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Please take a few moments to complete this survey which is designed to assess the demandSafeStanding1 for safe standing. The Survey is being led by Your Voice which is the Conservative Group (I know, I know) in the Welsh National Assembly.

It is supported by the Campaign for Safe Standing. Go here for more information.

Please Click here.

It will take you less than 5-minutes.



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3 Responses to SAFE STANDING SURVEY – Please Complete.

  1. john marshall says:

    i’ll never forget the first time I was able to sit and watch a match, it was at notts. forest and they were playing newcastle and I was taken aback at being able to see the whole match rather than trying to watch with heads and shoulders bobbling about blocking the view.It was marvelous and although I don’t go to matches now I would’nt if I had to stand.

    • Pat Hughes says:

      I know what you mean – I’m not very tall but at least bobbing up and down kept me warm. I took my daughter to a match in Liverpool about 15 years ago. She couldn’t see a thing, wasn’t allowed to stand on her seat or in the stairway so she sat down and read a book! However, I do think it’s possible to please everyone and provide some standing areas.

  2. Matthew Close says:

    It’s been interesting to see the Welsh Conservatives take this issue forward over the past few months. It’s got cross-party support in the Senedd (there was a debate in the summer where AMs from all 4 parties gave well-thought out contributions in support) and hopefully the Assembly as a whole will be able to put some pressure on their Westminster counterparts over the issue.