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tf_flag_sjptrue faith is a Newcastle United fanzine. We were launched in 1999 and have been providing an alternative view on matters relating to the club and the wider world of football. The main body of writers who contribute to true faith are match-going supporters though we do have some ex-pats and those who have chucked it in protest at how Mike Ashley runs our club.

This is not an official product of Newcastle United Football Club.

We came later to the fanzine scene than some others but we have lasted longer than many formed in the fanzine boom and believe we have done so because we keep true to the ethics and beliefs of the original fanzine movement.

We believe in providing an alternative view regarding Newcastle United to that which you will find in the mainstream media and other publications. We’d like to provide a genuine narrative for supporters’ lives following Newcastle United.

Under no circumstances do we claim to be representatives for Newcastle United supporters. We have no mandate to do so and we don’t seek one. 

There is no way we are “super-fans”. That’s all bull-shit. We are ordinary punters who love the club, the city and the North East of England. Just like you do! We have no interest in becoming celebrity Mags and you’ll rarely see us on TV, radio or in the press. We have enough space to express our opinions without forcing our grids at you through the proper media. 

We try to provide a fanzine that is original in content and design. Others may be happy to plagiarise and copy … we’ll leave that to them. We’ll do the new stuff.

We have a commitment to improving the fanzine in whatever way we can. We want the best writing, the best design, the best photos and anything else you think of.

true faith is published 8 times per season. About once every six weeks. In 2014 due to problems relating to distribution we decided to bring forward plans we had been making to transfer our entire output to a digital format. We now offer the fanzine in an entirely digital format and it is also 100% FREE just like the rest of our content.

A few years earlier we had added the true faith website to our activities. Likewise things like our Facebook and Twitter have come on stream and we’ve also had an opportunity to add Podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud (and a weekly Radio Show in partnership with Radio Northumberland) to our repertoire as well as our occasional Video-Blog.

All of that is absolutely free of charge.

The small profit we make from advertising and merchandise pays to keep the whole lot running. Voluntary donations to true faith are also welcomed.

The redeveloped website you are now reading has been redesigned to allow you to have maximum say on what is published online and to express your opinions on Newcastle United and anything else we cover.

We have an open-door policy for contributions. Whatever your age, gender, religion, colour you can join us in producing true faith. We don’t give a toss what you do in your own bedroom. Just so long as you don’t ask us to join in and you put the cat out. We aren’t arsed if you have just walked off the Shields Road with a twang as broad as the Byker Wall or if you are from the other side of the world. 

You don’t have to have held a season ticket at SJP for the last fifty years and have never missed a game home and away since the discovery of the internal combustion engine. We don’t judge people on how they follow our club. Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances. There are no better Black & Whiters. As long as you have a big Newcastle United shaped space in your heart, you’ll do for us. You don’t have to be a published writer or professional to contribute to true faith. You don’t have to hold a Degree in English to write for true faith and you don’t have to be able to recite the reserve team from 1968 backwards either. That’s all weird stuff. People like you contribute to true faith.

We are a bit left-wing. We support a few left-wing causes but its nowt really heavy. We just put it out there.

true faith is almost exclusively a Newcastle United fanzine but we do some stuff on local, non-league football, football from abroad and we have a small section of the fanzine dedicated occasionally to music, film, art and fashion. We especially like to plug local, Geordie musicians who we think are worth getting off our arses to go and see and getting hold of their stuff.

true faith actively supports Newcastle United related good causes: the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, the Newcastle United Foundation and the Alan Shearer Foundation. 

true faith supports the aims and objectives of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, the Football Supporters Federation, Show Racism The Red Card and Let’s Kick Racism Out Of Football. That’s not to say we’ll always follow their lines or pull back from criticising them if we think circumstances warrant it. But hopefully that will be constructive and not personal.

true faith is run entirely on a voluntary basis. We don’t employ anyone and everything you see with regards to the fanzine, website etc has been produced by people with other proper jobs. We are all volunteers.

We want to have a constructive relationship with Newcastle United. We want a successful Newcastle United, one that is responsibly run and which is accessible to every part of our Geordie community.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or skills you think would help improve true faith just drop us a line on editor@true-faith.co.uk and we’ll have a bit craic about it.




Fancy having a go at writing for one of the best-selling, most widely read and respected football fanzines in the country? You do? Well, you have come to the right place bonny lad/lass!

We have a definite open door policy for new writers and there’s nowt better for us than to show-case new writers in true faith. You don’t have to be a published writer or hold all kind of high falutin qualifications in English or any of that shite. You don’t have to be a red-eyed zealot who hasn’t missed a game home and away for forty years and who can recite the 1967/68 Reserve Team backwards. You don’t have to have been born and bred in the Byker Wall and speak with an accent of pure Shields Road. 

As long as there is a big Newcastle United shaped space in your heart then you will do for us.

The only rules we have is what you write is 100% original. We don’t do plagiarism or straightforward copying at true faith. We leave that to others.

Simply drop us a line and we’ll give you the craic on how to get started – editor@true-faith.co.uk



Digital cameras … phones with cameras on them … we see loads of them at the match, home and away and we see them pointed in all kinds of directions by all kinds of Mags. And we wonder what the blinking flip happens to all of those photos that are taken. Well, if you have a memory card rammed with some canny pictures, why not zap them in to us and we’ll pick out the best ones for publication in true faith. Just send them to us at editor@true-faith.co.uk

Other Stuff 

Do you have some kind of talent you would like to put to good use at true faith? We don’t mean where to get the best gear or anything like that but more practical ideas and skills you might have that can take us on to another level. Don’t ask for any money mind unless the sound of mocking laughter turns you on. E-Mails to editor@true-faith.co.uk


4 Responses to About us

  1. Good luck to all at True Faith on your re launch from all at >toononthecosta< the toon army supporters club on the costa Del Sol in Spain. We look foreward to following all that is NUFC.

  2. Kevin Dixon says:

    Gutted, no more T.F. In print…im a dinosaur and don’t do digital..(what is digital?),..preference would be T.F. In print…’The mag’, aswell ..:-(:-(:-(. Guess i’ll have to drag my arse into the 21st century!!!..good luck in pastures new..XX K.D. 😉

  3. robin hunter says:

    I am a rangers fan,who in last 4 years watched the club i love go from bad to worse because of bad management and bad sponsership deals.the day that mike ashley got involved our club it went from shit to the gutter,where that piece of scum came from!! i understand as true football fans you should boycott games,however hard as may seem.30 years more or less home and away not missed a game.member of sons of struth and rangers first but come hearts game at ibrox led by john brown i boyccoted my first game ever.stand up for your rights and get rid of ashley.only gives a shit about money,not the club or the fans!!!! might be ironic because good mate of mine is total black cats fan,but they gave us Mcoist.Fight your corner and get rid of a fat bloated cash cow and take back your club

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