The Thomson House Ban – A respected reader’s comments

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ChronI stopped buying Evening Chronicle as it was then around ten years ago.

Not because of Anal Oliver or because of the poor quality production it had become. In truth it was because of the internet. I can get most things “Newcastle United” online.

On many an occasion I felt that NCJ titles have ducked important issues. Other titles have challenged and tackled the regime. The Daily Mail was banned for some time for doing this. (Michael Walker, Colin Young)

I would therefore make a counter accusation at the NCJ titles of running with the foxes and hounds for a long time. Sometimes they’ve been almost cowardly in their failure to poke their head over the parapet.

I also defend their right to fill their newspaper with whatever they like. Free speech and a free press are a cornerstone of our democracy. Good journalism should be celebrated.

The current NUFC regime are acting in a similar fashion to the leaders of  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Lookout for Kim Jong-un in the directors box at future matches.

The Pieman.

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10 Responses to The Thomson House Ban – A respected reader’s comments

  1. STEPHEN says:

    “Having given due consideration to the above and your response to my email of Monday 21 October, the club’s owner, director of football, board of directors and team manager have reached a unanimous decision that the three NCJ Media titles”

    The ‘Team Manager’, I don’t read any of the said papers but i know plenty who do and it’s their avenue to hear what our ‘caring’ Team Manager has to say. The man who wants the same supporters to remain supportive on Wednesday.

    I lost all faith in Alan Pardew a long time ago, i don’t want to listen to his bullshit. Some people do and he’s just slammed another door in their face.


    Just seen this and had to pinch it ( for the craic and help heal my heart with humor)
    Apparently this is a copy of the Scouting report given to Pardupe by Joe ” the tactician ” ‘Kin-hell after some espionage in Chicken Town

    Eastwood – Dirty Harry between the sticks, Irish fella, bit like me.
    Beardsley – His dad played for us, back in the day. According to Wikipedia.
    Doss’na – Foreign bloke (Spanish?) get up ‘im early doors.
    Clattermole – Great lookin’ lad, serious talent, must ‘ave word with Mike about making ‘im an offer
    Cruella (?) – Another foreigner (Mexican? Argie?) won’t like it up ‘im
    Oshay – Japanese (?) not sure, never ‘eard of ‘im. Played for Ferg apparently, must’ve been while I was out of the game
    Larbsson – He’s still playin’?! I remember seeing ‘im turn out for Celtic (or was it the other lot?) back when I was at Wimbledon
    Coldback – Ginger lad, easy to spot, must be Irish, like me.
    Altitude – Yank. Bloody hell, do Yanks even play football?! He’ll be no trouble either.
    Felcher – Always injured apparently, and Scottish(!?), he’ll be no trouble
    Adamson – Looks familiar, did he do anything noticeable the last time we played that lot?
    Subs – I can’t see any of that lot on the bench causing us problems, especially that B’ronio bloke from Liverpool…

    That’s yer lot, now where’s my expenses?
    The irony being this is probably 100% better than the shite he handed up !!!

    still in great pain, but Peace from the Auld Country

  3. Tom Bates says:

    I didnt mind Alan Oliver, I think his reports were a lot better than Lee Ryders. It is a bonus that we dont have to read any more of Pardews drivel, I was laughing reading the Chronivcle last night they’ve gone from defending Pardew and Ashley to over the top criticism, thy described our equaliser as lucky and referred to Pardew as tactically inept last season, (they generally were defending him last season falling for his injuries, tiredness crap

  4. Matt Flynn says:

    Just like last weekend’s march the big picture is more important than the fine detail. Putting forward a united front is more important than apportioning blame for how we got here. Both the supporters and the local media want a successful NUFC, there’s only one person involved in this equation who couldn’t care less.

    My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

  5. Jonathan Gibson - Amery says:

    I was under the impression that Anal Oliver was Freddy Shepherd’s love child, hence the daily glowing reports of our then chairman’s antics.

  6. Kevin Reay says:

    I agree that it is rather sick making to see Thompson House presenting themselves as truth seekers, but neither do I go along with the idea that True Faith have been any better. The times for action was long ago, but True Faith were against any boycott, which would have increased pressure on Ashley. There was also a staunch defence of Allardyce when a blind man on a galloping horse could see he was no good for us. Time 4 Chage yes, but it was time long ago. Welcome to the bandwagon lads and lasses, everyone welcome. The best way to be rid of Ashley would be a boycott. It stops part of his cash flow, and gives negative publicity, and we know how much Ashley hates either of those things. How about supporting that? Or is going to the match really that important to you? Better take the medicine now, then w can all go back and watch the team we love.
    A Boycotter

  7. Peter Shearer says:

    I have boycotted now for 4 years and although it is painful,it is not as much pain as I would be feeling if I was supporting a Mike Ashley owned NUFC in any way whatsoever.My sincere hope is that more and more people join the protests/boycotts and long-term we will get our club back.Have faith that we can rid ourselves of this man. He does not have Newcastle in his blood-we do!

  8. Paul Brown says:

    Agreed Kevin. A boycott is the only weapon we have that would have any impact. Unfortunately trying to arrange this with 50000 fans would be like herding cats. A number of us have already vowed not to return until Ashley is gone and our seats are now filled by others. A semi successful boycott would require the full support of NCJ, True Faith, NUST,, The Mag, Time4Change, as well as national coverage by Sky, BBC, ITV, and national press. It would also need to be coordinated, regulated with specific short term and long term goals. Very very difficult but the tipping point might be getting close.

  9. Ian Summers says:

    To ban the Chronicle etc. proves how out of touch the few in charge of our club are. Given the geographic dislocation of those pulling the strings, 2 people I presume, is this a suprise? Has anyone paid any attention to anything written in the Chronicle recently?
    As for bringing back the noise, we have been here before. The solution is very simple, turn the f*ck*ng piped music off! People naturally fill a silence and without piped music that is what exists in our shadow of a ground populated by cardboard cutout supporters.
    Perhaps I show my age here but why not forget the Gallowgate and just bring back the Leazes as it used to be, the so called yellow wall of Dortmund is frankly f*ck all compared to that!
    By the way the best form of protest against Mike Ashley is to vocally support the team as only we can. Mike Ashley is the fat boy with no mates that was always on the fringe of the primary school playground and to ignore him is the best way of p*ssing him off.


      fat kid with sweets and a pair of white hummel boots and a proper caser !!! ( everyone’s mate when he was needed, told to fuck off when not ) getting his own back
      I think Paul Weller wrote a song about him “Billy Hunt” on ” All Mod Cons”
      ” when I get fit and grow bionic arms ” etc.
      As mentioned by a very good friend of mine
      Ashely is the Cancer , Pardew is the symptom