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It is the first week in January and the season is over. If Newcastle United remains Lee-Charnleyrudderless, there’s a chance we can sucked into a relegation scrap but to be honest, I’m not sure if I care either way.

The abysmal, yet wholly predictable defeat in the FAC 3rd Round at Leicester City was all the more depressing for it was exactly what many of us had expected. If John Carver is genuine in his expression that he wants the United job, then this supine display in the East Midlands will be a point in his favour for directors and an owner who hold the Cup competitions with the same fondness as standing in dog turd.

Our FA Cup record over the last five years has led many of us to conclude that Newcastle United is deliberately throwing these matches. We were beaten at Stevenage, beaten twice at Brighton and we have now been beaten two seasons running by two sides heading for relegation. I don’t believe anyone whispers into players’ ears that they shouldn’t try or that they should deliberately play badly. However, I do not believe the club is honest when it claims regular first team players are injured or unwell. It would take credulity to breaking point to accept that these niggles all land in one go at the same time every year. It is just not believable. I do not believe the team that took to the field against Leicester in the FAC was adequately prepared for the game. With seven changes I do not believe it could have been. I’m not sure who picks the team for these games – John Carver or Lee Charnley. Placed alongside the club’s previous public statements about priorities and not valuing the Cups, it is difficult to believe Newcastle United is trying in these Cup competitions.

Thus, I don’t think I will be the only supporter who suspects the club of cheating the supporters, the FA Cup, its participants and sponsors let alone the game at large.

I was appalled to place John Carver’s public statements about the FAC in the week alongside the deeds of his team on Saturday.

As a preface to his public statement he wanted the job as Head Coach full time and LeazesSoulpermanently, it was laughable. Ironically, our willing FAC exit in the East Midlands will not have damaged his chances and if the level of bull-shit is any indicator, then he has some big parts of his CV already covered by those who might have influence in making the final decision. But John Carver? Really? Don’t make me laugh. There is nothing in his record to suggest he is anywhere near the level required to be the top man at our club.

Let’s not forget, it has Carver who has been at Pardew’s shoulder over the last desperate four years of derby debacles, hammerings and Cup disasters. It has been Carver and Co. who has been on the training ground drilling the players with those corners and set-pieces that make us despair.

Think on that when you see some local journalists advancing his cause for reasons I cannot believe are I the interests of Newcastle United but rather in guaranteeing a hotline to the seat of power for however long he is in the job before he is pedalled.


The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is the only properly constituted, members based supporters organisation at Newcastle United which is available for any supporter to join. It is recognised by Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation – the national organisations in turn recognised by the FA, FL, the PL and national government. The Labour Party’s manifesto for the 2015 Election will contain details of how if it wins power will greatly increase the influence and power of Trusts across the country. The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is one of the leading Trusts of its type across the country. It is highly respected across the country and does a lot of work to advance the cause of supporters of our own club and others.

The Annual General Meeting of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust is on Wednesday 21st January 2015 and it will be at 6pm at the Mining Institute on Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. It will all likely be sorted in an hour and a half and there will be ample opportunity to hear what the Trust is doing, plans to do, ask questions as well as speak informally to Trust board members afterwards.

To attend the AGM and support the Newcastle United Supporters Trust in its work you will need to be a member. You can become a member here.


I did laugh at the statement put out by the club regarding Pardew’s departure and the hollow claims of their ex-manager’s achievements. Jesus Christ, is that it? If every you needed a reminder of the Zombie-nature of the club we support, it was in the weasel words, probably typed up by Wendy Taylor or Lee Marshall to signal Pardew’s departure. These people, fucking hell, when will they go?


The emerging media narrative appears to be gathering some pace that Pardew has been GallowgateSoulrun out of town by deluded Geordies. There is something of a flaw in their plan in that Pardew voluntarily left and has more than doubled his basic salary. The media spin that he is some kind of returning hero to Palace is similarly garbage as well – as any long-standing Palace fan will confirm. He isn’t any kind of iconic figure for Palace fans. That is just rubbish. The line that he is some kind of great manager, is similarly undermined by where he has gone to ply his trade. Pardew has joined London’s tenth biggest club and the third biggest in SE London. This is no Merton Mourinho making his way up to the summit of European football. This is a mediocre manager finding his level, though the perverse world of PL football, hitting the jacket with a four year deal of £2m p.a.. That his new club have paid £3:5m in compensation to release from his United contract is straightforwardly mental.

Alan Pardew has done brilliantly out of Newcastle United. After being sacked by West Ham, Charlton Athletic and Southampton (in the Third Division) Alan Pardew was finished in football. In the four years at United he has restored his reputation of some sorts and by moving to Palace her has more than doubled his salary. He is a four year contract with £2m p.a.. His salary at United was £800K pa. If anyone wanted an explanation as to why Pardew left – it is because he has massively increased his salary whilst at the same time getting himself out of a firing line which cannot have been enjoyable. Pardew has played an absolute blinder.

There are some in the media however, who appear to be committed to framing the United support as the villains in this piece and are deaf to the facts of Pardew’s mismanagement at SJP.

The worst of these are a braying pack of imbeciles on radio but are mainly Robbie Savage and Stan Collymore. For me, life is too short to be suckered by these imbeciles so I tend not to listen to them. Likewise the written media. There are journalists who I’ve just learnt over a period of time to screen out of my United routine. Its variously click-bait and utter dross. I’d advise you to do the same. Its better for your blood pressure.


The collapse of our season over the last three weeks has led to more supporters calling on match-going Mags to stop going and join with their boycott. I’ll be honest, I’d really need to be persuaded not to go to the match but I’m not about to argue with anyone that they should pay to watch a football club basically going through the motions. However, let’s be absolutely honest here. There is no boycott of United matches. Some people, lot of people as it happens, have stopped going to games, chucked their season tickets in etc. That does not constitute a boycott.

A boycott has to be organised. It has to be funded. It has to be publicised. It has to have agreed aims and objectives. People need to get off their keyboards and stop hectoring others to do something and simply take responsibility themselves.

If anyone wants to step up to the plate and start organising a proper boycott, rather than whingeing on social media etc. then we at true faith will give you all of the publicity we possibly can to get your message over. But you will have to have a message, an organisation and an energy to get stuff done.

Don’t wait for anyone else to do it, do it yourself, get organised.


Apart from what the farce that happened on the pitch at White hart Lane there was a similar shambles outside with thousands of Mags locked out and the means of entrance particularly inadequate. It has been widely discussed amongst fans on social media and recorded in fan publications such as this one, with our own writer at the game, Alex Hurst caught up in the farrago.  If ever there was something a Supporters Liaison Officer to want to get involved with – investigate what happened, represent the grievances fans had at what happened and how they were treated, it would be the failures at White Hart Lane. I have not heard a peep from Lee Marshall, our erstwhile Supporters Liaison Officer or anyone else at Newcastle United for that matter. Nor did I expect to.


We have Chelsea away this coming Saturday. Frankly, I think it will be cruel to watch. The very thought of the likes of Jak Alnwick taking part in this fixture makes my blood turn cold. For our own part, although we will have a match preview of this game, we will not be carrying match report and the reason is down to the price of the tickets. We’ll have a report of the game (as we’ll watch it on the telly somewhere) but I think for the first time we have running this website in what is likely to be more than ten years we just cannot wear the price of the tickets at Stamford Bridge. So, for the first time in God knows how long, I think for the first time in the fanzine’s existence, we will not be represented at our first team PL fixture. With available tickets for this match at £52 – £55, we’ve just decided to fuck it off. Enough is enough.


What a lot we have planned for you this week. Matt Flynn was good enough to travel to a secret rendezvous on Sunday morning to film the new true faith : VIDEO BLOG featuring none other than our deputy editor, Gareth Harrison. Gareth was in top form, or should I say at his ranting best. I’m kidding of course, Gareth was great and I’m sure many of you will recognise the frustration and anger Gareth feels at how our club is being fucked over by Ashley, Charnley, Carver et al. We’ll have it online in the early part of the week as soon as Matt gets it edited etc. Not to be missed.

I’m sure Alex Hurst and Co. will be recording a new weekly podcast this week. I love downloading these podcasts and listening them on my i-pod. They are great on the way to work in the morning etc. They are really entertaining and I’d encourage anyone to give them a try.

Again, in the early part of the week, we will have another issue of our fanzine available for you and as ever it is an absolutely cracking read. The main subject matter is of course Newcastle United – we’ll be covering in depth and in detail all elements of the club as well as history and nostalgia but similarly we’ll be bringing in the experiences of Mags visiting and living abroad. We have pieces from Spain, Italy, Germany, So Korea and Brazil. You can’t say we don’t get around. We’ll also have something from Blyth Spartans and their FAC adventures. Each issue is 100-pages plus. There are loads of bells and whistles and its superbly designed by Glenn, our in-house design guru.

It is the same price and service no matter where you are in the world. Everyone will get it at exactly the same time.

Click here to take out a subscription.

Obviously, we will have our usual online offerings via Blogs, previews etc. but on Saturday morning, ahead of the game at Chelsea, we’ll have THE SPECIAL available for you. THE SPECIAL is our alternative match-day programme. It is a cracking little read with contributions drawn from regular writers including yours truly, Gareth Harrison, Alex Hurst, Mark Brophy, Guy Hannay-Wilson and Wallace Wilson. David X Smith contributes with a cracking quick quiz and we even have a mini-podcast, so don’t forget to have a pair of earphones at the ready.

THE SPECIAL is designed with the match-going Mag in mind and is brilliant on smart-phones and when you are sitting on the Metro, Bus, in the pub waiting for your mates, half time and on the way home again.

Of course it isn’t just for match-going Mags and it can be read perfectly well on i-pads, tablets, kindles, lap-tops and PCs. It’s a great match-day custom and we have been knocked out by the numbers of supporters who have signed up for it and who are thoroughly enjoying it.

It’s absolutely FREE. Just click here to sign up for it.

And that’s your lot.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …


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46 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Lights Out – 4/Jan/15

  1. Keiron Young says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the Chronicle’s or at least Lee Ryder’s not so subtle pushing of Carver as head coach, Michael. I really hate the whole ‘I’m one of you’/ ‘I’m wearing Sir Bobby’s tie’/ he’s a safe pair of hands nonsense in a pitiful attempt to hoodwink fans into thinking he is in any way the right man for the job. It wasn’t so long ago he was screaming at the away support at Southampton, at kids if I remember right. Even for Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United we can do better.

  2. Stephen Brownlow says:

    Good on you guys for sacking off the Chelsea tickets at that price man! Pure greed by CFC

  3. Ian Summers says:

    Chapeau to all at Croft Park, at least they had a go.
    Sad to remember FA 3rd round used to be one of the most anticipated fixtures of the season. Hard to believe the club did not learn from the Cardiff defeat last year and the life draining effect it had on the rest of the season. Please none of the crap spouted in the chronicle by players and staff, just show us on the pitch that you care. Decision time towards the end of January deadline for renewals in the 10 year deal season ticket. Following Pardew bailing out the January window becomes more pivotal than ever. So many people have already walked I think talk of a boycott is immaterial but Ashley will only respond to things that affect his pocket.

  4. Rob Brown says:

    His pocket and negative publicity are the the only two things Sponsor pressure is waste of time , amorality for the amoral . Not buying SD product is a slow burn . Constant voluble visible dissent home and away , along the lines of , is probably the only short term practical avenue . I do get the boycott approach completely and agree with it personally , but I think there are too many in the crowd dressed by Deathstar Direct Wongamethat .com for it to have an effect , pity though it is . It will come to nought but I am writing to the FA about yesterday , the game was blatantly thrown . Futile I know , what else do we do ?We have done the MP thing and I will do again .This is steadfast crapping on a region , and Talibanic cultural vandalism .

    • Alan says:

      There’s no such thing Rob as a boycott unless it’s official.
      It’s an abject lesson in futility.
      Very similar in fact to hectoring folk with editorial after editorial on the bleeding obvious about a zombie club and its cunt of an owner whilst continuing to fill his pockets.

      Ahh well. And so it goes on……

      • You are welcome to write for true faith and to organise a proper boycott. All the best.

        • David Rutherford says:

          I get your point, Michael but to be frank it would have a lot more impact if it came from yourself or one of the regular writers on here and was wholeheartedly, officially endorsed by the fanzine. It’s all good and well saying ‘if you want a boycott, organise it yourself’ but the average fan doesn’t have the breadth of influence that True Faith, The Mag,, the NUST etc do. I’m not sure what you mean about funding either – the 69 minute walk-out didn’t require funding, just a couple of well-placed articles and statements promoting the protest. As I recall True Faith and the NUST actively endorsed that so what’s the big deal about getting behind a full match boycott? And if it fails? So what, we won’t look any worse than we do for putting up with it and filling the stadium every week and frankly after all the ‘deluded geordies’ bullshit the press have been coming out with I really couldn’t give two fucks what anyone else thinks of us.

          • But I’m not convinced 100% of the merits of a boycott or whether it could be delivered. I will allow those who wish to organise a boycott to have access to this platform, as we did with the people to express their argument and that offer remains.

      • Stephen Brownlow says:

        Well lets see your editorial then Alan! Jesus!!!

      • Tom Pitt says:

        Can you tell me how anyone can “OFFICIALLY” boycott a football team.
        I cancelled last year…was that an official boycott??

  5. Jackson Yates says:

    Alan, what do you suggest the editorials should be about? How brilliant everything is?

    • Alan says:

      I think you miss the point Jackson.
      I happen to agree with pretty much everything the editor says in regard to the state of a club which I once cared very, very deeply for. I wish I was able to detach myself from it completely whilst it’s been ran in a manner with complete disregard to those who support and sustain it by an odious fat cunt, who on his odd visit to SJP sits and sneers with contempt at those around him. Unfortunately I can’t.
      Where however I do take exception with the editor is in his piece above he reserves a paragraph in which he implies only the last 3 weeks adverse results have instigated an influx of ‘whingers’ or ‘hectorers’. fucking outrageous, I attempt to bully no one.
      We sing from the same sheet hymn with regard to Ashley, we differ only in our views on the morals of financially subsidising him as he stamps all over our heritage and whether removing them would hasten his departure.
      I personally believe it would.

  6. Paul Brown says:

    I’m thinking the above posts illustrate just how difficult it would be to achieve any organised boycott/demonstration. It was tried last season but, as Ashley knows well, it will quickly fall away without visible results.
    It is difficult to walk away from something that has been a major part of your life, I know, I vowed not to return in 2011 until Ashley left or changed his attitude after going for almost 50 years.
    Maybe the target of any organised action should be Sports Direct instead of NUFC. I don’t think Ashley cares about NUFC and no matter what we do he will shrug it off. But SD is his world and I’m sure there must be ways for for a group of like minded fans to find ways of causing some negative publicity for a business that epitomises lack of quality, being totally classless and without any moral standards within the retail sector.

  7. Tony Hoggins says:

    Problem is people have just got into the match going routine , few pints pre post match etc etc Then they just sort of accept what’s happening at the club and blank it out somehow , zombie fans never mind zombie club. I’m not having a go btw each to their own thing, me I wouldn’t go near the place. As for chelsea over priced and basically a shit day out these days , so fair play to all TF lads for not going. Whilst Ashley is in charge the club will slowly lose any community feeling, it’s just a business now….depressing 🙁

  8. Peter Shearer says:

    A boycott is the answer-if sufficient people will do it.Stop trying to tell yourself it will not work. It will if you do your bit. As for organising it, that is why I joined NUST. I am willing to do my bit but joined NUST in the hope that they would be the lead in helping the fans to mobilise. No individual can do this,but sufficient numbers organised can build the momentum. There is no alternative if we genuinely want to change things.It is also much more satisfying to know that you are doing nothing to support Mike Ashley’s regime. He may not notice the difference of individual protests, but it cleanses the soul to know you have done your bit.If you take no action, you may not want to self-appraise,but you are supporting a continuation of things as they are.

    I see nothing wrong with people (ie us on this website) trying to influence the opinion and actions of others, but do think the name calling and abuse is counter-productive and plays into enemy hands!

    We cannot tackle Sports Direct as so many of their customers will not support our cause.It is our club that we want him out of so keep efforts focused on that.If the publicity around NUFC starts to damage Sports Direct by association that will help.

    • Paul Brown says:

      Some good points Peter, I agree with much of what you say and yes, if a group of fans can agree a plan of action (which would hopefully be multi-faceted) I am happy to support in whatever way I can.
      I am also a NUST member and perhaps, as you suggest, that should be the vehicle to mobilise fans actions. Perhaps the AGM on 21st could be the start of something?

      • David Rutherford says:

        I’ll be there on the 21st and I’m hoping the possibility of an organised boycott is given some serious discussion. Otherwise we might as well just give up.

        • Tom Pitt says:

          I was initially keen on the idea of NUST but have been massively disappointed by what they have or havent achieved.
          It was when they started giving away match tickets I decided they had totally missed the point of what we needed them to be.
          They were clearly buying tickets from the club to give them away…laudable in normal circumstances but not when what they should be doing is leading the charge to boycott the club!
          If NUST grasped that nettle and were supported by True Faith, The Mag and there may be a chance of succeeding.
          It saddens and amazes me that Newcastle fans are lying down and dying for Mike Ashley.
          Where has our heart and fight gone?
          The club will die and all who keep attending games are at least in part culpable in its death.

          • Peter Shearer says:

            I agree with most of that Tom,although I guess they can only do what those that join them are willing to offer.I think this is now the crucial time as I think many will become disillusioned if we cannot make a concerted effort to take our club back.But it will need greater numbers to get involved and make their views known. Hopefully the involvement of the other groups you mention will not result in petty arguments about who organises things and people’s egos as has happened on occasions.We all need to unite against one common enemy.Let it begin!

            It is likely there will still be division within the support but those of us

          • Tom, I’m a board member of NUST and have been for the last 12 months. Mark Jensen,the editor of The Mag has been a member of the NUST board since its inception. What NUST requires is a larger membership as well as a more active membership too. Just because the NUST does one thing you don’t approve of isn’t a reason to write it off completely. Join in.

            The match tickets you speak of were for young people who had achieved something in their lives and were being recognised as such. In many cases they were from backgrounds who couldn’t afford to go and see their team play. If you think that’s a bad idea then we’ll have to agree to differ.

  9. Chris Steel says:

    The Chronicle’s current woeful reporting makes me yearn for the halcyon days of Shepherd/Oliver. At least a farcial story about bidding for Beckham was better than Stevie Taylor “We’ll win the cup for the fans” before slipping up at Leicester! Shepherd In!

  10. Peter Shearer says:

    It is likely there will still be division within the support but those of us who have the conviction will have to persuade others to act.

    Sorry to split the post!

  11. Andy H says:

    An organised boycott would have to have clear agenda and goals. What would be the purpose of the boycott?
    A) Get rid of Ashley?
    B) Change the way the club is ran?
    Or C) To show disapproval of the way the club is ran?
    This would have to be clarified. Not turning up en masse and sitting at home or in the pub watching the match would be pointless.
    In my view;
    A) Isn’t going to happen, unless someone has £300m under their mattress.
    B) Isn’t going to happen without A).
    C) Possible, but this will require an effective dialogue with the club, which guess what isn’t going to happen without A).
    How long will the boycott last? Until Ashley leaves? Forever? One match? A season?
    I’m sorry to have a negative approach to this proposal but I’m trying to be pragmatic and up to now no-one has convinced me that a boycott would have any effect on the management of our club.

    • David Rutherford says:

      A, B and C. No-one’s saying it definitely would work but we’ve got nowt to lose. It might hasten his departure, it might not but fuck it, it’s worth a try, especially when the only other option is to do nowt. The bad publicity for Ashley alone would be worth it in my view.

      • Peter Shearer says:

        The detail can be agreed. The starting point is that enough of us will make the effort.Perhaps it can be incremental-once the objectives have been agreed and allow differing levels of protest,as clearly some fans will not agree to a walkout.If we can set objectives, like Ashley communicating his vision for the club(!),which obviously he will not do, then maybe more fans will join us as they see him reject reasonable requests.He will bank on it fizzling out, so we will need a carefully thought out strategy.

        I have never believed that he has tried to sell the club and as long as we present a positive image of what we want ie a club that “tries” to win something, I am convinced there will be alternative owners.We can even offer a new buyer some capital injection from supporters in return for supporter representation-they cannot all be like Ashley!

        We all know the potential of NUFC as a club so some businessman with a better understanding of keeping the locals on side, must see that too.

        Anyway, let’s not dismiss the ideas until we have been able to get together and considered what we can do.Call it a tribute to all those that have cared about NUFC and be ready for the long haul.The toon army is being “called to arms!” So please let us not have too may “conscientious objectors”. The biggest win for Ashley is if none of us try to stop this pillage of our heritage.

  12. Tom Pitt says:

    I know it sounds harsh but yes I do disagree with the ticket thing.
    NUST should be about hastening the end of the current owner however that may be done.
    Buying more tickets isnt the way to do that.
    This man understands money….nothing else.
    The only way to be rid of him IMHO is to have a situation where the ground is empty on a match day.
    I know losing the ticket money in itself wont really bother him that much but the sight of an empty ground with only the hundreds of SD ads on view is not what he will want to see….that looks bad for SD and MA.
    Tell me NUST advocate moves to achieve that and I will be there and will help in any way I can.
    NUST have never stated that aim to my knowledge,correct me if I’m wrong.
    The fact is that yourself,Mark Jensen and the boys have never advocated non-attendance.
    Obviously that is your right and choice but I really dont see any other way of ousting him.

    • democracy doesn’t work like that. Get involved, win your argument, persuade others. It might be tough and you’ll get slaughtered by some of your fellow fans, insulted and abused even but making demands on the internet isn’t ever going to be enough.

      • Alan says:

        Which is all fair enough Mick, but how are you supposed to persuade and win arguements without being accused of whingeing and hectoring?
        A fortnight or so ago truefaith ran a survey on whether or not Pardew should resign. I think you stated over a thousand people participated and around 80% had voted in favour of him doing so. The remaining 20% were discounted as mackem infiltration and the ‘perpetually confused’ (I liked that, it made me chuckle!)
        Would you consider running a similar survey on whether or not Ashley’s scandalous running of our club has left a boycott as the only viable course of action left open to us?
        Would a similarly conclusive poll result be persuasive enough to convince you that it’s perhaps time for influential publications such as your own to take a more hands on approach to the organisation you consider would be necessary for this?

  13. Ian Summers says:

    The obvious time to make a point is this month with the end of January deadline for 10 year deal renewals. The direct debits funding the 10 year tickets must be the clubs bread & butter income? Season tickets have effectively not been needed for several seasons now as a result of the apathy Ashley has created. Weren’t tickets available for Chelsea in the last week before the match and likewise Everton at home which being just after Christmas is a traditionally big crowd. The club struggles to sell tickets hence the cheap ticket deals last year and the frequency of Irish/Scottish/Dutch stag party people that often sit in our corner.
    I can understand the anger here but this season is not dead. Just a couple of quality players ( centre half and centre forward to help Perez and/or Cisse) and we could challenge for Europe. I know how naive that sounds!!!!

  14. Chris B says:

    A boycott simply will not happen I’m afraid. Those who have voted with their feet and wallets (including me) have already done so and those who remain, by and large, must therefore be those who if not happy with their lot are unwilling to do anything other than to continue to support ‘their club’ out of a sense of loyalty/unwavering support/’its our birthright’ etc. I wholeheartedly disagree with those people because I think they are feeding the hand that is repeatedly beating us all but they have that right and they are exercising it.

    Not more than 6000 souls (so reports indicated) could be persuaded to leave the match after 69 minutes despite an extremely well publicised and well-supported campaign encouraging all to do so and despite the team being in one of the worst runs of form anyone can recall since the early 1990s. A protest march through the City Centre on a match day, supported by True Faith and others, attracted what, 1500 folks? Michael is constantly on here and in the fanzine encouraging membership to NUST, which by all accounts is poorly supported.

    There will be no boycott. Those who would support it already have boycotted (in the main) For those who have stayed, it simply won’t happen.

  15. Toonbarmy says:

    You’re going about it the wrong way!

    It would be national news if there was a daily or weekly peaceful protest outside the sports direct polyester palaces in Eldon Square, Metro Centre and the club shops. Some peaceful folk handing out flyers– why your hard earned money would be better spent elsewhere.

    Ashley isn’t bothered about NUFC, but he is bothered about SPORTS DIRECT, for that is his brand that has made him a multi-millionaire and he is hoping to sell all over the world from New York, Paris, London, Munich, China, India and the easy cheap way is seemingly through owning Glasgow Rangers.

    Maybe there should be some contact with Rangers fans!

    For starters why would anyone own a Wonga shirt? If fans were educated why they should just stick to one of the older shirts instead, Wonga would be a disaster.

    The problem is Ashley owns other dire stores!

    Another way would be a support Gateshead Saturday instead of watching NUFC and fill their stadium with black n’ white. Least the money is going to a good conference set up!

    52,000 shirts with ‘Sports Direct is C**P’ would be a nice TV advert also.

    Even a couple of thousand would be visible on TV!!!

  16. Chris Nappin says:

    Andy H nails it for me really, I was actually thinking about writing something like that myself, though far less eloquently.

    Another weak boycott could make people lose faith in their effectiveness, so we’d need to make it work this time and actually look at what we’re really trying to achieve from it and how best to pull it off.

    I don’t think we could ever change Ashley’s attitude towards the club so a change in ownership is the only thing that would truly deliver what we need. To do this the club would have to be draining so much money that Ashley was willing to sell and go after another club.

    I’m not convinced that any bad publicity would actually hurt sports direct, the whole zero hours contract publicity has hardly damaged sales as they keep breaking records.

    We do know that he doesn’t like personal criticism and we know that sports direct is his only love. I think we’d need something more dramatic than banners/songs in the ground, or in addition to them rather. I like the idea of fans placating his shops in town, which might garner national attention, and I also like mid-game pitch invasions, of a non-radge nature. That’s just a thought but whatever we do it needs to be radical enough to actually make an impact.

    Hopefully labour’s plans might spark some political competition as to how modern football’s failings can be combated, as these are the underlying reasons that allow clubs to be raped like ours currently is. We’ll have to wait and see for that one I guess.

    Looking back I don’t really feel like I’ve contributed anything here, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing it nonetheless. Thank you

  17. Graeme Pringle says:

    An empty stadium for the Southampton match on 17th Jan which is to be televised on Sky would be a start. Sky don’t want to broadcast from empty grounds.

    Is it too much to ask to watch it from the pub, or at home – just for the once to see what (if any) impact it has.

    Ashley needs Sky and Sky need supporters

    • Stephen says:

      Splitting hairs i know but we don’t get “52,000 every week” and of the 46,47,48,49,000 that turn up i wouldn’t like to guess how many of those turn up simply for the ‘event’ and to say they were there. Ask yourself – or look around you at the next home game – how many really really care about Newcastle United, those people will not be interested one iota in a boycott or protest.

      It may be unpalatable but there are not 52,000 passionate Geordie’s in that stadium.

      That unfortunately is the first problem, then count up the number of grown men wearing that hideous latest Black and White offering with Wonga splattered on the front.

      It was a stroke of good luck that Pardew walked away, we need that luck again with Ashley.

  18. Stephen says:

    I remain convinced Pardew was never sacked as those in charge (Charnley) would not have the first idea where to start in the process of appointing a Manager (or Head Coach).

    That he and Graham Carr are in charge of recruiting the next man confirms what sort of operation we have.

    I also await news of Shola’s return and dare i say this, the possibility of Ched Evans coming in during this window.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing would suprise me with that regime.

  19. Peter Shearer says:

    So the option is do something or do nothing. I am strongly in the “do something” camp! Rome was not built in a day. I agree that we need to carefully consider and plan the actions,but it will our job to convince enough people to do something.Let us not be put off by the fact that not everyone will join in,just be judged on whether more people are joining with us.Strange what can happen when momentum is built. Initially, we may need some form of action that greater numbers will be willing to take,even if it is less extreme.I am sure that there are more people on our side, but human nature means they find demonstration difficult.Something like taking the “old scarfes/shirts” into the ground should be easier for many to show their support to the cause,and we can escalate from there.As has been said we do not want another poorly supported exit.

    All this is detail we can agree-the starting point in my opinion is will NUST lead it with support from the other groups? If it is down to democracy, then we need to flood the NUST AGM that is coming up with fans of a like mind.

  20. Peter Shearer says:

    The bit below is from the NUST mission statement, so is relevant to us now.

    “The Trust will act responsibly as a guardian of the future of Newcastle United. If the Trust believes that the Club is being run incompetently and not in the interests of the supporters the Trust will not be afraid to criticise.”

    Before I travel over from Penrith on the 21st for the AGM, could Michael confirm that there will be a discussion around this debate, as the printed agenda on the website is fairly basic.Is it possible to add something to the agenda-as the club is certainly not being run in the interests of the supporters.

  21. Pete Fairless says:

    Fair to say that TF and I, often, do not see NUFC in the same way and I have been pretty harsh in the past. That said, this editorial is absolutely spot on re Carver, Charnley, relegation, Jak Alnwick (it is not his fault that he’s totally out of his depth; Karl Darlow where are you? Another piece of ‘shrewd’ negotiation by the brass), cups, media etc etc.

    Carver is a buffoon and his comments after the Burnley game i.e. “we knew what they were going to throw at us … and we couldn’t deal with it” is a confession of his own incompetence. I was against the Pardew appointment and my reservations always remained but he looks positively ‘messianic’ (we know how much the media love that phrase) next to Carver. Then again, who worth their salt is going to work under Ashley?

    As SBR used to say “cut me and I’ll bleed black and white” and while a little of that will always be true of me as a 48 year supporter, I don’t think I ever been as disinterested in what happens as I am now.

  22. Marc Corby says:

    It appears to me that a majority of people are frightened to walk away in fear of what they might miss out on.
    A mate of mine and a match attender since 1990 has wanted to walk for years but doesn’t want to lose loyalty points and miss out on…cough, cough, potential glory when MA eventually pisses off.
    Im leaning that way too and on some ways giving myself until the end of the 15-16 season as some sort of personal deadline cos is things remain the same I really cannot see any point in going.

    Would the NUST be open to hold a ‘back up data’ of loyalty point’s to present to new owners if and when that happens? Im confident that a lot would walk if they knew there was a chance their loyalty wasnt wasted. Excuse the irony.

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      That’s a great idea if workable-I’ve got hundreds of loyalty points and me and your mate are both clearly idiots as I’ve thought exactly the same thing regarding ‘needing’ them in the future!

      • Stephen B says:

        Loyalty v Sacrifice, interesting debate Gareth! I know loads of fans who by not going have had to lose any loyalty points they had built up? Fat chance of getting those back i dare say down the line when some people have had loyalty points built up for seasons but have had enough of MA.

      • Marc Corby says:

        There are 6 of us with, what I consider, credible loyalty points (always get tickets for mackems away).
        All 6 of us are thinking the same.
        I’m toying with the idea of ‘selling mine until he’s gone’
        I would still gan on the hoy though, can’t lose that. No way…..would just annoy our lass more as the 2 hour ‘break’ wouldn’t occur anymore…..hic!

  23. Paul Clayton says:

    Forget the loyalty points lads and in the slim chance we ever do get to Wembley again you’ll have all that season ticket money you’ve saved to pay the tout…
    What we need is our version of AFC Wimbledon or FC Manchester because this clown aint going nowhere anytime soon and he’s laughing his tits off at all of us.

  24. Peter Shearer says:

    If Michael is still reading this thread, can he let us know if the AGM for the NUST will discuss this subject in detail and hopefully a fair few of us will get there.