorse would appear to be in order.


For the minute the size of the game at Carrow Road is just too much for anyone here to think about. We’ll have more on that in the week. In short though, a general description of my own mood ahead of that away trip is shitting it.

Have a great week.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …


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14 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – The Beautiful Game – 27/Mar/16

  1. Spider says:

    While Adam Johnson remains a thoroughly unlikeable human being I genuinely don’t believe him to be a paedophile. He fancied a girl who gave him some attention and like most self entitled footballers took what he deemed to be his. Does anyone really believe he’s enjoyed numerous dalliances of this nature……which would rightly label him a paedophile? No……me neither.

  2. Pat Hughes says:

    The culpability of safc needs thoroughly investigating but as the dirty moron is allegedly appealing, it gives everyone the excuse to keep the dirt under the carpet for a bit longer. Very good summary of events and I agree with you re his plane gesture – no innocent, just a very nasty, pompous prick.

  3. kenny says:

    On day one of Johnson’s trial i texted radio Newcastle’s phone in to say i believed that safc new all along he was to plead guilty on the 2 charges. Within 2 minuits the programme chief was on the phone (off air) to ask why i believed that & that they did not believe but they would only talk about it after the trial had finished. I told them they were running scared of legal threats, as it was revealed he actually admitted to it long ago. They dismissed this out of hand but told me i could join the debate on air after the trial. I told them to shove it & have not listened since.
    Also how come no commentators have questioned that safc only sacked him in haste AFTER adidas had stepped in to terminate his contract with them. It is my firm belief that safc only acted due to pressure from sponsors who rightly did not want there brands to be associated with any of this scandal !

    • Pat Hughes says:

      Good points and illustrate how murky football is now. Byrne has escaped the serious questions nicely, shouldered the blame well and left safc looking like ‘innocents’ – her influence with the FA as a board member shouldn’t be under-estimated either. All mates together – sod the innocents. The injustice in the seedy world of football started long ago – managers escaping speeding bans, players getting off lightly for all manner of crimes, injunctions protecting them from the media. If we were caught there would be no hesitation in banging us up or imposing driving bans. I’m surprised the clubs relegated by Johnson’s goals haven’t kicked up a fuss – if that applies, haven’t checked.

      • Nick says:

        Byrne knew what Johnson had done, Byrne was the Chief Exec, therefore the club knew. And they still played Johnson last season and this. Whether Allardyce or other managers knew is irrelevant because the club hierarchy knew and allowed him to be picked. The only questions that need asking are of the FA about why SAFC have not been docked points.

  4. Rob says:

    This may be indicative of the black hole that our Academy has become, but James Tavernier is no longer a Newcastle player- and hasn’t been for quite a while.

    • Simon Sharp says:

      True enough, but you’ve got to go back to Andy Carroll/Fraser Forster to identify a player that we’ve produced who has established themselves in a Premier League team, which I think is the material point. It’s fairly apparent that the Academy and u21 coaching isn’t good – the teams get humped most weeks by their peers? Is it tactical, is morale poor throughout the club or is our catchment not even as good as, say, Derby County? We were told that Stefan Broccoli from the u18’s was ther next best thing – where has he gone? What benefit does an u18 keeper like Brendan Pearson derive from sitting on the bench at Gateshead?

  5. Joe Hawkins says:

    “Desperate” is the word to describe Newcastle’s attempt to stay in The Premier League !
    Rafa Benitez was sitting on his jacksy doing nowt so taking a punt at keeping Newcastle up is win win for him in all honesty.
    His appointment has all the hallmarks of a typical move which we have seen during the nightmare Ashley era.
    He is basically a manager on loan and one way or another he will not be here next season.
    Whether it’s through relegation or another snidey trick of Alan Shearer proportions you can see from a mile away what is going to transpire.

    This squad of players we have will be lucky to win another game this season so “If” they do stay up it will be an escape of Harry Houdini standards.

    As for Adam Johnson, Do we really need to be talking about him now that he has been sentenced ?
    I don’t think for one minute Sunderland Football Club knew that he was going to plead guilty and they like anyone were giving him the age old “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.”
    Margaret Byrne is a lawyer at the end of the day so anything Johnson said to her was never going to go any further because that is the way it is.

    Johnson is an abhorrent character no doubt but the so called aeroplane celebration can anyone say for certain that’s what his intention was ?
    I mean would he be that stupid to do that in light of what had transpired with the bringing down of the plane ?

    Which brings me onto this continued Liam and John clapping on 17 minutes, Is it not time to stop doing it because it is getting ridiculous ?
    I am not trying to be disrespectful here but enough is enough !
    Even Liam’s dad has said as much on the subject himself and has said he understands that people have to move on.
    Stilian Petrov had to ask the Villa fans to do the same because it went on for far too long.
    The tribute for Liam and John was fine for last season but how long are they going to do it for, Forever and a day ?
    It’s got to the point where people are obliged to clap and if they don’t will be subjected to dodgy looks and aspersions of being disrespectful in some way.

    • Bob says:

      Byrne may be a lawyer but she wasn’t appointed by Johnson or acting for him. She was acting as Chief Executive of SAFC at the time so client confidentiality doesn’t apply for Johnson. She knew so, as the comment says SAFC knew. That’s how I see it. However, any comments we make will not make any difference to any authorities involved so I agree that we don’t need to comment further.

      • Joe Hawkins says:

        I understand what you are saying but because of her profession she was never going to say anything whether she was representing him or not.
        It’s like that whole priest thing where they will never reveal what anyone confesses to them.

        That’s what happens when certain people take Hippocratic oaths.

  6. Pat Hughes says:

    It may just be me being fanciful but Johnson (suited) does bear a frightening resemblance to George Osborne.

  7. Peter says:

    Margaret Byrne was also responsible for the appointment of the fascist Di Canio as manager in 2013 and went into total denial about that being an ethical problem as well….

  8. Boomtown says:

    Come on Karl Darlow… always rated him as a keeper…. always!!! erm…. anyone know how to get to Rotherham for next season?

  9. tomb says:

    Not sure why they didn’t sign some experienced goalkeeper cover once Krul was ruled out for a year. Darlow was meant to be a hot prospect not so long ago so here’s hoping he does well. People were saying the same when Elliott took over from Krul yet he has been player of the season.