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I was going to say Alan Pardew would be lucky to be in the dug-out this coming Saturday tf114_cover_ipadfor the visit of Hull City but “lucky” is far from the right description. If, as can be reasonably feared, things go badly, the mood inside St James’ Park will go beyond toxic and the target for the torrent of poisonous invective will be a 53-year-old Londoner, who has become the lightening conductor for the stomach churning dissatisfaction at how Mike Ashley runs Newcastle United.

Let’s be perfectly honest, but for the season we came 5th, a period when all the planets aligned for Alan Pardew, his performance as manager has proceeded pretty much as expected when he replaced Chris Hughton and became, despite widespread incredulity, the manager of Newcastle United. By the week I am more inclined to believe the rumour, there is something more to the relationship between Pardew and Ashley than what we know.

Not that it has been all bad for Pardew in his time on Barrack Road. Season 11/12 was good as any we have had since the curtain came down on SBR’s career and the first half of last season showed great promise. With a fair wind we could, probably should have matched or possibly exceeded the achievements of Season 2011/12. This was when Pardiola’s star was at its height.

Let us be exactly clear what is responsible for the current Newcastle United malaise. It is tf114_ipad5not Alan Pardew or John Carver. It is Mike Ashley. At pivotal times during Pardew’s time at United, the owner has acted in a manner which has capsized any progress, failed to build upon achievements and provided the biggest impediment to re-establishing Newcastle United as a prominent football force in the land. It was Ashley’s decision-making which got the club relegated and lost the club millions. It was Ashley who appointed Kinnear and ultimately, selling Cabaye on the cheap lost United millions again.

This is rumour, but I’ve had it repeated by some that should know. When Newcastle United finished fifth there was far from back-slapping and cigars handed around the SJP boardroom. I have heard it put forward by reliable people that Ashley, having invested in Papiss Cisse believed a justifiable return would have been Champions League football at the end of the 2011/12 season. That we finished in a Europa League place pissed Ashley off greatly because it meant a stretched squad from a competition which in financial terms did nothing for the club’s coffers. Ashley, it is understood, hit the roof. None of that can be confirmed but I’ve heard it said Llambias and Pardew were carpeted by Ashley for a season which did not comply with the owner’s model of minimum outlay for maximum return. Namely, do enough to stay in the Premier League and nothing else while he looks to recoup as much of his money as he possibly can ahead of dumping the club and moving on. This theory, albeit of the deeply conspiratorial variety would tend to support the under-pinning thinking behind statements kindly volunteered by Lee Charnley regards the club’s attitude towards Cup competitions. There is nothing in winning a Cup competition which complies with Ashley’s finance first, finance only model for United.

Let us look at how Ashley responded to finishing fifth in 11/12. No meaningful tf114_ipad4strengthening of the squad in that summer and on an executive level the failure to rid ourselves of Ba or his escape clause meant we bled to death the following season as Demba worked to his own agenda and got his dream move to Chelsea. No replacement brought in for Ba in that window and in the three that followed including the last one. Last season up to Christmas, Yohan Cabaye was the leader in a Gallic dressing room, though he too was working to his own private plan and that was to get a big more to an “ambitious club”. Mission accomplished with the transfer to PSG and the head-spinning appointment of Joe Kinnear as Director of Football thankfully coming to an end after six, short, though extremely damaging months. That was Ashley’s call.

The appointment of Lee Charnley to the big chair on Barrack Road simply defies belief. This is another, promoted beyond his ability and one whose cramping lack of qualification for his job and subsequent gratitude for it will lead him to prostrate himself at his master’s feet, complying with every whim without complaint. He is far from the first and there was plenty cronyism under Shepherd too but what these appointments do is turn positions which should be occupied by creative, expert operators who bring new perspectives to their positions and by association Newcastle United are filled by lottery-winners in the jobs market who know obedience and a complete lack of challenge are the prerequisites to stay on the salary. If the feedback that comes my way is anything to go by, those remaining on the executive payroll spend much of their days shitting themselves they displease Big Mike or his acolyte Charnley.

There is no-one on the United payroll more cowed and fearful than Alan Pardew. This is a tf114_ipad3man who should be well aware he has been promoted beyond his abilities. This is a man who trots out the party-line about being delighted with his squad, who praises Ashley’s investment in new players and basically spends his time as a haddock-eyed mouth-piece for a man who is a malignant tumour upon Newcastle United FC.  Pardew may have had moments at United when with the right decision-making and prudent investment could have kicked the club on. That is a moot point and when he does go, I think we should all reflect upon that because when the next dupe is wheeled through the doors at United, no-one can expect things to much change, given Ashley’s model will likely not be for the changing.

That is not to defend Pardew or his coaching team. On Saturday, as I watched Sammy Ameobi, a willing trier but ultimately, never a PL player enter the fray, I couldn’t help reflect that at that moment we had Hatem Ben Arfa, Sylvain Marveaux and Jonas Guitteraz on the club’s books but unavailable for different reasons unavailable for selection.  All better options than Sammy. Similarly, we also had Gabriel Obertan o the club’s books. I know, I know … but consider this … Obertan was widely used in pre-season friendlies, did well at the Schalke tournament but can’t make the cut it seems. This is just another area that is absolutely baffling.

The other is the presence at the club of Facunda Ferreya and Ayoze Perez. I cannot accept tf114_ipad2either for one moment was scouted by Graeme Carr. I simply refuse to accept Ferreya was suitably scrutinised in the Ukraine by anyone from United and he’s been a cheap option dropped into the mix at United by an agent who has been picked up. The same is true of Ayoze Perez. These two look like players who have by-passed Carr’s scrutiny and may have more to do with Charnley attempting to build himself a reputation. Just my opinion!

There is much to detail in Pardew’s management as failings but for me, most damning is for supporters, we just cannot believe a word he ever says. Whether he himself is being similarly deceived by those above him or stringing us along with promises of jam tomorrow, I really don’t know but I do know this – nothing Alan Pardew ever says, ever happens. We were promised players going out would be replaced, that goal-scorers would be signed, that there would be money spent and all the rest of it, I am afraid all of that are mistruths. The club has simply re-stocked the shelves and nowt else. Pardew has been consistently accused of being a puppet and I feel this complete lack of authority at the club has ultimately been his undoing. Pardew is fulfilling the role Ashley wanted for KK but our great former leader, refused to go along with and its one Chris Hughton would never have been comfortable with either. Enter, stage left, Alan Pardew, a willing accomplice.

Pardew has also put his name to programme notes which are a straightforward dissembling of Ashley propaganda and an insult to our intelligence. The manager has exhorted the support to understand that United must live within its means. But this is no admirable awakening to good financial husbandry at United.

There are big questions to ask of what is happening with the club’s existing finances and those it fails to exploit.

Firstly, where will the money from the new TV deal go? Will Ashley pull this money out of tf114_ipad6the club to lower the debt owed to him? Will that happen with the money received this summer and in future summers as players are spun in and out of United as the only way of generating income to reinvest in order merely to tread water in the Premier League.

Secondly, as was highlighted through excellent questioning by George Caulkin (The Times) and Simon Bird (The Mirror) at the Sports Direct AGM last week, all of the advertising around St James’ Park and Darsley Park and on some United kit is worth a significant amount to Sports Direct. That isn’t me saying that, those are Mike Ashley’s words.

Thirdly, there is enough concern now to pose the question – who benefits from sales of Newcastle United merchandise? Is it Sports Direct? Or is it Newcastle United? I ask because the club’s online merchandising operation is run completely by Sports Direct and the latest I hear is that club employees in the United shop receive pay statements from Sports Direct. Who do the people running United’s merchandise work for? Sports Direct or Newcastle United? Who profits from the sales of Newcastle United merchandise?

Live within the club’s means Mr Pardew? Oh, that we could.

Speaking of the programme in which Pardew’s notes appear, just observe how many adverts are for companies owned by Ashley companies. I’ve had conversations with several people who have attempted to buy space in the programme – it’s made as difficult as it would be buying perimeter advertising. The club is little more than a billboard for Ashley’s businesses. Every space that can be used for Ashley’s companies is used by Ashley’s companies. That is his priority, not Newcastle United. Never has been, never will be. This is not a man of good intentions in my opinion.

In responding to reports of an Ashley sale to move to a purchase of Rangers, the club responded in its usual cack-handed fashion. Surely, those who work at United’s PR, (or Supporters Liaison Officers, it’s an easy mistake to make) must know, this is their last job in PR. But the statement did open the door to the intention Ashley has of moving out of United and suggests a timetable when that might happen. Obviously, you can’t rely on anything coming out of United as believable or honest. This is a club run by a proven liar so it’s little surprise that dishonesty runs through it like Blackpool rock.

We do know, Ashley is going! That is the narrative established by United. That cat is out of the bag. There is an end-game. He will leave. That is the light at the end of the tunnel. Something for us to cling to. 2016 or 2017? Who knows, but he wants to go, that is the plan. Bring it on.

But in the short term, the dummy he has reduced to a figure of ridicule and hatred will have to face the fury of our seething support as the despicable Ashley and Charnley hide behind him.


So, there is another newspaper banned from Newcastle United. The response to the piece published in The Telegraph courtesy of Luke Edwards is another, wholly disproportionate even if it was false. However, Luke Edwards has been banned before and whilst the club struck out at a time when we struggled against relegation amid talk of a divided dressing room. As subsequently was learnt however, there was a divided dressing room and the ban wasn’t about accuracy and more about annoyance at the discomfort it caused. I think those in positions of authority at United, think Freedom of Speech is some new absurdly named gastro-pub in Ponteland.

So, Luke will join The Chronicle, The Journal and the Sunday Sun out in the cold. There may well be others and I’m sure George Caulkin and Simon Bird will be looking over their shoulders for some ridiculously got-up charge that will see them pelted out of the press box and privileges removed. The Newcastle United Supporters Trust will be ready to compare notes.

On and off the park, in the boardroom and in the dug-out, Newcastle United is an embarrassment.


Going to the match on Saturday? Don’t forget your pitchfork and lantern.

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34 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Low – 14/Sep/14

  1. joe hawkins says:

    I think it is history repeating itself like in the run up to “Keegangate” Penfold (Charnley) has taken Ferrerya as a sweetener to get first pick of emerging talent down the line from some dodgy agents!
    The only difference being Pardew is prepared to stand for that three card trick and will say nothing.

    The stupid fool has been bumping his gums all summer long about how attacking his team were going to be and how many goals they had in them etc
    Makes you wonder whether he was trying to convince us or himself ?, Because we could play all day and all night and still not score!
    His constant propping up of these hucksters has paved the way for a quiet 4 year for them to get on with their plundering of the fans money.

    He has to go!

    • Gordon Young says:

      I think FCB is looking at alternative managers and will have somebody lined up by the weekend because he is expecting a loss and a really rough ride for Pardew against Hull.
      He is hoping that Pardew will resign or at least be amenable to negotiating a by mutual consent agreement that will lower his demands.
      The alternative for Pardew is to be the laughing stock of England week after week till he submits!
      FCB won´t pay when he can do it another way. It´s cruel but it´s FCB.

  2. Excellent, excellent article.

  3. Davey says:

    A depressing but accurate take on our club at the minute, Michael. You should send it to the likes of Collymore, Charlie Nicholas, Paul Merson. Savage and anyone else who open their traps regarding our club just to give them a little bit of actual, bona fide insight into Mike Ashley’s NUFC.

  4. Keiron Young says:

    An astute assessment Michael. Unbelievably, it looks like Pardew will be in the dug out for Hull. My worry is the venom heading his way will almost certainly mean three points for Hull. The longer he stays the less time a new man has to come in and turn things round. For a man with the business acumen of Ashley, you would think he’d protect the cash cow of premier league status yet he seems intent on gambling this on his sole philosophy of minimum investment for maximum return. It works with sports retailing but not with Newcastle United.

  5. Steven Mitchell says:

    Is it wrong I actively want us to lose to hull if it means ridding us of the utter clown that is Alan pardew?

    • Sorry Steven but I NEVER want the toon to lose. We lose enough games with out wishing it. . I despise the pathetic Pardew for his lies and the way he has treated the toon fans . He has to go. But the real cancer that is eating away at the very soul of NUFC is Ashley However. Ashley will go but only when its suits him fianacially . He is no supporter of the toon , only his bank balance. Toon for ever >toononthecosta<

      • Steven Mitchell says:

        Fair point, deep down of course I never want us to lose, but the more games pass us by is another step closer to relegation. Even if we beat hull what then? Another 5 games for pardew to prove himself? Bad times indeed

  6. Nigel Pearson says:

    Excellent Article Mick. Your right Pardew is only a sympton of the disease that is Mike Ashley.

    He is however a very irritating, annoyingly arrogant & frightenly incompetent sympton. There is no doubt in my mind that if he remains our manager we will be relegated this season.

    As Fans we have to fight the battles we can win. Currently Ashley is a Bridge Too Far, but if he is Arnhem then Pardew is Nijmegen!

    I think Ashley understands this too as I’m sure Graham Carr will be pointing it out to him repeatedly.

    As you say Ashley has shown his hand however unintentionally, there is an End Game but in the mean time he will protect his revenue stream and that is why Ashley will sack Pardew.

    Not before however delighting in his torture, by throwing him to the Lions at St James Park this Weekend like a Christian in Romes Colliseum.

  7. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    It’s obviously over for Pardew but who’s going to replace him?

    There’s loads of “would you want Moyes?” online chatter but why would he come and work for Ashley at this madhouse? He’s still very employable and presumably trousered a pile of cash when ManU peddled him so doesn’t need the money.

    Would Mr “I’m a Geordie, me” Steve Bruce take it this time? Big risk for him.

    I don’t like Pullis’s style but same goes for him – he’s just fucked palace off so he’s clearly not desperate to cling onto a job. That’s the key word here – desperate – only someone with nowt to lose will come and work for NUFC at the moment. Plus, all of them know Ashley wants to sell – if not now than in 18 months’ (ish).

    Chances are some other desperate cunt is going to pitch up as SJP – hopfully he’ll get enough of a new manager bounce to keep us up.

  8. Arty says:

    Excellent article, its such a great pity it is true! Many intelligent supporters though have known this for a long time! I cannot see how anyone now can believe anything different. Mashley is out to get as much money out of the fans and the club as possible ( blood out of stone ) and come back for what is left, he is indeed a parasite. The ONLY way to get him out is as has been said on many occasions A BOYCOTT of home games until he goes. If this does not happen we will get relegated that is a fact! Can anyone see how it will turn out differently. It will be difficult to do, I know, as I found it hard initially, but after time I feel justified, and not cheated as much. I now watch the games in the pub, but on Saturday most left at half time as did I. My honest belief is the season ticket holders and those who pay at the door will be the death of this club, unless they show their love of the club by staying away from home games, even just one to gauge the reaction of the club. It would send shock waves throughout the EPL, and Mashley would have to take some form of action. Anyway just my view as a passionate TOON fan of almost 60 years.

  9. Dazeofconfusion says:

    I know that its said that there is no such thing as bad publicity but what I cant get my head around is surely a successful Newcastle United would be better for Sports Direct and Mike Ashley. One that competes in the premier league looking for a European place each season maybe a FA cup run and the publicity generated by such runs especially as its said that he wants to break into the European and down under markets. The finances generated by the club shop and even stadium advertising would be a major source of income for ourselves but a trifling amount by SD turnover. Why not pay the going rate (reduce his so called loan even) and kick on. (God only knows what Wonga get out of being the main sponsors of Newcastle United and Blackpool two basket case clubs)

    All I can surmise is that he has a long memory and this is personal a way to hurt the fanbase without hurting his investment. If the other rumour of gambling debts is true and our esteemed manager is unable to walk away I think he will gamble that even under Pardew there are three worse teams than us in the division.

  10. Consett Magpie says:

    Sadly I doubt this cancer can be removed from our club until the Premiership money stops.
    The cash machines who refuse to countenance the idea that Ashley can them out of St James Park no matter how poor we are mean nothing. It’s the £78m TV money that has his attention.

    Nope, a relegation is the only means to an end in sight, barring Rangers imminently going into liquidation.

    It’s pretty nasty medicine.

  11. Peter Shearer says:

    To predict what Ashley will do – we have to think like him and not what would be the best for our club.So he will not be looking at the people who could actually do a good job but the likes of Hoddle or Redknapp who fit his “pal’s act” mentality.Also, it will not happen until Ashley and his pals have had sufficient bets on the outcome-as always exploiting their inside knowledge for financial gain.Any decent manager would be gone within months if they did not realise initially what they were letting them-selves in for.

    None of us know what Pardew’s contract says-so maybe Ashley is happy for the fans to make it as uncomfortable for him as possible and force him to quit.If he doesn’t quit,then in a way it is quite nice to see Ashley get a taste of his own medicine.Unfortunately, in all this our club and our fans are also the victims, and we just have to take a long-term view that one day we will get our club back.Again, I urge all fans to boycott the games-but if you have to go then please do something that may hasten the departure of these people.

  12. David Chapman says:

    I’m a huge believer in the theory that Pardew and Ashley have some sort of agreement, indeed the more days pass the more convinced I’m becoming that Pardew’s contract has very little to do with football at all and something far more sinister going on, there is the alleged theory that Pardew is in debt with Ashley, this is highly possible, however more of a certainty is that Pardew knows exactly what the fat controller is up to, milking Newcastle United for every penny and advertising his fucking horrible shop’s for free and is happy to go along with everything, cos hey in his mind he’s a Premier League manager.

    I’m afraid Pardew isn’t going anywhere, unless his obvious incompetency really starts to worry Ashley and it looks like we are going to be relegated then maybe he’ll take a hit to the pocket and pay Pardew the severance from his contract. Basically any thing that might cost Ashley money is all he cares about, In my opinion the only option for Pardew is to do the manly thing and say he’s out of his depth and resign, but Pardew lacks any morals whatsoever so as far as I’m concerned Pardew will be around for a while yet.

    The only thing we can hope for is that Ashley sticks to his word and sells up within two years, until then I am more than happy to stay away from SJP and Sports Direct as I feel I’m doing the moral thing and not financing the darkest days of Newcastle United, darkest days in terms of the sheer joylessness surrounding our club.

  13. Tom Pitt says:

    This is gonna be controversial thing to say but if and when Pardew gets the push,does it matter who replaces him?
    He will indeed be a desperate man whoever he is,he will have to be to be prepared to work for Ashley.
    He will be weak. He will toe Ashleys party line. He wont choose who signs or who leaves.
    If hes lucky he will choose his own backroom staff….but only if theyre cheap!
    This is the real point though….why do we care if we stay up or not?
    The only really winner for us staying up is Ashley.
    Ive taken a long term view…..Ive binned my season ticket after 26 yrs…and will only return when Ashley had indeed sold up…my view is that the only thing that will hasten that is relegation. And not coming straight back up.
    I believe that the statement put out by the club last week after the Luke Edwards story is massively disingenuous….committed to staying until the end of next season….so everyone believes he will go then,do they???
    I have grave doubts that thats true. Why would he??
    If the fans who are currently wavering as to whether to keep going or not,think that we only need to hang on for another 18mths to see the end of Ashley,they will probably do so.
    I fear they will be disappointed.

  14. Jackson Yates says:

    Thank God Neil Warnock has recently gained employment.

    But of course there’s a bigger malaise here than awful stats and bad coaching. I choose not to help fund it/persist it.

  15. Peter Shearer says:

    Many years ago, I said on this website (well the old version!!) that I would happily go to the Conference with Newcastle as long as we got rid of Ashley. I still feel that and the only answer we have (for those of us who want to make a stand) is to boycott Ashley’s Newcastle. It does appear that many long-suffering fans have done this, but the effect appears to be somewhat slow as others simply replace us.So Ashley can “divide and rule” until sufficient numbers do likewise and refuse to back an Ashley owned Newcastle, which has nothing in common with what we all want our club to be.

    At the time I made those comments a bloke from Durham replied telling us how Ashley’s plans were working and we had all got it wrong.Rather smug he was too. Wish I had kept a note of his name, so I could ask him what he thinks now. He has not commented for a while!

    The support of the fans is being abused, and like so often the abused cannot see it.It is for the fans to call “enough” and soon after they make that stand-Ashley will be gone.

    • David Chapman says:

      Well said Peter, I remember a few of us said around that time that Ashley would destroy Newcastle United and we were told we were doom mongers, that he was a man with a plan and we shouldn’t be so negative, well those people are noticeable by there absence now aren’t they?

  16. Ian Orrick says:

    To echo what some have already said, I’m afraid the only way to rid the club of Ashley is to hit him where it hurts. He is a man totally and utterly motivated by how much money he can make. Nothing else matters in his world. We can affect him in two ways as far as I can see, one of which is happening already. First, stop buying merchandise – it’s happening anyway – nowhere near as many new shirts on show as there used to be. (We can excuse the kids but why the fuck anyone over the age of 16 wants to wear a shirt advertising bastard Wonga anyway). Second, and most importantly, stop going to the game. People can come out with this airy fucking fairy bollocks about supporting the team, not the regime, but everyone who pays to enter SJP on matchdays IS supporting Ashley’s regime whether you like it or not. Christ man, how many times in Pardew’s reign have people left the ground having actually enjoyed the game? We’re shite, and due to a complete lack of real investment we’ll remain shite whilst Ashley owns the club. I fully understand why people still go to the game – a few beers with their mates before & after the match & that’s what they look forward to all week. The problem is that is exactly what Ashley relies on. A combination of habit & blind faith that things will change. We need to get real here. Things aren’t going to change as long as Ashley is in charge – he’s happy as a pig in shite as long as we stay in the Prem. He doesn’t hurt at being humiliated 4-0 at Southampton. Fucking hell, we get humiliated so often we’re used to it now, has any other Premiership team been battered by 3 or 4 as often as us? It’s a bitter medicine but stop going, hit the fat prick in the pocket & once he starts losing money he’ll sharp put the club on the market.

  17. Vin Crockwell says:

    Why not go the toon, have a few pints with your mates and watch the match in the pub if meeting your mates is all supporting NUFC is about.

  18. barry goulder says:

    I have followed the lads for 50 years never have I seen such an inept performance as that on Saturday,took the day off left York at 7am, got home midnight in work for 6am sunday £120 down the pan. never again until the cancer that is Ashley and co is out of my club,

  19. Mick says:

    Great if depressing article. I think I’m like a lot of people I always felt a bit sorry for Pardew as if he believed what he was saying but had no control over what actually happened. What changed for me was standing in the Companions Club after the Chelsea home game we had just won and listening to Pardew’s post match interview. He dedicated the result to “Mike” from that point on I thought if ever anyone could be called a sycophantic twat it was Pardew and I would never forgive him after that. He deserves everything that’s coming to him.

  20. Boomtown says:

    I hear joe kinear is unemployed and looking for work!!!

  21. […] hassle for precious little financial reward. “Ashley, it is understood, hit the roof,” claimed Martin, in the latest of a long line of angry editorials written as Pardew’s uninspired side have […]

  22. Dempsey says:

    Good to see Barry Glendenning at The Guardian picking this up and name checking you in his article. “a giant that is not so much sleeping as comatose and being drip-fed a steady stream of sedative from the boardroom down.” sums it all up perfectly.

  23. Rochford Mag says:

    At some stage the penny will drop for Ashley (it is always the pennies with him) that Pardew will get us relegated.

    When that happens he will move swiftly and remove him for a currently unemployed manager. He certainly won’t want to pay compensation to another club.

    The idiot should have got shot of Pardew after the head butt incident, it would probably have cost nothing but he settled for a nice fine instead.

    One thing is I think for certain, if it is the tabloid gossip columns it won’t happen, it will be like Hughton all over manager gone and a new guy in from left field.

    I find it hard to imagine a manager worse than Pardew but we do have to accept that possibility I suppose.

  24. David Chapman says:

    Just thought I’d ask as its a question I’ve been pondering for ages and rarely seems to ever be answered, for people who still attend SJP on a match day or have renewed there season ticket recently, what the fuck are you playing at?

    Mike Ashley is taking your money and laughing at you, I refuse to believe any Geordie is stupid, we are a proud people and we are a people who refuse to have the piss taken out of us, I understand Love is a very difficult thing but to stand there and watch as the soul of something you adore is torn out it is something I just will never understand.

    Just don’t go for two games, an empty St James park on a Saturday afternoon would make more noise than 800,000 Geordies, This whole nightmare with Pardew and Ashley is going to end badly anyway, we might as well speed things up and get some sense of control back.

    Lets face it if you can’t beat Crystal Palace at home your going down, am I one of these people who want us to go down to get rid of Pardew? definitely not, if I was guaranteed relegation would rid us of Ashley, I’d take your fucking hand off.

    It seems going to a Newcastle United match at the moment is a lot like my Dads story’s of being a miner in the 80’s, if you don’t turn up some other fucker will anyway.

  25. For all his misgivings, I don’t want to see Pardew sacked, because he’ll be replaced with another Pardew. No self respecting manager is going to come to Newcastle and work under the Ashley regime. It’ll be another yes man and all it’ll do is buy Ashley more time.

    Ashley’s the problem at Newcastle and ultimately Sky are the problem in football.

  26. GH says:

    First, Pardew should go. He’s only there because his boss needs a lightning rod.

    Second, it’s pretty clear that Ashley’s only interest in owning a football club is advertising Sports Direct for free. He doesn’t give a stuff if the crowds thin out or people stop buying from the club shops – he can recover the money by cutting back on the team. He doesn’t care about protests and banners – he probably thinks it’s funny.

    What he cares about is promoting Sports Direct. On TV, every week, across the world – for nothing. The value of that is huge. And the way to hurt Ashley is to hurt his advertising. Fans need to find a way to do that.

    A stupid idea: what if 50,000 fans watched the match in JD Sports shirts every week – will it still be funny when his big rival gets as much free advertising as he does? What if every bad bit of news about Sports Direct was promoted by the whole fan base? The only way to chase this guy out of Toon is to take the battle to the thing he loves.

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