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A few people have contacted this fanzine to volunteer their services following the move of like-minded singing types to The Corner and lower tier of the Gallowgate next season.

There might be an opportunity for more singers to take up spots in The Corner and in the Gallowgate lower tier as advised by the comrades at following 30/Jun/16 in the event of non-renewals in those areas so if you haven’t moved yet there may be an opportunity then. If you do intend to move and you want to sing at the match, get to The Corner or the Gallowgate Lower tier or the areas as close as possible when you buy a season ticket or your match-day tickets.

The people who have made contact all appear to be ready to volunteer themselves to do things on match-day and resist the temptation of only existing on social media.

This has led to the formation of a group to be known as GALLOWGATE FLAGS. 

It is early days yet but we do know we have a good number of volunteers from that part of the ground, there are flags readyTFFlag now, others being made up and plans to raise money to purchase a range of others. Hopefully over time these will be added to and a real positive culture will develop amongst our support with its spiritual home in The Gallowgate.

Eventually GALLOWGATE FLAGS intend to establish their own website, celebrate their activities and plan new ones. They also intend to be in a position to raise funds. While they are planning that we have volunteered them space on this website and they will doubtless be supported by our friends at NUFC.COM and the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. The important thing is to ensure all available funds are targeted at the purchase of flags and banners to get things moving on match-days.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS has no other agenda than to develop a  positive atmosphere for the team and impressive visual displays which demonstrates support for Newcastle United FC.

Contact has been made with United because the people behind GALLOWGATE FLAGS are keen to have a positive and constructive relationship with the people who work at the club. Hopefully there will be news on that score soon.

There will be more news coming soon as we understand it but if you want to get involved in any way and provide real, genuine practical help, then drop us a line on and we’ll put you in touch with the organisers.

Clearly the emergence of this group does not prevent anyone else from doing their own thing and it can only be positive if more people just act off their own back and get things done.

That is all.


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4 Responses to The Corner – Gallowgate Flags No.1

  1. Jorden-Lee Annis says:

    I support the reasoning behind wanting the flags

  2. Alan kennedy says:

    Cracking idea, my full support. Been a mag for 49 years that I can remember. My club, my toon, my lifeblood.

  3. paul wilkinson says:

    great idea it has my full support..been following nufc since my first game back in 1972..its our club.

  4. Andy bee says:

    Brilliant idea, flags add to the pride and passion felt…….OUR Identity OUR club.
    Brings back memories of our group singing pissed in an Ibrox pub ( man yoo tournament) a group raised a pegswood mags flag ……our ashington lads were straight over for back slaps and banter……magic.