THE MAGPIE BRAND – New Magpie Shirt On Sale Now!

by • July 29, 2015 • NewsComments (10)3482

Today we launch The Magpie Brand and its first product The Magpie Shirt – available at later this evening.

The Magpie Shirt is priced at just  £27.74 for adult sizes and just under £23.74 for the youth sizes, which is cost price MagpieShirt(including UK delivery). This offers amazing value when you consider the price of the official offering.

Thousands of supporters look on with embarrassment and disgust at the current Wonga clad black, blue and white replica kits. For many, they are simply not an attractive or financially viable option that represents them – the proud members, supporters and lifeblood of Newcastle United. The Magpie Shirt strengthens the ties between the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the club so that each and every supporter can feel a sense of belonging and pride in their football team once again.
The shirt encompasses a magpie logo, known all over the world as synonymous with Newcastle United and red shield with three silver castles, the main insignia on the city coat of arms and its oldest known representation, depicting the unbreakable ties between the club and the city so sadly damaged under the current ownership of Newcastle United.
Sports Direct and Mike Ashley do not deserve any more supporters’ money and we strongly feel that advertising a legal loan shark is wholly inappropriate, especially on shirts for children and The Magpie Shirt offers a viable alternative.

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10 Responses to THE MAGPIE BRAND – New Magpie Shirt On Sale Now!

  1. Peter Rankin says:

    One key question not on the Magpie’s FAQs – what is Adidas’ cost price? Certainly not 20 something quid. And if zero contract hours seem bad, what do you think the people making the base shirt earned?

    The fact that they sponsored the shirt when Ginola and co. played is irrelevant. They had nothing more to do with that period of success than Pumpa do with our present misery and they are another shark in the same sports clothing world Ashley comes from.

    Easy answer: pay a tenner more and get real quality. Many NUFC fans have been doing it for years.

  2. Gallowgate Ender says:

    To answer your question Peter, it appears the cost of the shirt is £12.75 – £15. I would assume that price may have been discounted for a bulk order.

  3. Peter Rankin says:

    Good spot, thanks!

    That raises the issue of whether two badges and other admin costs are really that expensive, but that is not what I am driving at. If you have a decent product you’ve made yourself without exploiting anyone else, by all means profit from it.

    The question is why the Magpie brand are presenting a shirt based on an adidas base shirt as some kind of moral anti-Ashley product. Where has that shirt already been before it got to the Magpie and why should Newcastle fans be supporting that? And why are True Faith supporting that?

  4. Mark Simmons says:

    And this is why we can’t have nice things…

  5. joe hawkins says:

    Sold out in two hours !
    This is by far the best idea yet in the fight against Ashley is by using retail against him.
    Well done to whoever came up with this but you need to get your skates on to get a new batch ready for The Soton game.

    No bigger a statement and crushing blow could this be to Ashley than to see row upon row of these shirts inside of St James’ Park.
    To think there were a bunch of knackers who thought this was a terrible idea, Well it’s one in the stones for them.

  6. P jobson says:

    Yes. When will next batch be available. Answer soon please.

    • Mark S says:

      Need that pre-order function on ASAP – it would help judge demand as you go back to suppliers, and I for one am gutted I missed out on the first bunch – I’ll be buying these for the kids instead of the Wonga rubbish – there is likely to be a demand for the shorts in kids sizes too from what I’ve heard from lads with kids – get on it! I would be keen to pay up front if you can get the functionality on the web site.

  7. Keith says:

    Love to see this on the team this year really! ah well.

  8. Rob says:

    I see the Cooncil’s on the case. Questioning the use of the City crest!!

  9. Matt Flynn says:

    Are they? An unnamed source in an article by publication owned by the the club’s media partner.