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So, here we all are again facing a crisis. The familiar frustration and disappointment is now tinged with something altogether more dangerous – apathy and resignation. It’s nothing now to hear of lifelong fans sacking it off and Newcastle United at home to Bournemouth this season was a new low.

Let’s get it out straightaway – we have some players with really bad attitudes at our club but they are led by a man who had FAILURE stamped on his forehead and a CV of the last decade that says the same thing. This is a man who has turned us down three times and only latterly took the job after being sacked from a Championship club for the second time. To any sentient judge, he looked like a piss-poor appointment and whereas I wasn’t expecting much from him, he has delivered way below even my expectations. Frankly, the club might have been better served keeping its money and appointing Carver because McClaren has had no discernible impact upon any area of the team’s performances.

McClaren has had 28 PL games and we are now second bottom. Our defending is worse than at any time I can recall and McClarenChelseaour forward play is inert. We don’t have any discernible playing style but that applies particularly away from home and not one single player is a better option for us now following McClaren having coached them since July last year. In fact in my opinion the likes of Perez and Wiljandum are regressing.

So many times this season the team has looked disinterested, de-motivated and on several occasions clueless and just not trying. Throughout the team there are players who are stealing a living from Newcastle United FC. Bournemouth was the worst performance of the season but not by much – there is a whole horror show of games which makes you speculate on the professional integrity of our players.

Should he go? Am I serious? He should never have been appointed but there were opportunities to bin him in December and after the Chelsea debacle when Tufty took his team of fannies to Spain for reasons best known to himself. Those opportunities weren’t taken but with ten games left of the season and United looking increasingly dead in the water, I am now of the opinion it may already be too late.

I also have grave reservations about any new appointee who would accept working within the model the club is now labouring under as per Pardew and now McClaren. Should the next man come in to lie on the same bed of nails his predecessor has chosen to roll onto then he is accepting he will fail. The position offered to the likes of Moyes and Benitez with the same structure as we now know guarantees failure. The only people who will accept such an abysmal offer are those so desperate to get back into the game so as to suspend their own powers of reasoning. Those with reputations intact, potential opportunities etc. will walk away from the club with barely a second glance. They would be insane not to.

The problem for United is the man who is allegedly running the show is hideously out of his depth and when he does put McClaren out of his misery will likely be inviting his own dismissal given the man sacked by England, Wolfsburg, Twente, Forest and Derby was so keenly pursued by Charnley. Our Tea-boy Managing Director has invested so much of himself in  McClaren that he can have no credibility with his boss to make a second choice. McClaren has to go and should be replaced by a professionally selected, competent Chief Executive working with a manager and a Chief Scout. There is no room for Charnley in a professionally run United.

But it might all be immaterial now. The dye might already set. We look holed below the waterline.

Jesus, I’m sick of writing this stuff. This believe it or not isn’t why I set this fanzine up seventeen years ago. It was done to TFBadgehave a bit of fun, provide a platform for supporters to have their say on the club we all love in a way that didn’t exist at that time. I wanted to develop a space where those of us who would never ever describe ourselves as the “Toon Army” could relay our experiences, opinions, have a laugh and add to the culture of our support. I always wanted true faith to be intelligent without being pseudo-intellectual or elitist and to always attempt to be friendly. That’s still the intention and that’s why we won’t do click-bait, chop up the most banal pieces of news on social media to drive hits for advertising revenue. That’s just not us and nor will it ever be. I’d rather not bother.

So, how did we get to 2016 and the idea of Newcastle United to have become so divisive, painful and above all so ball-achingly tedious?

The answer of course is Mike Ashley. His stewardship of our club has been abysmal and variously venal, cynical, dishonest and incompetent. He has staffed the club from top to bottom with yes-men, has-beens, dead-beats and quislings. There is no love for Newcastle United amongst the snake-oil salesmen occupying positions of authority on Barrack Road. There is no ambition, belief or imagination and that has seeped into the foundation stones at St James’ Park. This blood-sucker is indifferent to the city, its region, its club and the constituency from which it draws its unfathomably staunch and stoic support.

Newcastle United is a fantastic and very special football club and please God never forget that. It is a club of maddeningly untapped potential and has the capacity to be one of the greatest in the land as it has been in the sepia-tinged pages of its wonderful history. Ours is the club of the Tyne, Northumberland, Durham and is at the centre of a wonderful city which is in our blood. Ashley doesn’t believe this and neither does Charnley and neither did Llambias or Mort before him. The club is run in its artless way by second-raters at every level. They are there to do the bidding of Ashley. They do not work for the greater advancement of our beloved Newcastle United.

The Bournemouth display was an insult to us, those of us in the stands who have paid good, hard earned money to pay forShearerMoTD tickets and who give up our valuable leisure time to support Newcastle United. But more than that, it was a disgrace to the history of our club – to the great players and teams who have pulled on Black & White shirts – it was an insult to Veitch, McCracken, Gallacher, Seymour, Milburn, Mitchell, Harvey, Brennan, Scoular, Davies, Macdonald, Keegan, Lee and as we saw from the Match of the Day studios an Alan Shearer barely able to contain his rage at what he and we know – Newcastle United is absolutely rotten from top to bottom. Shearer is one of the club’s greatest ever servants, he is also a son of the city, he has integrity, he is one of us and he is a Newcastle United supporter. His honesty is shared by the likes of Robert Lee, a player who came to understand the ebb and flow of our football club and who is frequently to be found up here as he was on Friday night providing a withering assessment of those running the club.

Latterly, McClaren has spoken of deep problems at United. What’s the difference between a problem and a deep problem? A problem might be not having a left-back worthy of the description on the club’s books, no competent strikers and so on. What’s a deep problem Steve? What is it you are talking about?

Why do we make so many signings that fail to thrive? How are they scouted? Why do we fish from so narrow a stretch of river Why have we signed players like Saviet and Doumbia who are being passed over for selection in favour of players we’ve attempted to move on from the club as recently as January? Have we signed players who are worse than what we already have?

What is wrong with Tiote? Cisse? Coloccinni?

Why do we have so many injuries?

Why has United made such an arse of the new academy development? Why is United selling the lease on land that will prevent any future development of SJP for such a relatively small sum of money? What is really the deal with our merchandise sales? Why does the club behave in such a churlish and uncommunicative way with supporters?

In short, what is there to hide?

What can be done?

Are we all beyond anger and caring?

Keep On, Keepin’ On …

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31 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – DENIAL – 6/Mar/2016

  1. Bob says:

    I’m afraid no one who can actually provide answers for you/us will. Maybe they don’t even know themselves half the time. It is left to us to speculate. We can’t even rely on the FA to give a damn or the Premier League who should care about damage to their “product”. They know that when relegated we will be replaced by a.n. other who will no doubt have more ambition than us ( I know that’s not hard).
    It’s so hard to keep any faith anymore. The club deserves it, the regime don’t.

  2. Alan says:

    You say all the right things Michael.
    Indeed you have done every Sunday now for rapidly approaching a decade.
    Sadly however your words are worthless and posssibly even laughable while you continue to line the fat cunts pockets with your hard earned.
    Get yourself a Springer Spaniel mate. Walk the coastal path along Craster and Dunstanburgh. Head to the Cheviots or climb Scafell Pike on a match day. You’ll feel infinitlely more fullfilled than you do being a back drop for an advertising hoarding and then sitting hammering out the same old rhetoric on your keyboard for a couple of hours at the end of your weekend.
    I will be back one day. I know I will. I dont care if when I do our local derby is against Gateshead and away games are in the Cotwolds against Forest Green Rovers.
    Just as long as that worthless piece of human scum has gone. Or preferably dead.

    No offence intended mate.

    • Paul Brown says:

      I agree with you Alan. We must not fear relegation, staying up will just bring more of the same. Relegation is the first step on the ONLY path that could possibly rid us of the parasite that is MIke Ashley. I will also return when he has gone whatever division we are in but hopefully to a club where the fans have a say in its running and a club that’s existence is to be the best it can be and not to support the nefarious dealings of a fat odious hope vampire.

  3. Andrew Thompson says:

    Absolutely brilliant article. A new manager changes nothing though because whoever he may be he’s only a small part of a far wider malaise at the club. Yes we might get a “new manager bounce” but let’s be honest here even if we did stay up we’ll be in the same position this time next year. I’ve been following NUFC since the early 1980’s and held a season ticket from 1991 when Ossie was in charge up until the end of last season. On top of that I would go to at least a dozen away games plus traipsing all over Europe (remember those days) all in the name of NUFC. I remember being allowed to play the wag from school so I could go over to Bari for an Anglo Italian Cup game with my dad and uncle and queuing (along with a few thousand others) from 5pm for tickets for Blackburn away which didn’t go on sale until the following day and again bring allowed to play the wag from school the next day so I could get some sleep! That’s what we did back then. Newcastle United meant everything. We were proud to follow them wherever they went and those players were proud to play for us.

    Fast forward to 2016. Yesterday I worked all day and casually checked the score on my livescore app every 15 mins or so. A laugh and shrug of the shoulders was my response to Bournemouths 3 goals. I was glad I wasn’t there, as I rarely an these days (twice this season) as the thought of watching the likes of Sissiko, 6ft 3, built like a brick shithouse but with a heart the size of a garden pea, prance around a football pitch dreaming of Paris St Germain (they would touch you with a barge pole you worthless cowardly waste of a shirt) taking the piss out of the club and the city no longer appeals. He’s by far from the only one.

    One day we’ll get our club back. One day we’ll have a team to be proud of, even if they aren’t all that good. God knows when that day will be though.

  4. Matt says:

    It will be a very, very long time before Ashley sells up. He won’t sell as long as the club is in the PL. Any sensible offer will be met with his delusional big balls bartering bollocks. £250m! I want £500m in cash before you can look at the books. Who is going want to buy us anyway? Even if they can look past the fractured shell that remains and stomach being treated like a clip, chances are most the commercial revenue streams will have been given the Rangers treatment.

    A couple of relegations might encourage the owner to sell, but he’s just as likely to do what he’s doing now but on a lower level. We should have run him out of town at the Hull game. We didn’t and now the options are.. turn up and do nowt, turn up and give him hell or jack it in. Only the last two can have any impact on stopping the rot before the club is fucked over for the next fifty years.

    It’s only a matter of time before we go down. Be it this season, next, or five years time. Nothing is going to change. If killing a club was a criminal offence Ashley would be behind bars. Much of our so called support, accomplices. It matters not whether you still go or not. Some have tried to instigate change, most have just stuffed their faces with pie and whinged a bit when we lose against SAFC.


  5. Wallace says:

    The worrying thing about McClaren is that he turned us down three times while in employment, only accepting when he was binned by Derby. Even he understood the risk of taking a job with such limitations and strings attached. At least now he’ll get the pay-off he so obviously wants. And remember the problems there were finding coaches willing to work under him and ‘the model’. I can’t see any manager with any self-respect taking the job. So it will tell us something about the desperation of any candidates. Same old same old

  6. Matthew says:

    The club as we all once knew and loved it is effectively dead, or at least in an indefinite coma. Aye, there’s still eleven blokes in black and white shirts turning out every weekend but to what end? There’s certainly no enjoyment to be had from watching them, and what’s worse is that there’s no pride to be had from saying you’re a supporter any more. Newcastle United is supposed to represent the city of Newcastle – personally I couldn’t think of anything worse than being represented by a single person currently employed by the club and in turn, I have found since chucking my season ticket after the Cardiff 3-0 game, I no longer give the slightest toss whether we win, lose or draw. I still watch the games for some reason but the emotion has long since ebbed away.

    While most people’s natural inclination is to want the club to remain in the top flight, this will only prolong the misery for another year at least, as it did last season. The best hope for NUFC in the long term is that the club becomes so irreparably fucked in a lower division under the current ownership that he decides it’s too much hassle and jacks it in. He will never relinquish power while the Premier League TV cash continues to flow – and while fans continue to fund it by buying his cheap tickets to watch abject shite. A full SJP is no longer something to be proud of – it’s solid proof that we are willing to let someone take the piss out of us, year on year.

    Talk of changing team selection, formation, transfer policy or even manager is all folly. The club has been mismanaged to a point that these things no longer matter any more. The losing culture at the club is too deeply ingrained. Let it burn down and start again.

    The thing that worries me most is the future support. As a child of the 90s, I was spoilt. I grew up believing that Newcastle United could be and do anything, that if run properly we could be a real force in English and European football. We’ve now got a whole new generation of fans who’ve grown up with the complete opposite attitude being pumped into their heads by the club – that Newcastle aren’t much to be proud of and that we’re just there to make up the numbers. That really doesn’t bode well for the club in the long term.

  7. Ian Summers says:

    Alan is right it is time to find alternatives, you can only bang your head against a brick wall for so long. Does Sissoko seriously believe he could get anywhere near Paris St. Germain? I’d like some of whatever he and his agent are on, the man is a fraud. No pride at all. Personally I’m more interested in seeing how Geraint Thomas gets on in the Spring classics than the deluded activities of pampered Premiership pricks. Compare a man who finishes the Tour of France riding 2 weeks with a fractured pelvis than those filling our treatment room, heartless cowards the lot.

    • Jarra mick says:

      Aye Ian Sissoko is a fraud but at least he can be arsed to put a shirt on what about De Jong? if ever a man, and I use that term loosely, could be termed a fraud then it’s him. A series of bogus injuries, a few half arsed performances and 3 million in the bank, for fucks sake!!!!

  8. Peter Ward says:

    The club have had many lows but this seems really serious. It could lead to many years in the wilderness. What can be done? The first thing is to replace McLaren, sadly an inept manager – or was he ever allowed to manage? In any event he has been a failure whatever the reason and was a very bad choice in the first place. The problem as we all know is Ashley. He has done nothing right since buying the club. The man could have been a hero on Tyneside but after the initial dallying with the fans it all turned sour and he blanked the supporters, the local media and the council. If you study his history this guy is something else. He has alienated the city – by this I mean the financial sector – with his arrogance and surrounds himself with toadies as he won’t brook anyone standing up to him. He has made mistake after mistake at NUFC yet continued on his own misguided path whatever criticism he’s received. His business record sums it up. Sports Direct, never a popular company, has suffered scathing criticism for it’s treatment of it,s workers and business practices. For a far right outfit like the Institute of Directors to call Sports Direct ‘ a scar on the face of British Industry’ says it all. What’s this to do with NUFC? Everything as it illustrates what the problem has been with NUFC. In one word ASHLEY. Sir John Hall should hang his head in shame for selling to this business monster.

  9. rich says:

    You’d think the city council would have the power and influence to put together a consortium to buy the club, especially if we go down. Or am i living in a fantasy world??

  10. Stephen says:

    It was a brilliant day the day Boro and Sunderland went down (one of my best ever days), it was a painful day the day us and Boro went down.

    Is the trilogy about to be completed ? With Boro wetting themselves laughing as they pass us and Sunderland ?

  11. Anton says:

    I agree that a relegation (or two) is the only way to purge ourselves from Ashley’s nightmare. And I think the associated risks are inflated way, way out of proportion.
    – The club will go into a downward spiral ending in the 8th division.
    No it will not. This is not Wigan where football is an add-on. It’s NUFC: a strong, global brand where 52k come to watch football every week in a modern stadium. There are plenty of investors who’d fancy us.
    – So, if NUFC is such a strong brand why doesn’t anyone make Ashley an offer he can’t refuse?
    Because you wouldn’t buy a product today, if you know that its price will be reduced in a weeks’ time. Brands are meant to be protected and nurtured. Ashley has turned St James into a SP advertising board and the team into a joke. By this time next year, any random new bidder is guaranteed to be treated as the messiah.

    McLaren is the fall-guy.
    The truth is, our U18s and U21s have been terrible for years.
    No player who joined our club has progressed in terms of form or ability.
    We are making the PL numbers.
    We need change.

  12. Stephen says:

    We need Ashley (if he’s here to stay as he says he is) to bury the hatchet with KK and bring him in and give him full control of the club, give him the authority to appoint the ‘football board’ / people around him off the field. Give him the authority to appoint the team manager and the coaching staff. And moving forward the authority to build a structured football club.

    I am in no way suggesting KK manages the team, as much as he’d still do a better job than the current bloke is.

    KK will galvanise the support, bring people back onside put the football club back in the community and make it the final piece of the jigsaw of a vibrant Newcastle upon Tyne. The city has lost its love of its heartbeat ‘Newcastle United’. Back in the mid nineties the football club made this city, it is now lost to it.

    People will say, no not the old KK chesnut again but he knows the psyche of this place, knows how it ticks and still cares deeply about Newcastle United. He would bring people back on side and the vast majority would trust him and believe in him. We will never have that magical period back but we can get somewhere near it.

    Fanciful ? well yep so was Leicester being 5 points clear at the top of the Premiership with 10 games to go. If there’s a will, it can be done.

    Simply bringing in Rodgers , Moyes, Pearson etc now is not going to change anything. Personally i don’t believe for one minute Charnley has the gumption to get anywhere near anyone of them or anyone with any credibility.

    Beardsley…………………………. well unfortunately maybe !!!

  13. Peter Shearer says:

    Strange how reading so many angry comments makes me feel so happy! You know what I mean. This has been a long time in the making and finally it looks like the anger is growing to where it should be. We have to stop worrying about any repercussions and take the fight to Ashley. He nearly caved in when there was about 1,000 of us outside the ground protesting, so reports of his great strength and infallibility are somewhat exaggerated. Fight the good fight with all our might! We have a club, a City, and a region to protect. When it all gets too nasty, he will go. He is a chancer and a gambler-we need to call his bluff! NUFC is an advantage to Sports Direct if it is in the Premiership and causing no bad headlines. If there is great unrest and NUFC are in the championship, other people start to pressurise Ashley. Relegate us as many times as you like and when you are finished we will re-build.

    • Tom Pitt says:

      I totally 100% agree with all you say!
      We don’t have a club while this charlatan owns it.
      He simply has to be forced out somehow and if several relegation’s or even just the one which becomes a lengthy stay in the Championship will surely hasten his exit.
      But people really have to show how they feel in the only way he will understand……leave ALL of the seats in the ground empty!

    • Jarra mick says:

      No Peter Ashley has bent the super fans over and stuck it right up them. We had our chance Cardiff at home when the supposed supporter power was going to herald a mass walkout and the end of Ashley’s reign. Those who stayed, yes some of you super fans, are the reason we are where we are. I hope you are happy. Only those who walked out that day and never went back can hold their heads up, the rest of you are spineless cunts.

  14. Peter Shearer says:

    By the way where is that “gadgie” guy who had a pop at me for moaning. Looks like he has a lot more people to deal with now. Strange how we never hear a word from them when the pressure mounts. Surely, this is the time to tell us we are all wrong. @Ashley /Gadgie out.

  15. Chris Nappin says:

    The deep problem looks to be Graham Carr. Shearer alluded to the fact that he has virtually complete control over transfers, and when McClaren isn’t bothering to play Doumbia, Saivet and previously Thauvin then you have to think that he must be pretty unhappy with what he’s being dealt. Pardew was similarly unhappy as well wasn’t he.

    Who scouted Lascelles and Darlow for fuck’s sake? The Cabella/Thauvin situation is outrageous really and doesn’t really get the scrutiny it deserves. Aleksandar ‘he’ll come good one day’ Mitrovic. Just he’s shite now though isn’t he? We also have him to thank for McClaren coming in. Charnley’s hardly going to run through his extensive list of contacts in the game and find anyone to replace Carr though is he?

    Sacking McClaren is the only thing that could save us, but I expect that if they do then Pearson will be brought in as he’ll be the cheapest one to replace him. In terms of possibilities with Newcastle you just have to look at the options available and pick the most cynical/pessimistic route and you’ve nailed it.

    Delighted with the use of the word quisling mind

    • Tom Pitt says:

      If you think Pearson is the most cynical/pessimistic option,you may be in for a huge shock!
      And I guess you havent seen the rumour about Craig Brown!!!
      One thing we should never be surprised at the low level of the quality of the people Ashley employs at NUFC.
      And it must be Beardsleys turn soon mustnt it??!!

  16. Graeme says:

    I genuinely find it hard to believe that someone who claims to be a football scout at this level, could recommend any of our signings over the past twelve months. Ashley ought to be asking him to turn his pockets out.

  17. Wor Micky says:

    A lot of heartfelt commentary here, lads. Echoing feelings of all true Geordies around the world. Another year on and the mood has changed from fear of relegation to acceptance and anger.
    Tell you what is scary, though, is the odds list for managers to replace Tufty, Moyes, Benitez, Rodgers favourites but they have integrity so it’s pie in the sky. They each have their limitations as well. Then it’s Nigel Pearson? No thank you. Then Tim Sherwood? Failure. Then Harry ? Fuck Off, he would never be drawn further north than London , and he’s an old has been anyway. Then paddy power really start to have fun taking the piss out of us by quoting odds for Hoddle, Carver to come back, Allardyce.
    That list is devoid of any semblance of hope, so forget it.

  18. David Finlinson says:

    Passion, honesty, integrity, pride, performance all words lacking in the toxic corridors of power, which has seeped into the spineless mercenary’s, who have the fukn nerve, to pull on a black and white shirt? The city, the fans, the tradition of our GREAT club mean nothing to this lot, only the next pay day?

    Block barrack road, bring traffic to a standstill until the polis have to turn out in force to clear it? cause mayhem and release the black and white dogs of war!!!

  19. Stephen says:

    What was all that about at The Central yesterday ? A total set up, they wanted to be seen, looking as though they are doing something right in the public eye. Why get the train when the could have travelled down the A1 / A19 in a car and no one would have batted an eyelid. Clowns, absolute clowns.

  20. Mike says:

    3 wise monkeys are part of the problem NOT the solution

  21. Boomtown says:

    If Tufty has not gone by now, I can’t see him going before Leicester… why let him take training if they are going to sack him?!? he can’t be sacked if we lose at Leicester, as we are the underdogs for that one anyway… and then there is the derby….

    Which manager in their right mind would work in this setup? answer… none! so we are left with managers not in their right mind as alternatives.
    We are only 10 weeks away from the summer management merry go around, why would anyone take this job now?

  22. Boomtown says:

    and… why the f*** do my comments come with a profile pic that’s not me!!?!

  23. Anton says:

    Nah – I reckon they’ll let McClaren take the bullet at Leicester and replace him immediately afterwards: no point in throwing a new manager into a certain defeat.

    I think the rationale is that if we beat Sunland, Norwich, Palace, Swansea and Villa, we can save our necks. Every other game is irrelevant.
    So, see you all on Tuesday morning!

  24. tom Bates says:

    Great pic Boomtown that made me laugh. I see Charnley has managed to speak to McLaren by phone but not face to face so he is either spineless or has no intention of sacking him. If we do stay up I hope we don’t make the same mistakes as fans filling the stadium paying Ashley and then wondering why he hasn’t gone yet.

    • Boomtown says:

      I know… I’m looking pretty! nee idea who that fella is… but he needs a new haircut!