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I don’t think anyone can now seriously make a case for Alan Pardew remaining as SackPardewNewcastle United manager. It has passed the point of no return. You know it, I know it, Mike Ashley knows it and Alan Pardew knows it. All that is keeping Pardew in the job must be the terms of the ridiculous eight year contract given to him not so long ago by the man who now has the responsibility of bringing the whole sorry farce to a conclusion.

Forget all the bollocks from Pardew about him continuing to “fight” being “professional” or any of that baloney. Its all about the terms ofhis compensation package. I would hope Pardew and Ashley can get around a table this week and agree it’s not working, reach some kind of agreement about money, shake hands and get it over and done with.

I can understand Ashley’s reticence to pay a manager off who in his eyes has failed miserably, particularly when he has paid off Allardyce, Keegan, Hughton, Wise and Kinnear from big jobs at St James’ park but if he doesn’t and he doesn’t do it quickly then a lot more money will be lost because this team will be relegated undwer Pardew.

I don’t apportion blame with 100% with Pardew. That would be nonsensical. The real responsibility lies with Ashley. He is the one who has the club cut to the bone and he is the one who makes the mental decisions. It is a fair question amidst the rage – who would work for Ashley? Well, likely no-one with any choices to go anywhere else half decent but to give ourselves a chance, Ashley has to sack Pardew and appoint someone who can bring some energy to the club. Hopefully it won’t be some chancer like Venables or the terminally irritating Steve Bruce (extremely unlikely as compensation would have to be made) but I’m not getting my hopes raised it will be anyone with any real and decent credentials.

I think we can pretty much forget David Moyes. His stock has not fallen that far, that quickly to agree to sign off his credibility by working for Mike Ashley.

Its over for Pardew. Everyone knows it but only Ashley can put him out of his and our misery. He just has to go.


Whether Ashley’s beer talking in the Golden Lion in Soho last Friday night makes it more or less likely Pardew will be binned this week, I really don’t know. But I do know this was another episode which was crass and clueless like so many others. When will this man just do what everyone wants, sell Newcastle United and give us a chance with someone else.


Newcastle United has a big question to answer with regards to Jonas Guitteraz and how the lad has been treated by the club. This was a player who was virtually undroppable by Pardew but who it seems was rejected by the club when his cancer became known. Its stated Jonas was told to go away. He did go away, to Norwich and since his return he has been back in Argentina.

Something doesn’t smell right about United at the moment and however much I loathe the people running our club, like many others, I can’t bear the thought of Jonas being so shamefully treated.

But I do fear the worst.


Something isn’t going to plan. United have progressed through two rounds of the League Cup and now has an unenvious trip to Man City. No-one gives us a prayer, which is understandable. Being a contrary bastard, I haven’t written us off. I’m old enough to know better as well.


So, we hear United requested the lower tier of the away end at Stoke be kept vacant in order to reduce the visibility of protests at how our club is being run. United also brought in extra stewards to confiscate leaflets and posters ahead of the Hull game provided by the people. And people reckon Ashley isn’t bothered by protesting fans?


Swansea away this weekend. It’s a daunting trip to the Premier League’s best run football club. If Stoke wasn’t Pardew’s last game then surely Swansea will be.

Anyway, it’s all rubbish right now, the club will bleed to death if the big issue of the day isn’t dealt with.

Pardew Out!

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23 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – How Soon Is Now? – 29/Sep/14

  1. David Chapman says:

    Just seen this quote, ‘Newcastle have lost the last 25 Premier League games in which they have been trailing at half-time.’ Enough said, The man couldn’t motivate a dog, using a tennis ball.
    Time for this rabble to go now, no more excuses we want our club back.

    • Rob says:

      Worse. Under Pardew, we have never won a game when behind at half-time.
      Also, I give more credit to Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan for the 4-4 than to Pardew.

  2. Micky Miller says:

    Who with any credibility will grasp this chalice of steaming piss? Who with any sense of self worth will put his career in the hands of that cretinous cash obsessed toad? There was a time when managing Newcastle United would be a pinnacle of any managers career but now it has the appeal of Ebola.. Talk of basketball heed Steve Bruce makes me piss blood..

  3. Big JB says:

    In answer to your question Michael, the answer is ‘too late’. It’s clear that ashley, rather than do the right thing, will be more interested in preserving his reputation for not buckling under pressure and will keep pardew in charge for the forseeable future. In taking this pig-headed attitude he is indeed signing his OWN death warrant as we hurtle towards the Championship, without a core of players that can bring us back immediately ala 2009-10. Worrying times ahead

  4. Ali says:

    Years ago I used to run to the pub and watch Shearer and co play on TV. Following NUFC was everything. Nowadays, its on a par with shopping or going to the bank. Its been reduced to absolute tedium, and all because Ashley runs the club like one of his scabby little shops – boring and devoid of anything approaching class. Pardew is finished. His record over the last 100 games is utter crap. It must be the worse in the history of the PL barring those clubs who got relegated. Ashley – Please sack Pardew and leave us alone. Go up north and kill off Rangers instead.

  5. Greeny's Guitar says:

    As soon as I saw the team I knew we wouldn’t get a result. How can he keep picking the players and use the tactics that have landed us in the claggy.
    Ashley is the root of our problems but they are compounded by this clueless tosspot and his pathetic staff.
    If it carries on much longer it’ll need somebody of the Pulis mould to avoid the drop.

  6. wayne corby says:

    a smoggy workmate this morning “you Geordie fans are diluded, you want a team to attack and get beat 3-0 over play boring football”
    they just don’t get it do they?
    I reminded him of the Ardiles years, loads of young players like clark, howey, Thompson, Elliott and Watson….we were shite but these players cared and we loved them for it. going to the match back then was exciting even though we knew we would lose.
    what we would give for 11 players and a manager/owner who gave a fcuk now?

    • John says:

      We have one of if not the poorest defence in the league. I switch on my TV last night to see what is happening in the Man City v Roma Champions League game, oh Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa in central defence for Roma in a champions league game. Wasn’t he rejected by the current management as not good enough to get into a piss poor NUFC, Nice to see our coaching staff know how to get the best out of the players they have/had.

  7. Alan says:

    Alan Pardew….
    I’m now of the opinion I was wrong about this ‘man’ all along. He isn’t an incompetent, lying sycophant with no self respect after all.
    He’s clinically insane.
    There must be drug cartels in Columbia wondering who the fuck is producing cocaine of the strength and purity as to bring about such an astonishing ego and delusions of grandeur.
    Ozzy Osborne and Lemmy will be shaking their heads in bewilderment that even during their most reckless binges of alcohol and amphetamines they still remained comparatively coherent when listening to the shite that comes out the lunatics mouth.
    Albert Hofmann, god bless his soul, must be looking down and thinking not in his wildest imagination could he have discovered a chemical that produces the hallucinations and mind boggling analysis Pardew experiences while watching a football match.
    For his own good, he needs to section himself.
    As for the fat, classless, piece of human dross that employs him. . .
    During the 80’s I had the good fortune to stand on the terraces with Newcastle supporters who went toe to toe with the riot police on the miners picket lines. Who didn’t bat an eyelid when confronted by the ‘finest’ London produced in backstreets round Stamford Bridge, Upton Park and White Hart Lane.
    Ashley’s bank balance irrefutably indicates he’s a very fortunate man, however if there’s any justice in the world his luck will run out and that next time he feels like giving it the big one in the pub it won’t be an impartial journalist from the Independent he bumps in to.
    It’ll be one of the above and he’ll have time to ponder his fucking pathetic, spiteful obsession with pissing off the supporters of our club as he’s lying bleeding and battered in a gutter.
    Sadly, these days, It’ll be some simpleton in a Wonga top.

  8. Ant says:

    Relegation will be for the best: after the parachute TV money runs out, Ashley will have zero interest in NUFC as a cash cow. The new acquisitions are not doing too well and beyond Krull, Jaanmat and Tiotte, there will be no new income stream appearing for him from wheeling and dealing in the transfer market.
    At that point, Ashley will sell us to anyone who will have us. It’s a depressing state of affairs, but roll on 2017!

  9. Glen Matfin says:

    When the clubs transfer policy revolves around unearthing £6m footballing gems to sell on at +£20m if you don’t find the gem you are left with a £6m footballer. In today’s game that is at best an average player. I’m afraid that our squad is now full of that category of footballer. I agree that Pardew does not motivate this squad, however finding a manager who would come and work under these conditions and can turn around our season may I’m afraid be impossible. Ashley will have to change his business plan for NUFC if he is to continue benifiting from the world wide Premier league advertising he currently enjoys for his other business.

  10. JR says:

    We had 10 corners to their two. At no point did I think we’d ever score from any of them. That’s down to the manager and his coaching staff. No excuses. Time to go.

  11. JD says:

    Agree with your comments on possible goings on between Jonas and the Club. Something isnt quite right. I think Collo’s performances/attitude and disinterest over the past 18 months back this theory up too.

  12. Gordon Young says:

    My take is that the pay off poker game is in full swing.

    I think Ashley expected us to kill Pardew off at the Hull game so that he would accept a mutual consent agreement. However, a near miracle kept him afloat.

    While having a “quiet” drink in the smoke, a journalist fell into our beloved leaders´ lap. Thinking on his feet he took advantage to up the stakes. Leaving Pardew in it to stew.

    Think. If it really was a joke, then surely the FCB would have phoned Alan to tip him off and reassure him. According to Pardew, no phone call about this topic.
    That is why he looked like a very sick man at the end of the game. He knows he is not wanted and the pressure will be built till he caves in.

    Pardew will get a pay off even if he resigns.
    1: to keep him quiet, a non-disclosure deal.
    2: the manager´s association will fight his case as a dismissal. There is more than enough evidence.

    I think there is a manager lined up and I wouldn´t be surprised if it is Moyes.

    Gordon Young

    • Steven Mitchell says:

      David Moyes would never in a million years take the job at Newcastle.

    • David Chapman says:

      Moyes would never manage under Ashley, he’s not that desperate, If Pardew is sacked and I don’t think he will be anytime soon, you can expect such names as Alan Curbishley, Steve Kean or Tony Pulis to take over. From the barrel of utter shite we could pick from I would go for Tim Sherwood or Malky MacKay but we all know it’s going to be Tony fucking Pulis. He’ll keep us up, keep Mike happy and fuck us lot off, perfect.

      • Paul Brown says:

        Malky Mackay ??? Are you aware of what he’s been up to?
        Mind I wouldn’t put it past Ashley to appoint him to really piss us all off.

        • David chapman says:

          Yeah I’m aware of what he’s been up to but you need to realise that nobody with any class or scruples is ever going to be our manager under Ashley, I’m saying Mackay purely because he’s the best football manager out of the utter rejects that we have to pick from.

  13. Chris Nappin says:

    I agree with Ant and think that relegation would be the best thing for the club long term, as counterintuitive as it may seem. We’re either going to stay up with Pardew, stay up with his replacement, or go down. Staying up with Pardew will be shite, but looks unlikely as he’s almost guaranteed to take us down (or at least be close). Staying up with a weak replacement like Pulis will also be shite, and we’re essentially left with the same problems that Ashley presents us with currently. Getting relegated would take Ashley’s Sports Direct showcase off the international TV screens, and also cripple the club’s TV income – which Ashley’s been incredibly lucky to stumble upon given how obscene the latest deal is. That’s the only way I can personally see Ashley feeling damaged/threatened enough to sell the club. The alternative is to survive with a better manager than Pardew, albeit a low-grade one, where we can look forward to ‘competing’ in what is an absolute joke of a competition, the premier league. It’s about who has the most oil money really, it’s not a sporting event. I’m sick of being in this league under Ashley, it’s completely pointless. That won’t change regardless of whichever nacker decides to jeopardise their integrity by working for him as manager. I’d honestly prefer to go down and stand a chance of freedom. Because I want that to happen though it inevitably won’t and we’ll spend enough in January to scrape by, the need of which being highlighted by our horrendous December fixture list. Then we’ll continue as we have been with the same soul-sucking strategy, with more and more fans becoming more and more disillusioned. Then what? Fuck knows

  14. tattyheed says:

    pretty fkin ironic that Nigel Pearson (former caretaker manager of this parish) – is organising a team of nobodies deep in Rugby country and making them play like they belong in the division. yet we’re stuck with that clueless cunt – who’s sole tactic is fkin Mike Williamson at the back post.
    Ashley is – in my opinion – making us pay for the aftermath of the KK affair.

    The bastard

  15. Garry C says:

    The most worrying thing amongst all this as our club is falling apart is that we haven’t played anybody yet. Taking into account Swansea, where we’ll almost certainly lose again, Man City are probably the only side we’ve played who’ll finish in the top 8 or so. If we had a decent side that we could have confidence in we’d have looked at an opening few games of Villa, Hull, Southampton, Palace, Stoke and Swansea as games we ought to get a decent points haul from. The next few games after Swansea and Leicester are frightening, especially in December and we could be dead and fucking buried by January. Then if the fat man panics and gives Pardew or whichever out of work yes man he replaces him with some cash to spend, it’ll probably still be too late. And it boils your piss to see Yanga Mbiwa’s performance in a side that plays good football…he’s now played in the last 4 for Roma, conceded one goal (a pen) and they’re top of the league. Not as good as Taylor or Williamson? Do me a fucking favour………decisions like that explain the mess we’re in…….