THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Downward Spiral – 16/Mar/15

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Back in August many of us believed the Newcastle United squad that Alan Pardew was ColooffEvertontaking into the new season was threadbare and would face a season of struggle. Those who stubbornly defend the club pointed to the players brought in over the summer and some even made mention of Graeme Carr’s super-scout credentials.

Of the attacking players Carr brought into the squad – de Jong, Cabella, Riviere, Perez and Ferreya, I think it’s fair to say there has been mixed results. The easily identifiable injury prone nature of de Jong have continued this season on Tyneside and he has barely kicked a ball in anger. He looks every inch the crock. Cabella has made a fitful contribution, looks lightweight and barely up for the physical challenges of the Premier League. Ferreya is a straightforward mystery and not had a single minute on the pitch all season.  Before Christmas, Perez looked a fine prospect but latterly when he has been used he looked tired and his withdrawal from the starting line-ups suggests the lad has been over-used this season and is exhausted. Then there is Riviere – still looking for his first goal in PL football. It’s now March. Riviere was hardly prolific in France with Monaco and it does not look like he has what it takes to be a PL footballer on the evidence of what we have seen so far. Add into the mix that Papiss Cisse has not been properly fit all season and our attacking options are straightforwardly blunt.

There has been a concern about what we have in central defence for quite some time – Fila2Colo has proven to be the only defender who looks consistently comfortable at this level (but more of him lately), Steven Taylor’s career at United is probably over now, ending as one long term injury after another substantially reduces his value to us whereas Mike Williamson is challenging many for the “worst centre half I’ve seen at United since …” Then there has been Dummett, moved from full back to central defence only this season and Mbwia shipped out to Roma on loan without any replacement brought in back in January.

In only one area did Carr get it right – the swap of Debuchy for Janmaat – that was excellent business!

In two key areas Carr, the club’s de-facto Director of Football has failed to bring in players of sufficient quality and along with Charnley and Ashley failed to invest in the players that would push the club on.

In January, that position was exacerbated with the sales of Santon to Inter Milan and CampoReinventedMbwia to Roma. No replacements were brought in. Further, several fringe players with some first team experience were shipped out on loan to Rangers where Ashley has business interests.

Then put on top of all of that the decision made not to appoint an immediate and suitable replacement for Pardew (hopefully an improvement) being kicked into the long grass and the temporary promotion of John Carver to Head Coach and you have the recipe for the crisis the club is slipping inexorably towards. It would appear the club will do very well not to finish in the bottom half of the table though for thorough malcontents such as myself I will take a grim satisfaction from the lack of top ten bonuses paid to everyone from Charnley downwards.

Of course you also have to add into the mix the indiscipline and lack of leadership from YMC-SquaresPapiss Cisse in getting himself banned for seven games for spitting in retaliation at Jonny Evans in the Man Utd game and the bone-headed dereliction of responsibility from Fabricio Coloccini in getting himself sent off pointlessly at Everton. Colo has been one of my all-time favourite United players from over four decades following the club but he is no leader on the park and sadly his powers are on the wane. Given the upcoming fixtures – Arsenal, Mackems and then Liverpool, the captain has let down his club, his team-mates and supporters very badly.

What I’ve been thinking about for some time about our team is the lack of partnerships on the park that we have.  In recent times we have had Tiote-Cabaye in the middle of the park, Enrique-Jonas down the left, Nolan-Carroll in attack and so on. Now there is nothing. I don’t see any evidence of a solid unit anywhere. The club is just a loose affiliation of individuals. That applies on the park as well as off it.


If there was anything to come from the game at Everton though it was the success of the 20plentyFSF’s 20’s Plenty campaign in persuading clubs to adopt a reciprocal deal for away travellers to Goodison and St James’ Park. It was especially satisfying to see Everton’s fan-group, the Blue Union and the Newcastle United Supporters Trust via the FSF to recognise both clubs in displaying a banner recognising the £20 ticket price for away fans.  That is a great move in the right direction and one every fan will appreciate I’m sure. Sadly, across Stanley Park at Anfield, Liverpool FC have chosen to charge a staggering £52 to visiting fans for our fixture down there next month. Its just my opinion but any fan who forks out £52 to watch this game, live on TV on a Monday night isn’t loyal, they just need their heads examined. It is shameful.


So then, Williamson our only fit centre-half for this weekend for the visit of Arsenal.

This is Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …


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18 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Downward Spiral – 16/Mar/15

  1. Alex says:

    I used to get wound up I’m passed caring. It’s got to the point where I don’t even watch the matches on tv. I am getting nothing positive in my life from following the club anymore and I certainly don’t feel part of it. If ashley goes I will probably come back but I fear things will never be the same.

    • Rowla says:

      I feel exactly the same Alex. 30+ years of fervent, unflinching support all over this land from this one has been supplanted first by anger, then cynicism, now apathy. I didn’t even know who we were playing yesterday till I later saw we’d been humped again.

    • John Milton says:

      Obviously I can’t get to SJP any more, so when the lads were on TV out here I’d move heaven and earth to make sure all my commitments were done and dusted to make sure I had those couple of hours in front of the box.

      Nowadays, if I’m getting dragged round shopping malls for peppa pig related birthday presents for the bairn’s mates it’s no skin off my nose… #cheersmike

  2. David X Smith says:

    I don’t often contribute to the comments on here, although i do read the excellent pieces every week, but Alex, you have summed up exactly how i feel. I have 60 loyalty points so it’s unlikely i will get a ticket off my own ST for the mackems in the near future but if that is the only thing keeping me watching this shower, then more fool me. I was ashamed to be amongst some of the people who called themselves supporters of Newcastle United yesterday and i was even more ashamed by the players on the pitch. The manager, owner and coaching staff are a staggering opposite of anything i would want to be involved at my club.
    This isn’t the club that my day passed on his passion for, it’s a soulless, zombie club played for by wankers, owned by a wanker, playing in a league that rips off fans (for the most part) and generally is there as a promotion to make money in the far East. As it happens i have a ticket for sunderland and after that my 25 year love affair with this club will be over. Pointless staying on for the (gurning, pissed, ‘sign-on’) kids isn’t it?

  3. Ed Bell says:

    I left ten minutes before the end yesterday… I never do that…

    I guess I’m not the only one clinging on to memories of a football club that I vaguely remember; one that, under Ashley, no longer exists…

    I can’t get excited about signings, as good a player as Janmaat is, he’ll soon be moved on. If any of the other lads we’d brought in last summer had performed consistently then the same would be true of them…

    As for John Carver, he makes me angry every time he opens his mouth…

    I just don’t understand what the point of us is anymore…

  4. Peter Shearer says:

    I guess all we can do to protect ourselves is remove ourselves from it-like many of us have done.Then we wait either for Ashley to go or for sufficient numbers being willing to take more positive action against him.In the meantime it is comforting to know not one penny of my money supports the destruction of our club.

    Once there are enough people ready to take action,instead of just threatening to act,then we can look to organise ourselves.I am not sure what will stir some people into action-perhaps appointing Carver might be enough for a few more fans to join us.

  5. Ant says:

    Great quotes from Carver the motivator:
    “They haven’t thrown the towel in, that’s for sure. Sometimes your best is not good enough but at least they’re having a go.”

    Or, as my mother used to say whenever I failed another maths test at school: “at least you have your health”. One difference being, my mum would not then proceed to buy me a Bentley as a reward for my “efforts”. And, secondly, that was my mum being a mum, as opposed to a professional Premiership manager trying to get the best out of multi-million £££ professional athletes.

    Thank goodness the Premiership (Best League In the World (TM)) is so rank, there are at least another 5 teams more consistently terrible than ours.

  6. Stuart79 says:

    Not sure Carr can be blamed too much. He doesn’t have much to play with when it comes to choices. Under 25, potential to be sold at a profit, players nobody else has heard of and of course cheap! Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of his signings are his 2nd or 3rd choices after his prefered choices were either too expensive or commanding too high wages.

    • Rob says:

      Bang on mate. He’s not blameless, as he has to take responsibility for the signings in some way, but given that we were linked with, say, Lacazette and got Riviere… He can identify all the potential world beaters he wants. If they cost money, chances are the club won’t go for them.

  7. Ian says:

    As sad as it is the comment about removing oursleves from the club is right. We have too little power as a fanbase to fight Ashley, compared to the TV money our money is nothing. Best we can do is take ourselves away, just don’t go. I’m not saying protest, it’s not worth it. Just find something different to do, support a non league team, find another hobby, something more rewarding than the pain Newcastle brings.

    Sad, sad times.

  8. Micky miller says:

    4/6 for Arsenal generally available, just like printing money, I’ll be lumping on once more…the useless cunts are paying for my summer holidays.

  9. mikey says:

    Ashley will not receive one penny more from me, he sums all that is wrong in football , and to a greater extent Corporate Business, what he fails to realise is the product that sells the premier league , passion ,fans will drift away , football at the moment, especially us mirrors society at the moment, as who will keep paying to watch that dross

  10. Rob says:

    I’m not necessarily defending Carr. BUT there’s a lot we don’t know about what goes on there. He’s clearly got a “type” of player that doesn’t fit with what either Pardew or Carver can play with. It’s symptomatic of the way the club is run- have a head scout who seemingly has views on football that are completely the opposite of those of the manager.

    More importantly, we have NO IDEA (and don’t pretend we do) where the players we sign rank on Carr’s scouting Word documents. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went something along the lines of:

    “Right Graham. Strikers. What have you got for us?”
    “Well Mike. There’s this lad, fantastic striker. Scoring goals for fun. He’ll set you back around £12 million, but I think he’ll hit 15 next season. Alternatively there’s this lad in Holland. Great technique. Could cost around £10 million, but should develop over the next few years. The next player I’ve seen….”

    “WOAH WOAH WOAH Graham. Who’s this lad you’ve got down as your 8th choice? Riviere eh? And only 5 million? Aye excellent. We’ll have him. Cheers Graham.”

  11. Matt Flynn says:

    Carr has been portrayed in many quarters as some kind of talent spotting genius who can make Ashely’s bargain basement approach to player recruitment a viable option. It was only a matter of time before reality caught up with him. He’s not done a bad job, there is after all not a lot of scope to succeed when your remit is to scour the market for out of contract crocks with attitude issues who might not be utter shit. I doubt we have much of a scouting team either, what would be the point in spending money on a team of scouts when you can muddle through with one bloke.

    I forgot we were playing this weekend, such is the pointless nature of NUFC nowadays.

  12. Lumpy nut says:

    Enough is enough they can all fuck right off Ashley , carver , charnley ,woodman , Beardsley , moncur , stone , bunch of helmets and so are we for still going , 30 odd years of going home and away I now have no interest in the club ,,,, fucking shame rip nufc

  13. mike says:

    if anyone wants to know the full extent of our owner please check out the Unite Works (Unite union mag.) there is a article in full detail over how “ordinary” workers are abused and treated by Sports direct. If anything it shows how disgusting the whole setup is and voices like Dennis Skinner are treated like shte. I ask ANY supported who reads that if they would enter into any of their shops or buy anything from it.

  14. Marc Corby says:

    Well the visit of Arsenal is upon us and already 2 mates, season ticket holders have told me:
    1. Might not gan on saturday, whats the point?
    2 See you usual time, probs leave earlier than last time and go back to the boozer (he left at H.T v Villa and we were winning, such is the apathy)

    It’s now a question of how many Arsenal will score (to zero), Dick will help the Mackems win another Derby and we are nervous for the rest of the season.

    And Carver will still get the job.

    Enough really is becoming enough…..

  15. Davey says:

    After reading this, sums up where I am. Gateshead is looking more and more where I’ll be watching footie next season. At least there is some passion there.