Safe Standing Roadshow November 2014 Newsletter

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Safe standing update

Please complete important survey

Conservatives ask your view

It’s been nearly 11 months since I last updated you on the safe standing campaign, so it’s high time that I did so. It’s been an eventful period.

First of all, let me draw your attention to a live survey. Please click hereto complete this survey being run by the Conservative Party in Wales. This follows the National Assembly for Wales becoming in July the first UK legislature to vote in favour (by a huge majority) of safe standing trials. The results of this survey will now undoubtedly be used in discussions with MPs in London, so wherever you are, please read more about this here and click the link below:

Complete the survey here

Please also share the survey link with others via social media.

Football League approach government

Just after my last newsletter, it was announced that the Football League executive had been mandated by the member clubs to “approach the Minister for Sport to request that the ‘all-seater’ stadia requirement for Championship clubs be reviewed with a view to the re-introduction of standing accommodation”. The League executive is now understood to be in ongoing discussion on this issue with the Minister. Details here.

In the same month, Bristol City unveiled the UK’s first rail seats. A block of 33, for demonstration purposes. In April a detailed document was presented to the authorities, seeking clearance to use these.

Read the full document here.


Rail seats comply with the law, says expert

Further items added to our website in recent months include a piece by a legal academic on why rail seating does in fact comply with and serve the intended purpose of the Football Spectators Act and an article pointing out how rail seating can help clubs to offer a broader range of admission prices and thus make their pricing structures more socially inclusive. Read the article here.

And finally…
Please enjoy browsing these and other pages on the Safe Standing Roadshow website. As ever, if you would like to learn more about rail seats, I would be more than happy to visit (with or without roadshow rig) to explain the ins and outs. In the meantime, if you would like still photos, video material, guidance on sightlines or other general information, please see the respective links on the downloads page.

Thanks for your continued interest in and – I hope support for – safe standing at rail seats!


Jon Darch

(Follow on Twitter via @SafeStandingRS)



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