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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Signs of Life – 21/Mar/2016

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I don’t think it is betraying Newcastle United pride to concede we were fortunate to get a draw in the latest derby with The Mackems. I thought Sunderland were better organised and had a more convincing game plan than us and particularly in the first half when we were finding it difficult to get across the half-way line. Not unsurprisingly Allardyce’s team targeted Jack Colback who was filling in at left-back because the people who run our club have saw fit to start the last three seasons without one. Colback is a very limited midfielder but he’s an exceptionally poor left-back. Obviously the presence of Jermaine Defoe is a massive advantage for them in these games because we have no-one similar.

There was a chill that ran through SJP in the second half when at times we looked Benitez2desperate and had no answers to the organisation and discipline Sunderland had when it seemed Allardyce appeared to be defending the 1-0. Had hippo head pressed home his team’s advantage and got a second we’d have been finished. Thank God he didn’t but also praise be to Rob Elliott’s brilliant save from Van Anholt’s shot. Had that gone in we’d have all been in a very different mood this morning.
Not that there weren’t positives to be drawn from this game. Few will argue that had McClaren been on the side-lines we would have lost this game, players who have already raised questions about the character and will to win, would have chucked the towel in and we might have been on the end of the kind of humping we’ve had the pain of experiencing under Pardew, Carver and McClaren. That we didn’t face that fate is possibly down to the men on the touchline – Allardyce for his lack of adventure and Rafa, cajoling something from this disparate band of mercenaries in whom the future of Newcastle United will be hanging in the next couple of months. Benitez kept us in the game at Leicester on Monday night until the end and he did the same in the derby where we thankfully got something of a reward and SJP exploded with joy as Mitro’s header crossed the line in front of a delighted Gallowgate End.
But the derby has gone now. We remain in a difficult position but we are still alive and we still have a chance of staying up. We cannot stop fighting. I’m delighted Benitez will have a full two weeks now to prepare this team for the trip to Norwich because little by little he is improving the team. Hopefully Cisse will have two more weeks to add to his recovery and Collocini will return to the back-line. There may be possibly more to add to the Benitez ranks but serious questions have to be asked of Carr and Charnley in what Saviet and Doumbia are doing at our club if they cannot get a sniff of an appearance having come into the club in January given the position we are in right now. Neither McClaren or Benitez appear to believe they are worth anything. Whatever happens at the end of the season – Carr and Charnley have to go because their incompetence as much as the coaches they have appointed and the strategy the club has followed under Ashley is to blame for our predicament.
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Have a good week.
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2 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Signs of Life – 21/Mar/2016

  1. Anton says:

    I just can’t believe we have over £25m worth of players on loan while the team is fighting relegation.
    I also can’t believe how well Sunderland and Bournemouth have bought in January as opposed to our lot.
    Ashley does not like losing money, so I’m assuming that the only reason Carr is still associated with the club is because it’s cheaper to let his contract run out rather than pay him off. Or masochism.

    As for Rafa: we are very lucky to have him. I hope (foolishly) that whatever happens in terms of relegation, he will take on NUFC as a “fixer upper” sort of project. We have a terrible team, with zero confidence and self-belief. Let’s see if we can save ourselves.

  2. C says:

    granted I was hungover to fuck, and watched it on my phone ….without audio, but I thought we were by far the better team in the second half, just a lack of cutting edge around the box. It was one way traffic as far as I can remember, but I was throwing up about an hour before kick off so could be wrong. Next game is pivotal lose that and I don’t see a way out! think Cisse will be a big player for us in te remaining games hope he can stay fit.