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There is good news to report from the newly formed GALLOWGATE FLAGS group who will be making The Gallowgate Corner and Gallowgate Lower Tier home from next season and will hopefully instigating lots of very positive vocal and visual support for Rafa and the team.

It’s understood some of the main movers and shakers behind the GALLOWGATE FLAGS group will meet with United personnel next week to discuss how things can develop. Hopefully, the club will see the positivity of this group and its intentions and provide co-operation and support as has happened at lots of other clubs in England and Scotland. Hopefully United will provide support for the group as has happened at plenty of other clubs.

There will be an online means to donate to the GALLOWGATE FLAGS group and that all donated monies will be used 100% to fund the purchase of flags and other materials for display. There will be news on that soon.

We wish those who are behind all of this the very best of wishes and call upon United to do everything it possibly can to support a big change in the match atmosphere at St James’ Park next season and for many more to come.

You can find GALLOWGATE FLAGS new website by clicking here. 

You can follow GALLOWGATE FLAGS on @gallowgateflags

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