SAFE STANDING ROAD SHOW – The campaign now needs you

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After the resounding success of safe standing at Celtic, the next big boost for the campaign would be the introduction of standing at an all-seater ground south of the border.

And that could happen sooner than you might imagine.

Talks aimed at doing precisely this via crowdfunding at a current EFL all-seater ground are at an advanced stage and all involved – including myself and the FSF – are now keen to gauge fans’ enthusiasm for the project via this survey.

Having a rail seating installation for the politicians, club owners, administrators and authorities to go and see up in Scotland is one thing, but having another much closer to home will represent a major step forward for the safe standing campaign. And to have a club with an all-seater stadium become the first in the post-Taylor era to introduce standing will mark a major milestone on the journey towards enabling all clubs with all-seater grounds to do likewise, if they so wish.

So, is this a campaign that you’d support? Would you be happy to chip in a few quid? And, if so, what sort of ‘rewards’ would you like?

Let us know by completing this short survey. It will really help us to tailor this campaign to ensure it’s a huge success … and thus to bring the day closer when all clubs that currently have all-seater grounds – perhaps including your own – are able to offer safe standing, too!

So please complete the survey now and share it widely with all your friends and followers via social media.

Thanks a lot!


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One Response to SAFE STANDING ROAD SHOW – The campaign now needs you

  1. Pat Hughes says:

    Sod it – my beautifully prepared response isn’t here. Anyway ….
    I’d fully support safe standing at SJP and whilst I wouldn’t want to stand for 90+ minutes (probably too old and too small) I would like the option available for those that do. I’d be happy to help any scheme financially. It’s much easier to sing and shout in an upright position. Despite rhetoric from announcers, half time displays and empty promises of super Sundays or super Saturdays or fabulous Fridays from the TV lot, only us supporters can create a true atmosphere – preceded of course by our wonderful flags.