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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Maladjusted – 25/Oct/15

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The last time I came out of the SoS after a derby defeat I was amongst a febrile away support sickened after another gutless surrender from a team which just looked to have cowardice running through it like Blackpool rock. This time, don’t get me wrong, I was with people similarly devastated at a derby defeat of an infinitely more emphatic score-line but this felt different. The difference I suppose was McClaren leading part of the team to the away end at the final whistle and the support returning the applause and a travelling support loudly chanting its defiance as all around the SoS Mackems could scarely believe what they had just witnessed.

United didn’t just edge the first half – we were completely dominant. We passed the ball well, our movement and shape was far superior and a goal to us looked inevitable. Then of course the sky fell in on us. We are denied a clear penalty by a grotesquely incompetent referee who got decisions big and small wrong all afternoon. Then we are looking horrified as the referee points to the spot and Coloccini is given a red card. Johnson puts the penalty away and we are staring at another derby defeat square in the face.

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What has been widely overlooked by the media however is Johnson’s celebration! I’m not going to defend the relentless abuse heaped upon Johnson in connection with his forthcoming hearing into allegations of sexual offences with a minor. They are a bit over the to me and I don’t particularly like it.


Johnson has a right (if he’s innocent) to feel wounded by the abuse but what he is not entitled to do is run the length of theRobertMadley pitch, arms outstretched in an aeroplane gesture that many around me took to be connected to the loss of two Newcastle United supporters in the MH17 disaster last year. It was a gesture not dissimilar to what has been common-place at Old Trafford for many years from nugget supporters wishing to goad home supporters with Munich tragedy gestures that I’m delighted to say has never been something we have indulged in with the exception of one or two utter tools.


Needless to say it will be impossible to prove what was in Johnson’s mind. Had he celebrated with Sunderland fans behind the goal where he scored the penalty, this discussion wouldn’t be happening. But he ran the full length of the pitch with a gesture that looked to me to be calculated.


Obviously, no-one in the media will have the balls to put the matter to him or Sunderland AFC.


That’s not to score ghoulish points off Sunderland. No other set of fans or club responded so well to the MH17 tragedy Penfield Kasson Mountain Parka - Blackthan our near neighbours and that should never be forgotten. This should not distract from the magnificent gestures that came from Sunderland last year but Johnson appeared to be up to something offensive and distasteful as far as I could see. It should not be swept under the carpet.


But onto the referee Robert Madley. If I wasn’t so invested in the game I think I’d have just laughed but obviously this was no laughing matter. How on earth Madley can decide Tiote’s two fouls warrant a yellow card but let Cattermole’s persistent offences go unpunished is mind-boggling.  I could go on and I’m sure you have.


But obviously the biggest rick is Madley’s decision to ignore the hand-ball and then clear foul on Gini in the Sunderland box which happened only seconds before they get their penalty.


Let’s leave it at that.


The derby has gone and we have to suck up the humiliation that comes with a sixth successive defeat to a team as Napapijri Aerons Jacket - Marine (1)lamentably piss poor as Sunderland. What must happen next is we beat Stoke City on Saturday. For all of the lift we got after the Norwich game last week, that has all gone now and we need to get a win on the board and recover from this defeat. Anything less and we are going to be looking down the barrel of relegation again. For me we need 20 points before the end of the calendar year and we had better start collecting them now.


If we don’t beat Stoke on Saturday then we are in the shit and it is rising.




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These are dark days on the Black & White planet. They can’t go on forever … they can’t can they? Can they?


Keep On, Keepin’ On …

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17 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Maladjusted – 25/Oct/15

  1. John Milton says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Johnson’s celebration – I wasn’t paying enough attention to realise he may have been simulating an aeroplane (you’d hope notnot, especially saying as he’s from a family of Mags) but I always thought deliberate gauding of opposition fans was a yellow? Mind, the way the ref ‘controlled’ the game it would have taken a Cantona-esque leap into the away end for the ref to have had a quiet chat with him.

  2. Boomtown says:

    I think having a go at a goal celebration is clutching at straws somewhat. Aeroplane? Really?
    Yes, the first half was one sided, stupidly so, but colo gave the ref a decision to make… It was a soft penalty, but it was a needless challenge. Someone of his experience should know better.
    Will NUFC appeal the red card? Doubt it!

    • Sunderland fans seem to think Johnson’s actions were a reference to the MH17 disaster and are saying so on their message-boards and on social media. So, so much for the clutching at straws mate.

      • Boomtown says:

        Indeed, but they also think Alan Shearer is illegitimate, and that he doesn’t have a birth certificate… So we can’t believe everything they say. My point was (although badly put) was that there were other things to concentrate on. Our inability to score when we were utterly dominate. Colo’s poor decision making. Elliot’s dubious positioning.

    • MooMoo says:

      McLaren says they will appeal it.

  3. Andrew says:

    Anyone whose ever been associated with the Manchester derby (as Johnson has) will be aware of the connotations that a gesture like that has, and it was clearly done for the benefit of our supporters.

    Aside from that I thought we were very unlucky, but we didn’t take our chances – Fletcher and Johnson always seem to take theirs in these games.

  4. Martin Lewis says:

    We can take this one on the chin. The ref looked stressed throughout, and skewed the contest horribly. We won’t get a ref like that every week. Johnson? Why bother giving him the energy trying to work out what goes on in his head. Let’s concentrate on us.

  5. Pat Hughes says:

    Only Johnson knows what Johnson had in his mind. He was either so excited at scoring he acted like a 3 year old or it was a deliberate taunt and very much open to personal interpretation. It doesn’t help when people like Steve Brenner tweet an offensive remark nor does it help when the BBC commentator described it as a great celebration on MOTD2. Talking of MOTD, I was offended by their tweet on red cards and our 10 reds since 14/15. “Three more than any other side…Aggressive!” Would have preferred a question mark and not an exclamation mark. Why do we get more cards and not a cosy little, steady on old chap, chat. I sometimes think it’s the officials that put me off supporting my team as much as Ashley! Refs are so inconsistent these days to the point of complete incompetency – perhaps they’re too busy grooming themselves for a telly appearance than brushing up on the game. Rant over.

  6. Spargel says:

    Johnson was goading the support and should possibly have been warned or booked. But he was responding to the taunts of away fans rather than any reference to the plane incident. To suggest anything else is disingenuous and in very bad taste. If you look at his past goal celebrations, he has done the same after various goals.
    Someone above trying to claim that Sunderland fans are talking about it as plane reference and inferring that we think it is funny. I haven’t seen any of these posts and all decent Sunderland fans would disassociate themselves with anyone who did think so. What happened was tragic and the reaction of SAFC fans in the aftermath of the tragedy should show how the vast majority feel.
    We were bit lucky in a way yesterday but possession and stats count for nothing. We put the ball in the net three times. That is all that matters. The Wijnaldum incident wasn’t “clear” and was one that can go either way. The challenge on Fletcher was away from ball and with no attempt to play anything but the man. Red card was bit harsh but it was a penalty. Both teams are in for a struggle, that much is obvious.

  7. Peter Shearer says:

    Leaving the obvious bits apart, the contribution of Thauvin when he came on was a disgrace. He is either short of motivation or talent (or both) but if we are in a relegation battle and we are relying on him to fight for us,we are doomed. What makes us look at him and think he is strong enough to cope with the premiership? Who makes these decisions? We can only have watched him in a friendly game surely!

  8. Anton says:

    I haven’t watched Match of the Day “live” for nearly 8 years. Thank heavens for the good people who invented the DVR. It’s great being able to skip the “analysis” and “banter” by Savage and Wright (it’s like Socrates and Wittgenstein visiting for tea and biscuits).

    In any case, let’s put Saturday behind us and concentrate on Stoke – a very winnable game, against an even more demoralised team. If we manage to salvage a few points from now till Christmas, there is a (very) slim possibility that we can get our act together in the winter transfer market and get through this. At the moment, we have half a team.

  9. tom Bates says:

    On reflection it was one of our best derby performances for years but the rub of the green was with them. I don’t think the decisions were as scandalous as some I think our appeal wasn’t a penalty and theirs was arguable but a red was extremely harsh considering there were covering players. Norwich Bournemouth and villa have tough fixtures coming up so if we continue the recent improved performances we still have a good chance of being out of the bottom 3 soon.

    • Stephen says:

      i’ll sleep well tonight knowing that !! “it was one of our best derby performances for years”. All that matters is that it was 3-0. All this huffing and puffing about this, that, Catts’, planes,possession, penalty’s, Colo the clown, Colback and on and on means nothing. 3-0 and they are laughing at us.

  10. tom Bates says:

    We dont seen to get away with much in terms of reds now at all. In the past players like Steven Taylor and Cabayes well disguised niggles got away with it for us now any chance the ref has of sending one of our players off they will gleefully take it. It happens to teams down the bottom I can remember laughing at plenty of terrible decisions against Sunderland over the years. And as we aren’t a top team these days the decisions can be crucial Tiotes non goal v city springs to mind.

  11. Bob says:

    Am I one of the few who disagree that it was a penalty (to be fair to Jenas he thought not). Shoulder to shoulder, albeit a bit strong but so what, we’ve seen many like that over the last few years when a player has been felled and then nothing. In normal circumstances I think it would have been Colo dropping to the floor but maybe it was a question of balance at the time. Fletcher seems a strong enough lad to withstand that sort of thing. Is it a question of how heavy it is? Also I don’t think he would have got to the ball ahead of Elliott, despite “big Sam” thinking he would have scored. There were more obvious fouls against Mitro in the box with a lot of shirt pulling and holding which continually goes unpunished in many games which is clearly cheating. We have been saying for a long time now that it is becoming a non contact sport.

    • Anton says:

      I think it was one of those that looks bad if you see it from a certain angle; the replays showing the action from behind look especially incriminating. I agree that 10-15 years ago this may have been a fair shoulder-to-shoulder challenge and tough luck if you’re not strong and fit enough. Also, the referee was a (bad) joke.

      Having said all that, Coloccini should have kept his head. He clearly panicked at the first half-decent ball Sunderland managed to play in 45 minutes. The way he looked going into that challenge looked desperate! Maybe that’s the toughest sort of test: keep your focus and concentration when you are not under pressure for long spells (or at all). It is also disturbing how short on confidence we are, that we completely lose our defensive heads so easily (see also our collapse vs Chelsea and Man City).