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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Coming Out Fighting – 13/Oct/15

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There’s no mistaking it, there is a mood of pessimism descending all over Tyneside following the disintegration at Man City and the appalling news Tim Krul’s injury sustained in action for Holland means he’ll miss the rest of the season and of course this neatly coincides with the injury to his understudy, Darlow. I look at Elliott with the same emotion of clocking a puppy that has just shit on the living room carpet. Being bottom of the table with no win in eight games means that the depression isn’t irrational and the derby visit to the SoS looming ever closer is enough to send a feeling of dread throughout our ranks. It’s understandable but it’s critical we all stop feeling sorry for ourselves and go along to the game on Sunday ready to give whoever is pulling on our colours 100% support from the first moment to the last otherwise, we are simply going along to SJP to almost rubber-neck at the football equivalent of a road traffic accident.

TRUE15 LUKE 1977 Voucher (1)

Now, please don’t misinterpret the point I’m making. There is a football club we all support that is rotten from the top to the bottom and to its very core. There are very few people at Newcastle United who are there on merit and too many whose main purpose in life is to kow-tow to Ashley, do his bidding and hope nobody notices them.  I could go on about an incompetent football board (I know, I laugh as well) and a leaderless team with a Head Coach who is looking every inch the busted flush many of us feared. He is doing nothing to challenge the view he looks like a manager who has been sacked at two Championship clubs within the last 5 years.

But enough of all of that! It is desperate we beat Norwich on Sunday because if we don’t the word RELEGATION is going Fans2to be on the lips of everyone coming out of SJP at the FT whistle. There are those who claim not to be arsed about the prospect of relegation and imagine it will herald the end of Ashley’s reign at United and it will lead to the re-birth of the club under some new ownership arrangement. That is absolute folly. If Newcastle United goes down this season, there is every chance we’ll stay down for a very long while and I’ll point at Wolves, Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Bolton, Blackburn as clubs who have failed to bounce back after long stays in the Premier League. We don’t have the characters we had in 2009 and the club could go into an extended meltdown were we to lose our Premier League status and the riches about to come on-stream with new TV deals, that our club needs to be a beneficiary of for the short, medium and long term, Ashley or not.

So, what this means is Norwich is almost shit or bust. If we fail to beat The Canaries and prepare for the trip to Wearside with no sense of belief, confidence or positivity then we’re looking down the barrel of an Allardyce shaped sixth successive derby defeat, the consequences of which I think could tear the club apart this season and for a long time after.


You might be right, but I’ve seen these moments before and we aren’t a football institution that bounces back very well from these body-blows.

Think of it, we go to Sunderland looking for a first win in ten and if we weren’t too get it and God forbid, lose the game, then McClaren will quite simply become a lightening rod for the latent discontent there is at our club and I wouldn’t see him, phony, car salesman smiles or not, being able to stand and survive in that technical area at SJP with the ill-will of the B&W congregation bearing down on him. That might be grossly unfair as it appears increasingly obvious it is nigh on impossible to succeed at United with the club’s dysfunctional management structure and lack of direction and drive from the top. As much as we’ve done our best to ignore it and wish for an extended losing run to happen, Alan Pardew is doing a good job at Crystal Palace and hinting at what he might possibly have been able to achieve at United were he not the reluctant recipient of players like Riviere, Mbwia, Anita, Cabella, De Jong et al courtesy of our now tarnished super-scout Graeme Carr. Don’t get me wrong, Pardew isn’t a great manager but he was made to be much worse than he obviously could have been by Graeme Carr’s scouting, Lee Charnley’s ineptitude and Mike Ashley’s lack of ambition.

That is why, the biggest chance to awake from this torpor is to beat Norwich and take the relief that will sweep all around us to Sunderland and give the enemy a good game.

Let’s not be found wanting on Sunday.


So then Allardyce has joined the Mackems and immediately began re-writing history. Allardyce was not hounded out of United. It didn’t happen like that. He received very good support from us despite buying a succession of abysmal, past-it players who he put on huge money (Smith, Barton, Viduka, Cacapa, Geremi, Rozenhal et al) and delivered some of the most turgid football seen by anyone inside SJP in their lifetimes. That was quite some achievement given what we’ve witnessed on Barrack Road for longer than many of us care to mention. And now he’s down the road with some of their more cerebral fans (and there are some) rocking back and forth at what they have in store. I almost feel sorry for them, even if they stay up or not. Sam Allardyce is the Anti-Christ of football. His teams cheat, feign injury, waste time and ruin every game they play in. That’s why when he’s been in the employ of clubs like United and West Ham with fans who aspire to something more uplifting, he is vilified for his spirit crushing brand of anti-football. There is other stuff as well but I’m not in the mood for dealings with M’Learn’d friends. It will be interesting to see how the Mackems take to him.

If, as expected, Kevin Nolan joins Allardyce down the road then he will be dead to me.


I’m no Rugby fan. The game itself bores me to tears and I just don’t get its ascetic. That doesn’t mean,  I’m about to say it’s a rubbish game. It clearly isn’t. I’ve never been able to appreciate the music of Bob Dylan, it’s not my thing but I recognise his genius.  Rugby is a game enjoyed by millions. Some of those millions passed through Newcastle and St James’ Park for the Rugby World Cup and there is no question it was brilliant for the city directly as all of those visitors packed out hotels, pubs, restaurants etc. But what was more striking was how visitors spoke in glowing terms about our city but most importantly of the hospitality they received from the natives. So, every one of you who smiled at a stranger, gave directions, had a kind word and all the rest of it, you did the city and the region proud.

What was also brilliant was St James’ Park – packed out with punters urging the players on, the whole place buzzing and a palpable sense of excitement that came through the TV screens. Remember when it was like that for Newcastle United Football Club?

But most strikinggly, St James’ Park looked absolutely magnificent without that S***** D***** shite plastered all over it as well didn’t it?


We’ve had a great response to the news we are now going to offer the fanzine completely FREE of charge to all readers and downloadable from the website and starting from our next issue. We are working on that issue now (TF122) and I have to say (though I obviously would, wouldn’t I?) that it is looking a belter. You’ll love it.

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That’s enough from me.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …

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21 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Coming Out Fighting – 13/Oct/15

  1. mick says:

    Do you have a paypal account ?

  2. Yes mate, coming soon. Thank you.

  3. mike says:

    Did the club get a “cut” from the sellout rugby games? Tickets 175 each and TV money? Hmmmm

  4. rich says:

    If the clubs sole purpose is to simply exist with no appetite to compete, to promote SD and make money for MA then it doesn’t really matter what league we play in, what’s the point? Someone please tell me because i am struggling here.

  5. Jim Myton says:

    Spot on as usual. Says everything about the club that Pardew thought he had a better chance of success at Palace, previously a yo-yo club, than at NUFC.

    I think the players will ‘click’ at some point as they’ve shown signs of competence at various times. I don’t think we’ll go down but we are still going backwards. Pardew’s point a few years ago about being behind Southampton was spot on, his defection to Palace proves we’d slipped again. Eventually we will run out of teams below us in terms of ability to attract decent players. A magnificent stadium and zealous support will only get you so far but they are the only plusses on the footballing balance sheet even if the financial one is healthy.

  6. Ant says:

    Agree with Rich.
    All the relegation doom scenarios are a bit over-baked anyway: we’ve been treading water for ages and our brand of football has been sub-Alardyce terrible. Our recent Championship adventure was much more enjoyable than anything we’ve seen in the last three years. As for sinking without a trace: Bolton, Wigan, etc would kill for our number of supporters, our financial assets and marketing/commercial potential. NUFC will not disappear; it may take us a few years to shake off the fleas this time round, but we’ll be back and in much better health than the state we’re in now.
    We are the laughing stock of the Premiership and (pending the unraveling of Jonas’s situation – not sure how much we’re allowed to talk about this yet), we could get to a place where we will become the most hated club in the country.
    We deserve better.

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Spot on.

    • Jim Myton says:

      That’s an awkward one. I love the man for loads of reasons and his treatment by the club with his illness and his release were all that you need to sum up where we are at. It’s all press talk from what I’ve read and if he wins a court case and donates the proceeds to a cancer charity then maybe Ashley might realise what owning a football club is about.

  7. vin1892 says:

    I agree with the above two posts. Stopping in the PL only suits Ashley and Sports Direct and I would rather have a spell in the second division if there was any chance it would rid us of the cancer that’s slowly killing the football club. The PL is a load of shite anyway and I barely watch a game it’s so poor.

  8. clarky says:

    I HATE the board….I HATE the majority of players… I HATE seeing that shit sports direct football stadium…. I HATE skysports……I HATE being depressed of watching that shit!!!! everything about Football is fuckin shite now!!!
    Hav a gud day!

  9. Peter Shearer says:

    I often agree with Michael, but not on this one. It amazes me why we still think it is the fans who have to do their bit, despite having done this for decades.It is not the fans who are to blame for the shambles that we have become,other than in the sense that their loyalty prolongs the stay of Mike Ashley.It is pointless to keep doing the same things and expect anything to change.I have no problem with the club sinking to whatever league we need to in order to get this club back to where it should be. If that means being unsuccessful (ie more than we already are!) then so be it,as long as we get the soul of our club back. No pain can be worse than we are currently in, and if things get as bad as some like Michael predict during relegations, then that will force us to start again with a new club. By allowing ourselves to be fearful, Ashley exploits us. We should take up the challenge for him to do his worst,whist we campaign for the end of his tenure, and build again with whatever we are left with.We need to be courageous.

  10. Dane says:

    More than one reference on here about how enjoyable the season in Div 2 was, which I don’t disagree with, but the landscape has changed completely since then.

    If we go down this time we won’t be back, and although there might be a few good aways, more wins, more goals, better kick off times etc, the backdrop to that will be utter dog shit clubs like WBA, Stoke, Swansea etc will within a few seasons will be so far ahead of us financially I doubt we would ever return. It’s one thing moaning that the club is a stepping stone for Arsenal, PSG etc etc, but how fucking depressing would it be seeing the likes of Norwich nab whatever talent we have in our ranks.

    It’s fucking essential that we stay up, and given our piss poor away record we are going to need almost maximum points at SJP, which I’m afraid means the anti-Ashley mob need to pipe down or fuck off, as nothing other than ferocious, partisan, defiant support is required, now more than ever before.

    • Stephen B says:

      anti-ashley MOB? pipe down? What exactly is that going to achieve?
      Watford was a must win game? Result? Loss
      Norwich must win game? Result? ??
      we have all been here before.

  11. Peter Shearer says:

    Very courageous Dane! Most of us (as you politely call us the anti-Ashley mob!) have already left in protest at what is going on at our club.But good luck with your policy.I am sure things will change any day/week/month/decade soon! No-one is criticising supporting the team,some of us are criticising supporting the regime.Anyway,until sufficient others wake up,it is just a waiting game.I am not sure what you are being ferocious,partisan and defiant about.

  12. Bob says:

    Does supporting the team automatically mean you support the regime? From some comments it would appear so. I can’t imagine many of the crowd support the regime so don’t assume they go together.

    • Tom Pitt says:

      Yes Bob I’m afraid it does now.
      We all as individuals decide whether we can carry on handing Ashley hundreds of pounds every year for the privilege of watching him destroy what used to be a football club.
      I came to the conclusion that by continuing to attend,I was supporting the regime as much as the team……so I stopped.

      • Davey says:

        Totally agree Tom, we are in very dark days! Withdrawing your season ticket money and not going is the only thing Ashley understands. The more people go to the match and continue to purchase the Wonga/Puma shit strips, the longer our agony will be. This has been proven, he only put his hand in his pocket when the attendances dropped and boycotts not just threatened but carried out. Yes it’s decisive among the fans, but I’m convinced (as are others) that painfull as it is, it’s the only way to get our club back.

  13. Matthew Close says:

    I watched the Scotland v Samoa game at SJP on the tv on the weekend. Not seen so much attacking play on that pitch in a long time!!

  14. Tom Pitt says:

    Its come to the point that whatever it takes to rid us of Ashley is worth it.
    If that means the Championship,League 1 or the bloody Conference,I’ll take it.
    Ashley is a cancer……we might need chemo to get rid of it.

  15. Kennythemag says:

    Great idea to offer the fanzine for free and then pay for it from sponsorship / advertising. But how about doing what some museums do and accept “donations” so if people feel they would like to pay something towards this fanzine they could? Just a thought…

  16. Kennythemag says:

    BTW I didn’t mean just a one off donation I meant per issue.