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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – New Dawn Fades – 8/May/16

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So, that was that then. Newcastle United travelled to Aston Villa needing to win to stay in the fight for survival and of course they didn’t. It was the most Newcastle United thing ever that they failed to beat one of the worst ever teams the Premier League has ever seen. United was the only team in the PL not to beat Villa this season.  That doesn’t shock you does it? It was inevitable that a team that has flickered into life in recent weeks and looked like delivering an unlikely survival should cross the white line at Villa Park and deliver one of the most limp, anaemic performances we have witnessed of this wretched season.

News from elsewhere this Saturday gone variously cheered and crushed us but it never really mattered, relegation is CharnleyAshleyinevitable for a collection of cowards and cheats now likely in talks with agents to get them moves to some other mug club that will put up with their cowardice. You all know who I’m talking about but for the avoidance of doubt I’ll excuse Rob Elliott, Karl Darlow, Jamaal Lascelles, Andros Townsend, Chancel Mbemba and … naw, no more, that’s it. They are the only players we have had turn out this season who I would like to see stay at United. The rest can fuck off.

There is a culture of failure at Newcastle United that runs through the club from the indifference of Mike Ashley to the incompetence of Charnley and Carr and a further collection of has-beens and yes men (step forward Peter Beardsley and Bob Moncur) and it has seeped into the fabric of our club. Losing doesn’t matter as long as profit is on the bottom line. That has been a toxic culture that has infected every nook and cranny of SJP.

This imminent relegation wasn’t cooked up this season. It has been years in the post. With the head-banging appointment of Joe Kinnear as Director of Football, retaining Pardew well beyond his sell-by date, allowing John Carver to coach a PL team for half a season, the appointment of the very definition of failure in Steve McClaren and the brain-dead transfer model, United have been seemingly intent upon relegation. Throw in a dysfunctional recruitment policy and a development squad / academy that is failing year on year and things are going downhill fast. That’s not to mention Lee Charnley’s disastrous self-satisfaction at the profit he has delivered for his boss over these last few years. Charnley actually thinks he’s been doing a good job I don’t doubt. If ever the expression, Fool’s Gold was applicable then this is it.

United are now set to miss out on the riches of the new TV deal. At a stroke our finances will be devastated. Burnley, Boro and whoever is to be promoted with them are now looking at revenue that will dwarf Newcastle United’s. Bournemouth are now set to be a richer club than Newcastle United FC. This is the good financial husbandry Mike Ashley has brought to Newcastle United through the dolts he has appointed and none moreso than Lee Charnley. I repeat however, Lee Charnley in the terms of how his performance is measured, has been doing a good job. Lee Charnley has just had a significant pay-increase. This is the world of Mike Ashley and this is the world of Newcastle United. Football club? Don’t make me laugh!

Ordinary men and women who have Newcastle United as an employer are now facing a redundancy situation that will be every bit as savage as 2009. I’d like to see the millionaires in their sports cars explain to club staff receiving their P45s how difficult it was for them to put a sweat on playing for our club on so many occasions since August. It is absolutely shameful and heart-breaking.

No doubt, attention will switch to the future of Rafa Benitez. Here are my words of counsel – Rafa Benitez is now in the last week of his time at Newcastle United. The Spaniard couldn’t fail at United. If anything by getting something of a tune out of this basket-case of a squad he has if anything enhanced his reputation. His stock is still high and as a manager he will be in demand this summer I have no doubt. This relegation is not the fault of Rafa Benitez. His appointment has proven to be too little, too late as many feared.

There may be a managerial vacancy at Everton which would suit Benitez’s family down to the ground but there might also be at Southampton and doubtless elsewhere including the Spanish national team which is sure to interest him. Mike Ashley would have to work hard to keep one of the best managers in Europe at United but that is not in the man’s character. He has no understanding or respect for football talent and neither does the man he notionally employs to run United for him.

Ashley and Charnley have a myopic view of how football works. They will see Benitez’s wage demands and walk away. They will appoint someone on a fraction of the money but completely fail to recognise their reduced talent. But they will congratulate themselves on getting a bargain. They will not, they cannot learn from their mistakes. Their wiring will not allow them to reflect on their errors. We are dealing with fools and knaves here.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but I’d imagine history will repeat itself. United will bleed to death over the summer for the want of a workable plan of recovery and a new leadership at SJP to take it forward.

I fully expect social media, so often the arena for the loud and the lazy to buzz with demands for all kinds of action. Boycotts and protests will be firmly back on the agenda. Good luck to those who wish to pursue this strategy. But I’m too bruised and care-worn to have anything to do with them. I’m worn down with the whole thing. I’ll go to the match next season and I’ll likely do a good few aways. It might also get to 3pm and I’ll decide to stay in the pub. Or I might decide to stay and have an afternoon with my significant other. Or it might get to half time and I’ll not be arsed and walk out. I might skip loads of games and dump my season ticket on some poor unsuspecting sap. But I’ll still be there or thereabouts. I’m not chucking it but I won’t be criticising anyone who decides they have had enough. I think I have had it myself but for various reasons, I’ll stay close to something that has meant a lot to me and lots like me. I won’t be poncing off to non-league football and talking laughably of “football with soul” as some kind of phony bull-shit standpoint. Newcastle United is my team and that’s that but I have to say it isn’t generating the same feelings it once did. Like many of you reading this, I’m running on empty.

This coming Sunday when we face Spurs, the game will be played in front of a St James’ Park that has been sold out for two weeks. I expect it will be played in a funereal atmosphere but I don’t expect Mike Ashley will be in attendance. Neither do I expect any statement from the club regarding future direction or anything you might expect. I fully expect a routine defeat on Sunday and the stands to be deserted by the full time whistle. I just expect the club to drift to the last sorry game of this season as it has drifted, doing its own thing for the last nine, desperate years of Mike Ashley.

I do want the vast majority of this sorry band of wasters in this squad to fuck off out of our club and I do firmly believe that every day that Charnley and Carr are in situ is a day wasted in what might be regarded as the rebuilding and recovery of Newcastle United if that can ever happen under the cancer that is Mike Ashley.

I would like to thank Rafa Benitez for his time at our club and although I’d desperately want him to stay to build a proper football institution, the truth is that will be impossible under the current ownership. I’d be amazed to learn if Ashley even likes football in any sense whatsoever.

I’d also like to congratulate Boro on their promotion. That part of the world deserves some success – SAVE OUR STEEL.

We’ll be doing the usual all this week online but after the Spurs game we’ll outline what is planned for the close season.

That’s it then.


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40 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – New Dawn Fades – 8/May/16

  1. mikey says:

    Thanks for crushing my hope , Charnley, Carr, Ashley, a lesson collectively from all three in how to ruin a proud football club and its patrons

  2. Alan says:

    I’m going to put this in big block capitals in a minute for you Michael because I genuinely believe you fail to grasp what’s staring you in the face.
    I could quite easily ‘out editorial’ you, chuck in some big words, the odd expletitive and churn out the bleeding obvious week after week after week with regard to the scandalous and wanton destruction of a football club we all love. But that would be waste of time, you’ve done it all before.
    So here we go…



    • Alan, you are free to do what you like pal. I’m impressed by your use of capital letters tho.

      • Alan says:

        And I’m equally impressed with your never ending, meaningless narrative.

        • but you can choose not to read it. I won’t be offended. Or you can choose to start the boycott you are banging on about. That will require some effort though. Good night.

        • SteveP says:

          Alan, you don’t seem to grasp that this narrative has to be repeated time after time. There are STILL people out there who don’t grasp what you’ve said that Ashley wants your money, they STILL think there’d be no NUFC without his purchase of the club, some STILL think that Ashley has actually put his own money into NUFC when in actual fact all he has done is loan the club £140M of which he has been repaid £11M. There are STILL people in denial that NUFC under Ashley has become a turgid shitfest with a succession of the worst players ever to pull on a black and white shirt

  3. Jeremy Mallinson says:

    Well put,can’t see us coming up for a while have to build a whole new team!

  4. Boomtown says:

    for what its worth… I think Sunderland will only get a point on Wednesday, just to draw out the agony until the weekend.

    • Dempsey says:

      Agree. Resigned to our fate after Norwich but then the hope creeps back in. However you knew the kick in the plums was coming and Sat was no surprise (still hurt though). Why would fate be done with us now when it could have a little bit more fun with an Everton win (oh hello again hope), followed by the final crushing blow of being relegated on the last day.

  5. bean says:

    . I won’t be poncing off to non-league football and talking laughably of “football with soul” as some kind of phony bull-shit standpoint.

    You should have been at SJP last Wednesday mate, best game I’ve seen there in years. Agree with most of what you say and I still have my season ticket but don’t go knocking non-league football for it being all of the things that are missing from NUFC at the minute. NSFC – ULTRAS.

    • I’m not knocking non-league. Apologies if you think I was. Its not my intention. I enjoy a little bit myself occasionally but (in my opinion) it doesn’t have any greater “soul” than Newcastle United. It can never replace Newcastle United for me and I don’t regard its followers to be any more or less worthy than those who are at SJP on a regular basis.

      • Joe Hawkins says:

        Michael, That’s the whole point though, Newcastle United no longer has a soul and can be easily replaced as many are now starting to realise.
        It’s as though a collective “Stockholm Syndrome” has be in evidence for years now and slowly but surely the veil has been lifted.

        It is liberating and a relief to walk away and leave the idiots to it !

        • as above Joe. I’m not knocking anyone who decides to follow non-league but I’m not having it the fans of non-league football are any more worthy or morally superior to those clicking through the turnstiles at SJP. I just can’r believe any joy at a new found non-league club can ever match Newcastle United. I agree the situation at NUFC looks pretty grim but it does at lots of other clubs too. I’m not saying continuing to follow the club or ditching it has any moral value either. Its just what people want to do. If people want to organise boycotts, then for God’s sake go ahead and do it but like the days of United Supporters For Change in the late 80s, early 90s, get out and get organised – on the streets rather than hammering away here online.

      • Bean says:

        I have no intention of giving up my season ticket and abandoning NUFC but I need my fix of standing on a terrace and having laugh with all of my mates. The raw passion, aggression and feeling of belonging (not to mention some very entertaining and good quality football.) . All of which is missing from SJP at the minute. Theres room in my life for both but I know which is the more enjoyable right now.

  6. Rob says:

    Pardew in his final season got 26 points from 19 games, Benitez has 10 points from 9, no pre season or time to assess the players but an extra £80m worth of signings to pick from. So if Benitez is one of the best managers in the world (and I do rate him) Pardew couldn’t have been doing THAT bad a job could he?. If Benitez was Pardew or McLaren he would currently be getting slaughtered by certain sections of our support after that performance and the players would be off the hook like they were during the time of the other two.

    • Bob says:

      The difference as I see it is that in the time he was here, Pardew didn’t improve the players or team play, in fact some players went backwards. Probably the same with McClaren. On the other hand in a short time, Benitez has improved both players and play. The fact is that the players fall into their old ways still. Maybe over a longer time he would have got that sorted.

  7. Peter Ward says:

    Sad commentary of the state we’re in.

  8. tomb says:

    He also masterminded a run of two wins in 22 before that so I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. Benitez also comes across as a lot more honest and likeable than the egotistical Pardew

    • Rob says:

      Not talking down Benitez Tomb, I actually think he has done as well as could be expected, what I’m getting at is the extra slack he has been cut by our support regardless of results. As you point out he is more likeable but should that matter?, I can get that the style of play is important to an extent, I get that results are important but when you want attractive winning football with a likeable bloke delivering it regardless of the numpties he has to pick from you are really pushing what is achievable. A large set of our fans simply thought our players were better than what they were and when they lost it was the managers fault, now Benitez is in charge the penny has finally dropped. As it turns out McLaren was probably delivering par and Pardew above par with what they had at their disposal going by what Benitez is getting out of them. It ain’t new, Jack Charlton wasn’t a bad manager, didn’t like his style tbh but he could do nothing right as far as some of our fans were concerned and copped all the flak for the boards policy on wages and transfers. We need to stop shooting the messenger.

  9. Peter Shearer says:

    I agree with all Michael says apart from his decision not to take action against Ashley. If all the websites, NUST, Ashleyout etc agreed to work together-we could win this battle. But too many shrink away from it and in that respect we deserve no better. It is foolhardy to suggest an individual could do this on their own, but if we united as a support we could. I have taken part in all the protests and would do so again, but the majority seem unable to fight for their club. Blackpool are putting up a better fight than us, and that is sorry reflection of our support. Ashley is the culprit, but we have to accept that we have been found wanting as a fanbase, and I never thought that I would say that.

    • Steve M says:

      I don’t think any fanzine has a responsibility to organise any form of boycott or protest, but they are the perfect place to help formulate them, support them and nurture them. Not sure I agree with ruling out any form of assistance when being so vocal in the desire to come to the same endpoint … but then its not my site

    • Dai says:

      I think the fact that many “shrink away” from protests is a perfect snap shot of what the supporters feel about the club. People have been worn down by years of lies, false promises and disappointment so as a consequence can’t face the fight. Some have jacked in their tickets as their part of the “fight” and good for them. I ultimately share the view mentioned in the comments that the only way Ashley would leave the club is if there were empty stands each week and he stopped getting peoples money. However, it is a blessing and a curse that our fans are so loyal in this respect, and keep going to games. I don’t share the view that they are part of the problem though – they are the life blood of the club. Personally, I can’t stop going and share the view with Michael that whilst the experience and feelings may not be the same any more, I can’t shake my connection with the club and what it means to me. Sadly I think Ashley will be here for a long long time until he realises that his actions are costing him money. Once that reality hits him, things may (and I emphasise may) change. Until then we’re stuck with him. Sadly, this could be the beginning of the end of the modern NUFC, and until Ashley gets slapped in the face by reality, we are in for a tough few years.

  10. Joe Hawkins says:

    Michael, I agree with most of your sentiments but have to take issue with your words of “Poncing Off To Non League.”
    I myself have found salvation in returning to the roots of what I loved about football when I was younger.
    No longer can I stand by and watch millionaires basically “Ponce” by on the loyalty of football fans and not give the proverbial flying…

    Okay you might not see football of the first calibre but at least they put their heart and soul into it and that will do for me.
    You are never going to change anything at Newcastle United with continued support for this ridiculous regime.
    So what happens this summer if Charnley and Co are retained which I fully expect they will be and Rafa being given the silent treatment al a Shearer ?
    Then to cap matters off another nugget put in at the helm to do The Keystone Cops bidding because it works for them ?

    You must be a glutton for punishment if you ask me but each to their own and all that…

    • SteveP says:

      There’s a difference this time in that Benitez actually has a current contract in place and only he can decide whether he stays (Ashley will not want to pay up his contract if he decides he doesn’t want him), whereas Shearer was put in place till the end of the season with a review to be held then, which we all know didn’t happen.

      • Tom says:

        I thought there was a two sided release clause in the contract so that both the club and Rafa had the option to terminate in the event of relegation?
        I believe it would be the club who would be more likely to activate that clause …if its true.

  11. Dempsey says:

    I know it’s been painful and we were used to things being done a certain way in the football community, but Mike was right to come in and blow the whole thing wide open. He’s showed us how the traditional make-up of a pure sporting institution was flawed, and proved what can be done by running a football club as a business on sound commercial decisions; not just chasing sporting triumph.

    So now we’re ready to move forward next season into a bright……….. sorry what? New TV rights deal? £5.14 billion?….. Really? and when does this kick in exactly?…….NEXT season!!!……. Oh F*ck!!!!!!!!
    In all seriousness, that’s what laughable about all this. He can’t even claim this is all just the bitter medicine needed to sort things out. Hell it’s not even the bitter medicine needed to make him more money. He’s ballsed it up every way you care to look it at from. We’re sinking and its his fault and its not going to work for either party.

    PS – Thanks Michael for another year of great TF and always enjoy your editorial.

    • Dave says:

      Nail on the head Dempsey, great post and agree with your sincere thanks to Michael and all the other contributors at True Faith, keep up the stirring work its much appreciated.

    • Graeme says:

      Hang on. Didn’t Mike and Derek have a five year plan which they announced with a fanfare in 2009. That should save us.

      Every game in the Championship will be treated like a cup final by the opposition. We’ll need players with balls, which excludes almost every member of the current first team squad.

      Burton Albion here we come.

  12. tomb says:

    I agree Rob that the manager gets too much of the blame when you think of our ridiculous transfer policy.
    Disappointedly Steve Claridge has given his opinion on matters that he appears to know nowt about, for the second time in two weeks criticizing McLaren for signings that he hasn’t made and praising Ashley for providing money for him to spend. You would think they should have a basic knowledge of events before commentating on national radio. It doesn’t help and no doubt they will be scratching their heads if we dare to protest against Mike Ashley. I guarantee if we had signed more English / domestic based players at the start of the season McLaren would have done a better job whilst still underachieving

  13. Boomtown says:

    Speaking of English players…. what’s the deal with Shelvey? He’s gone from future captain, to well…gone!

    Liverpool and Swansea were both keen to offload him, any rumours about attitude issues or the like? I thought he was a great signing at the time… seems Rafa does not agree!

  14. KennytheMag says:

    This string proves why there is no concerted effort to get something organised against Ashley & Co. People will always do what they want to do (Given the choice) not what other people tell them and that’s fine because it’s up to the individual. One day Ashley will be gone and that day will be celebrated. Until then we all have to do whatever we need to do to get through this. Personally, I love NUFC more than I hate Ashley. Not everyone’s choice but it’s my choice.

  15. Peter says:

    I think there are even greater concerns in some way. As far as I am concerned Ashley should be drummed put of football for what he has done at Newcastle United. He has destroyed it as a football club, with it becoming little more than a soulless advertising hoarding for two deeply disreputable companies.

    But of course that will never happen. The football bosses seem to be totally unconcerned by what has happened at NUFC or any of a number of other clubs for that matter. There is so little regulation, as with so many other areas of life.

    But then, as I intimate above, this is only a reflection of the increasingly vile society we live in where the only thing that matters is how much money you have. And things are set to get worse. If Ashley wrecking NUFC gets you down, just wait until someone similar to Ashley is owner and wrecker of your local schools or your local hospital.

    The disgraceful way Ashley has treated fans of Newcastle United is fast becoming the new norm for our society.

  16. Peter Shearer says:

    I agree with much of that Peter, but the sadder thing is that so many people will not take up the fight. The apathy, or lack of belief that we can change anything, is a reflection on society too. There have been people throughout history that have shown these attitudes can be defeated, but as many on this blog demonstrate, they might not like it but they cannot be motivated to do anything about it. Some of have mentioned their fathers and grandfathers in defence of their stance, but my view is that many of them would have put up a far better fight against Ashley.

  17. Alan says:

    Second relegation under Ashley confirmed.
    Keep buying the season tickets and handing over your money to the fat cunt.
    No doubt he’s got his best ever boner on tonight at how much he’s taking the piss out of the Geordies.

  18. Alan says:

    September 13th 2008
    Newcastle Utd 1 Hull City 2
    Attendance 50,242

    Nearly 8 years of shite, neglect, lies and abuse.
    Don’t eat any pies was the rallying call wasn’t it?

    Aye, we certainly showed that fat cunt that day.

  19. Patricia hodgson says:

    So yes of this year after year as most people seem to want to leave comments the same people don’t want to take action. I and a friend did all the demos
    And protests and got abuse from fans saying we were mad and that Ashley has made the club solvent so good luck on trying to protest now