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I don’t think anyone really expected United to have been decisive in the aftermath of what was a pretty standard away-day humping at Stamford Bridge when our team once again disgraced itself on its travels. My view is that if so-called Managing Director and Lee Charnley and de-facto Director of Football Graeme Carr moved to dismiss McClaren they would in fact be making a very public admission of their own culpability and handing in their resignations given how much time and effort they put into offering McClaren the job of Head Coach in the first instance. Charnley and Carr know very well they will struggle as much as John Carver has after last season’s disgrace to secure alternative positions at Premier League clubs. For Carr, at his age, that might not bother him so much but for Charnley, a relatively young man where he would go post-SJP will doubtless weigh heavily upon his thinking when it comes to that difficult conversation with McClaren.

For all of the blather about a football board, all of the real decisions will be made or at least sanctioned by Mike Ashley.LeeCharnley Owners of businesses routinely hire people to run them for them within the parameters they set but all the big decisions remain to be taken by the man who owns the whole shebang. Thus, real change at United will have to come from Ashley and it’s foolish to expect Charnley and Carr will make the calls that undermine their positions

For me, McClaren should have been binned in December. Two wins over Liverpool and Spurs took the heat off the failed Championship manager but since the turn of the year the familiar pattern of his team flattering to deceive has continued. We’ve had two wins over West Ham and a dire West Brom but we’ve been disgraceful at Everton, Watford (x2) and Chelsea despite those three sides hardly being on top of their game.

After the Chelsea debacle, United had 18 days without a game and a trip to La Manga for er, “warm weather” training. That, for me, provided the ideal opportunity to appoint the replacement that any half-decent operation would have been scoping out for the last few months.  The new man could have been parachuted in with his coaching team and enjoyed a mini-pre-season preparation with the idea of bringing some renewed sense of purpose and ideas even amongst this flawed squad with all of the holes all informed observers have spotted for years.

Naturally, Charnley and Carr decided they would attempt to keep faith with the man with whom their own credibility with Ashley depends.

Not that that absolves Ashley from responsibility. For all Ashley appears to want to create the impression he wants little toTFBadge do with the day to day running of United (in reality he questions where every penny is going we hear) if he had real ambition for the club he’d have been there well before now smashing Charnley’s nascent career up the glass atrium of the Milburn Stand and appointing proper professionals to take the club forward rather than a nobody. For Charnley, read Llambias, Wise, Jimenez Kinnear, Mort et al who all remain out of football after their failed adventures in NE1.

If Ashley had any ambition for United this situation would never have arisen. Quite simply the club would have been properly run and resourced by qualified and experienced professionals rather than those who happened to have met Ashley at some casino or on the piss in some minty country bar in Berkshire. Or in Charnley’s case, a Johnny-on-the spot who I don’t doubt has made it very obvious to Ashley he will do everything required to stay in a position he’d never get anywhere near at any other club in any club in the top two, possibly three divisions in this country. It’s just my opinion but Lee Charnley in particular is making or rather not making decisions that are in his own interests rather than Newcastle United’s. In that endeavour he is little different to the man he works for.


I’d almost forgotten about the Fans Forum. There will be another Fans Forum dance on Monday night. The whole thing operates in the manner of the North Korean dictatorship. The media is banned from observing proceedings and indeed, the Newcastle United Supporters Trust remains barred despite never having any reason given or explained for its Siberian exile. Correspondence to the club from the NUST and the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) continues to be unanswered.  The club’s supporters’ liaison officer or erstwhile PR man and bag carrier for Media Department colleagues’ swims in a very small pool and not unlike some of his colleagues at other clubs has many fans wondering about the whole point of his post.

I don’t doubt there are those supporters who participate within the Fans Forum who have the very best of intentions but by nature of being unelected and therefore having no real accountability to their fellow fans render the whole exercise pointless. I don’t blame them. I do blame the club’s attitude to those who ask awkward questions be they a supporters’ organisation such as the NUST or those in the media who it has energetically banned for almost the whole time Ashley has been in-situ.

Those who have been participating within the Fans Forum may have given the likes of me the gen off-the-record and have even on occasion asked for questions to pose to Charnley et al but are so afraid of being sacked off the thing have declined to go on the record or talk about their whole experience for fear of finding themselves out in the cold. I am aware of former members who have, to their credit, in my opinion, sacked the whole thing off as a bad job.

That’s not to say I am blaming individual fans for not giving us their side of their story as per the Fans Forum.  I do however have a less than positive view of pseudo-fans organisations (no members, no mission, no elections, no accountability, no achievements) sat round the table giving a preposterous impression of fan engagement to fulfil a UEFA directive. That’s a point that has been made by many before and will doubtless be made again but the real architects of this nonsense aren’t those who go along with the charade but rather those who have created it and that is Newcastle United Football Club.

Something has to change – ASHLEY OUT!


Keep On, Keepin’ On …


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  1. Andy bee says:

    Disagree Michael …..charnley will be so minted from our hard earned he won’t give a rats f8ck where his next job would be. He’d be more concerned on the wood for the deck of his yacht……sad but true.

    • Mark says:

      I’d be astonished if Charnley has made even close to a million during his time as MD at NUFC, never mind billions. He’s almost certainly miles away from owning a yacht. A rubber dinghy maybe?

    • Mark says:

      Just checked, he made £118k salary last year. Not peanuts, but hardly megabucks either – certainly not ‘buying a yacht’ type of money. If he was a multi-millionaire, he wouldn’t be as s***-scared of Ashley and the sack. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

  2. Pat Hughes says:

    And so the three wise monkeys remain in their cheaply-crafted bubble, with the occasional PR spin to shake them up. Meanwhile nothing changes apart from the cheaply-crafted bullshit about new starts, time to turn season around ad nauseum. Even if we do stay up, nothing will change, we won’t start a new season with shining eyes, big smiles, hearts full of hope and dreams of shiny cups. Not until Ashley does one anyway. I used to think Ashley only had one love e.g. Sports Direct but recent tales from Shirebrook have put that thought to bed. If he loved SD that much he wouldn’t allow his Eastern European workers to live in carved up, overcrowded houses with no regard for their safety. He’d make sure his little empire glowed with pride and care but he has only one love – money. The more the merrier and how it slips into his pocket is of no consequence to him.

  3. Anton says:

    Coloccini is reported to be injured. Body blow or blessing in disguise?

    Also, how was Doumbia in the friendly? said that he “kept a low profile”. I didn’t see the game – any thoughts?

  4. Tom says:

    Certainly an opportunity missed by Ashley but is anyone even a tiny bit surprised?
    The entire management set up at NUFC is basically incompetant and all were hired by Ashley.
    This would never happen at SD at management level.
    But,you are totally correct money is everything to the man.
    I hope we go down,I really do.
    It may not mean the end of Ashley (though we can but dream) but it will seriuously affect his earning potential while we are out of the Pl and that is good enough reason for me.
    Bitter? Cynical? Yeah,guilty as charged.
    The alternative is more of the same year after year after year….praying for 17th? No ta.

  5. mick says:

    im thinking may be best if we did go down. maybe clear all the dross starting with Mcfool out. Be interesting how much S Tickets cost!!

  6. Andy bee says:

    Wish I was on only 118k per year mark. I accept your point , ‘ officially’ he isn’t a multi millionaire cough cough however he holds 32 directorships and who knows how many of these are linked to cashly. The money is flowing trust me , but the point I’m actually making is he’s not bothered about the club or fans and is a beer buddy of fat Mike. Unfortunately he will probably outlive mc fool . Would love to shit in his dinghy.

  7. Peter Shearer says:

    It has come to something when the only pleasure I get from NUFC is to see more and more people turn against Ashley! I do think relegation will make more people think that way, so in that respect I do not think relegation is a bad thing. The status quo has to change for us to have a future.Ashley out!

  8. David Finlinson says:


    Blessing in disguise? give the armband to Shelvey and stoke the fuckers up for the Stoke game!!! Pun intended!!

  9. Peter Ward says:

    Make no mistake relegation would be a disaster. As far as Charnley is concerned he is just another yes man following all the others Ashley has foisted on us. Just remember some of the names, Wise, Llambias , Kinnear and they are just a few of them. If you follow his History he respects nobody and only employs toadies. See what has been said about him in the various court cases he’s been involved in. We have many bad employers in the Uk but Ashley tops the lot. In light of this what do you expect? It won’t change unless he goes.

  10. Tom says:

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic but……in the days before becoming our “preferred media partner” the Mirror used to write things like this……