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I can’t say I enjoyed much of our win over a woeful Crystal Palace team who SJP3unquestionably deserve to be relegated with their manager, Tony Pulis. Pulis is as good an explanation for the failure of English football to produce good, competitive international quality footballers as I can think outside of the orbit of Sam Allardyce. I’ll take a delicious delight in Pulis’ sense of grievance at Cisse’s late goal maybe being scored after the time allotted not least because I can’t abide the bloke but also it seems like a just response to his game-plan of time-wasting and feigning injury. Fair play to the Ref Probert for not being fooled by what was going on out there!

For all of that, we were poor and the team has a massive Yohan Cabaye shaped hole in the middle of it that has not been filled and won’t be looked at until the summer. That’s me being optimistic.

I was delighted for Cisse that he should get his goal and our winner. Players with less heart than Papiss would have retreated into themselves but despite having failed to take two really good chances in the second half, he was still making the runs and not hiding. Cisse is a nice bloke as well and it’s always good to see the ball bounce for the good guys now and again. It would be timely for him and United were he to recapture his form and goals of Spring 2012 and starting this coming week when we face an impressive Everton, a strong Southampton side and not forgetting Man Utd at SJP a week this coming Saturday. They are three very demanding games up and coming when we will need all hands on deck.

I was pleased to see Sylvain Marveaux make a return to action as well. Something has gone on with Marveaux and the manager because he has just been completely off the radar (which happens at United with players like S. Taylor, Obertan, Haidara, Marveaux from time to time completely disappearing from view without much explanation) and for what it’s worth I think he has talent. Whether he like Hatem Ben Arfa has failed to kick on due to the inability of the coaching staff / manager or his own character or lack of professional determination, I couldn’t say with any certainty but I do know there is a player inside of him that could have been, could possibly be very useful to us. The news piece in the run up to the Palace game regarding senior players at United raising concerns about HBA’s professionalism and attitude I’d guess is a fair indication that the club has given up on the lad. Again, it’s really sad that, for whatever the reason, enough isn’t being made of his great talent and whilst those who criticise the coaching and guidance of the player at United, I do think professional athletes are responsible for the basics of their own conditioning (i.e. weight).

A player currently struggling at the moment is on-loan striker Luuk De Jong. Worryingly, some are comparing him to the lummox Rob McDonald, who those of a certain vintage still have the horrors about. To give De Jong the benefit of the doubt, he’s played barely any football this season, he’s in his third different national league in less than 12 months, has arrived at the club when we have just sold our best player without replacement and the team has been out of form. Add into the mix how narrow we play, the lack of delivery from the flanks and the Dutchman has quite a bit in mitigation. However, he could really do with taking the back of the net off at SJP at some point in the future before the doubts in the stands transmit themselves to the pitch.

There was no Adam Armstrong this week after his cameo at Fulham. Who knows, maybe Adam had some kind of clause in his contract that he would get a PL start before the end of this season? I know I am so cynical! What I do know is the local press appear to have gone a tad OTT in talking about the potential of a golden generation coming through the ranks. That seems to be based upon very little and can’t refer to Ferguson, Tavernier, Sa. Ameobi, Vuckic et al whose progress seems to have stalled completely! I do like the look of Dummet and hope he can train on and nail that LB spot because we’ve been weaker in that spot since Enrique left and Santon just looks uncomfortable playing on his wrong side in my opinion.

Anyway, we are on 46pts and looking up rather than down, which can’t be a bad thing. There is an end of season feel about the place at the moment however. That’s not great in the middle of March is it?


I had to laugh last week when the material from NUST went online regarding NUFC Holdings plan to sell the lease on the land around St James’ Metro Station which has been in the ownership of United since 98/99 following the purchase from NEXUS. As has been covered widely Ashley seems to want to sell the land as quickly as possible. What will happen to the money from the sale remains to be seen but it says everything this matter has neither been raised by or communicated to the Fans Forum. It was instructive the club has declined to answer the press’ questions on the matter and nor has it yet pulled its usual truck of just putting something bland on the website. The Gallowgate End of St James’ Park is the only part of the stadium that can be extended. Hall and Shepherd got a lot wrong at United (other than making themselves very wealthy) but they did demonstrate foresight in acquiring this lease as it provided United with the potential to extend the ground at some point in the future. Ashley’s plan to sell the lease demonstrates absolutely he just doesn’t see that ever happening. It probably won’t as long as he is there but if the lease on the land is sold and there are future developments that will pretty much put the kybosh on St James’ Park being extended any further in its current format. The sale of the land is likely to generate a relatively small amount of money for Ashley but it could have potentially long term consequences for Newcastle United FC.

The reason I laughed is because throughout this season this fanzine and others have been implored to play some leadership role in mobilising action against Ashley. We are ill-equipped to provide that leadership and have no legitimacy as a humble fanzine to do so. However, the cause for my mirth was immediately following the news going out via various channels the first response I received directly from a supporter was to tell me nothing could be done. I congratulated this person on being the first to surrender. He had his hands up like shit off a stick. It continued as well, some readers letting me know they weren’t really arsed and that they had “heard” (love that by the way) you couldn’t build over a tunnel (which will be news to every major city in the world with an underground system) but the general air of resignation and auto-response defeatism stunned me. I read something criticising the NUST for raising this issue now when it had been known for some time – as if that was a reason not to do anything NOW!

As they say, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry.

Anyway, whether something can or can’t be done remains to be seen but having recently joined the board of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust I have been more than impressed by the intelligence and commitment of fellow board members. If something can be done, then it will be done. Watch this space as they say in the movies.


Again, on the theme of gallows humour, I couldn’t help laughing out loud at stuff from Alan Pardew regarding how team-building for next season has now begun. Really? You don’t say Alan, do you? The cause for my cynicism is that NOTHING, repeat ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Alan Pardew EVER says, EVER happens. Won’t sell Carroll? Carroll sold. Need to bring in one or two players in the summer, no players are brought in. We’ll definitely try to hold on to Cabaye (when Yohan lets on, there was an agreement to sell him in January) and we’ll definitely try to buy replacements. But of course no replacements are brought in. Honestly, as soon as he starts talking at whatever passes for press conferences these days, how the reduced ranks of hacks stop themselves from laughing is beyond me. Whether Pardew is a fool or a knave is the great question of our times. I’ve believed both at various time!

Of course I’m not suggesting the club does not need major investment this summer – just to stand still will require substantial wedge – it’s just that I can see how this will roll. Ashley’s forte is trading players. We will sell players this summer. And some players will be released. Lots of them. I don’t think for one moment players won’t arrive over the summer but I can predict that on 1/Sep/14 when the summer window closes more money will have been brought in than has been invested. Pardew’s remit is to keep us ticking over and the telly money rolling in. No ambition, no hope and the club dying from the inside.

But I’ll try and stay positive. Me and plenty others have supported the club through darker periods than what we experiencing now, we’re on 46pts and I spent delicious hours imagining Tony Pulis’s knot of injustice twisting inside of him on the bus back tom South London. You have to take your pleasures where you find them. Have a great week.


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7 Responses to THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Born Slippy – 23/Mar/14

  1. Sean says:

    So palace deserve to get relegated? Why? We may not be the most entertaining side in the premiership but does tha mean we should be relegated. We haven’t thrown stupid money at it like Cardiff so not to bankrupt our club again and I think we have done very well considering. Obviously a club as good as Newcastle, the premierships best club, not, never time waste or feign injury just head butt the opposition!!!! Why don’t you stick to enjoying your club being mid table yet again and never improving selling your best players and all other fans can say what great fans you have for a team who never win anything!!! You were however out sung by a little club from south London who the big club want to be relegated. Enjoy your boring team who always get beaten by the other big club in the north east, Sunderland. See ya next season

  2. He took that well, didn’t he?

  3. Matt Flynn says:

    It might be a good thing Ashley isn’t going to embark on any stadium redevelopment – can you imagine what the home of NUFC would like now if he’d inherited the pre Taylor Report St James’ Park. We’d have been lucky to end up at 25k capacity cheap as chips out of town plastic mega-shed. That said, selling on the lease for the land at the Gallowgate could inflict irreparable damage to the club’s future and raises the increasingly tedious ‘what can we do’ debate yet again.

    Like many I’m bored shitless of the endless in-fighting amongst our ranks. Sick and tired of our inability to get organised. Contrast how supporters of clubs like Liverpool, Lazio and Hull have responded to events at their clubs with our rank defeatism and petty squabbling. To be blunt, it’s embarrassing and (in part at least) down to the leadership void NUSC’s metamorphosis into NUST created. Fan ownership is a laudable objective but it’s a long term goal and our newly formed supporters organisation seemed to lose sight of the here and now when it started waving the self rule flag – which is probably why it’s membership has dwindled so dramatically.

    What NUST did get right was setting up a democratic constitution, which even now represents the best way forward for anyone who wants the supporters of NUFC to have an effective voice, which is why I’ve decided to rejoin. What’s gone has gone and it’s the future of our club that matters. The choice is simple. Do nothing as Ashley sucks the soul out of NUFC, hope against hope that the various well intentioned splinter groups achieve more than the one semi successful event every few years and a lot of twitter squabbling, or back the one organisation where supporters can shape the agenda and have an equal and legitimate say.

  4. Rob says:

    Not sure how relevant this is, but this is an old “proposed” idea for the same area (it seems to me?) that is being sold off, an interesting debate that I had no idea of at the time. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me can correct me if I’m wrong- but it seems to raise a lot of the same issues as have been raised recently (esp. the fact that the potential for extending the gallowgate is NOT obstructed by the metro, which I had heard to be the case but am informed is not). Would hate to see any future expansion for the club completely blockaded…

  5. Dave says:

    Sean March

    Have a look on the match report on here.
    Last sentence ” good fans hope they stay up”
    This is a good balanced site where different people have different views. I actually love the atmosphere at palace, been there loads of times, but tony pulis and his like ( and I include Pardew) are why English football is so dreadful, loads of hard working, hard running, but no guile, or skill.
    I can’t ever remember Messi being dropped because he doesn’t track back or produce leg breaking tackles!!!
    Rant over

  6. Kev Gateshead says:

    Well said Matt Flynn. You may not agree with everything it does but NUST is democratic and constitutionally sound. Rather that than unelected media gobshites who’s real purpose is to further their ‘star status’ Join NUST and we all have a collective, accountable intelligent voice. PS Sean March, it’s not Palace, it’s the anti football that Pulis and his like encourage and consequently the English game has been suffocated.

  7. WhoArYa says:

    Love the Palace fans and atmosphere, Pulis does get some bad press but in fairness he has done a good job with what he has available.

    It was lovely to see him very bitter about us beating them at the death or just after in his opinion if fact it was priceless.

    That’s what I’ve loved about the Toon we normally have a pop at winning and that pleases the fans?