THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES No Guts, No Glory! – 4/Jan/14

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Well, 2014 has started in less than the grand style with our third defeat on the spin and the PardewCardiffseason more or less over following a desperately disappointing home defeat to a very poor Cardiff team in the Third Round of the FA Cup. Alan Pardew’s record in Cup competitions at United is absolutely desperate following defeats to Stevenage, Brighton x 2 and now Cardiff. Just like those defeats at Brighton and Stevenage United played with a complete lack of leadership, strategy and motivation. We were tactically inept and the team were playing as if we were having a gentle practice match rather than participating in a Cup competition that is woven into the soul of Newcastle United.

Speaking to one grizzled Mag of many years standing after this game, the claim was made that this was possibly the closest we might have ever come to witnessing Newcastle United throwing a football match. I might not go that far but given the shit that has come out of the mouth of the manager this week and the performance of his team, it is understandable such bitter cynicism takes hold in some of the hardest of the hard-core support. After all, this gut-wrenching defeat came only a couple of months after one of United’s suits (John Irving, Finance Director) told the Fans Forum (sic) that the Cup competitions were not a priority for our club. This week we heard Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert trash the oldest and best domestic competition in the world but unlike Wenger and Mourinho who were quick to state how much they value the FA Cup, our own manager’s weasel words give succour to Lambert and we’ve heard absolute shite from him about the players, the crowd, the officials and which way the fucking wind was blowing. Words which will be treated with contempt by many supporters! The manager is hard man to respect.

We now go back to where we have been so often when it comes to Newcastle United and that is questioning what the football club is all about these days. What purpose does it serve? We follow a club that does not prioritise the Cups, that does not fund any kind of assault upon the Champions League or the Premier League title and which has a manager who it would seem seeks to avoid another campaign in the Europa League like the plague.

So what exactly, is the point of Newcastle United? Tread water? Stay on the PL gravy train and square Ashley off with his loan? Finish in the top ten? Be still my beating heart!

There remains a gut-wrenching lack of ambition at Newcastle United under Mike Ashley and Saturday afternoon was as clear an example of that as you are likely to see. Out the FA Cup in the Third Round again? Mission Accomplished Mr Pardew?


Not that salvation will come soon in the Premier League! This next Saturday we welcome Champions-elect Man City to St James’ Park. I’ve little doubt City will view a trip to Tyneside with relish given we have been rolling over and giving them the points for years now. I’m well aware of the disparity between the clubs in terms of investment and I don’t imagine we could ever match what they have but I do want to see United standing up and being counted because another defeat with a trip to West Ham the following week with Sunderland due at SJP is starting to look ominous for us. That might be being unduly negative but frankly I’m fucking foaming after that shite versus Cardiff and probably not thinking straight.


Speaking of the Sunderland game, like many of you reading this, I am appalled by the decision to turn the travel arrangements into a “bubble” trip for Sunderland fans with tickets for the game at St James’ Park on 1/Feb/14. On every possible level, it is wrong-headed, unjust and impractical. As I’ve said elsewhere, it ill befits this fanzine to stick up for Sunderland fans but on this occasion they will not have a more dedicated advocate for their rights than true faith. And I think I better now go for a lie down.  We hope to have some news for you soon on what can be done but we really hope all Newcastle United supporters see the big picture on this one and put our tribal rivalries and distaste for them to one side and get behind their rights as ordinary football supporters.


Jesus Christ, Steven Taylor gets on my nerves with all of his bollocks.


Rumour has it the Fans Forum (sic) will meet on Monday night (6/Jan/14) following the club cancelling the previously scheduled meeting. How anyone can present themselves to this meeting given the banning of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust just escapes me. I’m prepared to accept the Newcastle United Disabled Supporters Association has a purpose in speaking to the club given their specific interest but the rest? Nah, those rocking up to St James’ Park make me wonder what it is they think they can achieve in an environment where if anyone says or does anything some club suit perceives as wrong they are then arbitrarily banned, subject to no right of appeal is just beyond me. The club, to my knowledge, has yet to respond to correspondence from the NUST and the Football Supporters Federation. Having banned the only members based, correctly constituted Newcastle United supporters organisation, with links to Supporters Direct and the FSF those at the club have ensured the Fans Forum is little more than a talking shop for the naïve and opportunistic. Some people might get a hard-on from being patronised by Ashley’s placemen and women but they really need to take a good long, hard look at themselves.

This fanzine and others has posed a number of questions, of which I have no doubt the club is well aware but I have absolutely no reason to have any confidence in the Fans Forum to provide the kind of detailed answers we should have.

Quite frankly, the Fans Forum should be boycotted until the Newcastle United Supporters Trust is reinstated and a whole new set of standing orders is agreed to establish a level of equality between the club and supporters. It is a joke in its current format.


So, that’s a shit start to 2014. Three defeats in a week and out of the FA Cup!

Is there anything to look forward to?

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16 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES No Guts, No Glory! – 4/Jan/14

  1. Guy Hannay-Wilson says:

    In a word my friend, no.

  2. micky miller says:

    Good enough for the faeces flinging primates..Lets hope their bubbles been steralised.

  3. Keiron Young says:

    Are there no fans heading to the fans forum on Monday reading this editorial and thinking they might get in touch with NUST or True Faith? It maybe that individuals may need to ask pertinent questions until such time that NUST can be reinstated. Otherwise , why sit there passively?

  4. David says:

    I was livid when i left the ground. In recent years we have been served up plenty of footballing crap, and, listened to plenty of inane, irrelevent blabbing from Pardew et al.

    However, this defeat, and, pre and post match babbling takes us to a new low.

    A disgrace in every sense.

  5. Paul Ellis says:

    Spot on editorial. Think you mentioned recently on a podcast about asking Chris Mort what a successful NUFC looked like under Ashley shortly after he took over. And he refused to answer.
    Well, this is precisely where we are now – finishing 8th/9th (we’re 10 points off 10th) for maximum prize money with no danger of relegation, but no domestic cup competitions or Europa League to rock the boat. Collect the tv loot and, oh yes, there’s a few ‘purple’ players to sell on for a handsome profit too.
    I’ve a season ticket under one of the various schemes and I’m seriously thinking about whether to renew. What’s the point? To be clear, it isn’t losing that I object to – that’s inevitable if you play competitive sport – it’s not trying to win or even make progress.

  6. Mikey says:

    We`re on the road to nowhere, No ambition, how tragic is that for a club with the best support in the land, I do not agree with financial doping, but if there is a wealthy sheikh, oligarch out there, please get in touch, I want to see us win a trophy …soon

  7. Tony says:

    Have we ever been further from a chance of a trophy though Mikey. At least in recent times.The most competitive league in years, so competitive that it’ll make teams go all out for the FA Cup and ‘League Cup’ in seasons to come (with a few noticeable exceptions, ahum). Cash in abundance at the top. Even Man Utd’s demise will only be temporary, the brand is simply too big to suffer lengthy failure. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Spurs, Everton, United ……………………… the list of clubs we can’t compete with is demoralising. Three domestic trophies, seven decent teams at least going for them, and we don’t even bother. Like previous posters have said, what remains the point then?

  8. Paul Brown says:

    Surely we must be able to contact fans representatives who will be attending the forum and convey our concerns for them to be relayed to the club?
    If not, then they are not representative, and they are not representative can NUFC realistically be considered to be conducting fans forums at all?

  9. Ian Summers says:

    Yes the performance on Saturday is worrying but so is our lack of support for those wearing black and white. Tired of the moaning of those close to my season ticket my son and I moved to the Strawberry Corner hoping for some positivity and real support. To me the lack of any was epitomised by the man in the black and white hard hat, I pity those who sit within earshot of his overpowering negativity on a regular basis. Too many of our support seem to enjoy it when the wheels fall off like they did on Saturday. I wish I didn’t care about Ashley but we should care about NUFC and always support the team. Our support on Saturday was “fucking shit”.

  10. Tom Bates says:

    The worst part of Saturday was watching local hero Steven Taylor make a complete t*t of himself in front of the keeper, its one thing standing in front of him but to act the way he wa and wasting our time in the process was embarassing.

  11. STEPHEN says:

    You have to be pushing 60 years of age to have any meaningful recollections of Newcastle United winning a trophy. Saturday has me feeling sick to the pit of my stomach once again.

    The likes of Pardew, Allardyce and Lambert should hang their heads in shame. They have all been in football management long enough to surely prepare and set out to have a plan and structure that allows the teams they are managing to have a pop at the cups and maintain atleast a respectable league position. In Big Sham’s case it is a terrible reflection on his ability with the resources available to him that every year he comes out with the same excuse (back to his Bolton days).

    Anyway enough of him back to Pardew.He would rather we have a pop at Man City and lose and see us finish in Premiership no-mans land than actually try and WIN something. I’ll be touching 50 by the time we are back in cup competitions that could result in a day out at Wembley and Black and White ribbons on a cup. I don’t look forward with any hope of that happening.Ashley and Pardew have kicked the hope out of me.

  12. Ant says:

    Just to cheer everyone up for a minute and put our supporters’ performance in context, did you watch the ManU vs Swansea game?
    So, your team is playing at home with 10 men and are 2-1 down with about 6 minutes to go (88th minute, plus 4 minutes of extra time); do you stay put and roar your team into a last gasp charge? Or have you already made your way home since the 80th minute? Now here is a bunch of supporters I would luuurve to see in the fourth division.

  13. STEPHEN says:

    If any club had an excuse to get themselves ‘knocked out’ the FA Cup it was Swansea. Premiership, Europa League phew ! too much for us Pardew eh ! but no, Swansea go and win at Old Trafford where no-one would have offered the slightest criticism of them if they’d lost. And Laudrup comes out afterwards not complaining about ‘too many games’ but saying this will hopefully kick start their spluttering league form. Top man, nothing but admiration for him and ‘little’ Swansea. They put Newcastle United to shame.

  14. Gareth Harrison says:

    Absolutely spot on Stephen. No coincidence that their club is owned by people that give a shit aswell.

  15. Tony says:

    Top post by Stephen, insight and commonsense from beginning to end. Put his musings before Pardew and Ashley and ask them to respond with an argument that defeats his. They couldn’t because what he says is uncontestable. Like a lot of us, you deserve better mate.

  16. Tony says:

    While we’re on the subject of comparisons I thought I’d see what the bookies have to say. Well Swansea are long shots for a trophy – 33/1 for the FA Cup and the same again for the Europa League. I’m no mathematician so I don’t know what that equates to for ANY trophy, they’re obviously hopeless outsiders to win the Premiership. What I do know is it’s a darn sight better than the 1,000/1 we are quoted for our one remaining ‘chance’. Swansea wont go down, they probably wont win silverware. But it says a lot that we’d be better off in their circumstances than ours. Roll on next year ……………….. eh, maybe !!