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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Eyes On The Prize – 9/Apr/2017

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We were poor at Sheffield Wednesday and truth be told our football hasn’t been sparkling for a while. Despite that however, we’re still looking very good for promotion and there is not a cigarette paper between us and Brighton. Whoever wins the league will come from a short list of Newcastle United and Brighton and Hove Albion.

Had we managed to beat Sheffield Wednesday there was going to be an outside chance we could secure promotion at home to Leeds United and for old school Mags that would have added a frisson to proceedings because we remember the days when Leeds United were a force in the land rather than a salutary lesson of where grotesque management at every level can take you. That’s off the table now but Huddersfield’s defeat at the hands of Notts Forest means the 10 point gap we had between them before 3pm on Saturday gone still stands. The chasing pack still has it all to do and given the manner of Reading’s defeat at Norwich I don’t envy their task.

I do despair however at some of the comments I read about performances via social media and sometimes I wonder if I should heed the advice of some mates and just ignore it completely and withdraw from it as it all appears to be extreme, knee-jerk, flamboyant expressions of joy or unhappiness which verge on the bi-polar.

I’ll put my cards on the table. I regard the presence of Rafa Benitez as one of the single best things that has happened to Newcastle United in my life-time. In terms of prestige and achievement in the game, he is the best manager we have ever had. That is not to diminish the great achievements of Joe Harvey, Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson but take your Black & White goggles off and Senor Benitez is on a completely different level to those marvellous club servants.  Without Benitez we might be looking at a position similar to Aston Villa or worse. Probably worse. Instead, we are looking at a return to the Premier League.

Let’s put a few things into perspective. On Wednesday night Rafa brought on Sammy Ameobi as a substitute. Now, I’d have loved Sammy to have been a success at United but clearly that is just not going to be the case and he has hardly covered himself in glory with loan spells at Cardiff and Bolton. Yet, such are the resources available to Rafa that he’s getting a run-out in an absolutely vital promotion game in front of over 48,000 at St James’ Park. That is part of the legacy Rafa has inherited at United. Let’s not forget, our club remains in the recovery position after years of mismanagement, stagnation and decline. Rafa is the best chance of a half decent future at United but he isn’t a magician. He will make mistakes but what he has achieved in one transfer window has been nothing short of miraculous even if the style of football is somewhat functional. It is achieving the results we need.

The quality of club Rafa inherited means he is being forced to use players like Anita and Goufrann who will be released on free transfers at the end of the season and who I’d wager will not find Premier League clubs to play for next season.

Rafa coaches the players every day. He knows what they are capable of and that is why it is only desperation that brings Mbemba into the side who has not inspired confidence at all. Mitrovich finds his way back into the first team blocked by a 34-year-old striker, Daryl Murphy for whom the Championship is his level. According to a now invisible section of our support, Mitro started the season “on fire” but has hardly lived up to the billing of his fan club and who would argue he has what it takes to get us the goals to get us back into the Premier League? He’s had numerous opportunities and the stakes are just too high to continue to play the Serb because he doesn’t work hard enough, isn’t tough enough to dominate defenders and whose finishing is appalling.

I hear calls for Rafa to play two up top in what can only mean a 4-4-2 formation and despair at the lack of appreciation for how much the game has moved on from that and the absence of players the manager has at his disposal to make that happen. Gayle and who? Murphy? Lacks the mobility and pace or endurance it seems to play a full game. Mitro? Lacks everything.

The kind of club Rafa inherited has absolutely nothing coming through the academy the manager could put into the team. Frankly, this jam tomorrow I constantly hear about prospects from the Academy is wearing a bit thin. Big questions need to be asked about the whole purpose of the academy because Paul Dummett aside I’m struggling to see what it has produced in a very long while. It is an area that Rafa will need to address because no-one else at the club has had any positive impact upon it at all if the measure is in graduates to the first team squad.

Rafa has a small squad but it is one where Haris Vuckic and Curtis Goode have been on the books for years and look as close to a first team call up in 2017 as they did three years ago. They are nowhere near but the long term deals they are on mean we are stuck with them.

These are the cards the manager has been dealt.

Tiote was on the books until February and contributed zip. Big money but produced nothing for our just and righteous cause and stunk the place out for years with his face tripping him and wanting out for a big pay-day from some mugs who will put up with his nonsense.

What has been evident from this campaign is how inexperienced this team is, the nous it lacks at times and the edge it has missing to get us out of difficult spots. We don’t have the players to run the clock down in the last moments of games and it took Rafa to tell, to even push Lascelles to talking to the referee on Wednesday night when Stroud had his brain fart. Imagine Chris Hughton having to tell a Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton et al to get in front of the referee and point out the error of his ways in similar circumstances? No, me neither.

What I observe on match-days is a manager working his nuts off, wringing everything he possibly can from his players to get Newcastle United promoted. He is the leader and it’s a quality we seem to lack on the park at the moment. I do detect a fragility about the team and that is why they need us more than ever to get the club over the line and back to the Premier League because the consequences of that not happening could be absolutely catastrophic for Newcastle United for years to come.

Some in our support need to wake up and smell the coffee.

We will be promoted. It isn’t a piece of piss but you know one of the best seasons I’ve ever had following United was in the 83/84 season with Kevin Keegan, Chris Waddle, Peter Beardsley, Terry McDermott and Glenn Roeder in the team. We finished third that season. But we went up. It was a fantastic season of some of the most memorable football I’ve ever seen. But we were third. Rafa’s team is doing better than that with players who aren’t as good as that team or the one of 92/93 or 09/10 and in a division which is much tougher.

There are five games remaining. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the football club we all love and drag us over the promotion line.


I wasn’t the only one spitting blood at Lee Charnley’s statement in the week. I have absolutely no time for this man and thought it crass he should refer to Rafa’s salary as well as portray Ashley has some kind of heroic figure whose money is saving Newcastle United FC. Let’s get it right Ashley is the man behind the appointments of Graeme Carr, Denis Wise, Joe Kinnear, Alan Pardew, John Carver and Steve McClaren – all men who have degenerated the club in their various ways and ultimately cost the club millions of pounds and loss in prestige and status. Ashley has been responsible for appalling management of the business side of the club with commercial and gate income absolutely tanking on his watch.

Charnley gives rare pronouncements from the High Castle at St James’ Park and I thought when he did he might have referred to the complete change in atmosphere Rafa has brought to the club and the stoicism of the support in providing it again with attendances that are unknown at this level of football in this country or anywhere else for that matter. Should the Mackems seal their long awaited relegation, we’ll see how many they are pulling in for Burton and Fleetwood next season. It was an artless and inflammatory statement to make but I do think it comes under the heading of “managing supporter expectations”. Curiously, in the days that followed that statement, the local press is pushing out stories that when promotion is secured Rafa will be looking to bring in six new players for next season so there seems to be a slight disconnect between what Charnley is putting out as Ashley’s glove puppet and what may or may not being discussed between journalists and Rafa.

The vibes I heard back in January when Ashley failed to make funds available to absolutely secure promotion were that Rafa was extremely disappointed but latterly I hear he’s happier as Ashley is making noises about investment in the summer. The truth is we will have to wait and see but what I do know is we have to be preparing for Premier League football next season with Rafa rather than another season in the Championship with some Nigel Pearson style whopper.


So then, the Sunderland ex-CEO Maggie Byrne has received a compensatory payment of over £750K for the loss of her position following her handling of the Adam Johnson affair. Apparently, only she knew the detail of the evidence against Johnson and not Allardyce or Advocaat or Ellis Short? I have also had an unconfirmed report Byrne is now working for Short in the US.

Can you remember when we pointed out all of this out on these pages and incurred the wrath of the great unwashed down the road? Well, it all looks like Byrne has been paid a load of dough to keep quiet in my opinion.

That club is dissolving disgracefully. Through contacts I happen to know those ordinary men and women on the club’s staff and about to be made redundant are being treated shabbily by Sunderland AFC despite ex-gratia payments being made to the likes of Byrne and an all-expenses waste of time trip to New York in January despite the financial black hole it is about to fall into come relegation.

The temptation for schadenfreude given the manner in which some of their supporters behaved last season as we were relegated with all kind of unoriginal stunts is strong. However, I don’t think returning the favour of paying for a plane to fly over Sunderland is the right thing to do. But that’s just my opinion and if there are people out there willing to fund it, then on you go. It just appears to be a bit small time to me.


Quite the opposite of small time was a group of our supporters taking a commemorative wreath to the memorial at
Hillsborough before our game to recognise the deaths of 96 football supporters who died as a result of gross incompetence, arrogance and who have been denied justice for so long because of a huge establishment cover-up. That our manager has such a strong connection to Liverpool FC and the Justice Campaign added some poignancy to the gesture but on behalf of everyone connected with this fanzine, a massive thank you to the supporters who organised and funded this fantastic gesture.


Best wishes to our former net buster Andy Cole recovering from a serious operation. Andy did blot his copy book for us in many ways after his move to Man Utd but he did provide us with some fantastic memories and played for the club in one of its fantastic eras. I’ll prefer to remember that rather than some thoughtlessness and wish him all the very best. Get well soon Andy.


I think one of the developments of the season that we should all take immense pride in this season has been the establishment of the Newcastle United Fans Food-bank which works closely with the Newcastle West End Foodbank and in turn all of the local Foodbanks across the region. In just five home games over 10 tonnes of food has been donated outside St James’ Park by our supporters. That is what we are about in the real world rather than some smacked arse on twitter going off on one about not winning every fucking game 5 nowt.

There will be a collection this Friday from 5pm before the game with Leeds and hopefully, it will be worthwhile for the marvellous volunteers turning out before the game and they receive another load of donations for people in our communities in dire need.


Gallowgate Flags are looking to have a full display this Good Friday Night when Leeds visit for a fixture that always has a bit electricity about it. You might wonder about a 7:45pm KO on a Bank Holiday night given the characteristics of both clubs but hey-ho, SKY telly own football and get what they want. You can help the display by bringing Black & White scarves and creating an inspirational spectacle and atmosphere that will get us the win and another step closer to the Premier League.


It’s all there for us, we have to stick together and get Rafa and the lads over the line.

Howay United.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …


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From everyone who helps put together Newcastle United’s most prominent fanzine together, we all hope you really enjoy this issue. 

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15 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Eyes On The Prize – 9/Apr/2017

  1. Lofty says:

    The lads from Souty Tyneside Toon Travel were responsible for the wreath, they also had a whip round for Hebburn Town FC who are in some financial difficulty and managed to raise nearly £400. Great bunch of lads.

  2. Lofty says:

    That should be South Tyneside…

  3. Peter Ward says:

    At last a big dose of solid reality about who we are and where we are. Everyone who supports the club should read this. A very brave piece.

  4. Peter Shearer says:

    I do not read all the views that must be available elsewhere to read, but I have no problems with people having different views. Maybe some of them are just done to wind others up or are just simply wrong, but on this website the more diverse the views the better for me. That is my introduction to say I do not yet think Rafa has been a better club servant that Keegan, although he may yet be and he may be a better overall manager. Just my view.

    I am sure it is also no surprise that many of us are still very cynical about Ashley’s plans and the recent noises are all the beginning of the next crucial stage of our club. I think most of us are totally convinced we have to keep Rafa, but this year may already have told him to be wary of any promises that he is made. We have to remember we are likely to be promoted, but given Rafa’s experience he must know how short we are if we want to make any kind of impact in the Premiership. We all thought Rafa must have insisted on certain assurances before, but the last transfer window suggests not. His reputation will be enhanced if we are promoted and I cannot see him remaining unless he is totally convinced by Ashley’s intentions. Would any of us be?

  5. Bob says:

    I can’t imagine anyone being convinced with Ashley’s intentions. He probably doesn’t know himself yet, he does seem to go off at tangents, on a whim and a prayer. I doubt Charnley knows what to think until Ashley tells him and I’ m sure he knows that it is just as likely that Ashley will move him on. Rafa has no need to stay on, knowing that if he walks it will not be long until he’s re-employed or he just enjoys time out. I think Rafa does hold us (not just fans but the whole club) in quite high regard and looks on it as a project he wants to pursue but, of course, subject to certain assurances which he’ll think are essential. I think also he’s well aware, even just because of January, that things can change with Ashley. Let’s hope enough happens for him to keep going. He knows its not going to happen overnight and will be prepared for that.

  6. Dave says:

    Lets not kid ourselves here, we all know that Ashley is a ticking time bomb who’s been badly advised on how to run the club during his tenure by non-football folk and seems to be surrounded by hangers on who seem content to kiss his arse (yes you, Lee Charnley). If or when we confirm promotion Rafa needs to get his assurances immediately on whether he can still run the footballing side how he wants and be in control as much as is possible with transfers in and out. Should he not get those assurances and walk away he would be fully justified in doing so and will get no beef from me and probably 99% of the fans but I shudder to think what will happen if he does leave, we’ll surely implode and sadly Armageddon will no doubt ensue. Suppose it could be worse and we could have Ellis Short as our owner. Hate being pessimistic but with Ashley’s track record in the last decade……..

  7. Rob says:

    Unfortunately this season a number of people around me in SJP, as well as numerous others online, have made me question whether the stereotype of Newcastle fans as deluded is so wrong. As one lad on Twitter summed up (excellently): “We don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a team that tries. And batters the opposition. And plays brilliant football. And never makes any mistakes.”
    As you say above, there’s a lot of people that need to give their heads a bit of a shake. They’d be better off getting behind the team and lending Benitez their full support. To be frank, the atmosphere at most of our home games has been horrible, despite the excellent efforts of Gallowgate Flags. I concur fully with the tone of this piece, and the tone of the podcast lads, that appreciates that this season is (hopefully) part of a longer-term transition under an excellent manager.

  8. Tomb says:

    There should be a statue of keegan at St james his achievements better Bobbys who I am a fan of. Then you could argue that Hughton did a better job than Benitez has done so far. I think Rafa himself would feel he has done a satisfactory job but no better. He can’t be blamed for relegation but other managers have rescued teams from worse positions. But we need him to stay as he is a proven manager who will probably take us to midtable in the Premier. One thing I have noticed this season is the standard of refereeing. I hate to cry conspiracy but the performances of the refs in the forest and Burton games were inexplicable.

  9. Tomb says:

    We are recognised as having the best squad on paper in the league. Rafa has done a good job but lets not paint him as a magician for getting us promoted. Compare our squad to Brighton and Huddersfields. Rafa has worked miracles before but this isnt one of them. If that is the case what does that make chris hughton who took up a teak relegated on 34 points? I agree with you that we are lucky to have rafa and his credentials prove he is a world class manager. But lets not paint this season as a miracle of management more like a job well done. Keegan took us up after near relegation the previous year.

    • Nick says:

      The team that went down in 2009 was better than last year’s…and Chris was still left with a core of experienced top level players. If you look at what was left last summer after all the bums and big time Charlies had gone, we had about 14 first team players.

  10. Tomb says:

    Ill shut up after this post. My point is if chris hughton had done the same as rafa or an unknown would he be hailed as a miracle worker or would the reaction be that any manager worth his salt have done the same as it was for Hughton. I think we are judging rafa on his previous good work.

  11. Tomb says:

    I meant to say we shouldn’t compare the 80s team to this one there is no comparison. English football was very different then. Div 1 was barely better than Div 2 aside from playing liverpool. It isnt a fair comparison. Since sky the difference between the leagues is huge. Top players would playin Div 2 as the pay wasnt vastly different. The Arthur Cox team was a joy to watch. A squad with shelvey ritchie and gayle should get promoted from this division. We have played nowhere near as well as the 80s season bur Benitez job was to get us up and he will do it.

  12. Stephen says:

    It is a bloody miracle that Rafa has got us in the position we are in with – being brutally honest – the likes of Colback and Dummett as his only options. Two honest local lads who have given their best but even at this level are woefully lacking.I totally appreciate their efforts but sorry lads not good enough and they are just an example their are others.

    What we have been is a honest team, a well drilled unit and that is down to Rafa and his coaching staff getting the maximum out of what he has available to him.

    Isaac Hayden has been a big miss for Shelvey and the team as a whole.

    I heard comments from one bloke last Wednesday, “shambles” , “its like bloody rugby” “i want to be entertained”.

    We are fighting a losing battle in the quest for some to give themselves a shake.

    This the first stage of Rafa’s plan. By god i hope he’s around in 12 months time to really judge where we are at and where we are going.

  13. Tomb says:

    I’m not doubting rafas credentials he has nothing to prove as a manager. I’m saying that to be painted this particular season as a miracle worker is clearly wrong. Yes the squad has limitations but ask any fan of another championship team and they would say we have the best squad. Any of the managers in the league would swap their squad with ours. Benitez, best work is yet to come. As long as he stays he will establish us in the top division. This site regularly dismissed man city and Chelsea managers credentials due to having the best squads and budget. Yet NUFC are the equivalent of city and Chelsea in that division. Benitez has done well. Worked miracles, no.

  14. Ted says:

    I personally think that Benitez has done a great job this season but more importantly, has engaged with a large swathe of our support (me included) who were disillusioned and ready to call it a day on our association with our just and righteous cause. He has built bridges that were destroyed in the previous 8-9 years under Ashley and has been nothing but a gentleman – the kind of person you want representing your club to the outside world. In my opinion, he is the best chance we have had in a long time to build something that is established (and hopefully successful) in the Premier League given the right support. If he isn’t given that support, he’ll be off and I’m pretty sure he will be joined by quite a few season ticket holders. I for one would be extremely sad to see him go but it wouldn’t be a surprise in any way, shape or form. Let’s get out of this division, support our manager, build something we can be fully behind and have a club that stands for something good. As usual, it’s completely up to one person as to what happens next and his track record doesn’t inspire confidence.