THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Results – 1/Mar/15

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Although the 3pts were most welcome to push us further away from any risk of any battle CisseVilla1against relegation, I’ll admit to an additional tingle knowing this win over Aston Vile pushes them closer to a delicious relegation. Delicious for anyone that happened to be at Vile Park   on 24/May/09 and observed at close quarters the behaviour of large sections of their fans as we slipped out of the Premier League. It wasn’t just the flags in the Holte End. There was presumably a Vile fan in an SAFC shirt holding up an FTM poster in the enclosure near the away fans and the general twattishness of their followers after the final whistle and outside the ground which was bewildering as we hitherto had never really had any kind of rancour or rivalry with the club from the West Midlands. They look doomed now and we can be satisfied that although we did not apply the coup de grace, we did at least give them an energetic kick up the arse that will see them tumble down the stairs to the Championship. C-ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

With the Mackems apparently in free fall, this season could spread some joy, albeit in the small time Schadenfreude variety. Our next visit to the SoS would be a good time to stop the derby rot.

Mind, not that the Vile game itself will linger long in the memory as it was abysmal. How tfgallowgatesoul
much have the TV companies paid for the likes of this? More fool them. I’d have switched it off. Carver reckons he was brave in selecting the team he did. I think we’ll take that with a pinch of salt. With Tiote and de-Jong crocked, Perez exhausted and Colback banned, the would-be Head Coach probably played the only side he could in all honesty. I do think if he employs the same tactics on Wednesday night, we will be over-run in the midfield. Then again, Man Utd at home could be one of those “free games” Carver spoke about after the Man City debacle last week. How he manages it, I couldn’t begin to say but we will have to be narrower and we will have to have extra bodies in the midfield. Riviere would be the obvious one to give way and if he can’t make an impact against Vile at home, God knows when he’s going to show what he can do.

But a win is a win and with upcoming fixtures the way they are, that might have to last for a bit.

Papiss Cisse (aka Dave) a practising Muslim, a lad accepted fully into the football club as well as our Geordie community, got the winning goal. I call that a result.

I must in fairness however add that the Villa fans (Aston Villa Independent Supporters tfleazessoulAssoc.) did unfurl a flag in tribute to John Alder and Liam Sweeney on 17th minutes and their fans did whole-heartedly take part in the minute’s applause. Fair play to them for that.

It wasn’t the only feel-good result in NE1 on Saturday and I was delighted to join a good
4000-ish who took to the streets to let those from the PEDIGA (100 tops) know they are not welcome in our city. It was no surprise they were joined by the rabble from the EDL, NF et al and it’s no surprise either they ended up fighting amongst themselves. Something tells me it will be a while before they are back. Ironically, the Bigg Market was the venue for a rally in the 30s when Oswald Mosely brought his Blackshirts to the city and they were rewarded with a full Geordie pagga from a collection of miners, shipyard workers, trade unionists etc. from the NE. Thankfully there was no violence on Saturday but I’m sure our Grandparents from those days will be looking down upon us all and be full of approval for their grand-bairns carrying on our great tradition. Our protest was a great advert for the city. It tells the world what we are about – tolerance and diversity. It made me proud to be associated with this great city-region and it was a reminder of its greatest asset – its people.

But the real people who were responsible for making the day such a success are the likes of the North East People’s Assembly, Newcastle Unites, the City Council, Unite – local people getting off their arses and doing something. It was good to see so many Labour politicians involved on the day. In my opinion, we have rowed back from the days of the NE being used as a safe-seat paradise for New Labour apparatchiks and we seem now  to have proper Labour people as MPs now – the likes of Chi Onwurah, Ian Mearns, Ian Lavery, Mary Glindon, David Anderson and others. Not all Labour of course, I’ve got a lot of time for the TUSC (Trade Union Socialist Coalition) and it was good to see them well-represented. We have a mutual friend.

I heard this fanzine get some credit for promoting the counter-demo to our readers. That’s no big deal. No-one deserves credit for that. It’s the people who do the organising, go to the meetings, give their time up and I think as a group of supporters we do well to remember that.

Of course there are some fans who hold completely contrary views to the ones we express Pegida
here. Some of them are racists, some of them are apologists for racists and some of them simply do not believe football and politics should mix. Their naivety is astonishing in that last regard. Football is a massive, global, cultural phenomenon and it exists in a wider universe. It is not the pub’s darts team. Some attempt to dissemble against the likes of us on occasions such as the counter-demo, making the claim that any protest against the likes of PEGIDA is in some way a de-facto a defence of radical Islam and the atrocities committed in its name.  That is absolute nonsense of course. I can’t speak for anyone on that march other than myself – I’m a pretty committed atheist and find any adherence to any kind of religion baffling, let alone Islam or Christinaity or Judaism or anything else. It’s all a load of nonsense in my opinion and I’d hope over time it would all die out and we’d move to a more humanistic, tolerant and rational way of living based upon equality and fairness. The situation in the Middle East with so-called Islamic extremists committing all kinds of barbarism appals me as it does any decent person whatever their background. It reminds me of the Nazis in WW2. The answer to confronting those problems rest in our security services, economics and diplomacy – not the ghettoising of one part of our community because it suits the agenda of hate-filled racists seeking to scape-goat them as cover for the problems of the world or their own personal inadequacies.


This coming week is going to be an interesting one if by some indications its true and we special_widget_pic
do get the latest accounts published. Doubtless they will be pored over by plenty. We’re very fortunate on true faith to have several of our writers who are qualified accountants and hold substantial positions in the financial professions, well used to analysing a set of books. They are all Newcastle United supporters too. We intend to have some in-depth analysis in future issues of true faith but we’ll also have some material online as well.

There have already been some big profits forecast with even some predicting the club will have made bigger margins than some clubs competing in the Champions League etc.  These accounts could tell us what the future direction of travel is with Ashley and United or it could lead to yet more brain-bending speculation. Is he going t sell up? Is he going to stay and continue to piss up the leg of Newcastle United forever? Hopefully, we’ll hope to shed more light than heat. Stay tuned folks.


It was fantastic to see Jonas back in the Newcastle United fold and on the bench. It will Jonasvillahowever dispel a few strong rumours doing the rounds that he will not be played for financial and/or contractual reasons, when he actually gets on the pitch. That said, seeing the lad run up and down the line after all he has been through was unquestionably the best result of a day of great results.

It also however begs the question, why the club ever put him out on loan to Norwich City. Something has not quite sat right in all of this but I do think it will be when he has left the club when we will discover the truth. I do not expect it to reflect well upin Ashley, Llambias, Charnley, Pardew and perhaps Carver.


A free week-end after the mid-week Man U fixture at SJP means we are able to indulge a Stanncresttaste for non-league football again. I may go mad and take a trip with Heaton Stann and Hendy & Co. to Northallerton this weekend. It’s a bit of a hike for a non-league game but Mark and the lads in the deep south of the region are a cracking bunch, so it could be a good journey. Lots to chew the fat over. In fact, a lot of fat!

Ashington are away to that great Durham non-league club Bishop Auckland – that could be a canny day out. Whickham are over at Ryhope CW but that’s a bit too close to the dark-side for my liking.

Of course the men of the moment, North Shields, who are now in the semi-final of the FA Vase after a great 2-0 win in the quarters, make the short journey to West Allotment Celtic  in Division 1 of the Northern League. I am sure the NS Ultras will make the trip for that game and be in great voice. This lot is bringing a great vibrancy and colour to non-league football. It could catch on you know.

Unfortunately, Blyth Spartans are away this coming Saturday so a trip to the wonderful Croft Park is on the back-burner this weekend.

After losing at home to Bristol Rovers Saturday gone, The Heed have an attractive looking game to Wrexham on Tuesday night but miss out on some Mag extras on the gate this Saturday as well as they are away.

We’ll have something more in detail later in the week but of course don’t ignore the Northern Alliance with clubs like Percy Main Amateurs et al delighted to have extra faces around the touchline.

Some of you might just want to crack on about the non-league scene – may we recommend the Non-League Zone, who I am sure will be very welcoming of Newcastle United supporters. Just click here

We also have a nice little arrangement with local non-league fans website – For The Love of Football – just click here for more gen –


Before the weekend however, we will have a brand new issue of true faith (TF119) flying into your in-box. As ever, it will be a 100-page extravaganza of superb fanzine writing as well as fantastic design with a load of bells and whistles which we know you love. We are working hard to take true faith to the next phase of fanzines and we think we are winning. See below for all the crack to get signed up.

Have a great week.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …


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4 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Results – 1/Mar/15

  1. Yusaf Khalil says:

    A well written piece. It is baffling that Pediga chose Newcastle to peddle their confused bigotry but deeply satisfying to see the Newcastle public out in force to tell them where to stick it.
    I have been a regular reader of this fanzine (and one-time contributor for the World Cup 2010) for many years and have nothing but admiration and respect for the guys that week in week out produce this fanzine.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Pat Hughes says:

    Pediga probably thought we were a soft touch and the police were a soft touch. How wrong were they and I doubt they’ll tarnish our city again. Such a satisfying and rewarding morning.

  3. andy says:

    Oh and some of them remarkably don’t vote fucking labour!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Drew Murty says:

    I hate racists. I also hate the Labour Party.