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There is no question that the Hillsborough disaster and the establishment lies that covered it up is one of the greatest injustices that has ever been visited upon working people in this country and even more poignant given that 96 football supporters lost their lives and had their reputations traduced by the Police, politicians and media.

Since 1989 the families of those who lost their lives have fought for justice and still the fight goes on.

However, now those families who have dealt with the trauma of losing loved ones in horrific circumstances are still being treated appallingly by a political and legal system loaded against them.

Five families of those who lost loved ones at Hillsborough have now been ordered to pay the legal costs of former South Yorkshire chief constable David Crompton. The amount of £28,000 is a scandalous amount of money for ordinary people to tip up given those culpable for the disaster have had their legal costs picked up by you and I the tax-payer.

To support the families, a crowd funding page has been established and I hope you like me can see it in you to donate to the fund to help the families and ensure they do not suffer hardship as a result of their long, brave and courageous fight. #

To donate, please click here. 

To read more about the case please refer to David Conn’s excellent piece in yesterday’s Guardian. Just click here. 

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  1. mikey says:

    What? Honestly these people.

    The idea that this is somehow a lie from police about fans from that dim past is starkly revealed to be false here.

    The police continued to lie right up until the verdict last year, and since then, they have continued the cover up. This is an ongoing, live cover up and one of the biggest legal disgraces in modern British history.